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Spotlight Review.....DRIVEN TO JUSTICE by Alice Gaines

Mannhof, Book 3
Changeling Press - http://www.changelingpress.com/
ISBN: 978-1-59596-779-4
August 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance - some F/F interaction -- Short Story

California - Present day

Charley Thomas is a great motorcycle cop, just like her dad. However, a brutal assault has left Charley with some serious psychological damage. Charley has blocked out the memories of her attackers, and her impaired judgment while on the job has led her to her current untenable position, suspended and in danger of losing the job she loves. When an incredible German motorcycle is accidentally delivered to Charley, she hesitates before giving into temptation, she’ll just take one ride before the rightful owner shows up.

Niklas is the motorcycle, he’s also a man. Created by Klaus Mannhof specifically for Charley, he’s thrilled to finally be with the woman he’s made for. Klaus told him that Charley would need help and he should take her to meet with the other two Mannhofs and their women, so that’s just what Nick does, nearly scaring Charley to death in the process.

Will Charley accept the wonderful gift the Creator has given her, the incredible man who wants nothing more than to love her?

Alice Gaines has a real talent for combining an incredibly interesting concept (man/machine shifters) with emotionally wounded women who bloom into their true selves when united with the men they’re destined to love. In DRIVEN TO JUSTICE we meet Charley. She’s stubborn, brave and incredibly determined to prove how strong she is. That strength is probably what keeps her relatively sane when most women would surely have been totally destroyed after suffering what Charley did. Unfortunately, that very strength also works against Charley, making her deny any kind of professional help and causing her to try to go it alone, even when Nick and her new friends are ready to stand by her side. If she doesn’t learn to accept help, Charley may end up on the wrong side of a prison sentence, or worse, dead. Nick knew that Charley was going to need his help, what he didn’t know was just what kind of horrors she’d been through. Yearning to give her the consolation of his body and his heart, Nick suffers when Charley denies him. Determined to make the men who hurt Charley pay, Nick is shocked to discover that he’s the kind of man who could easily become a murderer. Will Charley and Nick find their happily ever after, and will the evil men who hurt her be DRIVEN TO JUSTICE?

Claire and Will from ONE OWNER, LADY DRIVEN (January 2007) and Lauren and Jake from DRIVEN TO THE LIMIT (June 2007) are the most important secondary characters, though I hate to call them such, for they’re integral to the story. The four of them are great friends and they don’t hesitate to welcome Charley and Nick into the fold. Sgt. Henderson is Charley’s boss, and though he’s done his best to honor her wishes, he’s firm in his decision, if Charley doesn’t get help, she’s never going to be welcomed back as an officer.

If you’re looking for something a little different, a book that will stimulate your imagination and warm your heart, DRIVEN TO JUSTICE is just the ticket. Get a copy today, and while you’re at it, get the first two books in the series as well, they’ll add to your enjoyment of this wonderful story.

Lori Ann

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