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Spotlight Review: Charming Carmen by Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton

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CHARMING CARMEN - Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton
Incognito, Book 6
Cobblestone Press -
ISBN: 978-1-60088-124-4
Erotic Contemporary Romance - Light BDSM
Rating: Erotic

Club Incognito; Florida - Present Day

After a terrible incident at work, Carmen Fernandez packs up and heads to Florida to start over. She visits with her friend, Olivia Montgomery, and ends up going to Club Incognito for a fundraiser for a women's shelter. Once inside, Carmen is intensely attracted to Slave Carl. From his naked chest all the way to his gorgeous tight butt, Carmen wouldn't mind a piece of that. Too bad he's Mistress Katriona's own personal slave. A bright spot in Carmen's evening comes when a weekend with Carl is auctioned off. She wants that date and bids in the hopes of winning. Carmen wins and when her weekend begins Carmen is more than ready for anything Carl gives her. However, is she truly ready for what Carl wants to give her?

No one knows that Carl Thompson, personal slave to Mistress Katriona, is a fake. At least as her personal slave. In actuality, Carl and Katriona are friends and the personal slave business is only for show at the club. Carl's real job is that of bookkeeper for the club. Tonight his Mistress Kat is claimed by Master Dalton and Carl wishes for something like that. And he just might have found it when the Montgomery's enter with a guest...Carmen Fernandez. For most of the night Carl watches her from the shadows and is fascinated with her. When it's Carl's turn on the auction block, he begs Katriona to let Carmen win him even though she's not a member and is ineligible. Carl can't wait for his time with Carmen and when she arrives, he's ready. Only he's not ready to give up total control to a woman. In the club it's all for show, but here in his own private abode, can he, or should I say will he, submit to Carmen?

Each new book in the Incognito series is as captivating, if not more than the last. I've been anxiously waiting and praying that Ms. Layle & Ms. Keaton would give Carl his own story. They did, and it's worth the wait. Carl is a protector and a very good lover, at least from Carmen's perspective he is. He pampers Carmen giving her anything she desires, including sex with him, which by the way, was not part of the package. Carmen isn't too trusting of men, especially after her ex-lover framed her for stealing from the company, and she packs up and leaves without a backward glance. It wouldn't have done any good for her to stay and fight, because he'd covered all the bases. She's ready for a new start and exploring the Dom/sub lifestyle seems like the place to begin. Always fascinated with the aspects, Carmen soon learns that she's a Domm and after having Carl as her personal slave for a couple of days, she's ready for more. Too bad Carl can't be hers. Their relationship moves along quickly but not so fast that it seems unrealistic. The sex is teasing, wicked, and torrid. Secondary characters include Kat and Dalton (see COLLARING KAT) and Olivia, Dylan, and Ryan Montgomery (see SEDUCING OLIVIA).

Seduction is what readers will discover when they open up Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton's latest, CHARMING CARMEN.

Sinclair Reid

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Caffey said...

I love this series!! I have a few to catch up getting of the latest, but its one series I really like.