Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Carrie Alexander Book Giveaway winner is.....

The winner of MY FRONT PAGE SCANDAL by Carrie Alexander is...........


Jodi, please email me at with "Blaze book winner" and give me your address.

Btw, I have another copy of Carrie's book, but it is not signed, and will be a prize next month :) I might do a quickie giveaway on that. Stay tuned.

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Here is a review that looks like another unforgettable read:

Signet Eclipse
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22204-6
ISBN-10: 0-451-22204-0
September 2007
Contemporary Romance

Hope, Texas – Present Day

Step back in time to the days of moonshine and the blues, and that era is the feeling in the quaint town of Hope, Texas. Once a popular place, it’s now rundown and forgotten by the Hope family who own the entire town, their mansion sitting hidden high above. Riley Stone grew up here and returns to sing in the bar of the once famous restaurant. Riley is beyond happy at the opportunity to return. Readers may wonder why, though, since her young life was anything but happy.

Riley’s mother became jealous of the attention her boyfriends began paying to Riley, who was then just a young girl, not even in her teens. So she dumped Riley with her grandmother, a fanatically religious woman who continually told Riley how bad she was. After one such session, Riley just took off running and found herself beside a beautiful flowing river where she sat on the bank and sobbed her heart out. It seemed a very deserted place, but a tall, skinny, teenage boy spoke to her out of concern when he saw her. Jackson was the first human who treated her like a person rather than a dirty little piece of trash. He stayed and they talked until night began descending and he had to leave. Riley was in love! She couldn’t wait for school to start because Jackson had told her she would be going to the same school as he. She would be in the ninth grade, and Jackson was two grades above her. Unknown to Riley, Jackson became very ill and wasn’t in school. By the time he returned, Riley was a different person. She developed quite early and had the figure of an older girl much too early. This brought her much unwanted attention from boys, and she was shunned by jealous girls. Jackson was nerdy and speechless around Riley, making her believe he didn’t care for her. She put up a shield, acting as though she only dated older guys who knew what they were doing. This left everyone to believe she was fast, which was anything but the truth. The only way Riley was able to cope with life was to escape to the dance hall in Hope where Dolly Dugan took her under her wing. Dolly was the blues singer and Mo the piano player. Because Riley made the dance hall her second home, Dolly put her to work, sweeping, cleaning tables, and any small job she could find for her. Riley loved it! Dolly and Mo loved her in return, and this is how Riley fell in love with singing the blues. So, returning to Hope with a regular job to sing in the town of so many fond memories delights her. What she isn’t delighted about is the way the town has been neglected by the Hope family, and she is determined to do something about it.

Jackson’s father, Edward, is a senator, and his entire life revolves around the political sphere, and he expects Jackson to follow in his footsteps. Jackson is an up and coming lawyer and he began preparing his future political career by marrying the ‘perfect’ wife. Amber wasn’t so perfect and their marriage ended in divorce. Jackson lives in Austin, just an hour away from Hope, and longs to visit the family home and his Aunt Fee who lives there. Aunt Fee mothered him when he was young and his parents spent most of their time away from home. Jackson is sad as his Aunt Fee declines from dementia, often not knowing who he is.

Jackson often asks his dad to allow him to run the town, but his dad is adamant in his refusals. Edward has a new plan, though, one that will allow Jackson to temporarily return to Hope. Wow! Does Jackson ever have some surprises in store for him -- one of them the grown up Riley Stone!

UNFORGETTABLE is a story to enjoy, full of fun, secrets, and sensuality. Julie Ortolon’s characters jump from the pages and readers emotions go from sad to happy in a page. Riley Stone could have been an unhappy woman, but she rises above everyone’s expectations to prove she is a sexy dynamo with a brain. She will put into play skills she isn’t even aware of, but Jackson sees them. And Jackson...Lord, he is a hero to long for. He’s sensitive, loving, and kind and oh, so sexy. Ms. Ortolon shares with readers the fact that what you see isn’t always what you get. UNFORGETTABLE is story of overcoming one’s past and adversity to find real happiness. Riley and Jackson are fantastic together. They are a couple you can’t help but fall in love with. Theirs is a beautiful love story, fraught with huge obstacles that sometimes block their paths, but Julie Ortolon brings them through to a fantastic conclusion. UNFORGETTABLE is a winner, and one you don’t want to miss!

Carol Carter


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Thanks Patti!
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I never read Julie Ortolon. I see I'm missing a good read and probably others if she has some out. WIll find her site!

Congrats Jodi!