Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spotlight Review: YOUR SAVING GRACE by J.L. Wilson

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Cerridwen Press –
ISBN: 9781419909535
June 2007
Romantic Suspense

Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Savage, Minnesota – Present Day

Hannah Paxton was a witness to a murder, gave testimony, and the killer was sent to prison. Now, thirty years later, she is called for jury duty, serves as forewoman, and they find the man on trial guilty. When she begins receiving threatening notes and phone calls, Police Officer Jude Brenner remembers the cool, calm woman whom he interviewed during jury selection and goes to her home to talk to her. Jude is on light police duty due to a gunshot wound in his leg that is causing him a lot of pain.

After her abusive marriage broke up, Hannah began working at home and lives in the suburbs of Minneapolis-St. Paul in an isolated area of Savage, Minnesota. When she is attacked and left for dead in the snow, she ends up in the hospital. Jude goes to Hannah’s home to check on her cats -- unknown to him, someone is watching. This person is determined to see Hannah dead for what happened thirty years ago. Jude takes the assignment to watch over Hannah, hoping that it will bring him closer to full reinstatement of duty. He is worried that his leg isn’t healing as fast as it should, and doesn’t know what other kind of a work he can do. Jude wants to move out of snowy Minnesota and dreams about a warmer climate. The attraction grows between Hannah and Jude as the threats escalate.

Hannah is an interesting woman who is beginning to feel old as she thinks about her younger days when she attracted all the good-looking guys. Now, she worries whether Jude could find a forty-eight-year-old woman attractive. Jude is anxious to go back to active duty on the police force, but he fears that it isn’t going to happen. They are drawn to each other; Jude tries to keep his distance, but he likes Hannah and is determined to protect her. When the police finally catch the man they think is responsible and cease protection for Hannah, readers will be holding their breath, knowing there is more to the story! The secondary characters play minor roles but bring more excitement to the tale. Especially enjoyable are Hannah’s cats that make the story feel very realistic.

The story is well-paced with excellent dialogue, intriguing suspense, and an exciting ending. Of special interest are the protagonists who are a little older than in your usual romantic suspense, but sexy and still in their prime. YOUR SAVING GRACE is a tale to enjoy and savor. This reviewer will be looking for more books by this talented author.

Marilyn Heyman

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