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Spotlight Review....Sex, and the Single Werewolf by Sierra Dafoe

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Shifter Sisters, Book 1

Changeling Press – www.changelingpress.com

ISBN: 978-1-59596-662-9

April 2007

Erotic Paranormal Romance – Short Story

Portland, Oregon – Present Day

Luna Howell is the drummer for the Shifter Sisters, an all girl band, and a werewolf. The other members are Persia, the bitchy shape-shifting house cat, and Tori, the vampire leader of the band. Luna longs to live a normal life, but when you are ruled by the phases of the moon, literally, that's impossible.

One evening, shortly after catching her latest loser boyfriend in bed with another woman, Luna is walking the streets of Portland and hears someone playing the guitar. Luna follows the sounds of the haunting melody and discovers a man playing softly alone in his room. Before she can look away, the man begins to fondle himself. Caught up in the erotic moment, Luna cannot tear her eyes away. When the moment is over, Luna is left feeling more alone than ever before. The beautiful man she watched through an open window is the kind of man she longs for but can never have. Or can she? A few nights later, during one of the bands sets, Luna takes the mic and belts out a mournful tune. Little does she know that the man she's been fantasizing about is in the audience and when he approaches her after the band's last number, Luna can't believe he's really interested in her.

What begins as a business arrangement between songwriter Sean O'Shaunessy and Luna soon turns to passion and romance, but will Sean stay if he learns Luna's secret?

SEX, AND THE SINGLE WEREWOLF is a short sexy story about a woman longing for love. Luna, Persia and Tori are well-developed characters, and while Luna and Tori are likable, Persia is such a catty (forgive the pun) woman readers will hope that she gets her comeuppance very soon. The sex is hot, the dialogue sarcastic and fun and the romance enchanting. I can't wait for the next book in the Shifter Sisters series and highly recommend this novel to those who like a bit of humor along with sinfully erotic sex.

Isabelle Spencer

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The JT Schultz winner is.......

Brenda Crider!!!!!!!!!
Please email JT at jt4writing@yahoo.com with your info!

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A big thank you to JT for being our guest and her prize!!!!!!

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The Linda Howard winner is.........

Glenna wins a copy of UP CLOSE AND DANGEROUS by Linda Howard

Glenna, please email Patti at fisc40pa@aol.com with your name and mailing address!!


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Ask Five with....JT SCHULTZ!!!!!!

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Here's another author for readers to try out: JT Schultz! She has quite a varied array of published works out there including Wild Rose Press and Forbidden Publications. I must admit I don't really know JT that well, but I do know her wonderful mother online. (waving to Cryna!)

Her stories sound really good and I look forward to reading a JT Schultz book! Sit back and get to know a rising star of romance:

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

I actually have two new releases this month. Un-A-Were Of You from The Wild Rose Press. It’s a paranormal comedy about a hunky werewolf hero and a heroine that is allergic to dogs, including the hero. My other release is another comedy called Red, White & Groom from Forbidden Publications. My editor knew I was Canadian and asked if I would write something in honor of Canada Day. It’s about a wedding coordinator that ends up going home to Alberta to plan a chaotic wedding and rekindles a romance with a man from her past—the groom’s identical twin.

2. Which comes first for you: character or plot?

Interesting question. It depends on the story and I can’t really say it happens in any particular order. I get ideas from the strangest things and often in the strangest places. Sometimes I will think up a great line of dialogue and build the story around it. I built my story Holy Ravioli on the simple phrase, “The Pope is coming and can bless your wedding.”

3. What kind of writing ritual do you have?

Writing rituals, I need music. It depends on what I am writing as to what I am listening to. I also try and save writing my sex scenes for when the kids are not home or in bed sleeping. It’s difficult to get a hero and heroine intimate when I hear “Mom!” in the background. I also need to make sure that I have plenty of coffee, especially with flavored creamer. Of course, having a cookie close by, chocolate chip preferred can be motivating as well.

4. Which authors or friends have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

This is a great question. Over a decade ago—I think I just dated myself—anyway, I read a book by Gayle Wilson called “Only A Whisper”. The book was fantastic. It had it all in my opinion, love, suspense a flawed hero, all the components to a great story. It motivated me to write and after I became published, I wrote Gayle and thanked her. “Only A Whisper” was re-released this year and I’m thrilled for her.

I love Dianne Castell, Karen Kelley, Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy and HelenKay Dimon. These ladies can wrap books up with heat, humor and crazy plots. I admire them all. Karen and Dianne have been wonderful to me and have offered me encouragement along the way.

My husband, my mom and my dear friends Donna Michaels and Taylor Hartt have been incredible. Donna, Taylor and I started on the road to writing together and stood by each each other through the years.

5. Looking into your crystal ball, what’s coming up in the near future for you?

If I had a crystal ball, I would definitely get the lottery numbers (grin). However, since I don’t, I will have to say, more heat and humor. I love writing, it’s who I am and hubby learned early, if I don’t get a chance to write for a couple days my mood sours. Sour, is being mild, I love to plot and often have a ton of characters running through my mind at any given time that I need to get them down.

I want to continue to grow as a writer, continue to share great stories that always induce a smile or a laugh and have many more “Happily Ever After”s.

Thanks, JT for the interview! You can visit her website at JTSchultz.com

As an incentive to interact with JT, she's giving away a prize to one lucky winner! Post, ask questions, or just comment...and you'll be entered to win a prize, which includes a free download of Red, White & Groom.

I'll have JT pick the winner Sunday night and I'll post it on the blog!

PS....I love the cover for Red, White & Groom. What a sexy chest!

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Don't forget to enter the contests at Romance Reviews Today and RRT Erotic! Great prizes being given away.

Check out Romance Reviews Today July prizes.

Check out RRT Erotic July prizes.

And don't forget the Linda Howard book giveaway!

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A Perfect 10: BLOODWIND by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

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BLOODWIND - Charlotte Boyett-Compo
A Perfect 10
WindDemon, Book 1
New Concepts Publishing
ISBNs: Ebook: 1-58608-961-7 -
Trade Paperback: 978-1-60394-003-0
June 2007
Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance

Cairghrian Galaxy and Earth - the Future

A product of years of political machinations and biological tampering, Reaper Kamerone Cree has surrendered himself to the Rysalian Lords who sit on the Bench of the Court of Military Inquiry even though he has no idea what he has done to warrant such a summons.

Kamerone is not guilty of anything other than following orders. But 'Justices' Ruan, Onar, Cul, Barif, and Lona have long wished to have a reason to discipline Kamerone. Jealousy and fear of the powerful Reaper have set them on a course to maliciously torture Kamerone without allowing him any chance to speak or to be apprised of the charges against him. For his attempts at speaking up for himself, he has the extra charge of insubordination levied against him. He is sentenced to active Reinforcement -- a series of brutal, drug-induced tortures followed by hard labor on Helios Twelve. When he is again free, Kamerone will ferret out the ones responsible for turning him over to the sadists.

The biological blundering has decimated the entire female Rysalian populace, so the males that are left have run raids on surrounding worlds, including Earth, for women. Dr. Bridget Dunne is one of those captives. She has been given the unenviable task -- with help from subliminals to be introduced during Kamerone's torture -- to seduce and turn the Iceman (Kamerone) to the side of the Resistance. But Bridget is still highly resentful of being taken from her home, and she has plans to be with another man. She has no desire to try to win over the soulless, conscienceless warrior she believes Kamerone to be. Bridget grimly carries out her part in the chemical readjustment of Kamerone's attitudes.

Even when he has served his graphically depicted, horribly gruesome sentence, there are still those who want him dead, and Kamerone and Bridget discover that they have both been set up.

Oh m'goodness!!! I have barely laid back the top layer of this exciting adventure. Plots within plots, danger behind every door, and reckless rescues carry along the action. Dozens of characters, friend and foe alike, inhabit the pages of BLOODWIND. We also get a complete account of how the Reapers were created. The writing is spectacularly splendid, the plotting is tight, plausible, and leaves the reader limp from all the emotions. There are some things, like the kind of love that Kamerone and Bridget learn to share, that malice cannot destroy. Reading Charlotte Boyett-Compo's Reaper Series is like being on wild, cosmic thrill rides. By my count, BLOODWIND is a Perfect 10, a space-opera fantasy at its finest.

Vi Janaway

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List of Reviews Up!

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Romance Reviews Today,

Issue 47, Volume 2, July 22, 2007

We are pleased to present 52 new reviews. (Quick List of new reviews)

Romance Reviews Today is looking for new reviewers. Please email terrie_figueroa@romrevtoday.com for more information.



ANOTHER MAN'S WIFE - Denyse Bridger - 1800s - Wind River - Marilyn - Historical Romance

Short Stories

SECOND CHANCES - Karen Erickson - In the Runes - Bass Lake and Salinas, CA - Present Day - Patti - Contemporary Romance – Short


PERFECT KISSES - S. Johnson/ S. Day/ N. Mack - Sinclair - Anthology - Historical Romance

Chick Lit

QUEEN OF BABBLE IN THE BIG CITY - Meg Cabot - New York City, NY - Present day - Jennell - Chick Lit

THE ULTIMATUM - Dan Graziano - New Jersey - Present Day - Diana - Chick Lit/Lad Lit

Contemporary Romance Reviews

A GUILTY AFFAIR - Maureen Smith - San Antonio, TX - Nickole - Contemporary Romance

HOT WHEELS AND HIGH HEELS - Jane Graves - Dallas, TX - Present Day - Carol - Contemporary Romance

SOMEONE TO LOVE - Jude Devereux - A Montgomery Novel - England - Present Day - Terrie - Contemporary Romance - w/paranormal elements

Fantasy/Futuristic/Science Fiction Reviews

BLOOD DRIVE - Jeanne C. Stein - San Diego, CA - Present Day - Kathy - Urban Fantasy

LEGACY - Lois MacMaster Bujold - The Sharing Knife, Book 2 - Kathy - Fantasy

Fantasy/Futuristic/Science Fiction Romance Reviews

A DISTANT MAGIC - Mary Jo Putney - A Novel of the Guardians - 1733 - Malta &1752 - London - Jane - Romantic Fantasy

BLOODWIND - Charlotte Boyett-Compo - WindDemon, Book 1 – A Perfect 10 - Cairghrian Galaxy & Earth - Future - Vi - Science Fiction / Fantasy Romance

General Fiction

LETTERS FROM PEMBERLY, The First Year - Jane Dawkins - 1813 - England - Lisa - Historical Fiction

ROYAL HARLOT - Susan Holloway Scott - 1656 - 1672 - England & France - Amy - Historical Fiction

THE ELEVATOR - Angela Hunt - Tampa Bay, FL - Present Day - Diana - Women's Fiction

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Luanne Rice - Dublin, Ireland & Connecticut - Present Day - Patti - Contemporary Fiction

Historical Romance

DIAMOND IN THE SKY - Margaret Bailey - 1895 - Leadville, CO - Carol - Historical Romance

HOW TO ENGAGE AN EARL - Kathryn Caskie - Regency Era - England - Jani - Historical Romance

MADEMOISELLE VICTORINE – Debra Finerman - 1858 - 1871 - France - Jani - Historical Romance

RIVALS FOR THE CROWN - Kathleen Givens - 1290 - England & Scotland - Jani - Historical Romance

SAVAGE INTRIGUE - Cassie Edwards - Savage Series - 1865 - Secret Lake, WI - Vi - Historical Romance

SHADOW BEAR - Cassie Edwards – 1850 - South Dakota - Vi - Historical Romance

THE HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE - Donna Fletcher - 1500s - Scottish Highlands - Anthonette - Historical Romance

THE MARSH HAWK - Dawn MacTavish - 1812 - Cornwall, England - Jane - Historical Romance

THE SPY WORE SILK - Andrea Pickens - England - Regency Era - Jane - Historical Romance

Mystery - Suspense Reviews

BAD THOUGHTS - David Zeltersman - Cambridge, MA - Present Day - Diana - Thriller

BITE THE MOON - Diane Fanning - Texas - Present Day - Lisa - Mystery

FITNESS KILLS - Helen Barer - A Nora Franke Mystery, Book 1 - Baja California, Mexico - Present Day - Diana - Mystery - Cozy

THE GHOSTS OF VARNER CREEK - Michael Lee Weems - 1984 - Varner Creek, TX - Jani - Suspense w/paranormal elements

Paranormal Romance Reviews

BLOOD RED - Heather Graham - Kiss of Darkness, Book 2 - New Orleans, LA - Present Day - Terrie - Paranormal Romance

IMMORTALS: THE DARKENING - Robin T. Popp - Manhattan, New York City, NY - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance

LOST IN SHADOW - Jocelyn Kelley - Regency Era - England - Robin - Paranormal Historical Romance

MASTER OF DRAGONS - Angela Knight - Mageverse, Book 6 - 1995 to Present Day - Dallas, TX - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance

MYSTIC GUARDIAN - Patricia Rice - Mystic Isle series, Book 1 - 1789 - Brittany, France - Jennell - Paranormal Romance

NIGHT HUNTER - Cathy McDavid - Phoenix, AZ - Present Day - Lori - Paranormal Romance

NIGHT'S TOUCH - Amanda Ashley - USA - Present Day - Lisa - Paranormal Romance

REAL VAMPIRES LIFE LARGE - Gerry Bartlett - Present Day - Amy - Paranormal Romance

SCENT OF DARKNESS - Christina Dodd - Darkness Chosen, Book 1 - A Perfect 10 - Washington State - Present Day - Terrie - Paranormal Romance

Regency Reviews

AN UNEXPECTED BRIDE - Jennifer Hoffman - 1816 - England - Amy Regency

CALAMITY CLARESTA - Irene Estep - 1818 - London and Norwood Manor, England - Robin - Regency

Romantic Mystery/Suspense Reviews

TAG, YOU'RE IT - Penny McCall - Colorado and Boston, MA - Present Day - Robin - Romantic Suspense

THE EDGE OF FOREVER - Nancy Kelley - Washington D.C. - Present Day - Jane - Romantic Thriller

WHITE HEAT - Cherry Adair - Florence, Italy - Present Day - Carolyn - Romantic Suspense

Series Reviews

HIGH-SOCIETY MISTRESS - Katherine Garbera - The Mistresses, Book 3 - Chicago, IL - Patti - SD #1808 - Series Romance

MARRIED TO HIS BUSINESS - Elizabeth Bevarly - Millionaire of the Month, Book 5 - Lake Tahoe, CA - Patti - SD # 1809 - Series Romance

MEN AT WORK - K. Kendall/ C. Myers/ C. Collins - Patti - Anthology - Contemporary Romance - HB # 333 - Series Romance

ROSSELLINI'S REVENGE AFFAIR - Yvonne Lindsay - Auckland, New Zealand - Robin - SD #1811 - Series Romance

SHE DID A BAD, BAD THING - Stephanie Bond - Million Dollar Secrets Series miniseries - Atlanta, GA & Las Vegas, NV - Nickole - HB # 338 - Series Romance

TAKEN - Tori Carrington - The Bad Girls Club, Book 1 - USA - Patti - HB #335

THE BOSS'S DEMAND - Jennifer Lewis - Placer, NV - Jennifer - SD #1812 - Series Romance

THE CEO'S SCANDALOUS AFFAIR – Roxanne St. Claire - The Garrisons, Book 1 - Miami, FL - Present Day - Carolyn - SD # 1807 - Series Romance

THE PRINCE'S ULTIMATE DECEPTION - Emilie Rose - Monte Carlo Affairs, Book 2 - Monaco - Present Day - Patti - SD # 1810 - Series Romance

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Book Giveaway: UP CLOSE AND DANGEROUS by Linda Howard

One lucky reader will win a copy of UP CLOSE AND DANGEROUS by Linda Howard.

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Just post a comment here and you'll be entered (one per person)

Question of the day is....

You're stranded on an island with one hot, hunky hero....who would your choice be?

I will draw the winner NEXT Sunday (the night of the 29th)


PS....Delilah is doing her own book giveaway until Wednesday per her blog. You just need to post on her blog post down below to enter.
(check out Delilah's blog )

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Ask Five with....DELILAH DEVLIN!!!!

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Delilah has helped cause a few waves this summer with the release of Wild, Wild Women of the West, an sexy, hot anthology from Kensington Aphrodisia! This author is one talented lady in demand and her star is only going to rise even farther.

Sit back and meet....Delilah Devlin:

What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

My latest is a novella entitled A Taste of Honey that is featured in the book Wild, Wild Women of the West (Kensington Aphrodisia, June 2007). The story centers around Honey Cafferty, who lives a happy but precarious existence as a traveling saleswoman, searching for a sense of belonging. From her colorful wagon she brews decoctions to cure ennui, sleeplessness, hysteria—and after a visit from a mysterious Mexican curandera—she believes she’s found the way to improve a man’s libido... The story is light, funny—and very sexy, if I may say so myself!

How do your stories come to you? Complete with just the details to fill in, or is it a character who starts the whole thing rolling?

For me, stories usually start as daydreams that follow me around for a while as I get to know the characters, the setting and their conflicts. Most times, I can hear them talking before I write them. They join me in the middle of some terrible battle or problem and “show” me their world. It’s up to me to figure out what the rest of their story is. I know that sounds very strange, but there you have it. I’m probably schizophrenic, but as long as I just write about my “friends” I guess they won’t lock me up.

What is the hardest part of writing?

I hate the first page of my manuscripts. I will agonize forever over the first sentence, the opening scene, the setting details—it can be paralyzing. Oh, and the other hard part is simply having the discipline to sit my butt in a chair and write! I can find a million other things that need my attention more —dust bunnies, email, blog-hopping, etc.

Which authors or friends have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with authors who were just as neurotic as I am, who are very talented and selfless with their time when I needed something read or critiqued, and who nag me relentlessly when I’m falling off the writing wagon. Layla Chase taught me more about the craft of good writing than any old book or lecture. My sister Myla Jackson encouraged and supported me all along this journey we undertook together. Kim Kaye Terry keeps me pumped about writing and lets me bounce my crazy ideas against her any time I want. The “Roses” at Rose’s Colored Glasses have given me friendship and love.

What's coming up in the future for you?

Too much to catalog here!! Avon has signed me up for two more books in my vampire series. Into the Darkness is already in the stores, Seduced by Darkness will be out in March—the next two installments will continue to madness! Wild, Wild Women of the West will be followed by a second volume next summer. Kensington is also publishing Damned, Dangerous and Delicious next year. I have shorter stories coming this summer from Avon and Harlequin Spice—and some other projects in the works that I can’t talk about until the ink is dry! Now that I’m writing full time, I really do feel like the sky’s the limit!

Thank you for the interview! Read the RRTE review of Wild, Wild Women of the West by clicking here.

You can visit her website by going to http://delilahdevlin.com/

Trivia Chat Saturday Night!!!

Romance Reviews Today's Minx is having a Trivia Chat in the RRT Chat Room on July 21st (Saturday) beginning at 9pm EST.

Come join the fun and win books by winning the trivia games. Good times and fun people are guaranteed!

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PS...Patti still hosts a Friday night chat beginning at 9:30pm EST if you just want to sit back and chat about books.

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A Perfect 10: SLEEPLESS AT MIDNIGHT by Jacquie D'Alessandro

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SLEEPLESS AT MIDNIGHT - Jacquie D'Alessandro
A Perfect 10
Mayhem in Mayfair, Book 1
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-123138-4
July 2007
Historical Romance

Langston Manor in Kent, England, Regency Era

Time is running out for Matthew Davenport, Marquess Langston, to fulfill his promises to his dying father. He has only a few weeks left to marry an heiress. Eligible young ladies' mamas and papas will gladly exchange their daughters for his title and all that goes with it, and the fact that he's young and healthy should please the three bride candidates invited to his estate. There was another promise made, however, one that has him out after midnight digging holes in the garden in the rain while his houseguests are snug and dry in their beds.

Wrong. The four members of the Ladies Literary Society of London are awake and holding their inaugural meeting in the bedchamber of Miss Sarah Moorehouse. The society is made up of Sarah, her two good friends, Lady Emily Stapleford and Lady Julianne Bradley, and Sarah's widowed sister Carolyn, Lady Wingate. The last three lovely ladies named are under consideration for the position of Lady Langston. Sarah is not, for she's the plain daughter of a mere physician, with neither beauty nor dowry. Don't feel sorry for her, however. Sarah looks forward to a happy life of books, friends, pets and her passion for plants and her art.

The literary society's lofty title is a cover to disguise the kinds of books the ladies plan to read. Tonight's topic is Mary Shelley's The Modern Prometheus. This leads to a lively discussion that includes traits they would choose if they were to create, not a monster as did Dr. Frankenstein, but the Perfect Man. Many giggling asides with references to their host and his male guests ensue...it's a very merry meeting. At the end, each lady is assigned an article of gentlemen's clothing to obtain in order to create a man-sized doll of the ideal man. Sarah's task is to steal -- pardon me -- borrow a shirt from Lord Langston. She thinks she has chosen a time when he'd be busy the next day, and that's how she happens to hide behind a curtain when Langston enters his room...and proceeds to take a bath. Sarah memorizes every bare inch of him, solely for the sake of art, of course. But while her fingers itch for charcoal and paper, other places she's never thought much about make themselves known.

Sarah's mother -- fortunately not present -- belittled Sarah and her looks her whole life, while favoring her beautiful elder daughter. It's a wonder Sarah has turned out to be so caring and generous and possessed of a sharp and witty mind. At least two gentlemen at the house party have the sense to see beneath the surface. She won't do for Langston, though; he needs a fortune to settle his father's debts.

I often found myself chuckling out loud during Sarah and Langston's conversations. Well, okay, I may have smiled another sort of smile during one or two or three of them. Who knew Sarah had so much passion -- for other than green growing things, that is -- or Langston so much charm? A couple of extremely poignant conversations take place, also, when the two open their hearts to each other.

House parties are favorite settings for historical romances, and this one works beautifully. The number of characters is limited and they are forced to interact with each other in some intimacy, yet private time is hard to manage. They get to know each other rather quickly, and readers get to know them. Characters who play large roles and/or may appear in further Mayhem in Mayfair episodes are Sarah's sister, who is finally coming out of mourning for her beloved husband; the other two members of the reading club; Daniel, Lord Surbrooke, Langston's best friend; and Logan Jennsen, an immensely rich American.

SLEEPLESS AT MIDNIGHT is a thoroughly entertaining -- and moving -- novel. The writing style is superb in the way it immediately captures one intellectually and emotionally with its deep character development and a multilayered plot that includes a murder. Ms. D'Alessandro blends romance with sensuality and humor with life-altering events to start off an exciting new series with a Perfect 10 of a book.

Jane Bowers

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Perfect 10: SAFE HARBOR by Christine Feehan

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SAFE HARBOR – Christine Feehan
A Perfect 10
Drake Sisters Series
ISBN: 978-0-515-14318-8
July 2007
Paranormal Romance

Sea Haven, California and New York City – Present Day

It’s here! The story you’ve been waiting for -- Hannah and Jonas. And all I can say is -- WOW! What a story! More than you ever expected for the Drake series.

After leaving the army rangers, Jonas and his partner, Jackson, worked as undercover agents for the defense department. They retired and returned to Sea Haven, Jonas’s hometown. Jonas was elected sheriff and named Jackson his deputy. Jonas has known the Drake sisters since he was a small boy, went to school with them and grew up feeling they were his family. He’s had special feelings for Hannah since he was ten years old and always felt she was HIS. Jonas always took on the role of protector, known as being bossy and arrogant. He’s a manly man (his words), an old fashioned macho guy with physique, looks, and manners to match. What no one knows is just how vulnerable he is because he hides that side of his personality. Jonas feels sorry for those hurting, even families of the criminals he has had to shoot. These are parts of his personality that are revealed in SAFE HARBOR.

SAFE HARBOR opens where DANGEROUS TIDES, the previous title in the series, ended. It has only been weeks since Hannah sat at Jonas’s side using her special powers to help him heal from a critical gunshot wound. The experience left Hannah pale and exhausted. Before either of them recovers from that incident, Duncan Gray calls in a favor. Gray is Jonas and Jackson’s former boss from the U. S. Defense Department. Believing the request is a simple recon job to film a meeting of two Russian mobs, the duo agrees to take the assignment. Nothing turns out as simple as they think. The Department has an undercover Russian spy, and he sets them up to be killed. If the film gets back to the Defense Department, the mob will be destroyed. As soon as the spy shows, up the mob scatters and shots are fired. Jonas is hit twice and bleeds profusely. The only reason he is still standing is because he knows if he falls, Jackson will also die. Jackson is even more determined than Jonas, and he is pushing hard to keep his partner alive. Jonas doesn’t think he’s going to make it and, though he hates having to do it, he uses his telepathic route to call Hannah.

Hannah knows Jonas is in trouble. She can feel it in her bones. He needs her. She can’t help until she knows where he is. The minute she hears him, she calls on the wind and sends a tornado to keep the mob away and to help Jackson get Jonas up a ladder and over the rooftop. As soon as they are clear, Jonas blacks out and falls unconscious. He wakes up in a hospital with Jackson’s all-seeing eyes watching. The doctor hardly finishes stitching Jonas when the Russians appear, and once more it’s a shootout. Gray’s men come on the scene and Jonas and Jackson are able to get out alive once again. Hannah is furious with Jonas because he promised he would not take another dangerous assignment. He is supposed to work as sheriff in the small town of Sea Haven and be safe! She was all alone during this latest mission with none of her sisters to help keep him safe or assist in healing him, and she has some choice words of her own for Jonas.

Hannah and Jonas are true opposites, and their attraction to each other is beyond strong; it’s indescribable. They’ve loved for so long it has become a need, but neither is willing to share their true feelings. Jonas, always the protector, hates Hannah’s job as a top fashion model. He rages when other men even look at her. Jealous isn’t a word that even touches the way he feels. He’s very dominating and demanding and wants to claim Hannah as his own. It’s only his deep love and understanding that keep him calm enough to hide his anger from her, most of the time, that is. When they finally do share their feelings, the result is an explosion! Jonas considers it a done deal, and all he can think about is having Hannah and making her HIS forever.

SAFE HARBOR is a highly emotional love story, but also one packed with more action and suspense than any previous Drake series tale. This is Jonas and Hannah's story, but all of the sisters play a large part, sharing their love for each other and Jonas. Jackson and Ilya Prakenskii have larger parts than in previous stories, and they make it known which sister they lay claim to. The sisters' humor comes out as they have a little fun with them. I can't wait to see these strong, domineering men meet their matches in Jolie and Elle. I know followers of the Drake series have been waiting for SAFE HARBOR. It's difficult not to give spoilers because there is so much to tell. But I can promise you will be thrilled by the time you reach the end. By then you'll know Hannah and Jonas inside and out, and if you didn't love them before, you will now. Don't even think of missing this one. It's absolutely terrific and quite deserving of a Perfect 10!

Carol Carter

(Yes, the blog mistress is back! And no, I did not attend the recent RWA conference)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Blog taking a holiday...but you can still chat!

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Hi folks...the blog mistress is going on vacation for a few days so no new posts until after she gets back. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

When I come back, I promise another giveaway. :) And more author interviews and reviews posted. In the meantime, I invite you to a chat this coming Friday the 13th over at RWA Online. Authors who aren't going to the National Conference in Dallas have been invited and there will be door prizes!!!!!!!
If you're not doing anything that night from 9pm eastern time until 11pm eastern time, then hop on over there and join the fun.

You can access the chat room here --> rwaonlinechapter chat room


In the meantime....see ya when I get back!!!!!
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Perfect 10: EXIT STRATEGY by Kelley Armstrong

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EXIT STRATEGY - Kelley Armstrong
A Perfect 10
Bantam Books
ISBN: 978-0-553-58819-4
July 2007
Crime Fiction/Thriller

The United States and Canada, the Present

I didn't expect to like a novel about a hired killer, especially a female one. But Kelley Armstrong pulls off a miracle. Not only did I immediately like the Canadian ex-cop, I even liked her enigmatic mentor in the world of hitmen. Nadia Stafford's past left her with a desperate longing to see justice done. Though that passion is rigidly controlled beneath her cool exterior most of the time, a single episode where that control snapped led to her discharge from the force...and for her family and former friends to desert her. Nadia invested her all -- monetarily and emotionally -- into Red Oak Lodge, a wilderness camp on Ontario's Crescent Lake. Her funds are limited, so from time to time, she takes a commission to solve a problem for a New York mob family, but only if that problem involves one of the bad guys.

Nadia has recently returned to the lodge after taking out a punk drug dealer when she's approached by Jack; that's the only name she knows him by, and he's one of the very few who know her real identity. Jack invites her to join him in finding and stopping the serial killer who is terrorizing the States by murdering at random across the country. The Helter Skelter killer's expertise has led the authorities to believe he's a pro. This puts pressure on all hitmen...and that is bad for business.

Jack introduces Nadia to the rest of the group; decide for yourselves how to take them, for they are hitmen all, including grandmotherly Evelyn, who's like no grandmother you'd ever want to know. One other member of the group of five, however, merits some mention for having reasons in common with Nadia for what he does. If anything of a romantic nature develops for Nadia, there are a couple of possible candidates, but EXIT STRATEGY will be followed by at least one more novel starring Nadia Stafford.

Ms. Armstrong is GOOD!! She does an excellent job developing her main characters, so much so that they are every bit as fascinating as the thrilling plot. So is the attention to detail with the many disguises and techniques used by the group in their hunt for the killer. A hunt that will see Nadia place herself in harm's way. The bulk of the book is written in first person from Nadia's viewpoint, but each new killing is described in a short chapter written in third person.

You've seen the word riveting in reviews and I've used it myself, but after reading EXIT STRATEGY, I really know the meaning of the word. Have you ever seen they way a rivet gun works? Or a pneumatic nailer? Well, that compares with the way my eyes were nailed to the pages of EXIT STRATEGY. Kelley Armstrong's ability to mesmerize with exciting action while making flawed characters sympathetic is enormous. In recognition of that fact, I'm awarding EXIT STRATEGY one of RRT's rare Perfect 10s. She's also the author of a paranormal series about women of the Otherworld. Check out her website at www.kelleyarmstrong.com.

Jane Bowers

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ask Five with....CARA NORTH!!

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Meet Cara North! She might be new as a published author, but she has a great future ahead of her.
Cara is really nice and I'm thrilled she's our guest this weekend. If you have any questions for her, feel free to ask!

Sit back and meet Cara...

What is the title of your latest release and what's it about?

The latest release is The Art of Ethan. It is about Grace, a schoolteacher who seems to be stuck in a rut with her life. She has a routine and nothing breaks it, she has settled into being who she is though she deperately wants something more. When her cousin Megan brings Chase, Megan's Fiance and his older brother Ethan to visit, all bets are off. Ethan hasn't had to work for a womans attention in a long time so Grace is a challenge he hopes to win- and win over forever.

What made you decide to become a writer?

I've always journaled. When I was a kid I would make up characters and stories. My mother said I wrote a book when I was little and the school kept it. I know it is something I have to do to be sane. If I go long periods of time without writing in some fashion, I start to get irritable and cranky and man I am no fun to be around then.

For you, what comes first, the characters or the plot?

Characters. Once I know who they are and what they want it is easier for me to make it hard for them to get it. LOL!

Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Lori Foster is my all time favorite author, her characters drive the stories and I love that. As friendship/mentoring goes I would have to say that Judi McCoy has a huge influence on me, Crystal B. Bright/Bridgette Midway reminds me to keep pushing and keep promoting. Stella Price is a very good friend of mine and her artwork and promotional ideas know no bounds. But Diane Merlin is the person who I have to credit with starting all of this for me. I found her phone number on a bookstore door and thought if this lady is brave enough to put her number on the door then she is serious about writing and she is- I love her, she is one of my very best friends now and though it is years later, we still try to meet and critique, just not as often as before when we were not published.

Finally, what's coming up in the near future for you?

Sanity? LOL! I wish. I will have both the Beaufort Series and The Cowboy Series out in print by the end of 2008. I have several other stories competing for my attention in my head right now, who knows which will win by the time I get to sit down and write them.

Please let me say thank you for this interview and for those who came to the blog to read it. I am a small fish in a small pond and I know that, so every opportunity is valuable to me. For that reason I will send Patti one print copy each of The Art of Ethan and Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off as soon as I get them so she can give them away to the readers. In the meantime you can see what else I am working on at http://www.teasepublishingllc.com/teasepub2.htm

Hugs to you all,

Thanks Cara! Check out Cara's website here.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Chat Notice and a review up!

Friday night there will be a chat in the Romance Reviews Today chat room starting at 9:30pm eastern time. I mention this because there will book giveaways!

Come join me! I look forward to it.

You can access the chatroom by clicking
here and going into the 'RRT' Chat room.

Meanwhile, enjoy this July review:

Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-22170-4
July 2007
Paranormal Romance

Broken Heart, Oklahoma - Present Day

Eva LeRoy has made mistakes in her life, but she's trying hard to improve it. Sure, she was knocked up as a teenager and dropped out of school, but she has done right by her daughter. She has worked hard, educated herself, and when she inherited the Broken Heart Library from her Grandmother, she knew that this would be a fresh start for her and her daughter, Tamara. What she didn't expect was to be killed and then turned into a vampire! And what's worse, she's falling for Lorcan, the vampire/werewolf who killed her.

Lorcan O'Halloran cannot forgive himself for what he has done. He killed eleven single parents in Broken Heart, forcing the Consortium to turn them into vampires, and now he finds himself drawn to one of the people he wronged, the smart, funny and magnetic Evangeline LeRoy. He knows that he should stay away from her, but his heart longs for her and the peace she brings him. If she can forgive him for wronging her, can he forgive himself to find love and happiness with her?

DON’T TALK BACK TO YOUR VAMPIRE is the second book in the series following I’M THE VAMPIRE THAT’S WHY and a continuation of the funny, but also serious chronicles of the town of Broken Heart. I found the story (not the vampire stuff, but the parts about the people who are struggling to blend their new lives as vampires, with the lives of their children) to be very realistic, and I enjoyed the fact that Eva remained the same person she was before she became a vampire. Lorcan seemed a little "Angel"-ish at times (the vampire character from the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series), but he was able to break out of the tortured, angst ridden vampire mode, and get me to like him.

The only problem I had with the story was the Consortium. (Pause…deep breath) Their highhanded treatment of the newly turned people of Broken Heart had me biting my lip from time to time. Apparently, when you become an "other" you lose the ability to make your own choices and a group of Elders can decide what you need without asking you. I can go on…but I wont. Anyway, I have to say that if you enjoyed reading I’M THE VAMPIRE THAT’S WHY, you'll enjoy DON'T TALK BACK TO YOUR VAMPIRE. I certainly did.

Erin Figueroa

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Holiday!

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Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone! If you're looking for some great reading, be sure to head to your nearest store and check out these books. The reviews are just being posted by our hardworking webmistress, Terrie.

Romance Reviews Today:

A THOUSAND VOICES - Lisa Wingate - A Perfect 10 - Present Day - Kansas City, MO & the Kiamichi Mountains, OK - Marilyn - Contemporary Fiction

A WANTED MAN - Linda Lael Miller - A Stone Creek Novel, Book 2 - 1905 - Stone Creek, Arizona Territory - Diana - 20th Century Historical

A WARRIOR'S TAKING - Margo Maguire - 981 - Isle of Coruain - Sandra - Paranormal Romance

ALL CREATURES GREAT AND ... DEAD - Mary Ann Chulick - Present Day - Priam, OH - Amy - Mystery w/romantic elements

AND MURDER FOR DESSERT - Kathleen Delaney - Santa Louisa, California Coast - Jane - Mystery - Cozy

AT THE EDGE - Cait London - The Aisling's - Book 1 - Present Day - Montana - Sinclair - Contemporary Romance w/ paranormal elements

CHOSEN - Amelia Elias - Guardian's League - Book 3 - Present Day - New Orleans, LA - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance

CODE NAME: BIKINI - Christina Skye - Code Name series - Present Day- A cruise ship along the Pacific Coast - Robin - Romantic Suspense

CROSSING THE LINE - Catherine Stang - Present Day - Los Angeles, CA - Marilyn - Romantic Suspense

DEAD DROP - Karen Wiesner - Incognito Series, Book 4 - Present Day- Minneapolis, MN & Chicago, IL - Nickole - Romantic Action/Adventure

DON'T TALK BACK TO YOUR VAMPIRE - Michele Bardsley - Present Day - Broken Heart, OK - Erin - Paranormal Romance

DRAGON HEAT - Allyson James - Dragon series, Book 1 - Present Day - San Francisco, CA & Dragonspace - Lori - Paranormal Romance

EXIT STRATEGY - Kelley Armstrong - A Perfect 10 - Present Day - USA & Canada - Jane - Thriller

FINDING MS. RIGHT - Lori Soard - Present Day - Amy - Contemporary Romance

FIRST COMES LOVE - Whitney Lyles - Present Day- San Diego, CA - Diana - Contemporary Fiction

GIDEON - Jacqueline Frank - The Nightwalkers, Book 2 - Present Day- Sinclair - Paranormal Romance

HEAD ON - Colleen Thompson - Present Day - Eudena, TX - Marilyn - Romantic Suspense

HEART DANCE - Robin D. Owens - Druida City, Celta - 405 years after Colonization - Jani - Science Fiction Romance

HEART'S DELIGHT - Ruth Ryan Langan - 1890 - Chicago, IL & Delight, WI - Carol - Historical Romance

HEAT WAVE - Stephanie Bond, Leslie Kelly, Heidi Betts - Patti - Anthology - Contemporary Romance

HIDDEN AGENDA'S - Lora Leigh - Tempting SEALs, Book 4 - Present Day - Atlanta, GA - Jennifer - Romantic Suspense

HOT ICE - Cherry Adair - Present Day - San Cristobel, South America & Africa - Sinclair - Action Adventure Romance

HUNTER'S SALVATION - Shiloh Walker - Present Day - Kathy - Paranormal Romantic Suspense

IN DARKNESS REBORN - Alexis Morgan - Paladins of Darkness, Book 3 - Present Day - Seattle, WA - Lori - Paranormal Romance

JENNIFER SCALES AND THE MESSENGER OF LIGHT - Mary Janice Davidson & Anthony Alongi - Present Day - Winoka, MN - Amanda

KISS ME DEADLY - Susan Kearney - Present Day - Tampa, FL - Carol - Romantic Suspense

LADY STRUMPET - Gia Dawn - Demons of Dunmore, Book 2 - Medieval Times - The Kingdom of Westmyre - Lori - Fantasy Romance

LET'S MISBEHAVE - Lisa Plumley - Present Day - Southern California & Arizona - Carol - Contemporary Romance

LOVE, SUBURBAN STYLE - Wendy Markham - Present Day - Glenhaven Park, Westchester County, New York - Jane - Contemporary Romance

MY SISTER IS A WEREWOLF - Kathy Love - Young Brothers, Book 4 - West Pines, W. VA - Lori - Paranormal Romance

MY SUMMER OF SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT - Stephanie Gayle - 2000 - Macon, GA - Marilyn - Contemporary Fiction

NAVAJO RED - Paula - Eldridge - 1800s - New Mexico - Marilyn - Historical Romance

NEFERTITI, Queen of Egypt, Daughter of Eternity - Michelle Moran - 1351 BC - Egypt - Jani - Historical Fiction

NEVER LIE TO A LADY - Liz Carlyle - 1828 - London, England - Jane - Historical Romantic Suspense

PEARL JINX - Sandra Hill - Spruce Creek, PA - Sandra - Contemporary Romance

SAFE HARBOR - Christine Feehan - Drake Sisters series, Book 3 - A Perfect 10 - Sea Haven, CA & New York City, NY - Present Day - Carol - Paranormal Romance

SANDCASTLES - Luanne Rice - Ireland & Connecticut - Present Day- Astrid - Contemporary Fiction

SHE'S NO ANGEL - Leslie Kelly - Trouble, PA - Patti - Contemporary Romance

SILK DREAMS - Diana Groe - 11th Century - Constantinople - Sandra - Historical Romance

SIMON SAYS - Lori Foster - Harmony, KY - Present Day - Patti - Contemporary Romance

SLEEPLESS AT MIDNIGHT - Jacquie D'Alessandro - A Perfect 10 - Mayhem in Mayfair, Book 1 - Kent, England - Regency Era - Jane - Historical Romance

SOUL SONG - Marjorie M. Liu - A Dirk & Steele Romance - Present Day- Vancouver, British Columbia - Jennifer - Paranormal Romance

TEMPTING - Susan Mallery - Seattle, WA - Present Day - Lisa - Contemporary Romance

THE DEATH LIST - Paul Johnson - Present Day- London, England - Kathy - Thriller

THE FRIENDS WE KEEP - Holly Chamberlain - Present Day- Boston, MA - Marilyn - Contemporary Fiction

THE HIDDEN WORLDS - Kristen Landon - Hidden Worlds - Kathy - Fantasy

THE MARK - Jason Pinter - Henry Parker series, Book 1 - A Perfect 10 - New York City, NY - Present Day - Diana - Suspense - Thriller

THE SECRET DIARIES OF MISS MIRANDA CHEEVER - Julia Quinn - Regency Era - England- Jani - Historical Romance

THE SUMMIT - Kat Martin - Present Day- Seattle, WA - Carolyn - Romantic Suspense

THIRTY NIGHTS WITH A HIGHLAND HUSBAND - Melissa Mayhue - Present Day - Denver, CO & 1272 - Sithean Fardach, Scottish Highland - Carolyn - Time Travel Romance

TOUCHING STARS - Emilie Richards - Present Day - Toms Brook, VA - Marilyn - Women's Fiction

UNDER THE ROSE - Diana Peterfund - An Ivy League Novel - Present Day - New Haven, CT - Lisa - Contemporary Fiction

UNTAMED COWBOY - Pam Crooks - 1885 - Texas - Jane - Historical Romance

WEB OF LOVE - Mary Balogh - Web Trilogy, Book 2 - 1815 - Belgium & England - Jane - Historical Romance

WEDDING BELL BLUES - Linda Windsor - The Piper Cove Chronicles, Book 1- Diana - Inspirational Romance

WHEN SHE WAS BAD - Cindy Kirk - Present Day- Chicago, IL - Jennifer - Contemporary Romance

WIRED - Liz Maverick - A Perfect 10 - San Francisco, CA - Kathy - Fantasy Adventure

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Another epublisher gone....

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In case you haven't heard, Triskelion Publishing has closed its doors. Oddly, it was on my list of popular and safe publishers a few months ago. Remember that post?

Of course, new ones are popping up and only time will tell if they last more than five years. It takes a lot of energy and time to be a publisher. My hats go off to anyone who does try their hand at electronic publishing.
I love ebooks and I'm willing to read new publishers, as well new authors. One site I'm keeping my eye on is Tease Publishing, which opens in August. Will be interesting to see what they have to offer and what authors will end up there.

My question to you readers...who are your favorite ebook authors?

Posted by (and the opinion of) PattiF

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The winners of Tori Carrington books are....

Congrats got to.....

LIS gets 'Red-Hot and Reckless.'


LINDA H gets 'Sofie Metropolis,'

Please email Lori and Tony at karayianni@aol.com with your info.

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