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Contest winners are............

The winners are:

THE MANE EVENT is won by Crystal G!

OVERKILL is won by Tam!

IN THE FLESH is won by Eva S!

Winners, please email me at within 48 hours!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another giveaway....Emma Holly's IN THE FLESH

Okay, I know we have some readers who like 'em hot. :D

Tonight...we have...

IN THE FLESH by Emma Holly

Read an excerpt here
Then come back and post away

You have less than 24 hours now....

Winner chosen Wednesday night!

Chat with Linnea Sinclair tonight!

Chat tonight at RWA Online with Linnea Sinclair! She's giving away prizes, as is the other author, Cara Carnes. And you never know which author might stop in and give away prizes of their own.

Chat begins at 9pm est.

Access the chat room here:

Here is a link to our Ask Five Q's with Linnea last March:

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Book Giveaway...OVERKILL by Linda Castillo!!!

First off, all the book winners announced last night have come forward to claim their books.

Tonight's book giveaway is....

OVERKILL - Linda Castillo

Post away for a chance to win. Winner to be announced Wed night!

To see what it's about, here is RRT's review:

OVERKILL - Linda Castillo
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-21829-7
October 2007
Romantic Suspense

Caprock Canyon, Texas - Present Day

Caprock Canyon Police Department is the last chance for disgraced Chicago cop Marty Hogan. After getting caught on film beating a suspect almost to death, Marty managed to stay out of jail, if not keep her job. No matter that the suspect brutally killed a child, Marty's actions gave the city a black eye, and they gave her the boot. Now, she finds herself heading to nowhere Texas, probably to work with podunk officers for whom detective work is finding their chewing tobacco.

When Police Chief Clay Settlemeyer meets Marty Hogan, he can tell she's a cop on the edge. Always a believer in second chances, having needed one himself earlier in his career, Clay is willing to offer a hand to Marty. But is it for an officer in need or a beautiful damsel in distress?

The hits keep coming for Marty as she learns that her best friend and ex-partner was tortured and killed in Chicago. Even worse, she might also be a target because of the events that got her fired from the force. Worried that this will send Marty over the edge, Clay decides to make sure his newest officer doesn't self-destruct. But what happens when moral support becomes something much more explosive?

From the depths of despair, something new and beautiful blossoms in Linda Castillo's OVERKILL. All Marty Hogan ever wanted to be was a cop. Coming from a family of peace officers, it's all she's ever known. When one act strips it all away, Marty is left afloat on the shipwreck that is her life. Clay has been where Marty is and worries that she may be beyond help, especially when she almost immediately alienates the other men on their small force. There is something about her that calls to him, and he knows he has to be careful not to step over the line with a subordinate. But when Marty is in danger, Clay can't continue to deny his feelings.

Secondary characters add to the background and suspense, but the tale is really Marty and Clay's. Readers know from the beginning who the bad guys are, and the thrill is wondering when the police will figure it out...and if they will do it before more people die.

Well-written with a wonderful blending of angst, suspense, and romance, check out OVERKILL.

Kathy Samuels

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Here are the winners...and another Contest!

Here are the winners:

Sealed with a Kiss won by Tetewa

Hot For It won by flchen1

Big Girls Don't Cry won by Cathy

The Education of Mrs. Brimley won by JenniferY

Congrats winners!!!!! Please email me at with the title of the book in the subject line and your name and address in the body.

If I do not hear from any of the winners by Friday nite's chat, then I'm giving them away that night. Oh, and I will reply to your email within 24 hours so resend it if you do not hear from me.

Thank you!


The next book to be given away is another hot one:

THE MANE EVENT - Shelly Laurenston

Check out the blurb here.

Post away and the winner will be chosen Wednesday night!!!!

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Need some EDUCATION??

The final post for the night....

This one is a historical:


Check out the blurb for it at Donna's website:

Again, post away in this thread and one winner will be chosen Sunday night!

Good luck to everyone on all of the giveaways!


Post in this thread to win.....BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY by Cathie Linz!

Check out Cathie's website for more information on the book.

Winner will be chosen....SUNDAY night!

By the way, not sure if any of you saw this offer from Terrie:

Terrie has left a new comment on your post "Winners are....and The Trouble with Paradise book ...": For those who would like another chance to win Jill's THE TROUBLE WITH PARADISE -- an RRT Perfect 10 -- join the -- I'll selected a winner at random from list members in November.Happy Reading!Terrie FigueroaOwner/WebmistressRomance Reviews Today

alt="Click here to join RRTChatters">
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Are you....HOT FOR IT????

Post here in this thread for a chance to win... HOT FOR IT by Melissa MacNeal! It's an October Aphrodisia and is hot hot hot!!!!!!!

Visit Melissa's website for more information on the book.....

Winner to be chosen Sunday night!

Quckie Contest......

The first person to post here wins a $5.00 Barnes and Noble giftcard! RUTH won!

On your mark....get set...go!!!!!! Congrats Ruth!!!! Email your name and mailing address to

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The Winners are....and a new contest...for...SEALED WITH A KISS!!!

EXCLUSIVE winner is .... Nascarandbeans

THE COURTESAN'S DAUGHTER winner is... ACdaisy95


Congrats winners, please email me at within 48 hours!

By the way, I have not heard from Rhonda/Blessedheart for claiming her book...if I do not hear from her by Friday night's chat, I'll give that away in my regular chat on Friday night beginning at 9:30pm in the RRT chat room.

Now, for the next book giveaway.......

Carly Phillips SEALED WITH A KISS is going to be given away!!! Post away for a chance to win.
The winner will be chosen Sunday night!

Here is a copy of the RRT review for Sealed with a Kiss:
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SEALED WITH A KISS - Carly Phillips
ISBN: 978-0-373-77239-1
October 2007
Contemporary Romance

Dentonville, Connecticut - Present Day

Molly Gifford seems to have it all, a great legal career and a hot boyfriend. But what she really wants in her life is a family. Her cold and distant mother, Francie, has always been too busy trying to find her next rich husband to spend any time having a relationship with Molly. The man Molly believed to be her father couldn't even be counted on to send a birthday card. So when she receives news that she has a biological father who didn’t know that she hadn’t been put up for adoption, Molly packs her bags and leaves everything behind to seek him out. She is delighted to find a place in the Addams family, but when her newfound father, General Frank Addams, is arrested and charged with the murder of his business partner, Molly must face the man she left behind. Daniel Hunter is the best criminal attorney she knows, and the man her father needs to prove his innocence. Molly also believes that he may also be the man she needs to fill the remaining hole in her heart.

It has been a year since Molly's departure, and Daniel is still trying to get on with his life. Years after being abandoned by his parents and living in uncaring abusive foster homes, Daniel finally opened up his heart and gave it to Molly. When she threw it back in his face, he realized his worst fear was true -- he isn't worth loving. When Molly unexpectedly shows up at his door begging for help, Daniel's first instinct is to turn his back on her. But Daniel can't resist helping an innocent man and reluctantly agrees to take the General's case. With the chemistry between himself and Molly still present, Daniel decides to pursue that spark. When the case is over, however, he will be the one walking away with his heart and pride intact, no matter how hard it may be.

Other family and friends include Edna, Molly's new grandmother; Robin and Jessie, Molly's half-sisters; Lacey and Ty, Daniel's close friends; and Sonya and Seth Markham -- the murdered man's family and friends of the Addamses. From light-hearted to petulant, each of the secondary characters adds to the storyline in humorous, supportive, and painful ways.

How childhood traumas affect Molly's and Daniel's lives is the central theme of SEALED WITH A KISS. Molly has spent a lifetime fruitlessly pursuing her mother’s affection. Daniel has always hidden his fears. The only people who know about his childhood are the two friends who shared part of it with him. He risked everything by opening up to Molly, and her rejection closed down all hope in him. Well drawn protagonists who are afraid of risking themselves but who need each other fuel the story. The attraction between Molly and Daniel is deep and heartfelt. Warm writing and quick banter make this an enjoyable read. Pick-up a copy of SEALED WITH A KISS and savor this tale of second-time-around romance.


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My Big, Fat Supernatural book giveaway!

Tonight's book is actually a year old, but has to be just as enjoyable this time of the year.

My Big, Fat Supernatural Wedding, a collection of short stories including authors Sherrilyn Kenyon, Charlaine Harris, and Jim Butcher.

Here is Romance Reviews Today review of it from a year ago:

MY BIG FAT SUPERNATURAL WEDDING - L.A. Banks, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, P.N. Elrod, Esther M. Friesner, Lori Handeland, Charlaine Harris, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Susan Krinard
St. Martin's Griffin (Trade Paperback)
ISBN-10: 0-312-34360-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-34360-6
October 2006
Paranormal Romance/Fantasy - Anthology

Getting married is often a very stressful time in a bride's life, but here are a few who take it to the next level.

Spellbound - L.A. Banks
Present Day

The Hatfields and McCoys are at it again. The generational back and forth continues into the present and is now threatening the future well-being of Odelia Hatfield and Jefferson McCoy, two lovebirds who would love to get married without the wrath of God falling on anyone's head. Can some ghosts, a passel of unaffiliated relations, and a couple of determined college grads get two stubborn families to cease fire?

An interesting take on an old story, Spellbound is quite entertaining. Odelia and Jefferson are at their wits' end dealing with their voodoo wielding families. The countdown to the wedding brings strange and funny mishaps. While most bridal parties just worry about getting to the church on time, in Spellbound they just want to get to the church in one piece!

Something Borrowed - Jim Butcher
Chicago, Illinois - Present Day

When Harry Dresden's friend Billy the werewolf's best man ends up in the hospital, Harry gracefully steps in to take his place. But he doesn't realize that part of the deal will be saving the bride when she unwittingly becomes the 'something borrowed.'

Vintage Harry Dresden with the snarky humor, action, and suspense that guarantee a run to the top of the bestseller lists. While readers familiar with the series will thoroughly enjoy this short and sweet installment, those new to the series may be a little lost without the back story. But hey, what better time than now to go out and pick up the previous eight books in the series!

Dead Man's Chest - Rachel Caine
Present Day

When short and mousy Cecilia Welles meets blond and beautiful romance-cover model Ian Taylor, she is literally mowed down by the Love Train. But the one thing Cecilia doesn't expect, besides getting married on a pirate ship, is to end up the 'something blue' as she takes a swim with the fishes. Is Ian actually mister right or just mister good-looking?

If you liked the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you'll love Dead Man's Chest. In the few short pages of this story, author Rachel Caine infuses humor, romance, and adventure to create a highly entertaining read and one of my favorite tales in the collection.

All Shook Up - P.N. Elrod
Present Day

It's not often that caterer Frankie Foster is asked by a strange man to pull his pants down. But one look at the gorgeous wedding singer and she's ready and able to pull his tight leather pants anywhere he wants her to. Then Frankie opens up her inner eye to see if the Elvis tribute singer with the looks, moves, and voice to almost convince her he's the real deal is as good as he looks. The shock of that one look leaves Frankie All Shook Up.

Elvis is in the house! A fabulously inventive tale, All Shook Up will leave you humming Elvis tunes. All I have to say is, if I ever get married, I want this guy singing at my wedding! I've never ready anything by this author before, but this tale inspires me to pick up a few.

The Wedding of Wylda Serene - Esther M. Friesner
Present Day

You've heard of Bridezilla? Well, this is worse...

I've thought long and hard about how to describe this story without giving anything no avail. It is a tale narrated by an individual who is never named, involves mythical creatures, is about a wedding that may or may not be doomed from the start, and by an author that, frankly, I've never heard of. With that as a start, I'm sure you're wondering why you should even consider this story. Well, because it's freaking hilarious in an upper-crusty British dry wit sort of way. With lines like 'Children spoil more readily than oysters in July' or a woman suffering a 'sudden need to study art history' as a euphemism for being pregnant out of wedlock, you may not find yourself laughing out loud, but it will definitely inspire a chuckle or two as you turn the pages. This collection is full of great authors and well-told stories that I thoroughly enjoyed, but The Wedding of Wylda Serene is by far my favorite.

Charmed by the Moon - Lori Handeland
Minnesota - Present Day

Jager-Sucher and werewolf hunter Jessie McQuade can't believe she finally said yes to Will Cadotte's marriage proposal. There is no question that she is in love with him and he with her, but marriage was never something she associated with herself. When Jessie finds a love charm in Will's personal belongings, she starts to wonder, is it really love or is it just a spell?

Love is a very precious thing to people involved in a job with a high death rate. Fans of Lori Handeland will enjoy reuniting with Jesse and Will (BLUE MOON) as they consider taking the next step in their relationship. Still very much a smart-aleck, Jesse finds it difficult to keep her mouth shut, and Will loves her all the more for it.

Will these two find marital bliss, or were they just Charmed by the Moon?

Tacky - Charlaine Harris
Rhodes - Present Day

A vampire marrying a werewolf? Well, it's just not done. At least, that's how vampire maid of honor Dahlia feels, and the other bridesmaids are in accordance. But the bride, Taffy, is a friend and, as such, Dahlia will support Truth be known, the werewolf best man is a true hottie. Maybe there is something to that whole animal attraction thing.

There's a fine line between tasteful and Tacky when it comes to weddings. Some would say crossing the interspecies line would fall on the tacky side, but they're just sticklers for tradition in Dahlia's mind, and she can say so since she used to be one of them.

For a lively and humorous walk on the wild side, join a pint-sized vampire Barbie and her large-sized Ken, doll, as they see about planning a wedding.

A Hard Days Night-Searcher - Sherrilyn Kenyon
New Orleans - Present Day

It's against the rules for Squires and Dark-Hunters to fraternize, but that doesn't stop Raphael Santiago from lusting after the lovely Celena. When Jeff, his own Squire, flouts the Council's rules by writing a fictional vampire book based on the Dark-Hunters, Raphael uses the opportunity to spend a little time with Celena, diverting her from tracking Jeff down and rending him limb from limb. But Celena is a stickler for the rules, even if Raphael isn't. Can he convince the beautiful lady that some rules are meant to be broken?

Sweet, funny, and deliciously erotic, A Hard Days Night-Searcher will make you laugh, cry, and sweat in a few short pages. Sherrilyn Kenyon, once again, offers up an enticing tale with two fantastic characters that readers will fall in love with.

"...Or Forever Hold Your Peace" - Susan Krinard
Albion (An alternative Victorian England)

Weddings are always an exciting time and never more so when someone interrupts the ceremony. Lady Olivia Dowling, her friend Christopher Meredith (Kit), and the rest of the guests are flabbergasted by the untimely intrusion and then sudden death of the intruder moments later. Determined to help the bride and groom, Lady Olivia and Kit start investigating and are immediately embroiled in a mystery with political implications. Will they ferret out the truth before death befalls them all?

Using their mystical powers, Kit and Olivia race into another adventure, one that isn't what it appears to be. Although I'm not familiar with this series, the characters are engaging and the tale well-written. Humor, action, and adventure are the hallmarks of a Susan Krinard story, and "...Or Forever Hold Your Peace" has them all.

With highly entertaining tales that will tickle your funny bone from some of your favorite authors, MY BIG FAT SUPERNATURAL WEDDING is an absolute must-read. Highlighting the key rituals to the ceremony, including the wedding singer and planner, and adding a paranormal twist, is ingenious. Although there are a few stories in the collection that readers will benefit from having read the previous books in the series, all in all, these gems stand on their own.

Kathy Samuels

Post away for a chance to win this book. Winner will be chosen Wednesday night!

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The Laura Wright book winner is....and another giveaway!

The winner of Laura Wright's October Desire is.....Blessedheart/Rhonda!!!
Please email me at with your name and mailing address.

Congrats and a BIG THANK YOU to Laura Wright for being our guest! Don't forget to get your copy of Millionaire's Calculated Baby Bid and the next two books in this series.

Now, the next giveaway is for a historical.....

Check out Claudia's site for the blurb.

Have you read Claudia Dain? Post away anything in this thread and I'll pull out the winner's name on Wednesday night!

Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!

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The Bad Girl winner is... and an Exclusive giveaway!!!

The winner of BAD GIRL is.....Jennifer Y!!!!!!!!

Email me at within 48 hours and it is yours!

Newest giveaway is....

EXCLUSIVE anthology featuring Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton, and Lisa Renee Jones!
Post away and one winner will be chosen Wednesday night!
Here is a copy of the review RRTErotic posted on EXCLUSIVE:

EXCLUSIVE - Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton, Lisa Renee Jones
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-21707-8
September 2007
Erotic Anthology – Contemporary

Sanctuary - Eden Bradley
San Francisco, California - Present Day

A night out with her friend has Devin visiting Club X on fetish night. Devin has never been one to play bondage games, but watching the girls tied up in the Ring being punished turns Devin on. When the Dominant who had been punishing the girl stops in front of Devin, introduces himself as Shaye and invites her to play, a part of her is tempted. Another part of her can’t imagine giving up control to anyone. As much as she’d like to forget Shaye, she can’t, and a week later she goes to the club again. When Shaye invites her to join him in the Ring this time, will Devin even want to say no?

SANCTUARY is one woman’s exploration of the BDSM scene. Devin is surprised by her desire to submit to Shaye, as she’s a woman who has been the one in control her whole life. Shaye is also surprised by Devin. He enjoys working at the club on weekends and initiating young women into the BDSM scene, but there’s something more to what he feels with Devin. An enticing tale, SANCTUARY is a nice start to the anthology.

Wild Nights - Jaci Burton
Las Vegas, Nevada - Present Day

Now that the conference that brought Mike Nottingham to Las Vegas is over, he plans to take a little vacation before heading back to his veterinary practice in Oklahoma. A friend has given him an invitation to a private club called Wild Nights, and Mike hopes that the sex club can spice up what has been lately a fairly humdrum sex life. He had been intrigued by his friend’s description of the owner, but after meeting Grace Wylde, Mike knows that he has to have her for himself.

Grace is used to men hitting on her in her club, and she assumes that Mike will just be another in a long line of men to strike out with her. But then, Mike ignores her She can tell that he’s attracted, and the fact that he isn’t pushing to spend time with Grace intrigues her. Though she had planned to brush off any advances that the handsome man made to her, now Grace finds herself determined to play with Mike.

A sexy story, WILD NIGHTS features two people who find out that they have a lot in common, and not just in the bedroom. While their play is erotic, they also take the time to know each other, making it easy to believe that a romance between them could happen so quickly.

Purple Magic - Lisa Renee Jones
New York City, New York - Present Day

To save her best friend from the vampire underground, half-vampire half-human Jolene Morrison is willing to do whatever it takes – even if that means giving herself in exchange. But in order to gain access to the club where Carrie went missing, Jolene needs the help of the Slayer and vampire, Drago.

Drago has been working undercover for two years to bring down Alex, a vampire who owns a sex club and is kidnapping human women to turn them into sex slaves, and he’s not about to let Jolene blow his cover when he’s so close to his goal. Not even realizing that Jolene is his mate. But when Jolene later arrives at the club, Drago knows that he will have to act fast or Alex will enslave her.

With a little darker tone than the other two stories, PURPLE MAGIC adds a bit of suspense to the anthology. Carrie is more than Jolene’s best friend; she’s the only family Jolene feels she can count on. Her father is a Slayer also, and has never been available when Jolene has needed him. She understands enough about Slayers to know that Drago should be duty-bound to help her because she is the daughter of a Slayer, but is she willing to trust him completely?

Three talented authors bring us three very different erotic stories in EXCLUSIVE. Though they each feature scenes in a sex club, they also showcase the variety of experiences that can be enjoyed, yet each tale also focuses on the romance between the characters as well as the sex. With a little something for everyone, EXCLUSIVE is sure to please.

Jennifer Bishop

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Ask Five with....Laura Wright!!!!!!

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Our guest is Laura Wright!

Laura is the author of several Silhouette Desires but her biggest accomplishment has to be that of Mommy. I'm thrilled to have Laura as our guest, and be sure to check out the end of this blog for a contest!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s
it about?

crazy title, right? If I recall correctly, my title

2. What is the hardest part of writing?

Honestly, the hardest part of writing is my lack of
time. I have 2 little ones and they keep me very
busy. Hell, even when I do have the time to write, I
make frequent trips downstairs to see them.. I'm such
a sucker:-)

3. How do you stay motivated?

I love writing. Pretty simple.
There is nothing like getting a new idea, seeing it on
the page, published, and high-of-all-highs, hearing
someone say they love it too.

4. Which authors or friends have influenced you over
the years, whether for their writing or for their

ooooooo, toughy.
Well, I have to say Jude Deveraux and Victoria Holt
are big influences for me because they were my
introduction to the romance world. Also, my teacher
and friend, Barbara Ankrum, who showed me everything
from how to put a sentence together to the importance
of emotion, to the hero's journey. And then I have
several friends in the industry to pick up my
despressed backside when I get a heinous review, or
remind me why it is I write at all when I forget.
Jennifer Apodaca, Julie Ganis...these women rock!

5. Tell us about what's coming up for you.

Millionaire's Calculated Baby Bid (jeez, i'm out of
breath from just writing that title) is the first book
of my wife-for-hire series, NO RING REQUIRED. It's
about 3 women who are in business together, but not
neccessarily friends, not yet, who try to keep the
secrets of their pasts hidden from each other and the
men that come into their lives.
You can read exerpts from each book on my website if
you're interested, then afterward, come and mock me on
my blog...

Learn more about Laura by visiting her blog or her website!

Check out RRT's review of
Millionaire's Calculated Baby Bid

And now....for the contest! I'll give away one copy of Millionaire's Calculated Baby Bid to one lucky winner! Just post away! I'll pick a winner on MONDAY night.

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The Winners are.....and a Bad Girl contest!

First off, the winners are...

For Jill Shalvis book, the winner is....JACKIE TOO!!!!

The Eloisa James book winner is.... TAM!!!

Please email me at with the name of the book you won in the subject header and your name and address in the body of the email.

You have 48 hours to claim your books!

Chats! You want to chat????

Here are some upcoming chats you might be interested in:

RWA Online is hosting a chat Thursday night at 9pm est in their chatroom. Books are being given away! You can reach the chat room here --> RWA Online Chat Room
Chat begins at 9pm est.

Romance Reviews Today has two chats upcoming. Friday night is our regular chat, no guests, and will begin at 9:30pm est in the RRT Chat Room.

Saturday Night, Minx hosts her monthly Trivia Chat beginning 9pm est at the same place, only in the Minx Chat Room. Author Carrie Alexander has promised to stop by and offer up a copy of her upcoming Harlequin SuperRomance A Town Called Christmas!

Now, for the newest book giveaway, you're going to have to reveal something about yourself.

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Have you ever been bad? Did you do something that's wicked, illegal or just downright bad???? Hey, maybe you did a U turn in the middle of downtown! Had a wicked adventure with your guy in a movie theatre!
Tell us about it (please, G-rated only) and post it here and you're in the running for a chance at winning....

BAD GIRL by Maya Reynolds!!!!!!!!
As the title suggests, it is erotic. Hot. Uninhibited.

Check out the blurb:

Being bad can be so good. All it takes is the right man. By day, Sandy Davis is a dedicated social worker. By night, she's found an unlikely pastime: spying on her neighbors' erotic encounters. She tells herself that it's harmless, until one night she finds herself on the receiving end of such a fantasy-and an anonymous phone call from a peeping stranger who calls himself Justice, and whispers, "You've been a bad girl." The arousing predicament turns into a sensual dance between the adventurous pair. But when a third player enters their sexy game, the fun turns to something darker and more dangerous.

One winner will be chosen Sunday night!!!!!!!!!!

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New Giveaway! Pleasure for Pleasure by Eloisa James!

Tonight we have a historical for you as part of the giveaway: Pleasure for Pleasure by Eloisa James is signed by the author herself. You know the away! Have you read Eloisa James before and if so, what is your favorite book?

You can read the RRT review for the book here.

Don't forget the Jill Shalvis book giveaway is still going on and tomorrow night...yesssssss....another book giveaway!

Both Jill's and Eloisa's book will be given away tomorrow night.
Good luck everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Tonight we get a break from book giveaways to present a Q&A with author Michelle Monkou! Isn't the cover gorgeous??? Sit back and get to know Michelle:

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1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

My latest title is Straight To The Heart. This September '07 release from Harlequin's Kimani Romance imprint is my eighth title. The backcover blurb: Hip-hop diva Stacy Watts is living large and keeping secrets. Secrets of her former life on the streets that she is desperate to keep hidden from Omar Masterson. Then her deadbeat ex-manager threatens to blow her cleverly constructed world apart. Stacy can think of only one way to save her new image—pretend that clean-cut Omar is her new beau. But it isn’t long before their playacting backfires and the attraction between them burns out of control. Soon Stacy’s public displays of affection with hot- blooded Omar turn into sizzling nights of private passion. Now Stacy must fight to keep her unsavory past from destroying her chance for a future with Omar.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

I work on my characters first, looking at their backgrounds, formative childhood years, and profession. Once the layers are in place, the plot is then developed with inherent conflicts in place. Then when I'm writing the first draft, I may veer from the plot because another possibility emerges.

3. What is the hardest part of writing?

The hardest part of writing is juggling a looming deadline with an unexpected project at work and my children's quizz/test/project deadlines. I have the ability to separate the various facets of my life into separte compartments. I've learned to switch from one task to the other without much "warm up" and can plunge right into working. I don't have much free time, so I have to work this way to make fifteen minutes of writing as productive as if I had an hour.

4. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

All of these women are great writers, friends and mentors. They can count me as one of their avid readers.

Maggie Osbourne - So very kind when I wanted to melt into the background at my first RWA conference reception. She came over and chatted with me for over an hour. I didn't know who she was until I was in the RITA ceremony and saw her picture on the screen. Over the years, she has continued to mentor me.

Nora Roberts - "Be gracious and opportunities will come your way." And there are so many other common sense anecodotes that she has shared with me over the years. I count her as one of my mentors.

Patricia Gaffney - Absolutely love her writing. Her dry sense of humor cracks me up.

Jane Porter - Genuine. Smart. Can teach the craft better than most. No ego at all. She makes you want to be around her because there's an energy and zest for what she does.

Candice Poarch & Celeste Norfleet - Sisters in every sense of the word. My cheerleaders through the good, bad, and ugly.

Jacquelin Thomas - Writes inspirational fiction. She's a friend who lives her life and exhibits the quality of her spiritual beliefs in every way. She calms me and keeps me centered.

Marcia King Gamble - Provided a helping hand with introduction to a wonderful agent. She's a great role model of the consummate professional.

Sandra Kitt - Epitome of a talented writer and mentor. She is the first African American writer for Harlequin in the 1980's. Her list of accomplishments makes her a force to be reckoned with.

5. What’s books are coming up in the near future for you?

I have recently signed a two book contract with Harlequin's Kimani Romance that will be released in April and October '08. I'm happy to say that they will be my ninth and tenth titles since my first book in 2002. I'm looking forwared to celebrating. These books will start the Ladies of Distinction series, which is about the lives and love of sorority sisters who pledged together. Their friendships will be tested. Their hearts will be broken. Their goals will be challenged. But in the end, each woman will heal to seek the man of her dreams.

Thank you, Michelle!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Winners are....and The Trouble with Paradise book giveaway!!!

First off, the winners are....

DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY was won by.....SUE A

The $5.00 B&N gift card was won by....Anne

Both of you have 48 hours (until Tuesday night!) to email me at with your name and mailing address!

Remember the book giveaway rules and notice there are now two more books added. :)

Now...for our next book giveaway...THE TROUBLE WITH PARADISE by Jill Shalvis! I reviewed it and gave it a Perfect 10. Read the book and you'll see why. Post away here in this thread and I'll pick one winner Wednesday night.

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A Perfect 10
Berkley Sensation (Trade Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-21719-1
ISBN-10: 0-425-21719-1
October 2007
Romantic Comedy

In the South Pacific – Present Day

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale.
A tale of seven stranded castaways.
After a hurricane destroyed their sailing yacht and set them adrift.
Here they are on a remote island in the South Pacific.
Our heroine, Dorie Anderson, unlucky in love and clumsy.
One sight of Dr. Christian Montague gets her pulse racing.
Also on board are two other ladies, Brandy and Cadence, who befriend Dorie.
While Andy the baseball player hopes to make a pitch or two for our heroine.
Finally, let us not forget the yacht’s captain Denny.
And his mighty chef Ethan.
A motley group indeed.
Watch as these seven brave souls battle the sea and elements.
And survive on a deserted island.
How will they stay alive?
Will they get rescued?
But the biggest question of all is…
Could one of them be a murderer?

If the song sounds like the theme from that long ago television show, then you know where THE TROUBLE WITH PARADISE is going right from the start. An unlikely group of people get together for a luxury cruise that turns into an adventure no one will forget. Dorie just wants something to go right in her life. She meets gorgeous guys, and she’s literally tongue-tied. When she thinks she witnesses someone being thrown overboard during the storm, she’s not sure who could be responsible. Well, except she pretty much rules out the good (and very handsome) doctor. Instead of keeping close to Christian, she avoids him at all costs, because there is just something about him that perturbs her. Hmm…could it be that he turns her on?

The other characters provide a colorful charm to the tale and it wouldn’t be the same without any of them. A motley group indeed! Even with the humorous goings on in THE TROUBLE WITH PARADISE, there is still a mystery to solve. Most importantly, how will they survive without food, or heaven forbid, chocolate for several days?

Over the years, I’ve read many Jill Shalvis books, but THE TROUBLE WITH PARADISE is going to rate as possibly her very best. The writing is witty, exceptional, and the story is just loads of fun; it had me laughing out loud several times. I hated to see it end! An outstanding fun read like this deservedly earns my vote for RRT’s Perfect 10.

If you had one book to take with you on a trip, then I highly recommend taking THE TROUBLE WITH PARADISE. Except, of course, if you’re going on a cruise.

Patti Fischer

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ask Five with....L.L. Foster/Lori Foster!!!!!

An interview with Lori Foster, who has launched her first title under the L.L. Foster name with her foray into Urban Fantasy.

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Read the RRT review --> Servant: The Awakening.

[RRT Blog] Tell us about Servant: The Awakening.

[Lori Foster] SERVANT is the first of my books focusing more on the horror/urban fantasy element than on the romance. There is a romance, but it’s not as prominent as my Lori Foster books. In the first SERVANT book, The Awakening, I introduce the lead characters of Gaby and Luther. Gaby has a special gift – to see beyond the surface of normal people, to their demonic souls. Luther is a detective who is both drawn to Gaby, but suspicious of her.

[RRT Blog] Is this going to be a series and if so, how many books will there be?

[Lori Foster] It’s a series, and so far I’m planning on about 5 books. But if you’re familiar with my style, you know that could change. I write by the seat of my pants and sometimes (many times) things happen that I don’t expect.

Like new characters. New twists. New stories.

[RRT Blog]What made you decide to branch out into Urban Fantasy?

[Lori Foster] I’ve always wanted to write horror-type books, but I wanted to put my own stamp on them. That is, I wanted to do them my way, not any traditional way. My editor told me that SERVANT is more like romantic horror, but there are urban fantasy undertones too, so... I just hope readers like it!

[RRT Blog] With the release of Servant, does this mean you're cutting back on your steamy contemporaries?

[Lori Foster] Cutting back on ALL writing has been the plan for awhile. Right now, I’m hoping to do a romance, a horror/urban fantasy, and a novella each year. Other projects might come up, but I really want to give myself more down time.

[RRT Blog]What's coming up next for both Lori Foster and L.L. Foster?

[Lori Foster] The next Lori Foster single title will be Hard to Handle, a continuation of my SBC fighter series, out in Feb 08. But there are some novellas and reissues out along the way, too.

I’m currently working on the next L.L.Foster book, and that should be out in January 09. (That date *just* got changed from Dec 08)

Thanks, Lori!
Be sure to visit Lori's L.L. Foster website and her Lori Foster website!

And, as an added bonus, for anyone who posts with a question to Lori or about her books here, I'll put your name into a drawing for a $5.00 Barnes and Noble giftcard! I'll draw the one lucky winner Sunday night.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Book winners and a new Contest for Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey!!!

Okay, here are the winners:

Cathie M/Caffey wins the Ronda Thompon book

NascarandBeans aka Jolene wins the Lisa Plumley book

Readingissomuchfun aka LindaH wins the Susan Grant book

Congratulations winners!!!! Please email me at with your info....within 48 hours of course!

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The next book to be given away is going to be run over the weekend and is....
DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY by Terri Garey!!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Check out her website for more info on the book. Click here

To enter, post away here on this post. Tell us some spooky stories or anything interesting that happened to you on Halloween! I will post the winner Sunday evening!

Also, just a reminder that Romance Reviews Today has a new RRT Chatters loop for readers, authors and publishers to chat about books and anything that comes up.
Learn more about the group here:

Click here to join RRTChatters
Click to join RRTChatters

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Giving away.....E.T.


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This came out in August, so not new, but you have 24 hours to get your name in by posting the answer to this question.....Do you want this book? :)

Be sure to visit to check out the blurb!

Actually, you have less than 24 hours as I will be posting the winner at around Midnight tomorrow night!

Good luck!

Remember, the other two book winners will be drawn tomorrow night and you never know what I'll pull out of the book box tomorrow night!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Let's Misbehave by Lisa Plumley book giveaway!!!

Okay, first things first....the winner of Summer Devon's ebook is JODI!!!!
She'll get to pick from Summer's list and choose one!
Congrats Jodi!

The next book is.......... LET'S MISBEHAVE by Lisa Plumley, who is kindly donating this book!
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You can read a blurb about it here:

This is going to be a simple contest. Post within this thread and enter to win. As with the other one I have going on, I'll choose the winner Wed night. Which means you have 48 hours to enter before I draw a winner!

Got a question for Lisa? She might just stop in...
What is your favorite book by Lisa?
Or, have you never read her before and are ready to try her?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

BookGiveaway....Ronda Thompson!!!!!!!

This is going to be a scrambled word game for a chance to win this book:

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Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel
Read the blurb here.

The game is easy... :) .... Just unscramble these five book titles that Ronda published during her career.

1. meenheUtnOadT________________
2. higitAretflTw________________
3. hnoTlCoMfealO________________
4. sreCheOTenud________________
5. VslBitlerAeueo________________

Once you have figured out the answers, email me at with your answers. The contest will run until Wednesday night (0ct 10th) at 11pm est, when I will pick one lucky winner!!!!!! One entry per person.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ask Five with....Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon!!!!

Here is an author with a dual personality. Kate Rothwell writes historicals and other stories and her alter ego Summer Devon writes steamy erotic romances for Ellora's Cave and Samhain.

You can learn more about Kate/Summer at her webites:

Sit back and get to know our wonderful guest:

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

The Knight's Challenge came out mid-September at Samhain. It's an ebook but should be part of an anthology in a few months. I had a lot of fun with that story. Sarkany is an acquisitive dragon who's taken human form. Instead of gathering the traditional cave of riches (although he has a couple of those, too) he's going after real estate. He's intrigued by one of the humans trying to drive him away and decides to accept her challenge, but only if she agrees to make herself the prize if he wins. It's the basic idea of knight versus dragon except that the knight is a woman, the story is set in a modern New England town--and the dragon is very sensual. He appreciates human skin.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

Ideas come from all sorts of places. For my first book, Somebody Wonderful (written as Kate Rothwell) first a description in Harpo Marx's autobiography stuck in my mind--of how NYC cops would pound the street curb with their night sticks to summon help. At some point I think I'd wondered what it would be like to have a name that was a racial slur and that was how I came up with Mick, the NYC cop.

I was flipping through my husband's text book--he teaches college biology--and came upon a section about pheromones. That inspired the story "Perfection."

For my latest release, "The Knight's Challenge," I drew on the many stories of dragons I'd read when I was a kid. I have to admit the real inspiration for that came from a call the editor put out for dragon novellas.

I'd say the only thing I've written that has elements of personal experience is "Direct Deposit," which touches on infertility. We went through five years of trying to have kids (we ended up with three boys). I never would have guessed that knowing about those dreary tests would come in handy some day for writing hot romance. And actually that story was inspired by Lynn Cash asking friends if we wanted to write a bunch of stories about a sperm donor clinic. She also came up with the Shrink Wrapped series. The stories in each of the series are connected but all the novellas work as stand-alone stories, too.

3. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Well, for a couple of the Summer stories, obviously I have to say Lynn. I also love Linda Gayle who's been a wonderful friend and critiquer. The group I count on for decompression and laughs is Romance Unleashed, writers like Caroline Linden, Sally MacKenzie, Laura Drewry, Paula Reed, Teresa Bodwell, Eve Silver, Lori Devoti and others. (Hey, it's a long list and I didn't even mention Sandy, Flo, June or Pam) I also get help from Bonnie Dee and other writers whose work I admire a lot.

4. Any advice can you give aspiring writers?

Keep your hands on the keyboard. Write. Write. Don't take anything outside the writing too seriously or it'll affect the most important part--the writing.

5. What's coming up next for you?

I'm still working on Summer Devon stories, which are erotic romance. They are a lot of fun to write and sell well. But I'm hoping to sell more Kate Rothwell historicals, too. A couple are still out there, making the rounds on editors' desks! At least the quality and tone of the rejection letters has improved over the years. My current favorite is the story I'm working on. It's a reverse on the madwoman in the attic story. There's a madman held prisoner up there.



And as an added bonus, Kate/Summer is giving away to one winner a download of one of her ebooks written as Summer Devon!
Post away and she'll pick a winner on Sunday evening or thereabouts.

Have anything you want to ask Kate/Summer?

The ebook choices are: (sorry, ebooks only, no print books!)

Learning Charity
Revealing Skills
The Knight's Challenge

Ellora's Cave:
Invisible Touch (it stands alone but is part of the "shrink wrapped" series)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Wilde Winner is..... (and another quickie giveaway)

The winner of Born to be Wilde by Janelle Denison is...TETEWA

Please send your name and address to

On a side note, Romance Reviews Today has just started a Yahoo Group in which readers can chat with authors. We'll be looking at inviting authors/publisher/groups to come join RRT Chatters for some fun parties and book giveaways!

If you're interested in joining, here is the link for the Yahoo Group:

It's just opened up, so not a lot going on at this point. :)


Now that the public service announcement is out of the way...

WE HAVE A WINNER!!! LINDA H. WON THE B&N GIFT CARD listed below!!!!!!!
Congratulations, Linda!!!!!!!

The next giveaway is..... a $5 Barnes and Noble gift card to one lucky winner. The first one to email me at wins it!

Don't forget the rules:

Please pay attention, because I'll announce the winner ASAP because these go fast. Tomorrow night I have an author interview and she is giving away a download of her ebook to a lucky winner. :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another Winner and another Book Giveaway....

The winner of Decadent by Shayla Black is...KIM W....

Kim, email me at

She has 48 hours to notify me!

The next book to be given away is Born to be Wilde by Janelle Denison! This is going to be another quick one in that the winner will be picked tomorrow night!

You have until 11pm est on Wednesday night to enter this contest and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter!

I want to hear from you on this subject: Have you read Janelle Denison and if so, what is your favorite story by her?

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Here is the review that our own Sinclair Reid wrote on Born to be Wilde:

BORN TO BE WILDE - Janelle Denison
Wilde Series
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-21082-6
September 2007
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois - Present Day

Joel Wilde lives life on the edge -- first as a Marine, and now as a security specialist with a couple of his cousins. When Zach Marshall, an old military buddy, calls begging Joel for his help in protecting Zach's sister Lora, Joel is reluctant at first. But when Zach explains why he needs Joel to watch over her, he finally agrees. Plus, Zach did save his life once. Joel enjoys watching the lovely and beautiful Lora. She's hot and sexy, and, just like the rest of the men in the bar where she works, Joel isn't immune to her charms. Joel and his cousins keep an eye out for the bad guys hoping to intercept them before they even get to Lora. Unfortunately, they do get to Lora first, and Joel is angry as hell. Not only at himself for not protecting her, but at Zach for putting her in that kind of danger because of his gambling problem. Being around Lora soon brings another kind of problem to the attraction too strong to ignore.

Lora Marshall works at St. Claire Hotel as a masseuse by day, and at night she waitresses at The Electric Blue to help out her best friend, Sydney. Lora loves her day job, but she also enjoys working at the bar, letting off steam, being someone she's not. For the past few nights, a good looking guy has been coming in and sitting in her section, sometimes alone and other times with a couple of guys. He introduces himself as Joel, and Lora can't help but be attracted to him. Is it the black t-shirt and jeans he sports, that come-hither sexy smile, or simply the man himself? Well, whatever the reason, Lora wants to get to know Joel better. One night, Lora is accosted at the bar by two men claiming that her brother Zach owes a lot of money and if he doesn't pay up soon...she'll pay. Lora is rescued by Joel and later learns that he's a friend of Zach's. What a coincidence...or is it?

Soon, danger is closing in, Zach isn't answering his phone calls, Lora and Joel are hot and heavy in the bedroom, and secrets are being kept. What will happen when everything is revealed? What about Lora and Joel? Is she just another notch on his bedpost? Why is he really here?

BORN TO BE WILDE is one wild ride. Joel is a heartbreaker if there ever was one. But he's also a loner, always standing on the outside looking in. Lora is a strong, self-assured woman with a healthy libido that's long overdue for an upgrade. Joel turns her on like no other man ever has. He's dangerous, takes risks, and loves every minute of it. Together, Joel and Lora are exciting, captivating, and great characters. The sex between them is spicy, steamy, and sometimes naughty. Secondary characters include a few of the Wilde family members; Lora's friend, Sydney, who, by the way, has a side story going on throughout this adventure; Cassie, Sydney's daughter; and Daniel Barnett, Cassie's teacher who likes Sydney. Readers will learn quite a bit about Sydney and why she has a hard time believing that Daniel wants anything more than to get into her pants. Definitely makes for an intriguing side story.

Janelle Denison's BORN TO BE WILDE is enticing, adventurous, dangerous, and has a sexy hero who will leave you panting for more. So what are you waiting for? Go get your copy today.

Sinclair Reid

Monday, October 01, 2007

Quick Book Giveaway....

These are lightning fast....

The first person who emails me at gets...

Her Irish Warrior – Michelle Willingham

Find the book blurb here:

UPDATE: We have a winner!!! Caffey/Cathie was fast and got the book!