Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ask Five with....SHARON PAGE!!!

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Here's another treat for interview with Sharon Page!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

My latest release is called Blood Rose, and it came out in early August from Kensington’s Aphrodisia line. Here’s a bit of the blurb:

Serena Lark’s erotic dreams of vampires are so vivid, so intense…could she be one? Drake Swift and Lord Sommersby, two daring vampire hunters, might know the truth about her past—and her future. The trio searches the dark streets of London for answers. She cannot say no when Sommersby and Drake introduce her to another existence entirely, one in which only extraordinary sensual pleasure matters—and Serena opens herself up to compelling desire…

I loved writing Blood Rose as it was a complex and challenging story, and I like to think it’s very erotic. It’s a menage story with a happily ever after ending. One of my heroes, Drake, is an ex-thief from London’s slums, cocky and reckless, but also emotionally scarred by his past. Jonathon is both a nobleman and a scientist, desperately hunting for a way to “cure” vampires before he loses the heroine to her destiny. When my heroine, Serena, learns of the power of a love shared between three, she must convince two powerful men, each determined to claim her for his own, to share.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

Ideas percolate for a long time, and bits and pieces of fascinating things (at least things that fascinate me!) all come together to create a full story. For example, I was reading the DaVinci Code when I started Blood Rose, and I knew I wanted to blend in a fast paced adventure with each character’s quest to understand who they really are. My heroine is a governess who was thrown out onto the street for falling in love—and I loved being able to draw from her background dealing with tempestuous children when she deals with the bad boy of the two heroes. I also loved Mary Higgins Clark’s advice to ask “What if?” I believe one of her examples was: “What if you’re alone in the house and then the toilet flushes?” I thought it was brilliant that a mundane event could be used as a springboard for terror. I also think asking “Why” generates a lot of ideas. Why do characters behave as they do?

3. What is the hardest part of writing?

The days when the words don’t want to come, when the ideas seem trite or unsophisticated, when a writer just gets down. The best thing is to keep working and keep the faith. I was working once on a proposal and watching Canada’s version of American Idol (called Canadian Idol). One of the judges advised a contestant to be honest. Don’t be cute, be real, be true to yourself. Suddenly I realized that trying to put in clever similes wasn’t going to work. What I needed was to mine deeply and capture the emotions of the characters. I also find each book gets harder. For erotic romance, sex is integral to the story so for each book it should be fresh, unique, interesting, fun, emotionally poignant…etc. It always feels like a lot to tackle. But books are created a page at a time and a word at a time. It’s important while writing to remember that.

4. How do you stay motivated?

Since writing is solitary mainly (expect for getting together with the critique group), and waits can be long—for contracts, royalties, etc., it’s easy to get worried and nervous. But I love the writing and when I’m writing and I’m in the characters’ heads, I’m having a great time. Even when it’s tough to find the right words, I’m still enjoying myself. I’ve realized that you just have to keep writing. You don’t know what will be around the corner. When a sale will come, or a terrific opportunity. When I first sold, I realized that having a file cabinet full of proposals and ideas was a good thing—I sold two additional proposals quite quickly. Also, those are the ideas that are always percolating. So time spent writing is never wasted, even if sales are a long time in coming. I do think it’s easy for artists or creators to have doubts. But it’s important, at the core, to believe in yourself.

5. What’s coming out in the near future for you?

In 2008, the last two books in my Regency erotic romance trilogy will be coming out. These are Black Silk and Hot Silk, and continue the stories of the daughters of the scandalous erotic artist Rodesson. One of the first love scenes in Black Silk is in a hot air balloon. Since I’m terrified of heights that was an exciting scene to write.
The first book in the series, Sin, was a Sept 06 Aphrodisia release. I’m proud to say that Sin won the National Readers’ Choice Award for erotic romance.

Thank you, Sharon! (and congrats!)

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Susan Lyons said...

Great interview, Sharon. You sure highlighted some of the ups and the downs of being a writer.

Love what you said about the sex having to be "fresh, unique, interesting, fun, emotionally poignant…etc." I agree totally - and that's such a challenge, with each book. Trying to figure out who the characters are, and what's going to be special about their sexual relationship.

BTW, re the hot air balloon -- I did a sex scene in a hot air balloon too! In my "Hot Down Under" novella in The Firefighter. Great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on this latest release, Sharon :) The first of your books I read was Sin and that was hot, so I can't wait to read more of your stories :)

Sharon Page said...

Thanks Susan!
At RWA Nationals, an aspiring writer at our table asked if writing became easier after a few books. I suddenly realized then that it gets harder--for all those reasons. But the challenge is irresistible.

Sharon Page said...

Thanks Ali! I'm so thrilled to hear you enjoyed Sin.

Right now my kids are trying to put lego blocks down my shorts, so I'll have to check in later.


Pam P said...

Great interview, Sharon. I have Blood Red which I'm just starting, and definitely need to get going and get the rest of your books, and read about that hot air balloon.

Bonnie Edwards said...

Sharon, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here.

I think you're right....artists and writers need to keep faith with themselves and hang in there.


Lucinda Betts said...

I love your vamps, and your covers are delish! What a fun interview.