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A Perfect 10
Immortally Sexy Series, Book 4
Warner Forever
ISBN-10: 0-446-61902-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-4466-1902-8
November 2007
Paranormal Romance

Earth, Afterlife, Hell - Present Day

Paige Darlington is having the month from hell -- literally. She has been alive only for a month, since Satan created her to suck the souls out of mortals and bring them to hell. But Paige has one small problem, her own soul is becoming blacker by the moment, and if she doesn’t reverse her curse, she will become a mindless soul-sucking demon that lives, well, un-lives to kill and cause pain. She’d rather sip lattes with her new cool and immortal best buds -- Theresa, a dragon, and Dani, ex-girlfriend of Satan Jr. But anything that is pure that Paige touches will become dust, and she doesn’t have much time to lose.

The afterlife is not where Jed Buchanan was thinking of staying for eternity, but since he loves his brother, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save him. But he lost on both ends, and now has to find a way to kill a woman who is on Satan Jr.’s hit list. If he doesn’t, his brother Raphael will lose his soul and be tortured forever by Satan’s bratty son. Jed may act like a big bad assassin, but he has been down in the dumps lately and is just plain-old depressed.

Jed thinks he has found his hit, but instead he finds Paige. But Paige doesn’t mind; when she touches him, he doesn’t turn to dust. And since Jed is easy to look at, she also doesn’t mind wrapping herself around his body to keep her soul intact. Jed doesn’t know what to think of this happy-go-lucky, bodacious blonde who makes him smile, but also puts him at odds. Paige is still technically working for Satan, so Jed can’t trust her. But Paige makes a deal with Jed, she will help him defeat Satan Jr. and save his brother, as long as Jed keeps touching her because he keeps her inner wraith from taking over. Soon these two are hiding from Heaven’s Shadow Warriors, who want Jed and Paige dead, along with Satan Jr., who captured Raphael and turned him into a soulless assassin bent on making Paige evil. And to make matters worse, Paige wants Jed to help her get rid of her virginity!

What a hoot! I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt from the evil antics of Satan and his crew! Who knew evil could be so funny? SEX & THE IMMORTAL BAD BOY is part of an on-gong series about the souls of Heaven, Purgatory and most importantly, Hell. Even though Paige was created to be an evil soul-sucking woman, she really is as pure as anyone can be. Her outlook on life in general was beyond adorable. And to have her team up with Jed, who feels he is more soulless and lost than Paige, is near perfect. And the fact that they literally have to keep touching each other, (because if they don’t, Paige will go over to the dark side) is also very ingenious and sexy.

Stephanie Rowe has a mega hit on her hands and her humor is outstanding. Where else can you find a lovesick fool like Satan himself who is suicidal over the loss of his current love? Or his son, Satan Jr., who wants to take over his daddy’s world, but is still too much of a wuss to rule? And then there is Mona, The Goblet of Eternal Youth who likes to change into Tupperware for fun. The laughs are non-stop and this novel is quite a ride. And I cannot forget how perfect Paige and Jed are together. When they finally decide all their touching is too much to handle, it is hotter than the pits of… well, you know. I would get SEX & THE IMMORTAL BAD BOY and all the other Immortally Sexy series books to keep on your book shelf. I can’t believe how much of a fan I am now of Satan and his world. Who would have thought that being evil can be so good?

Kate Garrabrant


Jennifer Y. said…
This sounds really good.
Laurie G said…
What a interesting twist!! Loved the reveiw! Looking forward to reading a book by Stephanie Rowe.

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