Spotlight Review... Seducing the Enemy by Anna J. Evans

Naughty Nuptials series
ISBN: 978-1-41991-140-8
May 2007
Erotic Science Fiction Romance
Rating: E-rotic
RRTE Rating: Multiple Os

Endelvea Moon Three; Tiber - Future

Along with her mother and other females of her tribe, Astrid was exiled to the hositle world of Tiber by the cruel Endelvean king. But, the time has come for Astrid to fulfill a prophecy and become Queen. In ofder to do so, she must kidnap Prince Jorrun and force him into marriage. To accomplish that, she has stolen the sword of his ancestors which he then has to retrieve or there will be war.

On Endelvea Moon Three, at a dive called Heaven's Gate, Astrid and her friend Mina wait for Jorrun. Jorrun is more than happy contemplating a night with Astrid, until she drugs and binds him.

There has been too much loss and hardship for Astrid and her tribe. Will Jorrun fall in her with her plans which will mean returning to Endelvea itself and defying his father, or will he complete the destruction of her people?

Anna J. Evans has created two bold, strong, capable people who are not so much at odds as it first seems. She captures their tension and emotions very well. In SEDUCING THE ENEMY deposing a tyrant and righting wrongs follow life-threatening events. I wish the story had been longer but what we have is very good and I recommend it.

Maggie Anderson - 9/6/07


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