Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spotlight Review....Sex, and the Single Werewolf by Sierra Dafoe

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Shifter Sisters, Book 1

Changeling Press – www.changelingpress.com

ISBN: 978-1-59596-662-9

April 2007

Erotic Paranormal Romance – Short Story

Portland, Oregon – Present Day

Luna Howell is the drummer for the Shifter Sisters, an all girl band, and a werewolf. The other members are Persia, the bitchy shape-shifting house cat, and Tori, the vampire leader of the band. Luna longs to live a normal life, but when you are ruled by the phases of the moon, literally, that's impossible.

One evening, shortly after catching her latest loser boyfriend in bed with another woman, Luna is walking the streets of Portland and hears someone playing the guitar. Luna follows the sounds of the haunting melody and discovers a man playing softly alone in his room. Before she can look away, the man begins to fondle himself. Caught up in the erotic moment, Luna cannot tear her eyes away. When the moment is over, Luna is left feeling more alone than ever before. The beautiful man she watched through an open window is the kind of man she longs for but can never have. Or can she? A few nights later, during one of the bands sets, Luna takes the mic and belts out a mournful tune. Little does she know that the man she's been fantasizing about is in the audience and when he approaches her after the band's last number, Luna can't believe he's really interested in her.

What begins as a business arrangement between songwriter Sean O'Shaunessy and Luna soon turns to passion and romance, but will Sean stay if he learns Luna's secret?

SEX, AND THE SINGLE WEREWOLF is a short sexy story about a woman longing for love. Luna, Persia and Tori are well-developed characters, and while Luna and Tori are likable, Persia is such a catty (forgive the pun) woman readers will hope that she gets her comeuppance very soon. The sex is hot, the dialogue sarcastic and fun and the romance enchanting. I can't wait for the next book in the Shifter Sisters series and highly recommend this novel to those who like a bit of humor along with sinfully erotic sex.

Isabelle Spencer

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