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Ask Five with....Susan Grant!!!!!!

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Wow, Susan Grant has some sexy Extraterrestrials! If you haven't read her "ET" books, then what are you waiting for? Crazy Mo calls Susan's latest book "awesome!" I know it's on my tbb list!

Sit back and get to know...Susan Grant!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

It’s called How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days. It’s the third book in the light-hearted Otherworldly Men series concerning a California political family (think: the Kennedys) and the alien invasion they must thwart. “ET,” however, takes a more serious turn due to some of the subject matter. Reef, the newly dismantled bio-engineered assassin from book 1 and 2 must finish his rehabilitation as a normal human in the home of a suburban single mom and her two children. I feel it stands alone well because I wrote it to be that way.

A cool fact about this book: In the beginning of writing the series, I never dreamed Reef would be a hero. Hell, I didn’t even think he’d survive the first book! Not only was he a career killer, he wasn’t 100% human. He was as cold and heartless as the hardware installed inside his body. It wasn’t until he was settling in for a long night in a vacant warehouse that I saw what he’d been hiding: My ruthless, extraterrestrial killer was in fact lost and alone--and had every reason to feel that way. From then on, the guy fascinated me. Knowing what I now did about his background, I was determined to give him the happy ending he deserved. And the heroine he deserved. I loved writing this book. Fans of my Star series of books will find a lot to enjoy about this one, I think!

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

My life! I live an adventure-filled, often surreal life, and bits and pieces of what I experience and who I meet inspire countless ideas and make their way into every book even as I am writing them.

3. What is the hardest part of writing?

Probably the day to day grind of writing on a deadline.

4. What’s the most interesting thing about you that very few people know?

Assuming most people know I fly 747s for United, and most know I was one of the first female graduates of the US Air Force Academy, I’ll throw this one out there: I spent a few summers working in a prison camp! Okay, it was a simulated prison camp but pretty darn authentic! I acted in the role of an enemy interrogator and prison guard for USAF survival, resistance, and escape school. It was fun playing one of the bad guys, speaking in an accent, wearing a foreign uniform.

5. What’s coming up in the near future for you?

I am incredibly excited about my next book. It’s called Moonstruck: A Tale of the Borderlands. It’s a darker, more complex series spin-off of the Otherworldly Men series, and kicks off the Borderlands books, what I hope will be an ongoing SFR series. Moonstruck takes place almost entirely on a spaceship after the Drakken surrender and concerns the difficulties in combining the former enemies (as well as Earth) in a cohesive force. They have to learn to work together, and it makes for some great conflict! I pair a female admiral, who I loved writing, paired with a Hordish second-in-command and former pirate, and a mixed crew of Drakken, Coalition, and Earthlings. It’s steamy as hell, too.

I’ve already got a quote: “Susan Grant exceeds expectations with MOONSTRUCK! Grant delivers a riveting plot, compelling characters and a heart wrenching love story in this action-packed science fiction romance that centers around an unlikely peace treaty and a clash of cultures. Admiral Brit Bandar is an outstanding heroine who buries her traumatic past under devotion to her career—and her hatred of the Drakken Horde. Warleader Finnar Rorkken is an incredible hero, a street-fighter who straddles the line between his brutal Hordish heritage and his innately ethical core. This is a can’t-put-down read that draws you in from the first page and doesn’t let go until the tension-filled final chapters. MOONSTRUCK is terrific. I highly recommend it.” ~Linnea Sinclair, RITA award winning author of GAMES OF COMMAND and THE DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES

And here’s the back cover copy as I know it:


And Coalition starship admiral Brit Bandar is one tough woman. A mere intergalactic treaty could never get her to trust the Drakken Horde. There was too much bad blood between the Coalition and the Horde and, for intensely personal reasons, Brit wasn’t sure that she was through spilling it! But now a peaceful accord has made Finn Rorkken, a notorious Drakken rogue, second-in command on her starship – and through some grand cosmic irony – front and center in her thoughts…and her heart.


Either title sat easily on Finn’s battle-hardened shoulders. Though second-in-command to “Stone-Heart” Bandar? That would take some getting used to. Peace required as much sacrifice as war, so he’d comply even if his reaction to the gorgeous admiral fell decidedly outside protocol. But would he end up kissing or killing her if the galaxy’s tentative truce turned into all out war?

Can I say again how excited I am for this one to come out? It’s due on the shelves end of May 2008.

Also due out in 2008 (It’s a really busy year for me) is Mysteria II (Berkley), a non-paranormal military suspense for Silhouette Suspense. Also, another full-length novel for HQN, a second Borderlands book!

Thanks, Susan!

Be sure to check out Susan's website at

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Stacy~ said...

Great review! I have yet to read a Susan Grant book, though I do have a few in the old tbr pile. I love that she's a captain for a major airline - very cool.