Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Reader's Corner!

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Name: Cathie (aka Caffey)

What are you currently reading? GRYHPON'S QUEST by Candace Sams (mostly just re-reading parts for notes) and SECRET FANTASY by Cheryl Holt (Just started this one)

What is your favorite romance genre (contemporary, historical, paranormal, etc) to read? I fell in love with reading historicals again when I got on the internet a few years ago and met some friends in chat rooms and realized all I was missing. I remember this friend dearly because she sent me a bag of books to try and I ended up reading Julia Quinn, sending them back to her and buying them again for my keepers shelf! She too introduced me to Karen Marie Moning. So historicals are always dear to me to read.

Recently I've gotten into paranormals (love vamps and werewolves) and recently fantasy romance. This has got to be the most fascinating reads! I just love how creative they a re and really looking for m ore to read of Fantasy romance.

Do you have a "to be read" pile and if so, how many book are approximately on it?
Gosh, you can't ask me to count! I really have no clue but I'd say it would be about 4 book cases full (not shelves, but the whole bookshelves) with paperbacks full. Part of my problem is so many keepers its hard to let go too. And I love to read new to me authors too.

If you could sit down and have lunch with five authors, dead or alive, which five would you like to be sitting there with you?

Jane Austin-I really would love to hear what she'd say about Darcy and if she'd write more of their story, what would she say?
Catherine Anderson-I fell in love with ANNIE'S SONG
Victoria Holt-Love her Gothics!
Mary Balogh-Again her historical, especially SILENT MELODY
Julianne Maclean-historical again! She's a sweet lady in her emails and so much joy in her stories

Name a book (and its author) that you've read recently that went on your keeper shelf.

DEVIL'S KISS by Brenda Williamson. (its a ebook but would love to get the print) Between her and Beth Williamson, Western Historical Romances are back!!!
(By the way, just before that, Teresa Mederios AFTER MIDNIGHT and THE VAMPIRE WHO LOVED ME, Paranormal Historical (vampire) went on the keepers shelf too, so lots went on there lately!)

Thanks for the questions. I love chatting books!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Cathie! - thanks for including me in your list of authors you'd like to have lunch with! I would totally enjoy all six of us getting together, if only Jane were available....

Thanks again,