Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quizz Answers

I know you guys have been waiting breathlessly for this:

1. uBeyidocntedSon is Beyond Seduction.
2. yeiralFivl is Fairyville.
3. reyaCIdcBssee is Caressed By Ice.
4. gihDnneHuotTmen is Hunting The Demon.
5. tMmIrlyaom is My Immortal.
6. hcMeuTo is Touch Me.
7. esEoch is Echoes.
8. tusWJnouichegkEd is Just Wicked Enough.
9. wtASapyew is Swept Away.
10. eeArHoFoorHm is Home For A Hero.

I will be doing more of these soon, with a prize to be given away.

Meanwhile, check out the September contest at Romance Reviews Today:

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