Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ask Five with....Jasmine Haynes!!!!!!!!

Meet Jasmine Haynes, a writer with a split personality, as you can see in her interview. Oh, and isn't the cover for The Fortune Hunter beautiful???

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1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

My latest Jasmine Haynes Berkley Sensation release, The Fortune Hunter, is out in November, a sexy tale of a woman who agrees to be her own husband’s uninhibited mistress. Faith Castle wants a family, Connor Kingston wants to run her father’s company. In a modern-day marriage of convenience, the bargaining begins with the kind of no-holds barred sex life Connor desires and Faith is afraid she can’t live up to. Now everything is on the table, including them...

Please watch The Fortune Hunter movie trailer!

2. What is the hardest part of writing?

Revising! I love to come up with story ideas as I’ve always been a daydreamer. And I love writing every word of that first draft. Then the hard part comes, the dreaded rewrite!

3. How do you stay motivated?

One of the biggest things that motivates me is writing under three pseudonyms. As Jasmine Haynes, I do erotic romance. Jennifer Skully writes over-the-top (hopefully hilarious) romantic mysteries, and as JB Skully, I’ve created the Max Starr psychic mystery series at Because each pseudonym is a completely different kind of story and writing, I never get bored!

4. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

I’ve had a lot of support and help from other writers, especially Leigh Wyndfield, Terri Schaefer, Dee S. Knight, Pamela Britton, Cherry Adair, and Rose Lerma. They have helped shape me as a writer and made it possible for me to find my own voice. As for those who influenced me as I read their works, I think almost every book has an effect. I’ll read a perfect line by a writer and think wow, I wish I could do that. Then I struggle to figure out how I can write a line just as perfect (if that were actually possible). As for as influences in erotic romance, I think Robin Schone and Emma Holly gave me the greatest inspiration.

5. What can readers look forward from you in the near future?

The Fortune Hunter is the first book of my “swan” trilogy about women coming into their own and finding themselves. Show and Tell will be out in July 2008 and Games People Play sometime in 2009. I will also have an anthology out in December 2008. Readers can hear about all my pseudonyms and enter my monthly contest at and watch two movie trailers at They can also subscribe to my newsletter by sending an email to Thanks for having me at RRT!

Thanks for the interview! To buy a copy, just click on the picture and it'll take you directly to the book at Amazon.
Check out the steamy excerpt here (18 and older please)


Pam P said...

Sounding good, Jasmine, love the cover.

The Max Starr series was great, recommended.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your Jasmine Haynes stories and look forward to The Fortune Hunter

Jennifer Y. said...

That is a gorgeous cover and the book sounds great!

Anonymous said...

love the cover, sounds so hot. 41/2 stars from RT Congrats. love reading sex and the serial killer

kim h

Cathy M said...

I got hooked on the JB Skully, To the Max series, great stuff, and just ordered The Fortune Hunter today.

Laurie G said...

Faith & Conner WOW!! What a way to meet!!
I've read Somebodies' Lover with the sexy Jackson brothers!! GREAT!!

Tam G. said...

Loved the cover. I put the bok on my wish list.