Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ask Five with....CARLY PHILLIPS!!!!

Isn't this cover beautiful?

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I've read Carly Phillips way back when she wrote for Harlequin Temptation and watched as she became a superstar author when Kelly Ripa plucked her out of nowhere and THE BACHELOR rocketed to the NYT bestsellers list. Since then, Carly has become a regular on the bestselling lists. Her latest, SEALED WITH A KISS shouldn't have any problem joining the others.

Sit back and meet...Carly Phillips!

What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

SEALED WITH A KISS ... Readers who picked up Cross My Heart met Hunter and Molly already but if they didn't read it yet, SEALED WITH A KISS stands alone. At the end of Cross My Heart, Molly left Hunter behind and headed off in search of herself. What we discover in SEALED WITH A KISS is that the man Molly thought was her real father wasn't - and her real dad is a retired Army General - Molly looks him up and finally finds the acceptance she's been searching for all her life. But just as she's getting to know her new family, the General is arrested for the murder of his best friend and business partner - and Molly is faced with losing him. She turns to the best lawyer she knows for help - Hunter - the man she left and whose heart she broke. And he wants nothing to do with her ... It's a reunion story, a murder mystery, a Carly Phillips love story. I have an awesome book trailer up at my website: and I'd love to hear what you think!

What is the hardest part of writing?

The actual writing. Each time I sit down, every day, feels like the first time. Starting a new scene and finding my footing, the "where to go next" always gets to me!

How do you stay motivated?

Deadlines motivate me! My critiqe partner, Janelle Denison, and the other Plotmonkeys ( Julie Leto and Leslie Kelly motivate me. My young daughters ask what book I'm working on, I answer, and they say "still?" THAT motivates me, LOL!

Is there another genre you would consider writing in?

Nope. I'm fortunate enough to write what I love to read, I write what I love to write (despite its challenges) and there's nothing else I'd rather be doing.

What's coming up next for you after Sealed With A Kiss?

I'm so excited! First up after SEALED WITH A KISS is a January reissue - it's called SEDUCE ME (but it's really a reissue of EROTIC INVITATION, a 2001 Harlequin Blaze that hasn't been reprinted yet.) They retitled it, but it's the same story. In July 2008 is the LAST HOT ZONE book, called HOT PROPERTY. THere were going to be three more, but when I wrote HOT PROPERTY, Roper and Amy's story, it seemed like a fitting end and the series had run its course (for now!). Next up in October 2008 is the start of a brand new series. The first story is called LUCKY CHARM and it's a hero driven series of cousins whose family has been cursed - any male who falls in love is doomed to lose his love and his fortune. The curse has followed the males in the family for generations? Happenstance, coincidence or curse? And can the heroes in these three books find true love despite their family legacy? Fun stuff! I can't wait. For more information:


Anonymous said...


I just finished Sealed With A Kiss and its awesome as I knew it would be. I loved Hunter and Molly in Cross My Heart and you made me fall in love with them again. Even loved the talking bird LOL

Now I cant wait to read Hot Property and especially your new series to come...Lucky Charm. Sounds awesome already!


Caffey said...

I too remember the Temptations and I too remember your Blaze book, EROTIC INVITATION. That was the only Blaze you wrote, right? I do remember with the BACHELOR with Ripa! That was so much fun! I still remember abou the crocheted underwear! I'm excited about the new one out this month!

Wow, we have lots to look forward to with HOT PROPERTY and too your new series next year! Thanks for all you do Carly!