Sunday, August 19, 2007

Book Winner and Spotlight Review on TROUBLE by Sasha White!

The winner of Amber Green's prize is...KIM H!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim, send me your choice of what you want, your name, and mailing address to and I'll forward it to Amber.

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TROUBLE - Sasha White
Berkley Heat (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-425-21700-9
August 2007
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Vancouver - Present Day

Samair Jones isn't having a good day. Truth be told, it actually hasn't been a great life to date. Ever since she conformed to the future her parents wanted instead of the one she desired, Samair resigned herself to mediocrity -- average job, pedestrian boyfriend, vanilla sex. But no more. After quitting her job and walking in on her boyfriend having sex with her roommate, Samair has decided to take life by the horns, and the first step is to reconnect with her old friend Joey, a dancer at club Risque.

When the delicious blonde exuding sex appeal walks into his club, Valentine Ward is riveted. Who knew that someone so innocently dressed could also be so provocative without even trying. When he meets the lovely Samair for the first time, Val accepts her proposition of helping her explore her fantasies without question. Sex with no strings? Just what he is looking for.

Samair is happy to have found a man who she can have fun with and explore her wild side without worry of things getting sticky. She's decided to go after her dream and start her own clothing line and wants no distractions, which is just fine with Val whose got his own fish to fry. But what happens when the sex unexpectedly turns into something more?

TROUBLE is Samair's nickname, the name of her clothing line, and what she gets up to when she hooks up with Valentine Ward. Samair has played the good girl most of her life, but has decided it's not who she is. Meeting Val, who makes no bones about being a bad boy, brings out the sex kitten Samair always knew was there but was afraid to let loose. In the midst of their sexcapades, Samair blossoms into the woman she wants to be and Val works to overcome his trust issues with women. Watching their relationship develop is as heartwarming as it is sizzling.

Although the story is told mainly from Samair's point of view, readers get glimpses into Val's thoughts as well as Samair's friend Joey's. Ms. White has penned a story that is unabashedly erotic, but is also well-rounded with a good plot and interesting characters who make it enjoyable through and through.

Check out Sasha White's TROUBLE.

Phillipa Ann

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Anonymous said...

thank you, good to win a book, to start a monday. Thankyou pat and amber.

kim h