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Finally, reviewers are working hard on their December reviews. Don't forget to check them out!

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Ask Five with....LUCY MONROE!!!

Today we are thrilled to have the fabulous (and very nice!) Lucy Monroe. She'll pop in and answer your questions today, so...ask away!

1. Tell us about your latest releases.

[Lucy Monroe] The second book in my The Goddard Project series from Brava came out two days ago. DEAL WITH THIS is a very sexy The Geek Squad meets James Bond kind of story. Alan and Jillian were both introduced in earlier books and lots of readers asked for their stories - so I was really happy when I realized they were just right for each other. :)

The first book in my Sunshine Springs duo from Harlequin Presents is out in December. THE RANCHER'S RULES is a best friends to lover story with a couple of fun twists. Grant's got some pretty interesting rules and one of them is that his best friend is off limits. Zoe never has done very well living her life by other people's standards and she's not about to start now. She's got a few tricks up her sleeve that keep Grant hopping and maybe more than just a little turned on.

2. What is the hardest part of writing?

[Lucy Monroe] Not having enough time to write all the stories clamoring in my head for release.

3.How do you stay motivated?

[Lucy Monroe] I love my stories. I *want* to write them. I'm a pretty dedicated person too and making my deadlines is important for me. Chocolate doesn't hurt either. And really strong coffee every little bit. :)

4. Which authors or friends have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

[Lucy Monroe] Oh my, this is a long list - so I'm only going to share a very vew. My mom and my sisters are my best friends and incredibly important in my life. I look up to them and love them and know they love me. My husband and children are bricks and mortar of my life and I could do without my writing, but not without them, you know? As for authors...Debbie Macomber has been amazing friend and mentor to me and I really respect what she has done with her career, not to mention the quality of her writing. She's not only very talented, but also very generous. The same could be said of Lori Foster, who amazes me time and again with how constantly she gives and gives and gives. Dianne Castell is my hero...she is always there for me when I truly need a friend and she's given me great advice personally on my most important job - being a mom. Kate Davies is simply one of my best friends. Her son calls our get togethers "play dates" and maybe they're just as necessary for us as they are for children, you know? Lora Leigh is another super supportive friend and loving person. Not to mention an author I admire oodles and bunches. She gives so much to other authors and to her readers. Denyse Bridger supports me and my work in concrete ways that I'm so grateful for. I feel just so very blessed by God for each of these people. My life is richer for all of them.

5. What's coming up next for you?

[Lucy Monroe] I'm working on my next TGP book right now, but it won't be out for another year. I'll have seven original paperback releases in North America in 2008 and at least one mass market re-release of a Brava title. Please visit my Upcoming Releases page at for a complete list with book cover blurbs.

Thanks so much for having me! It's been great to be here. :)


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Spotlight Review: The Courtesan's Daughter by Claudia Dain

Berkley Sensation Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-425-21720-7
October 2007
Historical Romance

London, 1808

It's not easy being the daughter of a courtesan, not even when one is the legitimate daughter of the Countess of Dalby and the late earl. Twenty years don't seem to be enough to wipe away memories of the most beautiful, most sought after courtesan of her day. Not when Sophia is still youthful and a presence among the ton. Even though many doors are closed to her, everyone is fascinated by her. Lady Caroline, Sophia's daughter, knows better than to expect to dance at Almack's; she rather doubts she'll ever receive a decent proposal, unless it be from a rich merchant or other. But Caro forgets her mother is a master at getting her way...or should we say mistress.

Sophia buys up the vowels of the Earl of Ashton and concludes a marriage contract between him and Caroline. But Caroline learns of the financial arrangement and refuses to marry a husband bought by her mother, before she even meets him. She declares she'd rather become a courtesan as her mother once was.

Now, Caroline always considered herself a logical person, but here she veers away from any logic but that of a lady smitten, now that she's met the ruggedly handsome Ashton. What she is is a naive, carefully brought up and protected young lady with much to learn about life and men. And her mother, as hinted above, is a consummate manipulator. Of Ashton, we are not privy to his true feelings for many chapters, though we are given several hints that he, too, has a parent with an agenda. His father and Caro's mother knew each other before she married Lord Dalby; not many know the reason for their current enmity.

Sophia attempts to teach Caroline how to play the game, as she calls dealing with men. There are games of seduction and games of revenge in play, with many other characters entering the lists. What follows is highly amusing to London's Society -- and undoubtedly also to readers of this engaging novel.

Claudia Dain writes in a light bantering style that becomes more and more entertaining as the players give and take, advance and retreat. (Caroline learns quickly.) Sophia's friends include young Anna Warren, widowed at eighteen, and another project of Sophia's, plus many other minor characters of note, with plenty of lusty lords among them. The later chapters contain even more surprises as the novel takes on a slightly farcical tone, and I mean the witty, laugh-provoking kind of farce.

THE COURTESAN'S DAUGHTER is the first of the Courtesan Series. Surely Sophia, Lady Dalby will be around to pull the strings while ensnaring another couple or two. If so, the fun is guaranteed. Now's the time to get in on the beginning.

Jane Bowers

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Spotlight Review: FIRE AND RAIN by Lauren Dane

From RRT Erotic
FIRE AND RAIN - Lauren Dane
The Cherchez Clan, Book 2
Ellora’s Cave -
ISBN: 978-1-41991-220-7
September 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance - ménage Single Title
Rated: E-rotic

Seattle, Portland and the Cascades of Washington and Maui, Hawaii - Present day

Rain Foster has only one passion in life, her art. But when a handsome older man with fire in his eyes and a body that speaks to all of her senses walks into the café where she works as a waitress, Rain suddenly wonders if there’s room in her life for more than her art. Unfortunately, there’s a complication, as Rain is hiding a dark secret, one that keeps her in danger every day of her life and could threaten anyone she loves.

Laurent Cole is a werewolf, the Lieutenant of the Cherchez Clan and bodyguard to his Alpha, Andreas Phinney. Forty-four years old, Laurent had started to wonder if he’d ever find his mate, but as soon as he catches sight and scent of Rain, he knows his search is over. Her being human is a bit of a complication, but he’s determined to avoid the mistakes others in his Pack have made, he’ll woo her slowly and then after she trusts him, loves him as much as he loves her, he’ll tell her the truth about his existence and convert her.

Slow and steady may have been Laurent’s plan, but Rain’s past is about to catch up to her, will he lose his Mate before she’s even been claimed?

Rain’s family is in the Mob, she was raised to be the dressing on a man’s arm, a pawn to be traded to anyone her father needed to cement ties to or improve relations with. It didn’t take long for her father to arrange a marriage to Anthony Vargas, a meth user who beat Rain severely while they were engaged. Her father’s reaction? She should learn to please her man better. So you can imagine that an Alpha male who doesn’t hesitate to lie to her if he thinks “it’s for her own good” and quickly tries to take over her life, could be a bit threatening to her. Rain has lived this long by making the rational choice, but her heart is trying to make her understand that for once, the strength of a man isn’t being used against her, but for her.

Laurent loves Andreas, his mate Kari and their children, but once he meets Rain, he knows that it’s time he took something for himself. He’s amazed by her fire, her strength and determination, the beauty she quickly reveals is more than skin deep. Even though he knows he needs to move slowly, his wolf side just wants to claim his Mate, now, if not sooner. Rain brings out feelings of possession and passion, the need to nurture her and keep her safe from all harm. So you can imagine his reaction when he discovers the truth about her past; he’s ready to tear Anthony and her father apart limb by limb. Despite the age difference (Rain is twenty-six) and their disparate upbringing (although truthfully, there are some similarities between the Mob and the Pack, they’re both complicated social structures that depend on hierarchies) I can’t imagine any couple better suited to one another.

There are so many important secondary characters that it’s difficult to pick out just a few to tell you about (especially when you consider the size of the Pack and how involved they are in each other’s lives). Harrison Watts (a big brother type, this widower deserves to find happiness again) and Andrew Keller (the perfect gay best friend) are Rain’s roommates. Andreas and Kari, along with oldest daughter, Hellie, hold special places in Laurent’s heart and accept Rain into the fold with no hesitation. Paloma is an unmated female, used to thinking of Laurent as available, Rain will have to put her in her place. Then of course there are Rain’s parents, Pietro and Patrice, two people who definitely don’t view love and family in the same way. Anthony Vargas, Rain’s ex-fiancée is a bit of a wuss, but when he’s high, watch out.

FIRE AND RAIN is one of those books that manages to draw on all your emotions; you’ll laugh, cry and sigh with delight throughout this wonderful example of Lauren Dane’s work. A fine standalone read, I still advise you to pick up ASCENSION (June 2007) if you haven’t read it yet. It’s a fantastic read as well and will provide you with much more information about the Cherchez Clan. So what are you waiting for? Get on over to Ellora’s Cave and get FIRE AND RAIN today.

Lori Ann

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Winner is..........

...of HIDE AND SEEK is.... TAM #11

Please email me at with your name and mailing address!


Meanwhile, if you're looking for some good reading, check out these reviews:

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FORECAST - Jane Tara - New York City, NY - Present Day - Terrie w/paranormal elements
ONE CRAZY SUMMER - Jenyfer Matthews - Chicago, IL & Mexico - Present Day - Kathy
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STAR SHADOWS - Colby Hodge - Oasis series, Book 3 - Planets Oasis, Senate & Bali Circe - Future - Lori - Futuristic Romance

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THE COURTESAN'S DAUGHTER - Claudia Dain - 1808 - London, England - Jane

A LINE IN THE SAND - Al & Joanna Lacy - The Kane Legacy, Book 1 - 1834 - Boston, MA & Texas Territory - Diana - Historical Fiction
ADOPTING ALYSSA - Denise Patrick - Salt Lake City, UT - Deborah - Contemporary Fiction
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BIG BONED - Meg Cabot - A Heather Wells Mystery, Book 3 - New York City, NY - Present Day - Jennell
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ETERNAL LOVE - Maggie Shayne - 1680s; 1511; 1998 & 1999 – England; Scotland; Massachusetts Colony & Maine - Jennifer - Double Book
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LADY EMELINE'S REMEDY - Cynthia Moore - 1820 - London, England - Kate

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CALAMITY JAYNE HEADS WEST - Kathleen Bacus - A Tressa Jayne Turner Mystery, Book 5 - Idaho; Phoenix, AZ - Present Day - Sinclair - Romantic Mystery
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***Book Giveaway Winner...and a December book giveaway!***

First off,the winner of Naughti Nights is......


Please email me at with your name and mailing address!

Note:If any of you are still waiting for books from the October giveway, they were sent out Wednesday.

Now, for a book giveaway that I'm sure to please more than a few of you, it is...

HIDE AND SEEK by Alyssa Brooks!!!

Click here to get a preview of the book and an excerpt

What do you want for Christmas? Post away and I'll pull one very lucky winner on Sunday night!!!


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Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-058247-0
ISBN: 10-0-06-058247-2
November 2007
Contemporary Romance

New York; Los Angeles, California; Arkansas - Present Day

Having escaped from small town life in Arkansas, Harriet P. Smith is now a successful artist living in New York City. Yet, for all her success, or maybe because of it, Harriet still feels like an outsider. Close to the holidays, Harriet and her fifteen-year-old son find themselves trekking to Arkansas, albeit reluctantly, to be with her dead husband’s mother as she recovers from knee surgery. But going back home stirs up a lot of memories for Harriet, namely a secret that she has been keeping -- who her son’s biological father really is.

Jake Porter always lived his life not looking back. This outlook has always helped him, considering that he grew up as a military brat, having to move often and rarely leaving roots behind. There is one place, though, that Jake does look back on -- or one person -- and that is Harriet Smith, an awkward, slightly overweight girl who was the first girl he was intimate with. It was soon after that night with Harriet that Jake’s career military father, the Colonel, yanked him out of yet another school to take him away, never giving Jake the chance to say goodbye to Harriet. When his father wants Jake to meet the woman he wants to marry and to spend the holidays with them, Jake is surprised to learn that the woman lives in Doolittle, the small town where he spent his last year of high school. Jake agrees to visit and wonders if he will run into Harriet while there?

NOT THE MARRYING KIND is about two people who, for all their successes as adults, are carrying a lot of baggage from their childhood. In Jake’s case, he handles it well, but Harriet does not. The story manages to capture the ambivalence a person can feel visiting family over the holidays and all that entails. Harriet, although described as complex, brilliant, and mysterious, comes across as something less than that. I was unsure if Harriet is supposed to be an edgy, flawed character or simply misunderstood by everyone around her, and as a result I found it hard to appreciate Harriet’s point of view. For example, Harriet has not visited her parents for three years, and then she admits that her childhood was not so bad. When readers are finally introduced to Harriet’s parents, we see them more clearly than Harriet does, and as a result, all Harriet’s thoughts about her parents come across as whiny, complaining, and a little selfish.

The relationship between Jake and Harriet hit some wrong notes emotionally. I question the reasonableness that Jake and Harriet, two sophisticated, cosmopolitan characters, have secretly been pining for each other all these years? When the identity of Harriet’s son’s father is revealed, it is anti-climactic. Also, Harriet's and Jake’s attitude and condescending manners when referring to the town of Doolittle and its inhabitants is a turn-off.

Secondary characters like the Colonel, Jake’s father; Martha, Jake’s father’s love interest and her sister, Abbie, or crabbie Abbie, as the townsfolk call her, did entertain and provide some bright spots in this tale. NOT THE MARRYING KIND is a book that introduces a lot, but not all of it successfully.

Nickole Yarbrough

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Q&A with Kay Stockham!

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1. Tell us about A Christmas to Remember.

A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER is a redemption story with an amnesia element. I've always wanted to write an amnesia story but it's hard to take that time-aged theme and give it a fresh twist. ACTR is the third character-related story that began with MAN WITH A PAST (May 2006) and HIS PERFECT WOMAN (June 2007).

I don't know of a single person who hasn't made a mistake and had to live with the consequences. This story is about that---and a lot more. Christmas is the season of forgiveness and love and ACTR reflects that. Could you give the person who *ruined* your life a second chance? Could you forgive them? And what if after doing so, you find out it's all been a lie? My heroine has some tough decisions ahead of her.

For a peek inside A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER, please go to my website and view the book video. I also have a great Launch Party Scavenger Hunt through the pages of ACTR going on now. I hope all of you reading this will check it out.

2. How long were you writing before you sold?

I've written all my life. Short stories, poems. I didn't start submitting for publication until after the birth of my daughter. When I got 'The Call' I'd been actively writing for publication five and a half years--and racked up a lot of rejection letters. I could tell I was getting close though because my rejection letters were becoming longer and more detailed--always a good sign when the editors take the time to do that.

3. Who are the biggest influences in your writing career?

Oh, wow. So many people have helped me along this journey. Lori Foster for one. She's such a giving, ready to help kind of person and a great friend and writer. I'm a big fan of hers. Other authors who've influenced me by their career choices, writing methods and personal work ethic include Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Debbie Macomber and Nora Roberts. I think I was the only person on the face of the earth who wasn't a Nora follower until recently, but I'm slowly catching up on her backlist and loving what I'm reading.

4. What do you do for fun in your spare time?

LOL Does shopping count as stress therapy? ;) I love reading (of course!) and gardening, though you can't tell it by looking at my landscaping at the moment. It's been a busy year. LOL I love spending time with my family and am perfectly content curling up on the couch and watching a movie. Our movie nights are very special to me and always will be.

5. What's coming up in the near future for you?

March 2008 begins a brand new series with Superromance tagged as The Tulanes of Tennessee. It begins with Garret's story in ANOTHER MAN'S BABY, and Nick's story (book two) is titled HIS SON'S TEACHER.

I'm also thrilled to be part of THE POWER OF LOVE Anthology headed up by Lori Foster. Released by Berkley in June, 2008, HANNAH'S CHOICE is my contribution and tells the story of a woman overcoming her abusive past. It's going to be a busy year, but I can't wait!

Thanks, Kay!

Be sure to visit Kay at her website at
and don't forget to check out the trailer!

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The winner of....and a new giveaway!

The winner of A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS is...ChristyJan!

Please email me at with your full name and mailing address!

We have another book to give away and the winner will be drawn Wednesday night!


Cover and blurb can be found at Lora Leigh's website.

What does Santa say about you this year--have you been naughty or good?

Post away and I will pick the winner Wednesday night!

Spotlight Review on.... THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS by Barbara Dunlop

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Silhouette Desire #1836
ISBN 13: 978-0-373-76836-3
ISBN 10: 0-373-76836-2
November 2007
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada and Manchester, Vermont – Present Day

Billionaire Jack Osland has a plan to save the family fortune from another of his grandfather’s bimbo brides. He’ll charm the bimbo…er…lady himself and make her fall for him. When he meets the woman in question, just before she, he, and his cousin take off on a jet for California, Jack is curiously intrigued. Kristy Mahoney is blonde, beautiful and has a cute little dog in tow, reminiscent of Reese Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde. Jack’s plan works all too well: the plane has an “emergency” landing in Las Vegas where Jack and Kristy end up spending three days having fun and falling in love. Well, what’s a guy to do when in Vegas? Geting married comes to mind…

Kristy has no intentions of marrying Jack’s grandfather. Her intentions are to present her fashion design plans to the company board, hopefully kicking off her career. Jack is way too charming, but that doesn’t stop her from being attracted to him. When he proposes marriage, all seems right until the next day…when she learns the real reason he married her. She walks out of his life, hoping to never see Jack the jerk again, except in divorce court. Ah, but Grandfather Osland has a few tricks up his sleeve. Kristy is offered a chance she can’t refuse. She can prepare for a big fashion event at the family mansion in Vermont. The only problem is that Jack will be there. Poor Kristy, she’s caught between furthering her career or losing her chance, all because of Jack.

THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS is a truly fun story. The chemistry between Jack and Kristy sizzles to the point readers might need to wear gloves while reading. Jack has already made up his mind about Kristy before she even steps onto the plane. Of course, one look at her only validates what he thinks of her. But even as he gets to know her in the days following while they’re “stranded” in Vegas, it’s soon apparent that even he is falling under her spell. Readers will know from the beginning that Jack’s beliefs about Kristy are erroneous, so when Jack’s ulterior motives are revealed, it makes for one of the best parts of THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS.

Secondary characters of note include Jack’s cousin, Hunter, and Kristy’s sister, Sinclair. These two hit it off right from the first moment they meet. Well, Sinclair does want to smack Hunter, so I guess you’ll have figure out what “hit” means. There is also the grandfather, Cleveland Osland, and he’s a hoot who’ll have you chuckling a few times. The banter among all of the characters is deliciously written and had me wishing THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS was a tad bit longer.

Barbara Dunlop scores a hit with a winning tale of mistaken identity that turns into a delightful surprise for a couple. March yourself to the bookstore today and grab your copy of THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS. You won’t be sorry.

Patti Fischer

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Ask Five with....SUSAN STEPHENS!!!!!!

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What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

My November 2007 release, Expecting His Royal Baby, is book 5 in the fabulous Niroli series.

Set in the tiny Mediterranean kingdom of Niroli my hero Nico is torn between duty and love as the race to find the heir to the throne of Niroli gathers pace.

Nico is a self made man, but he is also a member of the richest royal family in the world - a family united by blood and passion, torn apart by deceit and desire.

My heroine, Carrie Evans is an unlikely heroine, who proves during the course of the book to have a big heart and enough courage to take on both Nico and the kingdom of Niroli, if that is what it takes to protect her unborn child.

How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

There are always ideas buzzing in my head- the other day I heard an old Motown classic I used to love, and from that song sprang a whole story fully formed. I can’t wait to write it down.

What is the hardest part of writing?

The discipline of writing is the hardest part. You may have a story fully formed in your head, but writing that story down in the best possible way takes a lot of writing and rewriting until you do the story justice- I think Nora Roberts refers to that discipline as using lots of ‘Bum Glue- I couldn’t put it better.’

Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

My mentor was Penny Jordan, so I count myself pretty fortunate. When my husband ‘bought’ a day with Penny for me at a charity auction I was terrified of meeting her- after all, by that time Penny Jordan had written around 200 books! I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised when I met one of the nicest people I know, and who I am now fortunate enough to call a close friend. I have found many such people in the writing community- both authors and readers alike.

What books are coming up in the near future for you?

In January 2008 I have a UK/Australia release entitled, Laying Down The Law. This is for the exciting new Modern Heat series. Featuring a young trainee lawyer, and her American Italian pupil master, this book is hot, hot, hot, and lots of fun. It will be a Presents Collection release in September 2008, entitled, Under The Italian’s Command

And do look out for my February 2008 Presents release, entitled, Bought: One Island, One Bride, I had to write this story after visiting Greece and spending time with a passionate environmentalist. My heroine Ellie Mendoras is the environmentalist, and Alexander Kosta is the ruthless billionaire intent on turning Ellis’s home into a resort island for the rich and famous.

I do hope this opens a door into my writing world, and I hope to meet as many of you as possible at San Francisco RWA. Please don’t be shy, I’m really looking forward to chatting with as many people as possible!

All my very best from the UK, from your friend and author,


Be sure to visit Susan's website or her blog!

And be sure to pick up Expecting His Royal Baby at your favorite bookstore!

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Chats and giveaways...

This coming Friday night, join me in the Romance Reviews Today chat room at 9:30pm eastern time as I'll give one lucky person a copy of A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS by Carrie Alexander.

You can enter the chat room by clicking here

I look forward to seeing you there!

On another note, RWA Online Chapter is having a chat at their chat room Thursday night beginning at 9pm eastern time. Guest authors inclue Lyn Cote and Darlene Marshall. Prizes will be awarded.

You can enter the RWA Online Chat room by clicking here

Happy Reading Everyone!

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RRT Erotic reviews posted 11/9

RRTErotic - Issue 14, Volume 1 – November 9, 2007

In this issue, we have 18 new reviews and 6 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)
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Terrie Figueroa
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Anthology Reviews
BOUND TO ECSTASY - V. Harper/ P.F. Kozak/ L.G. Riley - Phillipa - Anthology - Contemporary Romance

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DIVINE ASSISTANT - Red Garnier - Torrid Tarot: Nine of Pentacles - Jennifer - Contemporary Romance
TAKE ME THERE - P.F. Kozak - Holly - Contemporary Romance w/ paranormal elements
WHERE DANGER HIDES - Desiree Holt - Phillipa - Contemporary Romance

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THE KISS - G.A. Hauser - Nickole - Gay Contemporary Romance

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EARTH GIRLS AREN'T EASY - Charlene Teglia - Lori - Sci Fi Romance - Short


Changeling Press
ELVEN ESCAPADES - Willa Okati - Elven series, Book 3 - Isabelle - Fantasy Romance
SEX IN THE SAND - BJ McCall - Escape series- Phillipa - Paranormal Romance

Cobblestone Press
CABIN FEVER - Shelli Stevens - Jennifer - Contemporary Romance
GOING DOWN - Kris Eton - Jennifer - Contemporary Romance

Samhain Publishing
FIJIAN FLING - Sami Lee - Midsummer Nights Steam series - Maggie - Contemporary Romance
LIAISONS IN JUBILEE - Jamie Craig - Midsummer Nights Steam series Maggie - Contemporary Romance

Monday, November 12, 2007

Win a copy of A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS by Carrie Alexander!

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Do you enjoy reading Christmas themed stories? I know for me, it's almost a tradition to read a few. I guess it just gets me in the mood.

Carrie Alexander was kind enough to send me a copy of her latest, A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS, for a book giveaway.

Post away and you will be entered once for a chance at winning this book. You can read more about it at

I'll choose a winner Sunday night... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oh, and for a second chance of winning this, I'll give away a copy at this coming Friday night's chat in the Romance Reviews Today chat room.
It will begin at 9:30pm est and you can reach the chat room by going through and clicking on 'chat room'

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lisa Plumley winners are.....

In random order as I drew them:




Congrats, winnners!!!!!! Please email me at with your name and mailing address and I'll forward the info on to Lisa.

Thank you, everyone, for participating and a BIG THANK you to Lisa for being our guest!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ask Five with...LISA PLUMLEY!!!

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Lisa Plumley is our guest and she is truly a sweet, nice author. I'm honored to have her on the RRT Blog.

Lisa has written historicals and contemporaries, something for everyone. You can find out more about her books at

See below for a book giveaway!

Meanwhile, meet Lisa Plumley:

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1. What is the title of your latest release and what's it about?

My latest book is Let's Misbehave, a contemporary romance about a fun-loving heiress who enters "shopaholic rehab" and as part of her therapy has to get a real a anny/housekeeper for a macho single-dad NFL quarterback and his three rowdy kids. It was SO much fun to pair up Marisol and Cash, two total opposites who really need one another in the end. I'm psyched to say that this book was chosen as one of the Top Ten Romances of 2007 by Booklist magazine and earned my first 4-1/2 star Top Pick! rating from Romantic Times BOOKclub magazine too. I hope you'll drop by my Web site at ttp:// to read the first chapter.

Also, my publisher just reissued Santa Baby, a bestselling holiday anthology featuring stories by Lisa Jackson, Elaine Coffman, Kylie Adams, and me. It's a terrific collection! I feel really lucky to
be included. My story is called "Merry, Merry Mischief," and it's a contemporary romance about a diehard party girl and a hard-working architect who team up on an unexpected holiday babysitting mission...only to find themselves falling in love under the mistletoe.
There's a first-chapter excerpt at for that story too, so please check it out!

2. What is the hardest part of writing?

For me, the hardest part of writing happens immediately after the initial "light bulb" moment that inspires me to tell a particular story, when I realize (inevitably) that something...just...won'! Usually I spend a few days playing "what if?" and adding/subtracting plot elements and muttering to myself. Eventually the whole thing clicks, and I'm off to the races. Whew! I'm not sure if it's faith or stubbornness that keeps me going, but whatever it is, I'm grateful, because I love the process of getting from chapter one to the end.

3. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their
writing or for their friendship?

All writing is hugely inspirational to me. In the beginning, I really loved writers like Julie Garwood, Jill Barnett, and Judith McNaught for their touching, lighthearted stories. I branched out into contemporaries and also loved writers like Sophie Kinsella, Rachel Gibson, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. But I have to say that the most important writer to me is my good friend, Dawn Atkins, who writes terrifically sizzling, emotional, and funny stories for Harlequin Blaze. We met almost ten years ago, shortly after I sold my first book, and we hit it off instantly. Dawn is a warm, wonderful friend and an unfailing cheering section...and she never fails to crack me up. She's a hoot!

4. What's the most interesting thing about you that very few people

I have a completely raunchy sense of humor and a terrible potty mouth. Those qualities don't find their way into my books (I hope!), but the nuns who taught me at St. Ann's elementary school would be appalled. I just can't help it.

5. What's coming up in the near future for you?

Next up for me will be a story in the Harlequin Historicals Halloween anthology for 2008...something spooky (a first for me!) but romantic, set in the Wild West. I'm excited about it because the collection will also include a medieval story by Denise Lynn and a Regency story by Chris Merrill. I haven't been back to the Old West since wrapping up my Morrow Creek Matchmakers series with The Rascal last November, so I'm looking forward to spending time with one of those rough-and-ready supermacho heroes again.

Also coming out next year will be Home For The Holidays, a new full-length contemporary romance about an exiled celebrity stylist and a former NFL football player who meet over Christmastime in a small Michigan town and make a bet as to whose Christmas is
better: L.A. style or Midwestern style? (Can you tell that I love a good opposites-attract story?) We'll have more info about both books posted on my Web site soon, so stay tuned!

Before I go, I want to invite everyone to visit me at my blog at (I'm a newbie, but I'm having a good time!) or my MySpace page at to find out the latest news...and of course to make friends! I'm brainstorming a couple of new books right now, so I'll definitely
be on the lookout for fun ways to procrastinate. Help me out, won't you?

Thank you, Lisa!

Lisa is generously giving away copies of her book Once Upon A Christmas to three lucky winners!

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Lisa will be checking the away and you'll be entered to win a copy of Once Upon A Christmas.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Spotlight Review on ....A Week From Sunday From Sunday by Doroty Garlock....

A couple of reminders.....

Tomorrow night I will be putting up an interview with Lisa Plumley and she has kindly offered to give away three copies of her book. Find out more Thursday night!

Finally, kick back your feet, relax, and come chat on Friday night in the RRT chat room beginning at 9:30pm eastern time. There will be a book giveaway...

You can access the chat room here.

A WEEK FROM SUNDAY – Dorothy Garlock
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-446-69533-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-446-69533-6
November 2007
20th-Century Historical Romance

Shreveport and Lee’s Point, Louisiana – 1935

After her father’s funeral, Adrianna Moore finds herself alone with Richard Pope, the lawyer to whom her father entrusted her future and his business, Moore Bank and Trust. Her father always made sure that Adrianna had the best of everything with no worries or concerns, but now she is shocked to be told that Richard is the executor of the huge estate and has control over everything. She must marry the odious Richard a week from Sunday to have access to the money and her home. Adrianna flees from Shreveport determined to never marry Richard and to live her own life.

A week later, Adrianna is on the road in the pouring rain hoping to get as far away from Richard as she can. When her car slides into an oncoming truck, she is hospitalized and finds herself in the small town of Lee’s Point. She pays her debts by playing the piano in the local tavern, owned by Quinn Baxter, and helping care for his brother, Jessie, who in a wheel chair. Quinn’s housekeeper, Lola, is determined to be rid of the beautiful woman who is a threat to her bid for Quinn’s affections. Quinn is a logger, a boisterous, gruff man, but kind of heart. A slovenly housekeeper, Lola does not give Jessie the help he needs. Jessie is a sullen and angry teenager. Will Adrianna make a difference in this unhappy household? Will she be able to hide from Richard? And then there is Dewey Fuller, Quinn’s archenemy -- what problems will he cause?

Set in the 1930s, women had less power over their lives than they do today. Adrianna is a good woman who knows little about the seamier side of life because her father always protected and took care of her. Now, she must learn to toughen up and make decisions for the first time in her life. Quinn is the hero, strong, dependable, and willing to help. Richard, the typical villain of the piece, is determined to have his way with Adrianna, and Lola is more dangerous than anyone realizes.

A WEEK FROM SUNDAY is an eminently readable romantic tale, with a jealous viper in the household, a seriously injured young boy whom Adrianna tries to befriend, an evil man willing to do anything to attain what he desires, and an old codger to give a bit of comic relief. It all makes an exciting story as two people meet and fall in love in the pandemonium. Dorothy Garlock has her own special way with a story and makes the 1930s come to life with her use of the idioms and the less sophisticated people of that time period. Her good people are very good, her bad people are horrid, and she manages to make it all come together for an entertaining tale.

Marilyn Heyman

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Spotlight Review.....DRIVEN TO JUSTICE by Alice Gaines

Mannhof, Book 3
Changeling Press -
ISBN: 978-1-59596-779-4
August 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance - some F/F interaction -- Short Story

California - Present day

Charley Thomas is a great motorcycle cop, just like her dad. However, a brutal assault has left Charley with some serious psychological damage. Charley has blocked out the memories of her attackers, and her impaired judgment while on the job has led her to her current untenable position, suspended and in danger of losing the job she loves. When an incredible German motorcycle is accidentally delivered to Charley, she hesitates before giving into temptation, she’ll just take one ride before the rightful owner shows up.

Niklas is the motorcycle, he’s also a man. Created by Klaus Mannhof specifically for Charley, he’s thrilled to finally be with the woman he’s made for. Klaus told him that Charley would need help and he should take her to meet with the other two Mannhofs and their women, so that’s just what Nick does, nearly scaring Charley to death in the process.

Will Charley accept the wonderful gift the Creator has given her, the incredible man who wants nothing more than to love her?

Alice Gaines has a real talent for combining an incredibly interesting concept (man/machine shifters) with emotionally wounded women who bloom into their true selves when united with the men they’re destined to love. In DRIVEN TO JUSTICE we meet Charley. She’s stubborn, brave and incredibly determined to prove how strong she is. That strength is probably what keeps her relatively sane when most women would surely have been totally destroyed after suffering what Charley did. Unfortunately, that very strength also works against Charley, making her deny any kind of professional help and causing her to try to go it alone, even when Nick and her new friends are ready to stand by her side. If she doesn’t learn to accept help, Charley may end up on the wrong side of a prison sentence, or worse, dead. Nick knew that Charley was going to need his help, what he didn’t know was just what kind of horrors she’d been through. Yearning to give her the consolation of his body and his heart, Nick suffers when Charley denies him. Determined to make the men who hurt Charley pay, Nick is shocked to discover that he’s the kind of man who could easily become a murderer. Will Charley and Nick find their happily ever after, and will the evil men who hurt her be DRIVEN TO JUSTICE?

Claire and Will from ONE OWNER, LADY DRIVEN (January 2007) and Lauren and Jake from DRIVEN TO THE LIMIT (June 2007) are the most important secondary characters, though I hate to call them such, for they’re integral to the story. The four of them are great friends and they don’t hesitate to welcome Charley and Nick into the fold. Sgt. Henderson is Charley’s boss, and though he’s done his best to honor her wishes, he’s firm in his decision, if Charley doesn’t get help, she’s never going to be welcomed back as an officer.

If you’re looking for something a little different, a book that will stimulate your imagination and warm your heart, DRIVEN TO JUSTICE is just the ticket. Get a copy today, and while you’re at it, get the first two books in the series as well, they’ll add to your enjoyment of this wonderful story.

Lori Ann

Monday, November 05, 2007


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A Perfect 10
Immortally Sexy Series, Book 4
Warner Forever
ISBN-10: 0-446-61902-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-4466-1902-8
November 2007
Paranormal Romance

Earth, Afterlife, Hell - Present Day

Paige Darlington is having the month from hell -- literally. She has been alive only for a month, since Satan created her to suck the souls out of mortals and bring them to hell. But Paige has one small problem, her own soul is becoming blacker by the moment, and if she doesn’t reverse her curse, she will become a mindless soul-sucking demon that lives, well, un-lives to kill and cause pain. She’d rather sip lattes with her new cool and immortal best buds -- Theresa, a dragon, and Dani, ex-girlfriend of Satan Jr. But anything that is pure that Paige touches will become dust, and she doesn’t have much time to lose.

The afterlife is not where Jed Buchanan was thinking of staying for eternity, but since he loves his brother, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save him. But he lost on both ends, and now has to find a way to kill a woman who is on Satan Jr.’s hit list. If he doesn’t, his brother Raphael will lose his soul and be tortured forever by Satan’s bratty son. Jed may act like a big bad assassin, but he has been down in the dumps lately and is just plain-old depressed.

Jed thinks he has found his hit, but instead he finds Paige. But Paige doesn’t mind; when she touches him, he doesn’t turn to dust. And since Jed is easy to look at, she also doesn’t mind wrapping herself around his body to keep her soul intact. Jed doesn’t know what to think of this happy-go-lucky, bodacious blonde who makes him smile, but also puts him at odds. Paige is still technically working for Satan, so Jed can’t trust her. But Paige makes a deal with Jed, she will help him defeat Satan Jr. and save his brother, as long as Jed keeps touching her because he keeps her inner wraith from taking over. Soon these two are hiding from Heaven’s Shadow Warriors, who want Jed and Paige dead, along with Satan Jr., who captured Raphael and turned him into a soulless assassin bent on making Paige evil. And to make matters worse, Paige wants Jed to help her get rid of her virginity!

What a hoot! I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt from the evil antics of Satan and his crew! Who knew evil could be so funny? SEX & THE IMMORTAL BAD BOY is part of an on-gong series about the souls of Heaven, Purgatory and most importantly, Hell. Even though Paige was created to be an evil soul-sucking woman, she really is as pure as anyone can be. Her outlook on life in general was beyond adorable. And to have her team up with Jed, who feels he is more soulless and lost than Paige, is near perfect. And the fact that they literally have to keep touching each other, (because if they don’t, Paige will go over to the dark side) is also very ingenious and sexy.

Stephanie Rowe has a mega hit on her hands and her humor is outstanding. Where else can you find a lovesick fool like Satan himself who is suicidal over the loss of his current love? Or his son, Satan Jr., who wants to take over his daddy’s world, but is still too much of a wuss to rule? And then there is Mona, The Goblet of Eternal Youth who likes to change into Tupperware for fun. The laughs are non-stop and this novel is quite a ride. And I cannot forget how perfect Paige and Jed are together. When they finally decide all their touching is too much to handle, it is hotter than the pits of… well, you know. I would get SEX & THE IMMORTAL BAD BOY and all the other Immortally Sexy series books to keep on your book shelf. I can’t believe how much of a fan I am now of Satan and his world. Who would have thought that being evil can be so good?

Kate Garrabrant

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Reviews for November 2007 posted!

Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 51, Volume 1, November 2, 2007

We are pleased to present 28 new reviews. (Quick List of new reviews)

Congratulations to Stacy from Indiana, Christy from Utah and Rachel from Minnesota the winners in the October 2007 7th anniversary contest!

Check out November’s Contest for your chance to win!

Anthology Reviews
HOLIDAYS ARE HELL - K. Harrison, L. Sands, V. Pettersson, M. Liu - Kathy - Paranormal

Short Story Reviews
INVENTING THE ABBOTTS - Jerri Drennen - Aztec Security, Book 1 - Lake Charles, LA - Present Day - Kathy - Contemporary Romance - Short Story

Contemporary Fiction
MOMMY TRACKED -Whitney Gaskell - Orange Cove, FL - Vi - Women's Fiction

Contemporary Romance
EXTREMELY HOT - Jennifer Apodaca - Claremont, CA - Kate
SLOW BURN - Brenda Jackson - A Madaris Novel - Texas & Maine - Present Day - Jane
TO CATCH A CHEAT - Kelley St. John - Atlanta, GA - Present Day - Jennifer

Futuristic/Science Fiction Romance (Includes Time Travel)
HIGHLAND GUARDIAN - Melissa Mayhue - Scotland - Present Day - Carolyn - Fantasy Romance
REGENCY SOCIETY REVISITED - Susanne Marie Knight - US - 2020 & England - 1812 - Jane - Time Travel Romance

Historical Romance
A WEEK FROM SUNDAY - Dorothy Garlock - 1935 - Shreveport & Lee's Point, LA - Marilyn - 20th Century Historical Romance
BLACKTHORNE'S BRIDE - Shana Galen - Misadventures in Matrimony, Book 3 - 1811 - England - Carolyn - Historical Romance
IN MY WILDEST FANTASIES - Julianne MacLean - 1874 - Oxfordshire, England - Lori - Historical Romance
INDISCRETION - Jude Morgan - Regency Era - England - Jani - Historical Romance
ON WINGS OF THE MORNING - Marie Bostwick - Before WWII - Okalahoma, Illinois, Texas, and Europe - Deborah - 20th Century Historical Romance

Historical Fiction
THE HOUSE OF LANYON - Valerie Anand - The Exmoor Saga - A Perfect 10 - 1458 - Exmoor, England - Jani - Historical Fiction

NEVER LOOK BACK - Kathy Herman - Phantom Hollow, Book 2 - Jacob's Ear, CO - Present Day - Vi - Inspirational Mystery

Paranormal Romance
HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE - Jeaniene Frost - A Night Huntress Novel - A Perfect 10 - Ohio - Present Day - Kathy - Paranormal Romance
HOWL AT THE MOON - Christine Warren - The Others, Book 4 - New York City, NY - Present Day - Lori - Paranormal Romance
SEX & THE IMMORTAL BAD BOY - Stephanie Rowe - Immortally Sexy Series, Book 4 - A Perfect 10 - Earth, Afterlife & Hell - Present Day - Kate - Paranormal Romance
SUPER NATURAL ACTS - Rosemary Laurey - Brytewood, Book 1 - 1940 - England & Bavaria - Lori - Paranormal Romance
TAKEN BY THE NIGHT - Kathryn Smith - Brotherhood of the Blood, Book 3 - 19th Century - London, England - Terrie - Paranormal Romance
TWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL - Sam Cheever - 2090 - Earth - Kate - Paranormal Romance

Romantic Suspense
ON THE LOOSE - Tara Janzen - Special Defense Force (SDF), Book 7 - Central America - Present Day - Jennifer - Romantic Suspense
PAYBACK - Jasmine Cresswell - Raven/Fairfax Trilogy, Book 3 - Herndon, VA & Chicago, IL - Present Day - Jane - Romantic Suspense
UNLUCKY - Jana DeLeon - Royal Flush, LA - Present Day - Jennifer - Romantic Suspense

Series Romance
EXPECTING HIS ROYAL BABY - Susan Stephens - The Royal House of Niroli, Book 5 - Kingdom of Niroli - Present Day - Jennifer - HP #2675- Series Romance
SAVING DESTINY - Pat White - Dark Enchantment, Book 4 - Miniseries - Seattle, WA & London, England - Jennell - SN # - Series Romance
SEDUCING THE MERCENARY - Loreth Anne White - Shadow Soldiers, Book 4 - Ubasi, Africa - Jennifer - SRS #1490 - Series Romance

Suspense/Thriller Reviews
ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS - J.T. Ellison - Nashville, TN - Present Day - Diana - Suspense - Thriller

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ask Five with....Jasmine Haynes!!!!!!!!

Meet Jasmine Haynes, a writer with a split personality, as you can see in her interview. Oh, and isn't the cover for The Fortune Hunter beautiful???

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1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

My latest Jasmine Haynes Berkley Sensation release, The Fortune Hunter, is out in November, a sexy tale of a woman who agrees to be her own husband’s uninhibited mistress. Faith Castle wants a family, Connor Kingston wants to run her father’s company. In a modern-day marriage of convenience, the bargaining begins with the kind of no-holds barred sex life Connor desires and Faith is afraid she can’t live up to. Now everything is on the table, including them...

Please watch The Fortune Hunter movie trailer!

2. What is the hardest part of writing?

Revising! I love to come up with story ideas as I’ve always been a daydreamer. And I love writing every word of that first draft. Then the hard part comes, the dreaded rewrite!

3. How do you stay motivated?

One of the biggest things that motivates me is writing under three pseudonyms. As Jasmine Haynes, I do erotic romance. Jennifer Skully writes over-the-top (hopefully hilarious) romantic mysteries, and as JB Skully, I’ve created the Max Starr psychic mystery series at Because each pseudonym is a completely different kind of story and writing, I never get bored!

4. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

I’ve had a lot of support and help from other writers, especially Leigh Wyndfield, Terri Schaefer, Dee S. Knight, Pamela Britton, Cherry Adair, and Rose Lerma. They have helped shape me as a writer and made it possible for me to find my own voice. As for those who influenced me as I read their works, I think almost every book has an effect. I’ll read a perfect line by a writer and think wow, I wish I could do that. Then I struggle to figure out how I can write a line just as perfect (if that were actually possible). As for as influences in erotic romance, I think Robin Schone and Emma Holly gave me the greatest inspiration.

5. What can readers look forward from you in the near future?

The Fortune Hunter is the first book of my “swan” trilogy about women coming into their own and finding themselves. Show and Tell will be out in July 2008 and Games People Play sometime in 2009. I will also have an anthology out in December 2008. Readers can hear about all my pseudonyms and enter my monthly contest at and watch two movie trailers at They can also subscribe to my newsletter by sending an email to Thanks for having me at RRT!

Thanks for the interview! To buy a copy, just click on the picture and it'll take you directly to the book at Amazon.
Check out the steamy excerpt here (18 and older please)