Spotlight Review: FIRE AND RAIN by Lauren Dane

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FIRE AND RAIN - Lauren Dane
The Cherchez Clan, Book 2
Ellora’s Cave -
ISBN: 978-1-41991-220-7
September 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance - ménage Single Title
Rated: E-rotic

Seattle, Portland and the Cascades of Washington and Maui, Hawaii - Present day

Rain Foster has only one passion in life, her art. But when a handsome older man with fire in his eyes and a body that speaks to all of her senses walks into the café where she works as a waitress, Rain suddenly wonders if there’s room in her life for more than her art. Unfortunately, there’s a complication, as Rain is hiding a dark secret, one that keeps her in danger every day of her life and could threaten anyone she loves.

Laurent Cole is a werewolf, the Lieutenant of the Cherchez Clan and bodyguard to his Alpha, Andreas Phinney. Forty-four years old, Laurent had started to wonder if he’d ever find his mate, but as soon as he catches sight and scent of Rain, he knows his search is over. Her being human is a bit of a complication, but he’s determined to avoid the mistakes others in his Pack have made, he’ll woo her slowly and then after she trusts him, loves him as much as he loves her, he’ll tell her the truth about his existence and convert her.

Slow and steady may have been Laurent’s plan, but Rain’s past is about to catch up to her, will he lose his Mate before she’s even been claimed?

Rain’s family is in the Mob, she was raised to be the dressing on a man’s arm, a pawn to be traded to anyone her father needed to cement ties to or improve relations with. It didn’t take long for her father to arrange a marriage to Anthony Vargas, a meth user who beat Rain severely while they were engaged. Her father’s reaction? She should learn to please her man better. So you can imagine that an Alpha male who doesn’t hesitate to lie to her if he thinks “it’s for her own good” and quickly tries to take over her life, could be a bit threatening to her. Rain has lived this long by making the rational choice, but her heart is trying to make her understand that for once, the strength of a man isn’t being used against her, but for her.

Laurent loves Andreas, his mate Kari and their children, but once he meets Rain, he knows that it’s time he took something for himself. He’s amazed by her fire, her strength and determination, the beauty she quickly reveals is more than skin deep. Even though he knows he needs to move slowly, his wolf side just wants to claim his Mate, now, if not sooner. Rain brings out feelings of possession and passion, the need to nurture her and keep her safe from all harm. So you can imagine his reaction when he discovers the truth about her past; he’s ready to tear Anthony and her father apart limb by limb. Despite the age difference (Rain is twenty-six) and their disparate upbringing (although truthfully, there are some similarities between the Mob and the Pack, they’re both complicated social structures that depend on hierarchies) I can’t imagine any couple better suited to one another.

There are so many important secondary characters that it’s difficult to pick out just a few to tell you about (especially when you consider the size of the Pack and how involved they are in each other’s lives). Harrison Watts (a big brother type, this widower deserves to find happiness again) and Andrew Keller (the perfect gay best friend) are Rain’s roommates. Andreas and Kari, along with oldest daughter, Hellie, hold special places in Laurent’s heart and accept Rain into the fold with no hesitation. Paloma is an unmated female, used to thinking of Laurent as available, Rain will have to put her in her place. Then of course there are Rain’s parents, Pietro and Patrice, two people who definitely don’t view love and family in the same way. Anthony Vargas, Rain’s ex-fiancée is a bit of a wuss, but when he’s high, watch out.

FIRE AND RAIN is one of those books that manages to draw on all your emotions; you’ll laugh, cry and sigh with delight throughout this wonderful example of Lauren Dane’s work. A fine standalone read, I still advise you to pick up ASCENSION (June 2007) if you haven’t read it yet. It’s a fantastic read as well and will provide you with much more information about the Cherchez Clan. So what are you waiting for? Get on over to Ellora’s Cave and get FIRE AND RAIN today.

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