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Book Giveaway...DECADENT by Shayla Black

First book to be given away is Decadent by Shayla Black!
Read more about this book at Shayla's website:

For this particular contest, post anywhere you want in this blog. See something you like or want to comment, go ahead. I'm keeping tabs. :)

The winner will be picked and announced TUESDAY NIGHT October 2nd shortly after 10pm est and the winner has until Thursday night to email me and claim the book. (see the rules I just posted)


October Book Giveaway Rules

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October, as I’ve hinted, is going to be a fun month as it is the anniversary of Romance Reviews Today main site, RRTErotic and the Romance Reviews Today blog.
To celebrate, books are being given away. Some are new, some are older, but they will be given away.
Some will be straight post and a winner is picked. Some will be you be the first to email me… And I might throw a few curves into the mix. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Here are the rules:

If you are a book winner, you have 48 hours from the time it is posted to claim your book prize, or it is thrown back to be given to someone else.

One entry per person/household per each giveaway.

The maximum books you can win in a month is four per person/ household. (So don’t try to get your daughter, husband, boyfriend, or whoever to win for you. I do pay attention to addresses.)

US citizens only—because of the cost of mailing books. If there is an interest in me setting up a contest for those living in foreign countries, I’ll certainly look at adding an ebook giveaway or two…

Books to be given away:

Sealed With A Kiss – Carly Phillips
Decadent – Shayla Black won by Kim W 10/2
Born to be Wilde – Janelle Denison - won by Tetewa 10/3
The Trouble with Paradise – Jill Shalvis
Confessions of a Werewolf Model – Ronda Thompson - won by Cathie/Caffey 10/10
My Front Page Scandal – Carrie Alexander
Pleasure for Pleasure -- Eloisa James
The Secret Pearl – Mary Balogh
Nothing to Fear – Karen Rose
If This Bed Could Talk – Liz Maverick, Kimberly Dean and Lynn Lafleur
Something’s Gotta Give – Teresa Southwick
How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days – Susan Grant- won by LindaH 10/10 and she also won a $5.00 BN giftcard

Her Irish Warrior – Michelle Willingham --won by Caffey/Cathie 10/1
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding –Short story anthology by various authors including Sherrilyn Kenyon- won by Lesha
Ex and the Single Girl – Lani Diane Rich
Size 12 is not Fat— Meg Cabot
Born in Death – JD Robb

...and more to be added....

Here are some additional books to be given away:

THE COURTESAN'S DAUGHTER - Claudia Dain - TPB won by Amelia/Acdaisy
OVERKILL - Linda Castillo

EXCLUSIVE - Anthology - E. BRADLEY, J. Burton, L. Renee Jones --won by nascarandbeans
HOT FOR IT - Melissa MacNeal
THE MANE EVENT - Shelly Laurenston

Let's Misbehave (offered up by the author, Lisa Plumley!) - won by nascarandbeans aka Jolene on 10/10

Here are more books:

In the Flesh by Emma Holly (erotic)
Bad Girl by Maya Reynolds (erotic)

First book to be posted momentarily.

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Ask Five with....CARLY PHILLIPS!!!!

Isn't this cover beautiful?

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I've read Carly Phillips way back when she wrote for Harlequin Temptation and watched as she became a superstar author when Kelly Ripa plucked her out of nowhere and THE BACHELOR rocketed to the NYT bestsellers list. Since then, Carly has become a regular on the bestselling lists. Her latest, SEALED WITH A KISS shouldn't have any problem joining the others.

Sit back and meet...Carly Phillips!

What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

SEALED WITH A KISS ... Readers who picked up Cross My Heart met Hunter and Molly already but if they didn't read it yet, SEALED WITH A KISS stands alone. At the end of Cross My Heart, Molly left Hunter behind and headed off in search of herself. What we discover in SEALED WITH A KISS is that the man Molly thought was her real father wasn't - and her real dad is a retired Army General - Molly looks him up and finally finds the acceptance she's been searching for all her life. But just as she's getting to know her new family, the General is arrested for the murder of his best friend and business partner - and Molly is faced with losing him. She turns to the best lawyer she knows for help - Hunter - the man she left and whose heart she broke. And he wants nothing to do with her ... It's a reunion story, a murder mystery, a Carly Phillips love story. I have an awesome book trailer up at my website: and I'd love to hear what you think!

What is the hardest part of writing?

The actual writing. Each time I sit down, every day, feels like the first time. Starting a new scene and finding my footing, the "where to go next" always gets to me!

How do you stay motivated?

Deadlines motivate me! My critiqe partner, Janelle Denison, and the other Plotmonkeys ( Julie Leto and Leslie Kelly motivate me. My young daughters ask what book I'm working on, I answer, and they say "still?" THAT motivates me, LOL!

Is there another genre you would consider writing in?

Nope. I'm fortunate enough to write what I love to read, I write what I love to write (despite its challenges) and there's nothing else I'd rather be doing.

What's coming up next for you after Sealed With A Kiss?

I'm so excited! First up after SEALED WITH A KISS is a January reissue - it's called SEDUCE ME (but it's really a reissue of EROTIC INVITATION, a 2001 Harlequin Blaze that hasn't been reprinted yet.) They retitled it, but it's the same story. In July 2008 is the LAST HOT ZONE book, called HOT PROPERTY. THere were going to be three more, but when I wrote HOT PROPERTY, Roper and Amy's story, it seemed like a fitting end and the series had run its course (for now!). Next up in October 2008 is the start of a brand new series. The first story is called LUCKY CHARM and it's a hero driven series of cousins whose family has been cursed - any male who falls in love is doomed to lose his love and his fortune. The curse has followed the males in the family for generations? Happenstance, coincidence or curse? And can the heroes in these three books find true love despite their family legacy? Fun stuff! I can't wait. For more information:

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Carrie Alexander Book Giveaway winner is.....

The winner of MY FRONT PAGE SCANDAL by Carrie Alexander is...........


Jodi, please email me at with "Blaze book winner" and give me your address.

Btw, I have another copy of Carrie's book, but it is not signed, and will be a prize next month :) I might do a quickie giveaway on that. Stay tuned.

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Here is a review that looks like another unforgettable read:

Signet Eclipse
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22204-6
ISBN-10: 0-451-22204-0
September 2007
Contemporary Romance

Hope, Texas – Present Day

Step back in time to the days of moonshine and the blues, and that era is the feeling in the quaint town of Hope, Texas. Once a popular place, it’s now rundown and forgotten by the Hope family who own the entire town, their mansion sitting hidden high above. Riley Stone grew up here and returns to sing in the bar of the once famous restaurant. Riley is beyond happy at the opportunity to return. Readers may wonder why, though, since her young life was anything but happy.

Riley’s mother became jealous of the attention her boyfriends began paying to Riley, who was then just a young girl, not even in her teens. So she dumped Riley with her grandmother, a fanatically religious woman who continually told Riley how bad she was. After one such session, Riley just took off running and found herself beside a beautiful flowing river where she sat on the bank and sobbed her heart out. It seemed a very deserted place, but a tall, skinny, teenage boy spoke to her out of concern when he saw her. Jackson was the first human who treated her like a person rather than a dirty little piece of trash. He stayed and they talked until night began descending and he had to leave. Riley was in love! She couldn’t wait for school to start because Jackson had told her she would be going to the same school as he. She would be in the ninth grade, and Jackson was two grades above her. Unknown to Riley, Jackson became very ill and wasn’t in school. By the time he returned, Riley was a different person. She developed quite early and had the figure of an older girl much too early. This brought her much unwanted attention from boys, and she was shunned by jealous girls. Jackson was nerdy and speechless around Riley, making her believe he didn’t care for her. She put up a shield, acting as though she only dated older guys who knew what they were doing. This left everyone to believe she was fast, which was anything but the truth. The only way Riley was able to cope with life was to escape to the dance hall in Hope where Dolly Dugan took her under her wing. Dolly was the blues singer and Mo the piano player. Because Riley made the dance hall her second home, Dolly put her to work, sweeping, cleaning tables, and any small job she could find for her. Riley loved it! Dolly and Mo loved her in return, and this is how Riley fell in love with singing the blues. So, returning to Hope with a regular job to sing in the town of so many fond memories delights her. What she isn’t delighted about is the way the town has been neglected by the Hope family, and she is determined to do something about it.

Jackson’s father, Edward, is a senator, and his entire life revolves around the political sphere, and he expects Jackson to follow in his footsteps. Jackson is an up and coming lawyer and he began preparing his future political career by marrying the ‘perfect’ wife. Amber wasn’t so perfect and their marriage ended in divorce. Jackson lives in Austin, just an hour away from Hope, and longs to visit the family home and his Aunt Fee who lives there. Aunt Fee mothered him when he was young and his parents spent most of their time away from home. Jackson is sad as his Aunt Fee declines from dementia, often not knowing who he is.

Jackson often asks his dad to allow him to run the town, but his dad is adamant in his refusals. Edward has a new plan, though, one that will allow Jackson to temporarily return to Hope. Wow! Does Jackson ever have some surprises in store for him -- one of them the grown up Riley Stone!

UNFORGETTABLE is a story to enjoy, full of fun, secrets, and sensuality. Julie Ortolon’s characters jump from the pages and readers emotions go from sad to happy in a page. Riley Stone could have been an unhappy woman, but she rises above everyone’s expectations to prove she is a sexy dynamo with a brain. She will put into play skills she isn’t even aware of, but Jackson sees them. And Jackson...Lord, he is a hero to long for. He’s sensitive, loving, and kind and oh, so sexy. Ms. Ortolon shares with readers the fact that what you see isn’t always what you get. UNFORGETTABLE is story of overcoming one’s past and adversity to find real happiness. Riley and Jackson are fantastic together. They are a couple you can’t help but fall in love with. Theirs is a beautiful love story, fraught with huge obstacles that sometimes block their paths, but Julie Ortolon brings them through to a fantastic conclusion. UNFORGETTABLE is a winner, and one you don’t want to miss!

Carol Carter

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Get ready for October!

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October will be the Romance Reviews Today blog's anniversary month!
What's in store? How giveaways????

Here is a list of some of the books to be given away in October:

Decandent by Shayla Black
Sealed with a Kiss by Carly Phillips
Born to be Wilde by Janelle Denison
The Trouble with Paradise by Jill Shalvis
Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel by Ronda Thompson

and more...

I think you get the idea!

Stayed tuned...October is almost here!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Spotlight Review: ARMED AND AMOROUS by Deirdre O' Dare

Amber Heat -
ISBN: 978-1-60272-066-4
June 2007
Erotic Contemporary Romance – Short Story
Heat Level: 3

Present Day

FBI Profiler Kerry Satterfield is working on the Shadow Son Snatcher case trying to put all the pieces together and come up with something before another boy is taken. She receives an anonymous tip and even though she knows it's stupid, Kerry goes to meet the informant alone. The next thing she knows, Kerry wakes up tied to a bed and two men are holding her hostage. That will teach her to not follow procedure and call for back-up. Kerry soon learns that one of the guy's is Frank Ogden, the teenage boy who befriended her in high school. The other is a friend of his named Roy. Kerry finds herself still attracted to Frank and wonders what will happen if she acts upon it.

Frank Ogden knows his stepbrother, Gary is the Shadow Son Snatcher, and though he wants to do something about it, he's got to plan it very carefully or Gary will follow through on his threat to kill Frank's mom. His step-brother tells Frank to keep the FBI off his back or else his mom will suffer. Frank sends an anonymous tip to the FBI and is shocked when Kerry Satterfield, the young girl he knew in high school shows up. Frank wants to keep Kerry safe and out of harm's way, so he kidnaps her enlisting the aid of his friend, Roy. Kerry isn't all that happy about being held hostage, but Frank doesn't know what else to do. If he doesn't keep Kerry off Gary's radar until he can end Gary's reign of terror, his stepbrother will kill her.

An intense few days, sexual tension that's explosive, and unbelievable sex are what readers will uncover when they open up ARMED AND AMOROUS. The lead protagonists are in-depth characters with hidden layers. Frank and Roy are both healthy males and there's a hint of back-story there that's never explored as to their relationship. Kerry liked Frank the boy. He came to her rescue and kept the bullies away. A secret crush blossoms into more when the two cross paths again. Even in the midst of danger, the sexual spark is there threatening to ignite at any moment. When it does, watch out. The sex scenes between Kerry and Frank are torrid, and when Roy is added to the's even hotter.

A tempting morsel, look for Dierdre O'Dare's ARMED AND AMOROUS.

Sinclair Reid

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Martini Dares....A Book Giveaway and a Perfect 10

The first book in The Martini Dare series is My Secret Life and it was fabulous! I urge you to go and grab your copy before they're taken off the shelves to make room for October Blazes.

As a special treat, I have a signed copy of My Front Page Scandal by Carrie
Alexander which comes out in October.
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Yes, it's signed by the one and only Carrie Alexander.
Post away and I'll pick the winner Wed night and announce it here on the blog!

Meanwhile, enjoy this review of My Secret Life~!

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A Perfect 10
The Martini Dares, Book 1
Harlequin Blaze #346
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-79350-1
ISBN-10: 0-373-79350-2
September 2007
Contemporary Series Romance

Boston, Massachusetts – Present Day

Katie Winfield’s idea of a romantic relationship is to have sex unexpectedly and with little thought to the consequences. Her latest escapade at a masked costume party ends up with her seducing and having sex with a man she later discovers is her sister’s boyfriend. The sex was great and the guy is hot, but she’s mortified at her actions and resolves to think before she leaps. But then she hooks up with a social club called Martinis and Bikinis that issues dares to its members. Katie’s dare is to make love to the man of her dreams in a forbidden place.

Liam James grew up poor and has worked hard to get where he is -- a hotshot real estate developer. At the costume party, he is set to confront the father who’s never acknowledged him, but when he’s rejected, decides to console himself in a closet with the sexily dressed French maid who comes onto him. When he realizes the hot gal in the closet is his about-to-be-discarded girlfriend’s sister, Katie, then whoa...! Now he’s bent on pursuing Katie, and will go to any lengths to get her into his bed. Then he gets an invitation to meet Katie in a darkened theatre in the middle of the day. Are his forbidden fantasies about to come true?

Both Katie and Liam have emotional baggage that hinders their road to commitment. Katie recently lost her beloved mother and has thrown herself into some unpredictable predicaments. Her escapade with Liam in the closet has her feeling guilty for what she did to her sister, and she’s determined to not have sex on the spur of the moment. However, when she discovers Liam is now free and wants to pursue a relationship with her, what will Katie do?

Liam’s life has been driven by the knowledge that he is the illegitimate son of a rich and powerful politician. His ambition is to embarrass his father in public and force him to acknowledge him. So far, he’s not having any luck, but when he meets Katie, she provides a very nice bit of distraction. He’s not planning on marrying, so a short-term fling with her will fit the bill nicely.

Hot, sexy, fun, blistering, sizzling, fascinating, scorching…what more can I say about MY SECRET LIFE by Lori Wilde? Once you pick up this enjoyable tale, you won’t want to put it down. Though Katie’s almost slutty ways of picking up men might be off putting, you grasp right off she’s suffering from the loss of her mother. Readers will chuckle out loud realizing Katie doesn’t know she has the wrong man in the closet, and even more so when she discovers her mistake. Along the way, Katie and Liam get attached to an adorable dog, fall in love, and learn to put their past behind them. After this first tale in The Martini Dares series, I’m heartily awaiting the next story coming out in October.

A page-turner like MY SECRET LIFE well deserves the reward of a Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today. It has it all: love, realistic characters, an entertaining plot that keeps you chuckling and on your toes, an adorable dog, and of course, the most important -- a happily-ever-after. Run, do not walk, to the nearest book store and pick up your copy of MY SECRET LIFE.

Patti Fischer

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ask Five with....ANNA J. EVANS!!!

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Here's an author I'm thrilled to have as our guest this weekend...Anna J. Evans! She writes hot and she's definitely an author that should be noticed by the NY publishers very soon.

Sit back and meet...Anna J. Evans!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what's it about?

"Bad Apple" from Ellora's Cave is my latest. It released August 22nd. It's the third in my Perfectly Wicked series--alternate, sexy stories featuring the wicked women from fairy tale fame. Here's some blurbage to give you an idea of what the story is about:


Some women are misunderstood, others are a misdemeanor waiting to happen. Katarina was a very bad girl, but she spent five years in the Dungeon paying for her crimes and made a vow to leave her wicked ways behind her. She's praying a make-over and a stint on Kingdom City's newest reality show, Real Life Ways to Catch a King, will help her get back on her feet. Unfortunately the show's producer, notorious bad boy, Serge, is making it hard for her to resist giving in to her naughtier nature.
Serge is looking to turn his life around. He wants a wife and a family, and a place in respectable society. Taking up with a former Wicked Queen with a penchant for poison apples isn't on his agenda. But Kat quickly proves to be irresistible, and when a mutual affection for public passion turns into something more, he has to make a decision. Break the heart of the only woman he's ever loved, or risk forever being known as a "bad apple".

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

They come from everywhere really, but I do get a lot of ideas from my kids even though none of my Anna titles are at ALL kid friendly, lol. But the Perfectly Wicked series came about after I'd been reading some old fairy tales to my kids and became frustrated with how negatively most female characters were portrayed. I want to give those bad girls the chance at their own happy ever after.

I also have a couple of stories that were inspired by Radio Disney songs. I'm forced to listen to that stuff every time I have my kids in the car, and I often find my mind wandering, creating sexy stories based on a song lyric or title.

3. What is the hardest part of writing?

Finding the time to get my butt in the chair and balancing work and family. I have three kids--3, 9, and 13--and it can be difficult to carve out time for work. Then, once I've carved it out, I feel guilty, like I should be playing Care Bears with 3 or hanging out with 9 and 13 before they decide I am too old and lame to even be allowed in their room.

4. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Too many to count really. I'd have to say the biggest influence was my first RWA group, LARA, the Los Angeles Romance Authors. They were so supportive when I was learning the romance ropes. I love my new Arkansas chapter but I do miss those lovely LARA ladies.

5. What's coming up in the near future for you?

A lot, lol! Here's the shortlist:

"Love Fool" Contemporary Erotic Romance-Oct 5th from Ellora's Cave
"As the Lady Wishes" co-written with December Quinn, Paranormal Erotic Romance/Menage- November 16th from Ellora's Cave
"Demon's Triad" co-written with December Quinn, Paranormal Erotic Romance/Menage January 16th from Ellora's Cave
"Capture" Historical Erotic Romance February 2008 from Samhain Publishing.

For further info, I have all the latest releases, links to my newsletter and free ezine, and links to blurbs and reviews on my website,

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Spotlight Review: CARESSED BY ICE by Nalini Singh

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CARESSED BY ICE - Nalini Singh
Psy-Changeling, Book 3
Berkley Sensation
ISBN-10: 0-425-21842-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-21842-6
September 2007
Paranormal Romance

San Francisco, California and the Surrounding Area - 2079

The Psy population consists of human-like people who have various psychic powers. However, there was an unfortunate tendency among the Psy for certain members to go insane and become serial killers, so a program was developed to eliminate all emotion from the Psy (all, because it turned out to be impossible to get rid of specific emotions). In 1979, the Silence program was born. There were some members of the Psy who didn’t agree that it was for the best; those who were too vocal in this belief either had their minds wiped clean or disappeared forever, supposedly at the hands of a death squad called the Arrows. Of course, it’s now 2079; Silence has been almost a complete success, and most Psy believe the Arrows are a myth. They would be wrong.

Judd Lauren was an Arrow; as such, he was forced to commit acts that would give most men nightmares and haunt their waking hours as well. Now he’s a traitor to his people, living among changelings for the good of his family. Luckily, as a Psy for whom Silence worked quite well, Judd doesn't waste any emotion on regret; he doesn’t have any emotions to display, not even for Brenna, the changeling woman who was nearly destroyed by a Psy with a lust for killing. No, Brenna will just have to get over this insane need she seems to have to try to unlock his hidden emotions. And Judd? Well, if there are really any emotions locked away in his frozen heart, they’ll just have to stay there; everyone is safer that way, most of all, Brenna.

Brenna Shane Kincaid was once a gentle, laughing member of the SnowDancer pack. Comfortable with her place in the pack and cosseted by her brothers, Brenna was happy with her life. Flirting with other members of the pack was a fun and harmless past time. What she didn’t do was flirt with Judd; the man’s icy exterior was extremely off putting and the idea of cuddling up to him just didn’t appeal. Of course, that was before. Before the Psy monster Santano Enrique kidnapped her and committed acts so vile that despite her rescue and “miraculous” recovery, Brenna will never be the same. Something integral to her psyche, her very soul, is forever changed. Brenna now has visions of death; she sees and feels things that make her wonder if she’s even safe to be around. And then there’s Judd. The icy demeanor that used to make her look away, now just poses a challenge to Brenna. If she can get past his defenses, Brenna’s instincts tell her that he just may be her soul mate.

Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series just keeps getting better and better. In CARESSED BY ICE, we get the chance to know the mysterious Judd Lauren and the fragile, yet iron-willed Brenna Kincaid. At first glance, Judd isn’t ideal hero material; he doesn’t coddle Brenna or try to make her feel better about herself in any of the traditionally acceptable ways. He’s far more likely to tell her that she’s making a fool of herself and order her to get it together. Not exactly fuel for romance, but actually, just what Brenna needs to hear. Brenna resists Judd’s attempts to order her around and finds herself enjoying the set-downs Judd tries to deliver. Here is a man who doesn’t view her as a baby who needs careful handling. The two are definitely representative of the classic fire and ice pairing, and if they can overcome the admittedly huge obstacles in front of them, they seem destined to make the kind of mates whose love and passion will live forever in the hearts and minds of readers. But, those obstacles I mentioned, they aren’t going to be easy to defeat. If Judd breaks Silence there’s a very good chance it could kill him, or cause him to kill Brenna. And Santano Enrique wasn’t the only enemy Brenna had, someone else wants her dead, and he’s only a heartbeat away.

The Psy council and their schemes once again play a huge role in the latest installment of the Psy-Changeling series. A new version of Silence is in the works, and if it succeeds, renegade Psy may never be a problem again. Sascha and Lucas (from SLAVE TO SENSATION, September 2006) and Faith and Vaughn (from VISIONS OF HEAT, March 2007) are important to this story, as are other members of the DarkRiver and SnowDancer packs. Hawke, the alpha of the SnowDancer pack, is surprisingly understanding of Brenna’s decision to pursue Judd. He’s an interesting man, and despite his belief that a mate isn’t in the cards for him, I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s actually right beneath his nose. I can’t wait to find out if I’m right.

Do not miss CARESSED BY ICE! With a truly inspired mix of passion and danger, this story will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s well worth your book buying dollars and will surely earn itself a place among your favorites, as will the very talented Nalini Singh. What are you waiting for? Go buy it! :-)

Lori Ann

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New RRTErotic Reviews up!

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RRTErotic - Issue 12, Volume 1 – September 17, 2007

In this issue, we have 18 new reviews and 10 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

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Enter this month’s drawing for a chance to win books!


Thanks for visiting RRTErotic!

Terrie Figueroa
Romance Reviews Today

Single Titles (101 plus pages)

Anthology Reviews
WARLORD - Angela Knight - Lori - Mixed Paranormal Genre

Contemporary Romance
BARE SEDUCTION - Lacey Thorn - Bare Love, Book 3 - Legacy - Jennifer
CALIFORNIA COWBOY - Maggie Casper - California - Present Day - Jennifer

Gay – Lesbian Romance
THE DARK HORSE - Josh Lanyon - Malibu, CA - Present Day - Isabelle - Romantic Suspense

Paranormal Romance
BJORN'S MATE - Mary Winter - Arctic Hungers, Book 1 - Ny-Alesund, Norway and the Arctic - Present Day - Lori
CURSE OF THE BLACK WIDOW - Titania Ladley - Present Day - Phillipa
FAIRYVILLE - Emma Holly - Fairyville, AZ - Present Day - Jennell
LORD OF THE DEEP - Dawn Thompson - The Elementals, Book 1 - Isle of Mists - the Past - Nickole
MAGIC'S TOUCH - Terri Pray - Present Day - Jennifer
NICHOLAS - Elizabeth Amber - Lords of Satyr, Book 1 - 1829 - Tuscany & Rome, Italy - Sinclair
WOVEN DREAMS - N.J. Walters - Tapestries, Book 3 - Javara - Medieval Parallel world - Lori

Short Stories (51 to 100 pages)

ARMED AND AMOROUS - Deidre O'Dare - Present Day - Sinclair
SPEED TRAP - Harris Channing - White Springs, TN - Present Day - Phillipa
WHISPERED INTENT - Elle Emriche - Present Day - Phillipa - Contemporary Romance

Futuristic Reviews
U-4EA - Bernadette Gardner - Space Truckin' Series - Phillipa

WICKED - Treva Hart - 1901 - Boston, MA - Terrie

Paranormal Romance
BOUND TO PLEASE - Jade Buchanan - All Wrapped Up Vol. 3 Series - Present Day - Sinclair SHADOW VISION - Samantha Storm - Present Day - Phillipa


Amber Heat
ANYTHING YOU WANT - Megan Hart - Space Truckin' Series - Pleasure Princess - Alternate Universe - Kate - Futuristic Romance

Changeling Press
CHASED BY YOU - Michele Bardsley - Miller's Lake, Book 2 - Miller's Lake - Present Day - CeCe - Romantic Suspense
COMMITTMENT IN BLOOD - Madeline Oh - Adventures in Blood, Book 1 - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance
GATOR BAIT - Mary Winter - Florida - Present Day - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance

Cobblestone Press
HIRED HANDS - Sable Grey - La Petite Mort - 1887 - North Dakota - Holly - Historical Romance

Ellora’s Cave
WED AND WANTON - Lacey Savage - Naughty Nuptials series - Outside San Francisco, CA - Present Day- CeCe - Contemporary Romance

Phaze Publishing
INTO THE HEAT – Kate Burns – Present Day - Isabelle – Contemporary Romance
SAVIOR – Jade Falconer – Present Day – Isabelle – Gay Contemporary Romance

Samhain Publishing
FULL DISCLOSURE - Mary Wine - Midsummer Night's Steam series - Southern California - Present Day - Sinclair - Contemporary Romance
SECOND WIND - Dee S. Knight - Texas - Present Day - Sinclair - Contemporary Romance

Monday, September 17, 2007

Scary Reading!

Do you read scary books or other Halloween themed books as we approach Halloween?
I know several readers who pick up Christmas romances, but what about Halloween? Can there be much romance in a Halloween story?

Tell us about your favorite Halloween themed books?

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Perfect 10: TRULY YOURS by Barbara Metzger

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TRULY YOURS - Barbara Metzger
A Perfect 10
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-22205-3
September 2007
Historical Romance

London, 1813

Is it a gift or a curse? Most likely a bit of both, but these days Jordan, Viscount Rexford leans heavily toward curse. Every male for untold generations has been blessed/cursed with the ability to tell truth from lies. It's a dangerous gift in either case; one ancestor was hung for wizardry. Most Royces have served their country well in positions where such truth-seeing is valuable. Rex's father, Lord Royce, was a prominent judge until a vindictive enemy brought him down with accusations of bias and bribery when the earl let go a prisoner he knew was innocent.

The truth makes itself known to male Royces in various ways. Lord Royce hears clear notes or clankers; Rex sees colors: blue for truth, red for lies, and other colors for anything in between. Oddly, Rex's very large cousin Daniel inherited the ability through his mother, Lord Royce's sister. Unfortunately, Daniel's gift manifests itself by making him itch in various parts. You can imagine how scratching his nether part at Almack's endeared himself to Society.

Rex and Daniel, closer than brothers their whole lives, went off to war to help their country. They ended up working for Lord Wellesley (later Wellington) interrogating prisoners and otherwise gathering intelligence. So successful were they, that their fellow officers, other than certain superiors, were sure they must use the most vicious torture. Their fearful reputation spread and they became known as The Inquisitors. Blessing or curse?

Rex and Daniel are now home from Spain; Rex, with a scarred face and wounded leg, indulges in solitary brooding at the family estate; Daniel carouses about London.

Miss Amanda Carville is desperate to escape her step-father who has stolen her dowry and inheritance and is now refusing her suitors. She's only allowed to attend social affairs to chaperone her step-sister. The night she attends Almack's and learns her step-father is now spreading tales about her to make her unmarriageable, she claims a headache and goes home early, only to find her step-father murdered. She, herself, is found standing over him with the gun she foolishly has in hand. Before she knows it, she's dragged off to goal and thrown into unspeakable conditions. There is no one she can ask for help, except, possibly, her godmother who is out of town...

Rex cannot refuse a request from his beloved father, even if it comes through him from the mother who left them many years ago. Using his dangerous reputation, a lordly manner, and bribes, Rex carries a sick and fragile Amanda away from Newgate, just in the nick of time to save both her virtue and her life. There's nowhere to take her but Royce House, empty but for a skeleton staff while his mother is in Bath. Though this leads to highly compromising situations, Rex won't be trapped. He will never marry, never pass on the truth-seeing curse to an innocent child. Although...Amanda's delicate beauty, discernable even through the prison filth, arouses tender feelings of protectiveness such as he's never felt before.

Life has wounded Rex internally as well as bodily, but the scar and the limp in no way detract from his handsomeness in Amanda's eyes. And as she has only a few days before she hangs for murder...

Impossibly, Barbara Metzger keeps getting better and better and TRULY YOURS sets a new standard. With a loving scene between father and young son in the prologue, get ready for a story that will both pull your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone. The truth-seeing gift is one that exercises our imaginations. Just think of being married to someone who sees through our tiniest of fibs. Or empathize with Rex as he sees smiling faces telling falsehoods all around him. Is there anyone in the world he can trust outside of his father and cousin?

Given a pile of anonymous manuscripts to read, Metzger fans could readily put a name to hers; they'd recognize her distinctive style in the delicious wit, deft characterization and masterly word-smithing. Add original plotting (and a second thread of suspense when the mysterious man of power known as the Aide gives Rex an intelligence gathering assignment), to a highly worthy hero, a forthright heroine, and a lovably amusing sidekick, and TRULY YOURS merits a Romance Reviews Today Perfect 10 designation. Most gladly given.

Jane Bowers

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ask Five with...CASSIE RYAN!!!

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Here's another hot writer to watch...Cassie Ryan! Her book was out last month, but should be readily available on book shelves everywhere. Just be sure to wear oven mitts while reading Ceremony of Seduction!

Sit back and meet...Cassie Ryan:

What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

Ceremony of Seduction is about a consummate ugly duckling who discovers she’s the crown princess of a race of otherworldly witches whose life-force is sexual energy. She discovers with the help of the prince of her erotic dreams, that it’s her destiny to save a world she never knew existed. There is intrigue, steamy sensuality, and a woman’s journey to discover her inner power and strength.

How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

Ideas for stories come from everywhere and my story idea file continues to expand. As for the Seduction series, I love stories where the underdog ends up finding her internal strength and coming out on top. This is a twist on that same theme, but with a paranormal and erotic romance twist.

What is the hardest part of writing?

The hardest part of writing for me is that no matter how much progress I make in a day, I tend not to think it’s enough. I’m my own worst task master and I’m sure that adds to my stress level, even when it’s not needed. But I love to lose myself in the pages of my story and play “what if” until life intrudes on my writing time.

Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Authors like Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey and Terry Brooks graced my bookshelves when I was younger. Then I found Nora Roberts, Sabrina Jeffries, Laurell K Hamilton, Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Once I began writing, I was excited to find new authors to add to my bookshelves and several of those have become good friends as well, people such as Jennifer Ashley, Kathy Love, and Kate Douglas. I think the one person who stands out for me and is everything I hope to become as an author is Cheyenne McCray. She’s such a versatile and talented author, professional, poised and a truly genuine person. If you’ve never picked up her books, you’re really missing out!

What’s coming up in the near future for you?

The second book in the Seduction series, working title Visions of Seduction, is scheduled for June 2008. I don’t yet have a date for the third book. You can always find out the latest news by heading out to my website ( or my MySpace page at(

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OVEREXPOSED winner is.....

The winner of OVEREXPOSED by Leslie Kelly is Maureen!!!
I've sent an email to her and will be waiting for her response!

Congrats, Maureen!!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Chats! We have chats!

Friday Sept 14th, come chat with Patti in the Romance Reviews Today chat room!
It begins at 9:30pm est.

Saturday Sept 15th Minx (aka Fatin) has her Trivia chat! It begins at 9pm est. It's also in the Romance Reviews Today chat room!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spotlight Review... Seducing the Enemy by Anna J. Evans

Naughty Nuptials series
ISBN: 978-1-41991-140-8
May 2007
Erotic Science Fiction Romance
Rating: E-rotic
RRTE Rating: Multiple Os

Endelvea Moon Three; Tiber - Future

Along with her mother and other females of her tribe, Astrid was exiled to the hositle world of Tiber by the cruel Endelvean king. But, the time has come for Astrid to fulfill a prophecy and become Queen. In ofder to do so, she must kidnap Prince Jorrun and force him into marriage. To accomplish that, she has stolen the sword of his ancestors which he then has to retrieve or there will be war.

On Endelvea Moon Three, at a dive called Heaven's Gate, Astrid and her friend Mina wait for Jorrun. Jorrun is more than happy contemplating a night with Astrid, until she drugs and binds him.

There has been too much loss and hardship for Astrid and her tribe. Will Jorrun fall in her with her plans which will mean returning to Endelvea itself and defying his father, or will he complete the destruction of her people?

Anna J. Evans has created two bold, strong, capable people who are not so much at odds as it first seems. She captures their tension and emotions very well. In SEDUCING THE ENEMY deposing a tyrant and righting wrongs follow life-threatening events. I wish the story had been longer but what we have is very good and I recommend it.

Maggie Anderson - 9/6/07

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guest Blogger: Susan Lyons on...Martinis or Chardonnay?

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When Patti kindly invited me to blog here, I asked if she had a topic in mind. She said, “Do whatever you like - you can even blog about martinis.” Well, okay then!

What’s your favorite drink, and what does that say about you?

I recently, in an email to a reader, mentioned that I was writing to her from an airport bar, where I was having a glass of white wine. She told me I needed to find a new drink - white wine was for old ladies.

I was also told that the Awesome Foursome (the 4 20-something heroines in my 4-book series, Champagne Rules, Hot in Here, Touch Me and She’s on Top), needed their own martini. They get together each week for dinner and drinks, and consume everything from beer to girly drinks to - you got it - chardonnay. They’re young, fun and like trying different things. But yes, of course they needed their own martini. My bad, for not having realized that.

You’ll be happy to know, they do now have their martini, and it’s called Birth of Venus and is turquoise, gorgeous, and yummy. I ran a martini contest and with the assistance of a crew of tasters, picked the winner and two runners-up. You can check out the recipes and see tasting photos on my website (

And just so you know, I don’t confine my own drinking to white wine. I like fruity martinis, Kahlua and milk, Alize passionfruit liqueur, gin and tonic on a hot summery day, sangria, red wine and so on. I’m not so much a tequila or beer fan, though I can be persuaded.

What I’m thinking about today is, what does our choice in drinks say about us? As a writer, that’s an important question, because I have to decide what drink each character is going to order - and a reader is going to form a certain impression, based on that choice. A twenty-something girl whose favorite drink is Bristol Cream sherry is different than the one who chooses single malt Scotch, and both are different than the girl who goes for a butterscotch martini. When a writer picks a signature drink for a character, she’s conveying a lot of information about that person.

And then there’s situational drinking. What about the young career woman who loves fruity martinis but, when out drinking with the men from work, chooses beer or Scotch so she’ll better fit in? When her boyfriend takes her to meet his straightlaced English mom, she’ll probably force down that glass of Bristol Cream sherry too, just to make a good impression.

How about you? Do you have a favorite drink? What do you think it says about you? And do you sometimes change your drink order, so you’ll fit in or impress someone? Or do you cheerfully order whatever you like, whenever you like, and not care what people think?


The third book in the Awesome Foursome series (following the award-winning CHAMPAGNE RULES and HOT IN HERE), TOUCH ME is Ann's story. Lawyer Ann Montgomery is stressed out and in constant pain. Greek god masseur Adonis Stefanakis can provide relief - and much more. In his skilled hands, she learns to unleash her sensual side. But it's an attraction of opposites. Career-driven Ann will never change her priorities. Will she? Or will she and Adonis learn, together, that touch isn't just about our bodies, it's about our hearts?

Romantic Times raved about "the three quirky, opinion-filled friends, one hot massage therapist (with a touch for the tantric) and the heroine's laugh-out-loud inner monologues. Lyons creates page after sensual page of unique touch, taste and locale with some "hot monkey sex" thrown in. Look to be turned on from start to finish."

Visit Susan's website at

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Reviews Posted!

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Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 49, Volume 2, September 10, 2007

We are pleased to present 32 new reviews. (Quick List of new reviews)

MANY BLOODY RETURNS - Edited by: Charlaine Harris & Toni L.P. Kelner - Terrie - Paranormal

Chick Lit
SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN - Caridad Pineiro - South Beach, Miami, FL - Present Day - Lisa

Contemporary Fiction
MOMMIE'S BEHAVING BADLY - Roz Bailey - Portland, OR - Present Day - Jennell - Women's Fiction
ODD MOM OUT - Jane Porter - Seattle, WA - Marilyn - Contemporary Fiction
TAKE ME HOME - Jerri Corgiat - Cordelia, MO - Present Day - Deborah - Women's Fiction

Contemporary Romance
PAINTED HEART - Jean Moynahan - Callaport, Oregon Coast - Jane
REMODELED ROMANCE - Jeannie James - San Juan Island, WA - Patti
SEX WITH A STRANGER - Katherine Garbera - Las Vegas, NV - Kate
SPANISH EYES - Jackie Griffey - Las Flores, TX - Marilyn
UNFORGETTABLE - Julie Ortolon - Hope, TX - Carol

THE DREAM THIEF - Shana Abe - Darkfirth, Northern England - 1768 & Darkfirth, Europe and the Carpathian Mountains, 1773 - Robin – Fantasy

Historical Fiction
THE SECRET LIFE OF JOSEPHINE, Napoleon's Bird of Paradise – Carolly Erickson - Late 18th Century - Jani
VIVALDI'S VIRGINS - Barbara Quick - 18th Century- Venice, Italy - Nickole

Historical Romance
TEMPTED AT EVERY TURN - Robyn DeHart - Ladies Amateur Sleuth series, Book 3 - 1893 - London, England - Amy

Inspirational Reviews
THE TROPHY WIVES CLUB - Kristin Billerbeck - Los Angeles, CA - Deborah - Contemporary Romance

Paranormal Romance
A RAPTURE OF CENTURIES - Jessica Shinn – Brandsville, VT - Present Day – Kathy
AWAITING THE FIRE - Donna Lea Simpson - 1795 - London & Cornwall, England - Jennifer
CARESSED BY ICE – Nalini Singh - Psy-Changeling, Book 3 - 2079 - San Francisco, CA - Lori HIDDEN MOON - Lori Handeland - A Nightcreature Novel, Book 7 - Lake View, GA - Present Day - Sinclair
KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE: GAWAIN - Knights of the Round Table, Book 3 – Gwen Rowley - England in King Arthur's Time - Jennifer
SILVER MASTER - Jayne Castle - Ghost Hunters, Book 4 - Cadence City, Harmony - 200 years after the closing of the Curtain - Carolyn

Regency Romance
THE DISADVANTAGED GENTLEMAN - Leslie-Anne McLeod - Regency Era - Village of Penstrey in Herefordshire, England - Jane

Romantic Mystery/Suspense
PERFIDIA - Elspeth Mckendrick - 1937 - London, England & 1939 - Berlin, Germany Deborah

Series Romance
FORGOTTEN MARRIAGE - Paule Roe - Sydney, Australia - Patti - Silhouette Desire #1824
MILLIONAIRE'S WEDDING REVENGE – Anna DePalo - The Garrisons, Book 3 - Miami Beach, FL - Carolyn - Silhouette Desire #1819
MY SECRET LIFE - Lori Wilde - A Perfect 10 - The Martini Diaries, Book 1 - Boston, MA - Patti - Harlequin Blaze #346
OVEREXPOSED - Leslie Kelly - The Bad Girl's Club, Book 3 - Chicago, IL - Patti - Harlequin Blaze #347
SEDUCED BY THE RICH MAN - Maureen Child - Reasons for Revenge, Book 2 – Fantasies Resort - Jennifer - Silhouette Desire #1820
THE BILLIONAIRE'S BABY NEGOTIATION - Day Leclaire - Dallas, TX - Patti - Silhouette Desire #1821
THE BILLIONAIRE'S MARRIAGE BARGAIN - Carole Mortimer - Miniseries: Wedlocked! - London, England - Patti - Harlequin Presents # 2663
THE GOOD THIEF - Judith Leon - Miniseries: Athena Force, Book 2 - Europe - Jennifer - Silhouette Special Release
THE MILLIONAIRE'S MIRACLE - Cathleen Galitz - The Grand Teton's Wyoming - Patti - Silhouette Desire #1823

by Terrie Figueroa, owner

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Only Billionaires and Millionaires Need Apply…

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Silhouette Desire -- Always Powerful, Passionate and Provocative...

The other night in a chat room, we started talking about the Silhouette Desire series books. I read and review a lot of them, so feel fairly knowledgeable what the line is about. Of course, the discussion turned to the titles. Right off, someone mentioned all the Billionaires and Millionaires in the titles. They sound an awful much like the Harlequin Presents line, and Silhouette Desire even uses “Mistress” or “Prince” in the titles a lot.

Here are some of the examples of recent Silhouette Desire titles:

The Millionaire’s Indecent Proposal by Emilie Rose
The Millionaire’s Seductive Revenge by Maxine Sullivan
The Billionaire’s Bidding by Barbara Dunlop
The Prince’s Mistress by Emilie Rose
The Ultimate Millionaire by Susan Mallery
Under the Millionaire’s Influence by Catherine Mann

I think you get the idea…

I wonder who thinks up these titles?

In most of these stories, the hero is a very rich man. Oh, he can still be a cowboy, but he is also a CEO of a multimillion dollar company. A man who is worth under a million dollars need not apply.

Here is something to ponder:

Is there now a blurry line between Harlequin Presents and Silhouette Desire? The only difference being that most of the settings and characters are American in a Silhouette Desire book, but change a few character traits and the location, and are you then reading similar stories?

Readers, how do you feel about the shift that Silhouette Desire has taken?

If there are any Silhouette Desire authors out there, how do feel about it?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ask Five with....JULIE LETO!!!

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I remember reading Julie way back when she wrote for Harlequin Temptation. She had a reputation of pushing the envelope, and readers loved her for it!

She's has some witch stories out now and I can highly recommend them.

If you haven't read Julie, then head out to your nearest bookstore and pick up one (or more!) of her books!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

I actually have two releases right now that are overlapping. STRIPPED is an August release from Blaze and WITCHY BUSINESS is a Harlequin novella collection. Both of these books are part of my St. Lyon Witch series that I’m doing for Harlequin. STRIPPED is the story of Lilith St. Lyon, a witch who has used her psychic abilities to seduce Mac Mancusi, the chief of detectives in Chicago. Prior to the story starting, Mac and Lilith have an ugly breakup when he realized she was using her powers to become his perfect woman. They’re very firmly split until he needs her help with a difficult case. Trouble is, Lilith has had her powers stripped by the Guardian Witch, who happens to be her sister, Regina, for using her powers in selfish ways. She wants to help him anyway, because she sees it as a way to get her powers back. WITCHY BUSINESS is much more paranormal. Brock Aegis is a witch hunter who seduced the Guardian Witch in order to kill her and steal the names of all the witches in North America, but she caught on and banished him to the underworld. But he's back and so is his super-nasty boss. They have to join forces in order to survive and protect all the witches everywhere.

2. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

This is easy...first and foremost, my first ever critique partner, Susan Kearney. Sue and I have been working together now for 15 years. We were both unpublished when we met. She's a career partner. She's been with me through thick and thin. Then, of course, the Plotmonkeys. Janelle Denison, Leslie Kelly and Carly Phillips. They're my bestest friends in the universe. They keep me sane. So many for influence on my writing, I have to say Virginia Henley, first and foremost--she's a great friend and the first writer who really wrote HOT. And she writes such strong heroines. That was a big influence on me, too.

3. When did you first consider writing as a career and what prompted you to submit your first manuscript?

Writing as a career? Interesting question. I'm not really sure. I was a Creative Writing major in college, but even then, I don't think I really considered writing as a career. It wasn't until graduate school when a very good friend suggested we write a romance novel together. Previously, I'd been writing mostly short fiction and science fiction--none of it published. So, over drinks with my friend (a LOT of drinks, btw!) we plotted out our first novel. When we sobered up, we actually wrote it. We were shopping at a bookstore one day and met a woman who was a member of RWA. From that point on, my fate was cast.

4. What comes first for you when you begin the writing process...characters or plot?

It's never the same. Sometimes, it's character. My Marisela books, for instance. My Blaze, THE DOMINO EFFECT. Sometimes it's plot. My first book, SEDUCING SULLIVAN and my second book, PRIVATE LESSONS, both came from the plot. My third book, GOOD GIRLS DO! actually came from the title! My first Blaze, EXPOSED, came out of the setting (San Francisco) and a dream I'd had years ago that I'd written in a journal. I keep my mind open. Anything can be turned into a story idea.

5. Finally, what's coming out from you in the near future?

Most exciting for me is the PHANTOM series I'm doing to NAL. The first book, PHANTOM PLEASURES, will be out in April, 2008. It's about a 18th century man who is trapped by a gypsy curse and the hotel heiress who saves him (think Ivanka Trump, not Paris Hilton!) And lest anyone think I'm jumping on the paranormal bandwagon, I actually wrote the first version of this book 13 years ago, submitted it to Silhouette Shadows and was rejected about a week before the line folded. But the characters and setting stayed with me over all these years, though the plot changed a lot. I didn't revise, I completely rewrote. Didn't even look at the original, my voice had changed so much. It's a bigger story now, too...part of a series. The second book, tentatively titled PHANTOM'S TOUCH, will be out in October, 2008. I'm writing it now.

I'm also writing the third book in my St. Lyon Witches series for Blaze. This book will feature Josie, who was a secondary character in STRIPPED. I don't have a title yet.

And yes, I'm writing two books at once. I'm crazy.

Thanks so much for the interview!!!

Thanks Julie!

Julie has a website, but it's not currently updated. :D

However, you can catch Julie at the Plot Monkeys blog!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Perfect 10: UNDERCOVER IN HIGH HEELS by Gemma Halliday

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A Perfect 10
The High Heels Series0
- Book 3
Dorchester's Making It
ISBN: 978-0-8439-5834-8
September 2007
Romantic Mystery

Los Angeles, California - Present Day

What does one hunky cop, a pair of pink stilettos, and murder have in common? Los Angeles shoe designer Maddie Springer, who is knee deep into her latest caper with her boyfriend, bad-boy LAPD Homicide Detective Jack Ramirez, and her best friend, Dana. Jack's hot on Maddie's heels, trying to stop her from her own self-destruction. The pink stilettos are Maddie's exclusive design she created just for herself, and the murder? Ummmm...the murders are what Maddie has an uncanny knack of stumbling across in her day-to-day activities. Maddie's lost count of the number of times she's been shot at, chased by bad guys, and terrified out of her skin. But I'll back up my story just a bit so you can catch up: Today, Maddie is just trying to stay out of Jack's way, especially when he has murder on his mind -- hers. Last night, Jack was working the homicide division, and just doing his job. Today, he's been busted down to lowly bodyguard, and all thanks to Maddie.

Jack's demotion is courtesy of Maddie's interference -- again. It all started when Maddie followed him to a pick-up bar and interrupted his conversation with an informant, which was all going fine until the woman grabbed Maddie, took her hostage, and fled the bar, but not before producing a gun, shooting up the parking lot, and disappearing with a squeal of burnt rubber in a stolen car. Making matters worse, the paparazzi were on hand shooting pictures that made the next day's front page, which, of course, allowed Jack's superiors put two and two together and came up with Maddie. Right now, Jack wants her to stay as far away from him as possible.

Unfortunately for Jack, his new assignment is guarding popular soap opera actress Mia Carletto, the star of Maddie's favorite soap. And if you think Maddie can ignore that, then you're in for a surprise. After all, it is completely and totally her fault that Jack's cooling his heels protecting Mia when he should be investigating dead bodies, of which there is no shortage in the greater Los Angeles area. So, Maddie, in her attempt to help Jack, talks her way into a job as the new Wardrobe Assistant on the soap opera set of Magnolia Lane, taking aspiring actress Dana along with her. And you know that trouble always follows Maddie and Dana, but maybe just once, if Maddie plays her cards right, she'll be able to flush out the killer, and Jack will be back working homicide before he knows it. You think?

Welcome to Maddie Springer's third adventure in UNDERCOVER IN HIGH HEELS. The High Heels Series is amongst one of the best mystery series currently in publication. If you have not read these books, then you are really missing out on a fantastic experience, chock full of nail-biting adventure, plenty of hi-jinks, and hot, sizzling romance. Maddie and Jack have been dating for a while now, but every time their relationship reaches a romantic turning point, Jack's pager beeps and he's gone -- off too catch the bad guys. And Maddie, in her innovative attempts to help him, always invites trouble, though usually through no fault of her own (well, maybe just a little). But even though she'd like nothing better than cuddling up more often with Jack, she's not yet up to talking about real commitment, or moving in -- and neither is he.

UNDERCOVER IN HIGH HEELS comes fully equipped with a quirky cast that you just have to love. Maddie's best friend is Dana, part-time actress and part-time aerobics instructor; Maddie's stepfather Fernando (aka Ralph) owns an exclusive Beverly Hills salon where her mother Betty also works. And where Betty is, psychic Mrs. Rosenblatt is usually there too, along with gay fashionisto Marco, who now has a new assistant hanging around his reception desk, Pablo the parrot. And one of the most interesting and likeable characters is Felix Dunn, a sleazy reporter who has his secrets, but he's really a nice guy in disguise helping keep Maddie out of trouble.

SPYING IN HIGH HEELS (August 2006), and KILLER IN HIGH HEELS (March 2007) both precede UNDERCOVER IN HIGH HEELS, and even though each book stands totally alone, you don't want to miss out on any of them! The latest news is that The High Heels Series has just been optioned for a possible new television show on the USA network. Can it get any better than that? Only if you rush right out and get UNDERCOVER IN HIGH HEELS -- this novel is over the top and a Perfect 10!!!

Diana Risso


Just a reminder that there's a chat in the RRT Chat room at 9:30PM est on Friday night! To join the chat, click HERE.
You never know when something might be given away. :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm giving away OVEREXPOSED!

Here's a quiz for a book giveaway...

Win a copy of Leslie Kelly's OVEREXPOSED (her Sept Harlequin Blaze) but here is the tricky part...

You have to answer the 10 questions correctly in order to be entered. You can find the answers at Leslie's website.

The ten questions are:

1. What is the name of Leslie’s first published book?
2. In what book did Venus Messina appear?
3. What is Leslie’s husband’s name?
4. Name the three other authors who, with Leslie, make up the Plotmonkeys.
5. What month and year was Here Comes Trouble first published?
6. How many times has Leslie been nominated for a RITA award?
7. What is the last name of the family in Chicago that has produced several stories?
8. What state is Trouble located in?
9. In what book did Chloe Weston appear?
10. What state does Leslie now call home?

Send the answers to: and put Leslie Kelly book in the subject title.

I will announce the winner the night of September 13th.

Good Luck!

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Perfect 10: THE DOWRY BRIDE by Shobhan Bantwal

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THE DOWRY BRIDE - Shobhan Bantwal
A Perfect 10
Kensington Trade Paperback
ISBN-10: 0-7582-2031-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-2031-6
September 2007
Contemporary Fiction

Palgaum, India - Present Day

Megha Ramnath has been married for just a year, and it hasn't been a happy one. The marriage that her parents arranged for her has been tainted by her mother-in-law, the overbearing and cruel Amma and the husband who was chosen for her, the weak, homely Suresh. Megha is nothing more than a servant to her in-laws and husband, and must endure constant ridicule from Amma, especially since Megha has not yet conceived, and her father has not paid the Ramnaths her dowry. But Megha never imagined that her mother-in-law and her son would cook up a plan to murder her so that Suresh could find a wife with a larger dowry. In the dark of night, Megha hears and sees the horrors the mother and son have planned for her, and she flees for her life.

Afraid to return to her parents who would be obligated to give her back to her husband, Megha runs to the only person who has been nice to her in the past year, Suresh's cousin, Kiran. He hides her in his apartment, horrified at the story she tells him, and Kiran vows to protect Megha from his aunt and cousin. Ever since Suresh and Megha's wedding, when Kiran first saw the girl, Kiran has admired her beauty and intelligence, wondering how she ended up wed to such a weak, lazy man. Will he be able to keep his relatives from finding her? Kiran's kindness and caring slowly begin to ease Megha's terror. How can she ever repay him?

THE DOWRY BRIDE is Shobhan Bantwal's first novel, and it's an incredible beginning. Writing of her native land, Ms. Bantwal has given western readers a peek into a land that has always been slightly mysterious and magical to some of us. Her knowledge of traditions, religion, and both the brighter and darker sides of India leap off the pages of this excellent, beautifully composed story. Megha is a modern, well educated woman who has been dealt a bad hand. She is respectful of her family and her in-laws, abiding by the customs, until it becomes too dangerous for her. Kiran is the consummate hero who wants nothing more than to keep Megha safe. The villains are truly that, and Amma will stop at nothing to achieve her goal of freeing Suresh of his wife. Will she succeed?

For a very exciting, enlightening, and entertaining way to start your autumn reading, do not miss THE DOWRY BRIDE. It's a real page turner!

Jani Brooks

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quizz Answers

I know you guys have been waiting breathlessly for this:

1. uBeyidocntedSon is Beyond Seduction.
2. yeiralFivl is Fairyville.
3. reyaCIdcBssee is Caressed By Ice.
4. gihDnneHuotTmen is Hunting The Demon.
5. tMmIrlyaom is My Immortal.
6. hcMeuTo is Touch Me.
7. esEoch is Echoes.
8. tusWJnouichegkEd is Just Wicked Enough.
9. wtASapyew is Swept Away.
10. eeArHoFoorHm is Home For A Hero.

I will be doing more of these soon, with a prize to be given away.

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