Spotlight Review: ARMED AND AMOROUS by Deirdre O' Dare

Amber Heat -
ISBN: 978-1-60272-066-4
June 2007
Erotic Contemporary Romance – Short Story
Heat Level: 3

Present Day

FBI Profiler Kerry Satterfield is working on the Shadow Son Snatcher case trying to put all the pieces together and come up with something before another boy is taken. She receives an anonymous tip and even though she knows it's stupid, Kerry goes to meet the informant alone. The next thing she knows, Kerry wakes up tied to a bed and two men are holding her hostage. That will teach her to not follow procedure and call for back-up. Kerry soon learns that one of the guy's is Frank Ogden, the teenage boy who befriended her in high school. The other is a friend of his named Roy. Kerry finds herself still attracted to Frank and wonders what will happen if she acts upon it.

Frank Ogden knows his stepbrother, Gary is the Shadow Son Snatcher, and though he wants to do something about it, he's got to plan it very carefully or Gary will follow through on his threat to kill Frank's mom. His step-brother tells Frank to keep the FBI off his back or else his mom will suffer. Frank sends an anonymous tip to the FBI and is shocked when Kerry Satterfield, the young girl he knew in high school shows up. Frank wants to keep Kerry safe and out of harm's way, so he kidnaps her enlisting the aid of his friend, Roy. Kerry isn't all that happy about being held hostage, but Frank doesn't know what else to do. If he doesn't keep Kerry off Gary's radar until he can end Gary's reign of terror, his stepbrother will kill her.

An intense few days, sexual tension that's explosive, and unbelievable sex are what readers will uncover when they open up ARMED AND AMOROUS. The lead protagonists are in-depth characters with hidden layers. Frank and Roy are both healthy males and there's a hint of back-story there that's never explored as to their relationship. Kerry liked Frank the boy. He came to her rescue and kept the bullies away. A secret crush blossoms into more when the two cross paths again. Even in the midst of danger, the sexual spark is there threatening to ignite at any moment. When it does, watch out. The sex scenes between Kerry and Frank are torrid, and when Roy is added to the's even hotter.

A tempting morsel, look for Dierdre O'Dare's ARMED AND AMOROUS.

Sinclair Reid


Jodi said…
This sounds like a hot read. I'll have to check it out further!

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