Only Billionaires and Millionaires Need Apply…

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Silhouette Desire -- Always Powerful, Passionate and Provocative...

The other night in a chat room, we started talking about the Silhouette Desire series books. I read and review a lot of them, so feel fairly knowledgeable what the line is about. Of course, the discussion turned to the titles. Right off, someone mentioned all the Billionaires and Millionaires in the titles. They sound an awful much like the Harlequin Presents line, and Silhouette Desire even uses “Mistress” or “Prince” in the titles a lot.

Here are some of the examples of recent Silhouette Desire titles:

The Millionaire’s Indecent Proposal by Emilie Rose
The Millionaire’s Seductive Revenge by Maxine Sullivan
The Billionaire’s Bidding by Barbara Dunlop
The Prince’s Mistress by Emilie Rose
The Ultimate Millionaire by Susan Mallery
Under the Millionaire’s Influence by Catherine Mann

I think you get the idea…

I wonder who thinks up these titles?

In most of these stories, the hero is a very rich man. Oh, he can still be a cowboy, but he is also a CEO of a multimillion dollar company. A man who is worth under a million dollars need not apply.

Here is something to ponder:

Is there now a blurry line between Harlequin Presents and Silhouette Desire? The only difference being that most of the settings and characters are American in a Silhouette Desire book, but change a few character traits and the location, and are you then reading similar stories?

Readers, how do you feel about the shift that Silhouette Desire has taken?

If there are any Silhouette Desire authors out there, how do feel about it?


Anonymous said…
So you've noticed the new trend at Desire, huh? *g*

As one of their authors, my feelings on the new direction is that it's fine; I've always liked the Presents line, with their wealthy, Alpha heroes & sexy, powerful titles, so it's fun to have a chance to write that sort of thing myself at Desire. I do miss the occasional down-home, blue collar guy (like Connor in SEVEN-YEAR SEDUCTION), but I suspect they'll come around again eventually. Or maybe I can just figure out a way to sneak one in. *g*

I am curious to hear what readers think of this shifting trend, tho! Let me know, will you?
Anonymous said…
i dont read the present line but do like desire. it is a little simlar to me.
Unknown said…
at the risk of offending authors.. (i hope i dont) i dont tend to buy many harlequins, especially the billionaire, millionaire types.. i have never had money, and hubby and i struggled flat broke for years.. barely able to make ends meet, so i guess i just find it hard to relate to them. I do love books about down to earth blue collars and cowboys..
im a cover person too, and to me when i look in the harlequin section, they all tend to blend together..
i have to search out authors that i know or am looking for...
i hope i didnt offend anyone... if i did im sorry... Jolene
Anonymous said…
Well, because I really like the Presents line, I now know why I have found myself buying more Desire books. So. There you have it.
Patti said…
Jolene, I'm fairly certain that no one is going to hate you. :D

The titles and plots have begun to sound so similar to Harlequin Presents that it's confusing.
The only difference is that Desire still pretty much maintains the not-quite-an-alpha hero. I know of some people who won't read HP because of the arrognat heroes.

Oh, the titles themselves cause a chuckle or two. The other day when I sent a review to our esteeemed senior editor, Jane, she emailed me back and said, "what?? He's only a millionaire?" :)

For me, it isn't the money the hero has, but the rich sense of humility inside.
Anonymous said…
I hate them because their all the same.I used to be an avid Desire reader but I quit when they became the Wealthy Desire and I miss the working class heroes.I'll start back when they go back to their original format.As they say if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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