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Ask Five with...Karen Kelley!!!

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One of the most anticipated books for my TBB list is Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind by Karen Kelley. The premise of a human, an alien and Ms. Kelley’s sexy brand of writing had me wanting this from the first moment I read a blurb. Plus, Karen is always a hoot to talk with. You never know what she’s up to. LOL

If you haven’t read a Karen Kelley book, then march yourself to the bookstore!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind is my next book and comes out April 1, 2007.

It's about an alien, Mala, who lives on the perfect planet but when she watches a documentary (Debbie Does The Sheriff) that her interplanetary traveling grandmother had stashed away, she knows she has to go in search of a sheriff of her own.

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind was a fun book to write. My local writers group always told me that comedy was my strength. I took their advice with this book. So far, the reviews have been great--maybe my writers group was right?

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

Ideas are everywhere. I never have to look very far. Like today, the plumber came over--wait, scratch that idea. The visual just wasn't there. LOL The newspaper is a good place to start. A local newspaper man decided he would dance with a male review that was going to be in town, and write an article in the local paper. I started playing the what if game and came up with a hero who challenges the people of New Orleans to come up with 10 jobs and he would do them. From that, Southern Exposure was born. Sometimes I'll come up with a great title, sometimes a character.

3. What is the hardest part of writing?

Actually writing! It's so much more fun to dream up stories. Writing is really hard. You sit in front of a computer for hours on end and hope the characters will come visit--and not the ad you looked at telling about the big sale going on at J.C. Penney.

4. How do you stay motivated?

It's when the characters do come out to play that I have the most fun. They whisper the funniest stuff in my ear and make me laugh. I think that's what motivates me the most. I want to know what's going to happen next as much as the reader.

5. What books are coming up in the next few months from you?

Sept. 2007: Double Dating With The Dead.

The last thing psychic Selena James wants to do is spend two weeks with cynical Trent Sanders in the infamous haunted hotel of Garvey County with two sex-starved ghosts.

Sept. 2007: The Morgue The Merrier anthology with Rosemary Laurey and Dianne Castell: My story is about two song writers who are calling it quits but a dead Elvis Impersonator has other ideas. I wrote a bonus book for this anthology and resurrected the Elvis impersonator--so to speak.

Oct. 2007: I'm Your Santa anthology with Lori Foster and Dianne Castell. I revisited Two Creeks, Texas. Bailey is Wade's sister (from Southern Comfort).

Karen, thank you for the fun interview! To learn more about Karen Kelley and her books, visit her website at

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THE ROSSETTI LETTER -- Christi Phillips
A Perfect 10
Pocket (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-2737-4
ISBN-10: 1-4165-2737-0
March 2007
General Fiction

Venice - 1617/18 and Present Day

Divorcee Claire Donovan has found a way to visit Venice, the city of her dreams. It may not be the way she thought she'd visit Italy, but chaperoning a fourteen-year-old girl can't be too complicated, can it? Well, it can and does get complicated, but at least Claire is in Venice and will have the opportunity to finish the research on her Ph. D. thesis on the Spanish plot to overthrow the Venetian government in the seventeenth century. Claire's theory is that the Venetians were informed of the invasion by a letter written by a famed courtesan who may have discovered it from one of her lovers. But Claire also knows that a prominent British historian is planning to present a completely different theory, so time is of the essence for Claire to finish her thesis.

Alessandra Rossetti has few choices left to her after her brother and father drown at sea. There is no money, but her enterprising mother prepared Alessandra to use her strikingly beautiful looks to maintain her freedom. After her long-term lover dies, she receives advice from one of Venice's most famous courtesans, and soon Alessandra is nearly as busy as her mentor. One of her lovers is the ambassador from Spain -- a secretive, mysterious man, and Alessandra soon is enmeshed in a frightening, dangerous plot that could not only destroy her, but also her beloved city.

What will Claire be able to find as she searches the libraries and streets of Venice, all the while trying to keep her charge out of trouble? And what about the historian from England who is determined to discover another answer to the puzzle of how the Venetian Council discovered the invasion plot? Did Alessandra have help? Or was she the heroine that Claire believes she was? All these answers will unfold in this fabulous debut novel.

Christi Phillips has written an amazingly detailed, beautifully composed story that moves seamlessly from the present day to the seventeenth century. The main characters have incredible depth, and the dialogue is realistic. Each heroine is dynamic and brave in her own way, but both are also real women with real issues that we can all relate to. Whom do you trust? Does love make one stronger? Secondary characters are as important as the main core of players in several instances, and the author knows how to create just enough mystery in these people to keep a reader wondering.

If this novel is any indication of the talent of this new author, it's one heck of a promising start. I cannot wait to read more from Christi Phillips. For a sometimes hair-raising, sometimes humorous visit to beautiful Venice, don't miss THE ROSSETTI LETTER!

Jani Brooks

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The Reader's Corner!

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Name: Linda.H.

What are you currently reading?
He Loves Lucy By: Susan Donovan (Very good read)

What is your favorite romance genre (contemporary, historical, paranormal, etc) to read?

Do you have a “to be read” pile and if so, how many book are approximately on it?
Yes don't all readers have a TBR pile LoL. I have about 100 or more and the silly part is I keep buying books and adding them to my TBR list LoL.

If you could sit down and have lunch with five authors, dead or alive, which five would you like to be sitting there with you?
This is a tough one why just five LoL. Cathryn Fox, Dyanne Davis, Sabrina Luna, Shirley Jump and Liddy Midnight.

Name a book (and its author) that you’ve read recently that went on your keeper shelf.
Not Quite A Bride by Kirsten Sawyer. This is her first book and I can't stop telling people about this book. I would love for this author to come out with more books. I would definitely buy them.

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Spotlight Review...STILL WATERS by Stephanie Burke

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From Changeling Press:

STILL WATERS - Stephanie Burke
The 13th Floor, Book 1
ISBN - 10: 1-59596-170-4
ISBN - 13: 978-1-59596-170-9
January 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance

RRTE Rating: Multiple-Os

Johansen Blakeley is a coward who ran away from his responsibilities to his people because he couldn't stomach marrying a disgusting human. Unfortunately, his flight took him unerringly to a floor that doesn't exist in a building that was not his intended destination. Now, ensconced in a room on the 13th floor, with most every physical need provided for, Johansen is bored out of his mind, still trying to figure out how to get out. Then she walks in and the game changes...

STILL WATERS is an intriguing concept and not your typical erotic romance. The 13th floor exists for a reason and those who go there must discover their particular key to open the lock that will enable them to return to their lives. Although technically a prison, the torture is sexy, mind-blowing, and possibly world-changing for the incarcerated. Johansen Blakeley, a Fey Prince of the Water, learns that STILL WATERS do run deeper than he expects.

Phillipa Ann - 3/15/07

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Updated Reviews at Romance Reviews Today!

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New reviews added March 20, 2007 by Terrie:

A SECRET LIFE - Barbara Dunlop - Hotel Marchand - Indigo, LA - Jane - Harlequin Special Release - Series Romance

A...MY NAME'S AMELIA - Joanne Sundell - 1880 - Colorado Springs - Sandra - Historical Romance

AKASHAN'TE - Vickey Burkholder - The Six Fiefdoms - Lori - Fantasy Romance

BLOOD MOON - Dawn Thompson - 1811 - Cumberland, England & Moldavia - Amy - Historical Paranormal Romance

BLOOD OF PARADISE - David Corbett - San Salvador, El Salvador, South America - Present Day -Diana - Political Crime Thriller

CALLING FOR A FUNERAL - Christine T. Jorgenson - A Perfect 10 - Denver, CO - Present Day - Robin - Mystery

DEADLY DECEIT - Lisa Diaz - San Diego, CA - Present Day - Vanessa - Contemporary Romance

DELIVER ME - Farrah Rochon - New Orleans, LA - Present Day - Lisa - Contemporary Romance

DEMON'S DELIGHT - M. Davidson/ C. Spangler/ E. Holly/ V. Taylor - Jennell - Anthology - Paranormal Romance

EL DIABLO - Catherine Snodgrass - Palm Springs, CA - Present Day - Vanessa - Romantic Suspense

FENZIG'S FORTUNE - Jean Rabe - Burlengren and K'Nosha - Lisa - Fantasy

FIREWORKS - Loribelle Hunt - Florida Panhandle - Patti - Samhain Publishing - Nibble

GAMES OF COMMAND - Linnea Sinclair -In a Galaxy Far FarAway - Ann - Science Fiction Romance

HERSELF - Leslie Carroll - New York & Dublin, Ireland - Present Day - Diana -Contemporary Romance

HIGHLAND WARRIOR - Connie Mason - 1415 - Scotland - Jani - Historical Romance

IN FLAMES - Michelle Perry - Tennessee & Arizona - Present Day - Marilyn - Romantic Suspense

IT HAD TO BE YOU - Sarah Webb - Burnaby, Ireland - Jane - Women's Fiction

LANE TO HEAVEN - Sara Daniel - Maplefield, IL & Los Angeles, CA - Present Day - Nickole - Contemporary Romance

PRIOR BAD ACTS - Tami Hoag - Minneapolis, MN - Present Day - Terrie - Suspense/Thriller

RALPHIE'S WIVES - Christine Rimmer - Oklahoma - Present Day - Terrie - Contemporary Romance

REAL VAMPIRES HAVE CURVES - Gerry Bartlett - Austin, TX - Present Day - Amy - Paranormal Romance

RELUCTANT RUNAWAY - Jill Elizabeth Nelson - To Catch a Thief, Book 2 - A Perfect 10 - Boston, MA & Albuquerque, NM - Present Day - Carol - Inspirational Romantic Suspense

SHIFT FOR HIRE - A.J. Cove - Earth - Present Day - Vi - Science Fiction Romance

SHIVER - Lisa Jackson - New Orleans, LA - Present Day - Terrie - Romantic Suspense

SUPER MOM SAVES THE WORLD - Melanie Lynne Hauser - Astro Park, KS - Present Day - Patti - Women's Fiction - Comedy

THE BEAUTY WITHIN - Leanna Karella - In the Runes - Adobe Grande and the Rocky Basin Ranch, MT - Present Day - Lori - Contemporary Romance

THE DIAGNOSIS OF LOVE - Maggie Leffler - US & England - Present Day - Lisa - Contemporary Fiction

THE SWORD AND THE SHEATH - Bonnie Vanak - The Egyptian series, Book 5 - Carolyn - Historical Romance

TO KEEP A HUSBAND - Lindsay Graves - San Carlino Linda, CA - Present Day - Marilyn - Women's Fiction

WINDREAPER - Charlotte Boyett-Compo - The Windlegends Saga, Book V - Serenia - Robin - Fantasy

Check out the reviews at

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Ask Five with...Carrie Alexander!!!

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A super fun lady who happens to write super sexy stories, Carrie Alexander is my guest on the blog. If you haven’t read one of her books yet, what are you waiting for? Whether you like them hot (Blaze) or emotional (Superromance) one can never go wrong picking up one of her books to read.

A little side note here: I picked up A READY-MADE FAMILY yesterday to read and am almost done with it. It just grabbed me from the first page. It is sooooo good. :)

In the meantime, get to know Carrie Alexander!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

I have two books on the shelves right now. They represent two sides of me, sides I like to call "Good Carrie" and "Bad Carrie." LOL. It's kind of strange, switching between two such drastically different types of books, but I like the variety!

From Good Carrie is A READY-MADE FAMILY, the fourth title in my ongoing Harlequin Superromance miniseries, North Country Stories. It's a sequel to A FAMILY CHRISTMAS, the story of Wild Rose's best friend, Lia Howard Pogue, who arrives in Alouette, Michigan with three tired, cranky kids, no money and a junker car. Lia is on the run, and gruff ex-Army Ranger Jake Robbin offers her a place to stay. This is a realistic yet feel-good story, very family oriented, and definitely qualifies for the "sweet" category.

Bad Carrie is appearing in the St. Martin's Press anthology REAL MEN DO IT BETTER, along with Susan Donovan, Lora Leigh and Lori Wilde. I'm keeping nice company! My novella is "His Body Electric" and it's a sizzler of a story. You know how romance characters always have great electricity? Well, in this story, they really, really do. The hero is a lightning rod!

2. What made you decide to become a full time writer?

Naiveté! I had no idea how difficult it was to actually make a living as a full-time writer, so I plunged ahead and did it long before I should have. When you're starting your career (unless you make a huge splash right out of the gates as a few people do), the only realistic way to write full time is to have a huge cushion of savings to fall back on. At the same time, I'm rather glad I took the chance, because I may not have stuck with writing during some of the lean years if I hadn't really, really needed that next contract. I'm impressed by writers who manage to work day jobs while still producing books in their "off" time. That shows real dedication and a burning desire to write.

That being said, in many ways being a full-time writer is the most wonderful job ever. No panty hose! No schedules! No bosses! No office politics! No shoes! However, you also need discipline and drive not to get caught up in all that marvelous freedom.

3. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

Imagination, of course. I'm not really one who scours popular news or listens in on conversations for inspiration, although there are often those elements to a book by the time it's finished. But mainly, my books are pure fiction. The ideas for them just seem to pop in my head at odd times--often while I'm deep in a deadline for another book, which can be frustrating because then I have to stop to take notes on my brilliant new idea. Or what seems brilliant at the time. I did have one book idea that came to me in a dream, about a woman who discovers a fairy trapped in a tin in her attic. That one never sold, even though it's one of my favorites. It just came to me too late to be hot on the market--apparently, fairies are past their prime. One other time I tried to sell an idea to Blaze that came from a news story about a woman being arrested for staging Passion parties, and that one didn't fly, either. So I'm sticking to my good old imagination from now on. It serves me well.

4. What do you do for fun in your spare time?

Read, watch TV and movies. I have a huge collection of my favorite movies, the accumulation is getting as bad as my TBR mountain range. I also like to swim and do a little gardening, plus trying to get back into art. I never have enough spare time to do it all.

5. What’s coming up in the near future for you?

I have a Blaze and a Superromance out later this year, respectively MY FRONT-PAGE SCANDAL (the Martini Dares miniseries) and A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS. But the project that I'm most excited about is top secret. It's a single title trilogy from an idea I've had simmering for some time, which recently morphed into something totally different for me, in a sub-genre I've never touched before. I'm working on the proposal for it next month and hoping like crazy I can get it down on paper the way it's popping in my brain. We shall see!

Carrie, thank you so much for the interview. To learn more about Carrie, visit her website at
Hopefully she’ll get it updated soon. Don’t worry, Carrie likes me anyway, even if I did just point that out. :D

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Spotlight Review...PRINCE OF SPIES

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DragonKnights, Book 4
Samhain Publishing -
ISBN: 1-59998-331-1
February 2007
Erotic Fantasy Romance
Rated: Red Hots!

Draconia, Skithdron and the Northlands - Medieval times

Nico, the second in line to the throne of Draconia, is known as the prince of Spies. He’s in Skithdron (an enemy country bordering Draconia) looking for the last missing daughter of Belora (a healer of royal lines). Loralie, the former “pet witch” of Salomar (the now deceased ruler, another enemy) told Lana, queen of Draconia, that her sister, Arikia, could be found in Skithdron. Surprised by Skithdron’s guards, Nico is taken to their king, Lucan and tortured for information. Though the torture inflicted by the madman is painful indeed, Nico finds himself grateful for the circumstances he finds himself in, for bound to Lucan’s bed is the woman he’s in search of, Arikia. Thin and unhealthy looking, she still shows signs of spirit and heals his injuries. When they’re left alone together, Nico confirms her identity, and then uses his abilities as a dragon shifter to release Arikia and escape with her into the night skies.

Arikia is astounded to feel an attraction towards the man Lucan tortures in front of her. Surprised by Nico’s ability to resist Lucan and bear horrible pain, she’s more surprised when he says her name. When he tells her who he is and that he’s come specifically for her and plans to reunite her with her lost family, Arikia (or Riki as she prefers to be called) is thrilled. To be free once again and away from Lucan and his maliciousness? Paradise indeed. If only she didn’t need to remain a virgin, she would show Nico exactly how grateful she is and satisfy this mysterious craving she has around him. But the witch Loralie made it clear that if she lost her virginity she would lose her powers of healing, and Riki can’t lose what makes her valuable to Lucan. If he should recapture her, she will need to be whole and able to heal, or he’ll kill her.

Time spent in close proximity soon reveals the truth to Nico, Riki is meant to be his mate, now he just has to convince her while they travel through the dangerous country of Skithdron to Draconia and safety. Never doubt the persuasive powers of a black dragon. ;-)

Fourth in the Dragon Knights series, PRINCE OF SPIES continues the tradition of heroic men and their equally admirable women. Nico found himself slightly jealous of his brother Roland when he found his mate in Lana, but when he meets Riki, he suddenly understands exactly how lucky his brother really is. Riki fills a place in his soul he never knew existed and he’ll do anything to keep this beautiful, mistreated woman alive, safe, and happy. Riki is surprised that she can feel attracted to Nico after all the perverted sexual acts she was forced to watch Lucan and others perform, and she thought she would never want to be intimate with anyone. But Nico makes sex and intimacy seem natural, right, and even fun. Falling in love with Nico seems inevitable, but Riki can’t imagine how Nico could love her. Hearing stories of the brave feats of her twin sister, Lana, Riki can’t help but feel inferior. If Lana could save herself from Salomar she should have been able to do the same. It will take many different revelations throughout the book for Riki to recognize her real worth and grasp her future with both hands, secure in the knowledge of her own talents and Nico’s love. Together the two make a stunning couple destined to help protect Draconia and their people.

Many people and dragons from the Dragon Knights series make appearances in PRINCE OF SPIES. We also meet some intriguing new characters; Drake is a bard, a member of Nico’s spy network, and his good friend; Zachari, Estella, Arabetta and Magda are members of the Jinn (a nomadic people known for their entertainment skills and warrior men) who offer their help to Nico and Riki, as well as information that will prove both disturbing and welcome.

As I did with all of the other Dragon Knights books (MAIDEN FLIGHT, BORDER LAIR and THE ICE DRAGON), I recommend PRINCE OF SPIES wholeheartedly. Imaginative, full of interesting twists and turns, this book and the others are simply not to be missed. Be sure to read them in order for full enjoyment. The next book in the series, FIRE DRAKE, is due out in early 2008. My thanks to Bianca for not wrapping up this series any time soon. :-)

Lori Ann

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The Reader's Corner!

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Name: Cathie (aka Caffey)

What are you currently reading? GRYHPON'S QUEST by Candace Sams (mostly just re-reading parts for notes) and SECRET FANTASY by Cheryl Holt (Just started this one)

What is your favorite romance genre (contemporary, historical, paranormal, etc) to read? I fell in love with reading historicals again when I got on the internet a few years ago and met some friends in chat rooms and realized all I was missing. I remember this friend dearly because she sent me a bag of books to try and I ended up reading Julia Quinn, sending them back to her and buying them again for my keepers shelf! She too introduced me to Karen Marie Moning. So historicals are always dear to me to read.

Recently I've gotten into paranormals (love vamps and werewolves) and recently fantasy romance. This has got to be the most fascinating reads! I just love how creative they a re and really looking for m ore to read of Fantasy romance.

Do you have a "to be read" pile and if so, how many book are approximately on it?
Gosh, you can't ask me to count! I really have no clue but I'd say it would be about 4 book cases full (not shelves, but the whole bookshelves) with paperbacks full. Part of my problem is so many keepers its hard to let go too. And I love to read new to me authors too.

If you could sit down and have lunch with five authors, dead or alive, which five would you like to be sitting there with you?

Jane Austin-I really would love to hear what she'd say about Darcy and if she'd write more of their story, what would she say?
Catherine Anderson-I fell in love with ANNIE'S SONG
Victoria Holt-Love her Gothics!
Mary Balogh-Again her historical, especially SILENT MELODY
Julianne Maclean-historical again! She's a sweet lady in her emails and so much joy in her stories

Name a book (and its author) that you've read recently that went on your keeper shelf.

DEVIL'S KISS by Brenda Williamson. (its a ebook but would love to get the print) Between her and Beth Williamson, Western Historical Romances are back!!!
(By the way, just before that, Teresa Mederios AFTER MIDNIGHT and THE VAMPIRE WHO LOVED ME, Paranormal Historical (vampire) went on the keepers shelf too, so lots went on there lately!)

Thanks for the questions. I love chatting books!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ask Five with...Lucinda Betts!!!

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This month, MOON SHADOW by Lucinda Betts was released to rave reviews. Lucinda is always helpful and outgoing with readers and aspiring authors and definitely a fan favorite.

Enjoy our little visit with Lucinda:

"What is the title of your latest release and what’s
it about?"

MOON SHADOW came out this month, and I couldn't be
more excited about it. RT gave it a 4-star review.
Fallen Angels made it a recommended read, and Road to
Romance gave it a critics choice award. Now I hope it

Here's my favorite quote:
"Ms. Betts’ spellbinding pen dripped with carnality
and magic, unlike anything this reviewer has ever read
--Road to Romance

Here's a summary of the story from Road to Romance:
Esmenet Sokaris is a gold level, spell casting wonder.
Her spells are used to help others, but her work is
never done and she needs an assistant to help her. In
casting a very sexy and hot spell to attract the right
assistant, Esmenet will find that she will get more
than she bargained for. For you see, her assistant
will have to be a male that will have sex with her
over and over again to procure that perfect potion for
helping her clients. And, with his assistance, she
might find something very special within herself.
Magic truly can happen, if one believes in the power
of love!

Gage Feldspar will be that perfect assistant, with all
the correct genetics to help Esmenet in her spell
casting. But, Gage has not had an easy life of late,
nevertheless getting a job, any job is what he
desperately needs. Some things happen for a reason,
and Gage will learn a valuable lesson by the hands of
a master—Esmenet.

Esmenet is a good person and she great at her job of
casting helpful spells to create potions that will
cure her clients, though she is a terrible
housekeeper. She cannot work without an assistant to
create the potions she needs and desires, so casting a
spell to attract him seems like the best idea.

When a slip of paper with a job for an assistant blows
into Gage’s life, he is as down on his luck as a
person can be and it looks to be something he could
do. So, he applies using his low-level magic to
enhance his looks for Esmenet. She sees right through
his glamour, but there is something about him she
takes to and will give him a try.

Together, these two will have to overcome obstacles
and danger that will cross their paths. The sexual
chemistry between them is an inferno that keeps
igniting over and over again throughout the novel. The
spells they cast together are beautiful and erotic.

"How do you come up with ideas for your stories?"

Funny you should ask this. I'm holding a free workshop
on this topic at Charlotte Dillon's RWC loop starting
this Wednesday, March 14. It runs until the next

"What is the hardest part of writing?"

Computer games. When I get stuck or lazy, the siren
song of the computer game calls, and it's hard to
resist. But you should see my Super Collapse scores!

"How do you stay motivated?"

I make sure that I do a lot of fun things in my free
time so that I don't feel bitter while sitting in
front of the computer. I've been taking Salsa lessons
(yummy!) over the winter, and I just started with
yoga. I ride horses, and I spend a lot of time
plotting while driving back and forth to the barn.
That way I don't feel guilty for the time I spend
there. There's no hope for the guilt about the money I
spend on horses though!

"What’s coming up in the near future for you?"

My next single title comes out in June. It's called
THE SUPPLICANT. Then I have a unicorn story coming out
as a single title next year as well as a centaur tale.
I'm in an anthology called EROS ISLAND with Devyn
Quinn and Dawn Thompson next year as well. That
novella is set on ancient Crete and features a centaur

Thank you, Lucinda!

Learn more about Lucinda by visiting her site at

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Perfect 10: Scavenger by David Morrell

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SCAVENGER - David Morell
A Perfect 10
Vanguard Press (Hardcover)
ISBN: 1-59315-441-0
March 2007

Manhattan, New York & Wyoming - Present Day

Frank Balenger survived the horrors of the Paragon Hotel and the evil that resided there and saved Amanda Evert, the damsel in distress. Balenger got the girl, but almost lost his sanity. It's months later and Balenger and Amanda are living together and slowly getting over the horror they endured when Balenger receives an invitation to the Manhattan Historical Society to listen to a lecture on time capsules.

Balenger is fascinated by history, so he and Amanda attend the lecture. But something happens during the lecture and the next thing Balenger knows, he wakes up in front of the Paragon Hotel -- the site of his nightmares -- and Amanda is nowhere in sight.

Amanda awakens in an unfamiliar room and realizes she has been abducted. But she's not the only one; four other people are in the house with Amanda, and none of them knows how they got there.

It soon becomes apparent that Amanda and her companions have been chosen to play a deadly game. They are on a scavenger hunt with only the cryptic clues delivered by their unseen host, via individual headsets, and their own ingenuity to help them win the ultimate game of life and death. As the group heads into the wilderness, it's anyone's guess who will survive to win the game.

In his desperate attempt to find Amanda, Balenger is soon drawn into the game. With only forty hours of game time, Balenger must use all his wits and skills to find Amanda, figure out the game, and beat the Game Master before they all die.

SCAVENGER is a chilling novel that pits high tech ingenuity against the human desire to survive. SCAVENGER picks up only months after CREEPERS, the previous novel featuring Frank Balenger, ends. After reading CREEPERS last year, I was looking forward to reading SCAVENGER, although I feared it might not meet my high expectations, but SCAVENGER surpasses anything I could have imagined. Beyond the sheer thrill factor built into each chapter, the characters themselves are a fascinating group. Besides Amanda and Balenger, there is a history professor whose help and knowledge are invaluable to Balenger, and there is the group trapped in the wilderness with Amanda that includes Vi and Derrick, a couple who are expert mountain climbers; Ray, recently released from duty in Iraq; and Bethany, a young woman who survived an accident despite unbeatable odds. Each of the characters is important to the plot and is meticulously created.

Balenger is a man who has been through so much I kept expecting the next straw would break him. But he's stronger than even he imagines, and he never stops, never quits, and refuses to surrender to his fears. Amanda also shines in this novel and is shown to be a survivor equal to Balenger in every way. The Game Master, or villain, is a complicated character. Brilliant, but so twisted he is completely irredeemable.

From the first page to the last hair-raising line, SCAVENGER is a novel that will keep you up late into the night rapidly turning the pages to see who will survive the ultimate reality game. SCAVENGER is a must read for fans of the genre and deserving of an RRT Perfect 10.

Terrie Figueroa

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ask Five with....Myla Jackson!

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Today we have the chance to meet one of the Allure Authors...Myla Jackson! Steamy, sensual and one of the hottest writers around! Myla is fun to chat with and willing to share her writing knowledge with aspiring authors. Her latest story is part of the Alluring Tales anthology. You can view the RRTE review here. It was recently chosen as the book readers most wanted here on the RRT Blog.

Come meet...Myla Jackson!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

Alluring Tales - Awaken the Fantasy is a collection of short stories by the Allure Authors. They're sexy, fun and great for bed time stories if you like a little spice before bed. My story in the book is about a vampire-fighting Houston cop who needs to evacuate the city due to a coming hurricane. When he discovers his sexy neighbor hasn't left, he spends the night weathering the storm with her only to find she's a woman with a tendency to bite.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

I brainstorm with my sister, Delilah Devlin, and I find ideas in strange places like on the news, in magazines, triggered by other shows, books and twists on fairy tales.

3. What advice can you give aspiring authors?

Persist! If you really want to write, you can't stop after writing your first chapter or your first novel. You can't stop when you get your first rejection. So the first one didn't sell, I had 7 written before I sold one. I've had many rejections before I sold and many more since. Grow a tough skin and keep trying!

4. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Mostly my sister, Delilah Devlin. We started writing at the same time as a challenge and we haven't stopped since. We love to brainstorm ideas and dream about our next book with each other. She's my inspiration and task master when I get lazy. I love her, but don't tell her that. She'll get a big head.

5. What’s coming up in the near future for you?

In June 07 - Wild, Wild Women of the West is collection of historical western erotic stories by authors Myla Jackson (me), Delilah Devlin and Layla Chase. They're fun, sexy and worth a trip to the book store.

Thank you, Myla!

To learn more about Myla, you can visit her website at or hop on over to the site.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spotlight Review on....My Favorite Earthling by Susan Grant!

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Earthling series, Book 2
ISBN: 0-373-77192-4
March 2007
Science Fiction Romance

Sacramento, California and the Planet Sakka – Present Day

Although he comes from California's version of the Kennedys, Jared Jasper has never felt the urge to enter politics. He's quite content with his career as a real estate developer and even does his bit of duty by serving as a fighter pilot for the National Guard. In fact, Jared just helped his younger sister, Jana, save the world. Literally. Unfortunately, Jared knows that their bluff of a fleet of spaceships ready to defend Earth just put off the inevitable. Out in space, the Coalition is at war with the Drakken Hoard and, in their quest to stay ahead of their enemy, the Coalition is "acquiring" planets, and Earth is on their wish list. Knowing his planet's in danger of a hostile takeover makes Jared wish he could do more to help. Jared gets his wish when he and his other sister, Evie, find an alien spacecraft that's crash landed on the family ranch.

Now, there's a universally accepted truth that men get a little excited when it comes to fast things…be it cars, boats, or alien spaceships. Jared is no exception, and with the call name "The Prince," he lets his aggressive, mouthy fighter pilot alter ego out to check out the inside of the empty craft. However, Jared gets a surprise when the view screen suddenly comes to life and he finds himself face to face with an alien female -- a knock 'em dead gorgeous alien babe threatening to do him bodily harm. There's only one thing for Jared to do -- let out the "Prince" and do some major trash talking. Hoping to scare off the Coalition once and for all, Jared announces himself as the Prince of Earth and tells the babe off with threats of Earth's might before shutting her off. That done, Jared heads back to his regular life…or so he thinks.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, Queen Keira of Sakka, a living Goddess worshipped by trillions and the figurehead of the Coalition, is outraged and disturbed by the encounter with Earth's Prince. As the last of her line, Keira has lived in isolation since she was six years old when her family was killed. With the Drakken threat growing, Keira's advisors have been looking for a suitable consort for her, but each candidate seems to die or disappear. Faced with this new threat from Earth, the advisors decide that a treaty would be best. Of course, what better way to cement a treaty than to marry their Queen to Earth's Prince.

Faced with an entire planet pathetically grateful for his personal sacrifice, Jared really has no choice but to agree to the marriage. Truth be told, Jared hasn't stopped thinking about Keira ever since his little chat with her. So he really isn't a prince, but that would be his (and Earth's) little secret. Jared plans to make the best of his situation and woo his prickly bride. Of course, there's also a little matter of repeated assassination attempts and the ever present Drakken Hoard. Oh well, the road to true love never runs smooth.

Nobody does extra-terrestrials like Susan Grant, and she proves it again with MY FAVORITE EARTHLING, the second book featuring the Jasper siblings and the aliens who love them. He may come from a famous family, but Jared's really a regular guy at heart and that makes him the perfect match for Keira. Isolated for most of her life, Keira has been surrounded by intrigue and plots even as she is worshipped as a goddess across the galaxy. It takes an Earthling to truly show her how to live and love. Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew meets Star Wars (and yes, there even is a Darth Vaderish kind of villain) in this rollicking space adventure that will leave you hooked to the very end.

Isabelle Spencer


By the way, for those of you looking for a fun chat, every third Saturday of the month Fatin hosts a TRIVIA chat in the Romance Reviews Today chat room. She gives away books as prizes, but the best part is the fun you'll have while playing!

Come join Fatin this Saturday (March 17th) at 9PM Eastern Time in the RRT Chatroom. You can reach it directly by clicking

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The Reader's Corner

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Name: Shauna

What are you currently reading?

What is your favorite romance genre (contemporary, historical, paranormal, etc) to read? Historical

Do you have a “to be read” pile and if so, how many book are approximately on it? Of course......its at least 200

If you could sit down and have lunch with five authors, dead or alive, which five would you like to be sitting there with you?
Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Maggie Osborne, Celeste Bradley, Mary Balogh. (Do you know how hard it was to limit it to 5!!!)

Name a book (and its author) that you’ve read recently that went on your keeper shelf. Elizabeth Hoyt THE RAVEN PRINCE, this debut book just blew me away....I cannot stop raving about it!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Winner is...........

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**** Traveler ****

Please email Patti at with subject Blog Winner and your full name and mailing address inside.

Don't forget to check out the latest reviews at Romance Reviews Today!

Interview with Barbara Dunlop

Interview with Christine Rimmer

A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED DEATH - Nancy Martin - A Blackbird Sisters Mystery - Philadelphia, PA - Present Day - Jani - Mystery

A NECESSARY RISK - Kathleen Long - Princeton, NJ - Present Day - Jennifer - HI #976 - Series Romance

A WRINKLE IN CRIME - T. Dawn Richard - Spokane, WA - A May Mist Mystery - Carolyn - Mystery

ANGEL IN THE MIST - Suzanne M. Wilkie - Kilmarnock, Scotland - 1298 - Courtney - Historical Romance

AROUSING SUSPICIONS - Marianne Stillings - Darling Detective Agency, Book 1 - San Francisco, CA - Present Day - Sinclair - Romantic Suspense

BELLADONNA - Anne Bishop - The Landscapes of Ephemera, Book 2 - Ephemera - Kathy - Fantasy

BENEATH THE SKIN - Savannah Russe - The Darkwing Chronicles, Book 3 -Manhattan, NY - Present Day - Anthonette - Paranormal Fiction

CALL ME CUPID - Sydney Somers - Valentine's Day - Isabelle - Paranormal Romance - Short Story

CHALLENGING CARTER - Kate Davies - Seattle, WA - Present Day - Patti - Contemporary Romance - Short

CHAMELEON - R. Casteel - Georgia - Present Day - Kathy - Paranormal Romance

CLOSE TO YOU - Kathryn Shay - New York - Present Day - Joyce - Romantic Suspense

DEADLY GAME - Christine Feehan - Ghostwalker series, Book 5 - Wyoming & Montana - Present Day - Carol - Paranormal Romance

DIAMOND - Mia Romano - Bakersville - Present Day - Kathy - Romantic Suspense - Cobblestone - Nibble

FAIRIE DUST - Yolonda Sfetsos - Sydney, Australia - Present Day - Kathy - Fantasy Romance - Cobblestone - Nibble

FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE - Kim Harrison - Hollows series, Book 5 - Cincinnati, OH - Present Day - Kathy - Paranormal Fiction

FORTUNE'S VENGEFUL GROOM - Charlene Sands - Dakota Fortunes, Book 3 - Sioux Falls, SD & Bozeman, MT - Nickole - SD #1783 - Series Romance

GO FETCH - Shelly Laurenston - Magnus Pack, Book 2 - Seattle, WA - Present Day - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance

INTIMATE DANGER - Amy J. Fetzer - Ecuador, Peru & Virginia - Present Day - Carolyn - Romantic Suspense

LEARNING TO BREATHE - Karen White - A Perfect 10 - Indianola, LA - 2004 - Robin - Contemporary Romance

LOVER REVEALED - J.R. Ward - A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3 - Caldwell, NY - Present Day - Marilyn - Paranormal Romance

MISS FAIRMONT AND THE GENTLEMAN INVESTIGATOR - Pat White - The Blackwell Group, Book 3 - England & Scotland - Present Day - Carolyn - HI #980 - Series Romance

MY ANGEL - Denise Skelton - USA - Present Day - Sinclair - Contemporary Romance

MY FAVORITE EARTHLING - Susan Grant - Earthling series, Book 2 - Sacramento, CA & Planet Sakka - Present Day - Isabelle - Sci Fi Romance

MY LORD'S DESIRE - Margaret Moore - 1204 - Wiltshire, England - Carol - Historical Romance

NEW MOON - Rebecca York - Maryland and Sun Acres - Present Day - Jennifer - Paranormal Romance

PRINCE OF MAGIC - Linda Winestead Jones - Children of the Moon, Book 1 - Columbyana - Jennifer - Fantasy Romance

REDEMPTION - Jacquelin Thomas - Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - Present Day - Diana - Christian Fiction

SCAVENGER - David Morell - A Perfect 10 - Manhattan, NY & Wyoming - Present Day - Terrie - Thriller

SILVER BLADE - Michelle Levigne - Red Queen, Book 2 - 60 A.D. - England - Robin - Paranormal Romance

THE AMALFI BRIDE - Ann Major - The Amalfi Coast, Italy - Present Day - Carolyn - SD #1784 - Series Romance

THE BARE TRUTH - Elizabeth Clarke - 1898 - London, England - Jane - Historical Romance

THE FORTUNE QUILT - Lani Diane Rich - Tucson & Bilby, AZ - Present Day - Diana - Women's Fiction

THE GOOD FIGHT - Esther Mitchell - The Garrison, Book 4 - Zurin Five Prison Colony - The Future - Vi - Sci Fi Romance

THE HOURGLASS - Barbara Metzger - Hell, Waterloo and England - 1815 - Jane - Historical Romance w/paranormal elements

THE MATCHBREAKER - Chris Manby - London, England - Present Day - Patti - Chick Lit

THE PRINCES MISTRESS - Day Leclaire - The Royals, Book 2 - Mt. Roche, Principality of Verdon, Verdonia - Present Day - Patti - SD #1786 - Series Romance

THE QUEST FOR THE HOLY VEIL - Kimberly Llewellyn - Nahant, MA - Present Day - Patti - Chick Lit

THE ROSSETTI LETTER - Christi Phillips - A Perfect 10 - 1617-1618 - Venice, Italy - Jani - Historical Fiction

THE SECOND MRS. DARCY - Elizabeth Aston - England, circa 1822 - Jane - Historical Fiction

THE SISTER SWITCH - Pamela Ford - Miniseries: Single with Kids - San Francisco, CA - Present Day - Marilyn - HSR #1404 - Series Romance

THE SPINSTER SISTER'S - Stacey Ballis - Chicago, IL - Present Day - Jennell - Chick Lit

THE TYCOON'S HIDDEN HEIR - Yvonne Lindsey - New Zealand Knights, Book 3 - Auckland, New Zealand - Jennifer - SD #1788

THIRTY DAY AFFAIR - Maureen Child - Millionaire of the Month, Book 1 - Lake Tahoe, CA - Present Day - Patti - Series Romance

UNDER THE MILLIONAIRE'S INFLUENCE - Catherine Mann - Charleston, SC - Present Day -Patti - SD #1787 - Series Romance

VISIONS OF HEAT - Nalini Singh - Psy-Changeling, Book 2 - 2079 - San Francisco, CA - Lori - Paranormal Romance

WITHOUT A WORD - E.C. Sheedy - Present Day - Amy - Romantic Suspense

WRIT ON WATER - Melanie Jackson - 1998 - Riverview, VA - Jennifer - Paranormal Romance

Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's the 100th post..Time for a giveaway!!!

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Hard to believe it, but this is the ONE HUNDREDTH post since the RRT Blog came into existence! Great interviews, interesting posts from those who read the blog...and I know how much you like the giveaways.


To celebrate the occasion, I'm giving away a $10 Walmart giftcard to one lucky poster. Here's the starts now, but ends March 12th Monday night at 11:59PM Eastern time. Yep, just over 24 hours from now.
You'll have to be quick, but maybe you could be the lucky winner!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

What are you reading? Post away!

And don't forget to pay a visit to Romance Reviews Today and RRT Erotic today!

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Ask Five with...BONNIE EDWARDS!

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Bonnie Edwards is always a lot of fun to chat with! March marks the release of Midnight Confessions, a totally entertaining story that weaves a contemporary setting with paranormal elements, historical overtones, along with it being an erotic romance, including a heroine who has to choose between two men.

Meet Bonnie Edwards:

1. What is the title of your latest release and what's it about?

My latest release is this month's Aphrodisia, Midnight Confessions. Faye Grantham inherits a former bordello, a rundown Victorian mansion called Perdition House. Fond memories of her great-Aunt entice her to stay in the home so she can ponder the state of her relationship with her fiancé. Problem is, some of the women who once lived and worked there haven't left yet. The spirited wenches tweak Faye's libido and give her their Midnight Confessions of lust, love and loss. Faye's dreams intertwine with her own love life and she must choose between two great men as the spirits of Perdition tell their ghostly tales. My editor thought the title Midnight Confessions was perfect and I agree! A kind of "if walls could talk" confessional.

2. What is the hardest part of writing?

The hardest part of writing for me is that second draft, I think. I'm never convinced the ending is right. I fuss and rearrange scenes, cutting some and adding others. I also have to develop characters more deeply which, in turn means more rearranging. And STILL the ending won't feel right until I get to the end of the fourth draft. Try as I might to speed up the process, I'm a four-draft writer. I've had to accept that over the last year. *But* when I hit on the exact perfect ending it's a high like no other. It just takes four drafts to get there.

3. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

At this point, I'm a member of a foursome of writers who meet 4 times a year in a beautiful spot for writing retreats. We work, we brainstorm, we laugh...a lot...there have been times I've cried and been frightened by a story I'm dying to write. I've been encouraged and kicked in the behind. I like to think I've done my share of encouraging and behind kicking. The other three writers are some of the best damn storytellers on the planet. They are E.C. Sheedy who writes romantic suspense, Gail Crease (Whitiker) who's written contemporary, Regencies, and now some women's fiction, and Vanessa Grant, author of over 25 contemporary romances, who's book "Writing Romance" is hitting shelves in a new revised version at the end of this month! You can see my pithy thoughts on writing erotic romance in her book. It was such an honor to be asked!

4. If you were stranded on a desert island with one of your hot and hunky heroes, which one would you choose?

Only one? No fair... it took 2 books to finally figure out which hero my heroine would keep in Midnight Confessions. I had such a hard time because I loved both men... in fact I didn't know which man my heroine would choose until the day before the book was due. Talk about writing my fingers to the bone at the end! So, how's this...I choose the man Faye chose. You'll have to read both Midnight Confessions to see why I'm being so coy...I suffered as the you must suffer, too. LOL...I'm evil, I know! So, look for Midnight Confessions II in June.

5. What's coming up in the near future for you?

I've got so much going on in the next few weeks and months! But here's a rundown: March 10 I'll be signing books from 1 - 3 p.m. at Indigo Books, 1025 Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC. On the 13th I'm at the Babeland store on Pike Street in Seattle at 7 p.m. for a reading and signing. Then I'm going to the Romantic Times Convention in Houston. I'll be there April 24 - 29th with time set up at Club RT and at the book fair/signing. This will be my first RT and I'm thrilled to be able to go. I'm so looking forward to it.

Thank you, Bonnie! You can read more about Bonnie and her stories by going to for the blog I put up late Sunday night. I'm celebrating the 100th blog post!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spotlight Review on....ENTICED by Kathleen Dante!

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ENTICED – Kathleen Dante
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 10: 0-425-21491-5
ISBN: 13: 978-0425214916
March 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance

Dillon Gavin is tired, his job in black ops in just not as satisfying as it used to be. Maybe it is because his old partner Lantis is now out of it and the camaraderie that they used to share whilst on jobs is just not there anymore. Maybe it’s because he sees that Lantis has a new focus, Kiera, Dillon’s childhood friend. Not that he wants out of black Ops, no way. And he is not ready for a commitment as yet. So when Dillon is forced to take a month’s long R&R he decides what better way to spend it, than visiting with his best friend Lantis and finding some female companionship. When he is invited to accompany Lantis and Kiera to the art showing for his favorite psyprint artist Jordan Kane, he jumps at the chance. Some of Jordan Kane’s psyprints hang on his walls, he sees in them a sense of hope and a depth of feeling that in his world is too often missing. When Dillon meets Jordan and shakes her hand he realizes that she may be the one thing that he can not live without.

Jordan Kane’s artwork has made her very successful and much sought after. She is also blind, though very few people are aware of this. Jordan is clairvoyant with a minor gift of psychometry, which allows her hide her blindness, but to still see what her eyes are not able to. Her gift of psychometry also enables her to see into the past when she touches something. Both her gifts and her blindness ensures that she is a solitary person, so when Dillon enters the art gallery she is immediately intrigued. When Jordan shakes Dillon’s hand she is automatically assaulted with images from his past missions. Her attraction to Dillon is instantaneous, but Jordan is not ready to reveal her secret gifts yet. But when Jordan encounters a pair of gloves that were used in a murder, and with a killer on the loose Jordan realizes that Dillon may be the answer she is looking for, not only in regards to getting the killer, but for her personally.

ENTICED is a very well written, captivating suspense novel. The characters of Jordan and Dillon are very well developed with the reader almost believing that they are real, and that this situation is happening to someone that they know. ENTICED has everything that I look for in a story. The characters are complex, the romance and sex is hot…hot…hot and the suspense keeps me turning the pages quickly wanting to get to the end to find out what happens, but also not wanting the story to end. I love that though this book is a follow up to ENTANGLED, it can be read as a stand alone. I am very impressed with the way that Kathleen included the main characters from ENTANGLED without letting them completely take over the story. The only little thing that I would have liked would have been a bit more closure on the killer. I would have liked to know the reasoning behind the killings, but other than that, I loved it and can not wait for the next one.

Vanessa Costa

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The Reader's Corner

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Here is a new feature of the Romance Reviews Today Blog. The Reader's Corner! A few quick questions for the readers to tell us a little about what they're reading and their fave authors. The first one I have up is .....

Name: CrazyMo

What are you currently reading?

Five O'Clock Shadow by Genie Davis for review

What is your favorite romance genre (contemporary, historical, paranormal, etc) to read?

Historical is my favorite. Medievals in particular.

Do you have a “to be read” pile and if so, how many book are approximately on it?
Oh Lordy....I have a TBR bookcase. Must be almost 200 books on it. I used to have many more but I recently went thru them and removed books older than 2 years old that I hadnt read yet. Donated them to the library.

If you could sit down and have lunch with five authors, dead or alive, which five would you like to be sitting there with you?
Shoot....hard question. I have so many favorite authors. Guess I'd pick Johanna Lindsey, Bertrice Small, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Margaret Mitchell, and God (the Bible)

Name a book (and its author) that you’ve read recently that went on your keeper shelf.

UNLEASH THE NIGHT by Sherrilyn Kenyon. That book was AWESOME! And I totally adored Wren, the hero. The way Sherri introduced several paranormal elements (telepathy, time travel, shapeshifting to mention a few) and did it so smoothly floored me.

If you're interested in participating, please contact Patti at and put "The Reader's Corner" in the subject line. I would love to hear from readers!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Winner and A Perfect Ten!

The winner of the ALLURING TALES anthology is.....Kim (and I think it is Kim H as there is a Kim W. too who did not win. LOL I drew Poster #11)

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Congratulations and email Patti at with your full name and mailing address.

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McKETTRICK'S PRIDE - Linda Lael Miller
A Perfect 10
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-77190-5
ISBN:-10: 0-373-77190-8
March 2007
Contemporary Romance

Indian Rock, Arizona - Present Day

When Echo Wells roars into town in her hot pink Volkswagen, sexy pink sundress, and pink hightops, Rance McKettrick is a dead man -- shot straight through the heart by cupid's arrow -- only he doesn't know it yet. Even his daughters fall in love with the free-spirited Echo Wells. Six-year-old Rianna loves Echo's pink car (it looks like a Barbie Doll's car), and ten-year-old Maeve is captivated by Echo's newly adopted white Labrador retriever, Avalon. Poor Rance doesn't even know who or what Barbie is, and he constantly denies his girls' requests for a puppy; he has no time for such nonsense! Rance loves his daughters, yet has no idea how to be a father, putting all his energies into McKettrickCo, the family business. Spending most of his time out of town, he's come to rely heavily on his mother-in-law, Cora Tellington, for his daughters' care since his wife Julie died five years ago. And even though Rance knows he should spend more time with Rianna and Maeve, he just can't tear himself away from the all-important business of McKettrickCo. Cora and his cousins, Jesse and Keegan, have tried to persuade Rance to slow down, but he won't listen, he just has too much of that famous McKettrick pride.

Echo Wells is a dreamer, but she works hard making a life for herself. Echo's search for a better life led her to pack up all her possessions, leave Chicago behind, and head to Indian Rock to open a bookstore. She knows what it's like to be abandoned and neglected, which is the way she found Avalon on a wet night, starving, and begging for a human touch. Echo is hoping to make a new start in Indian Rock, selling books and managing her online love spell business. In fact, Echo soon notices that one of her online customers is a Cora Tellington. Now why would Cora need a love spell? Well, Echo certainly doesn't want the residents of Indian Rock to discover that she mails out magic spells right next door to Cora's Curl & Twirl Salon! And that isn't the only little secret Echo keeps. Even little Rianna asked right away if Echo was her real name -- but that's one truth Ms. Wells will not reveal. No one will ever find out Echo's real identity; she left that skeleton locked tightly in a closet in Chicago.

Welcome back to Indian Rock, Arizona in the second book of The McKettrick Men trilogy! McKETTRICK'S PRIDE is absolutely the ultimate love story! Rance is proud and hardworking, but he's totally at a loss around his daughters. He loved his wife Julie, yet in his determination to provide a good home, he fell into the trap of all work and no time off, leaving Julie alone to her own devices. His guilt over her death wars with his stubborn pride, and he's incapable of stopping and seeing his family life for what it really is. It takes Echo's optimism and her pure love to remove the blinders from his eyes. Rance knows it's just a matter of time before he and Echo make a physical connection; whenever they're together, the air sizzles while the rest of the world melts away. But Echo refuses to even think about bonding with the handsome Mr. McKettrick. Oh, she feels the attraction and the electricity, but she will not get involved with a man who doesn't have time for his own family, let alone a relationship. When Echo falls in love, she wants it to be returned tenfold!

Cousins Jesse and Keegan McKettrick from McKETTRICK'S LUCK (Book 1, February 2006) appear in this story, but this tale flies solo. Besides Rance and Echo, Rance's daughters, Maeve and Rianna, and Cora Tellington are the major players in this book. Describing the multitude of secondary characters would take lots and lots of space, so instead, I can sum them up with just a few words -- each and every one of them clamors for a book of their own! Ms. Miller's magic pen gives us well rounded people who jump right off the page to sit on your shoulder. Indian Rock and the McKettricks are a source of good down home tales, and I hope to see more stories about them. The final book in this series is McKETTRICK'S HEART, coming next month, April 2007.

McKETTRICK'S PRIDE is special. You will laugh, cry, be amazed...and feel the depth of sweet emotion as you read Rance and Echo's story. With sizzling, fairy-tale romance, tender tears, and a bit of magic, the pages of this book turn swiftly and leave us feeling a special joy mixed with sadness that we have to close the book at the end. McKETTRICK'S PRIDE is a Perfect 10 and a keeper! Don't miss this opportunity to visit Indian Rock and all the fabulous people who live there; you will be glad you did!

Diana Risso

Keep an eye out for more giveaways...and a new weekly feature beginning Tuesday.

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Ask Five with.... LINNEA SINCLAIR!!!

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Romance Reviews Today is honored to have the fabulous Linnea Sinclair as our guest today! She is the multi-talented, RITA award winning author who has made her name in Science Fiction Romance. You won't want to miss her latest GAMES OF COMMAND.
In the meantime, get to know Linnea Sinclair:

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

GAMES OF COMMAND just hit the shelves Tuesday, February 27th! What I think is so fabulous about the book is that my CAT is actually on the front and back covers. But I’m sure readers are interested in more than just my cat (though Daq, my cat, can’t understand why that would be so).

GAMES OF COMMAND is a fast-paced, fun space opera romance. Captain Tasha “Sass” Sebastian wants nothing more that her sordid secret past as a mercenary to stay buried forever. But when she’s assigned to a former enemy’s flagship as part of the new Alliance personnel integration program, she fears it’s only a matter of time before the bio-cybe admiral finds out who she is—or rather, who she used to be. Especially as one of their first missions is to locate a double agent who is far too familiar with Sass’s past life and could easily use that as a bargaining chip to insure his escape.

What Sass doesn’t know is that there are games—very deep and dangerous games—being played at the highest levels of the government in both the Empire and the Coalition. Her life and the lives of Admiral Branden Kel-Paten, the renegade Jace Serafino and Sass’s best friend and her ship’s chief medical officer, Eden Fynn, are all in jeopardy. In order to survive, Sass may have to trust Admiral Branden Kel-Paten, whose bio-mechanical augmentations deem him a very lethal enemy…or ally.

But Branden Kel-Paten has a surprising secret of his own: he’s loved Sass for years. Yet Sass doesn’t know if his feelings for her are real…or something programmed into him by the enemy who’s already proven to be far more powerful than any of them could have foreseen.

The book is high-action, twists and turns, passion, fun and oh yes, has two cat-like loveable critters called furzels. Just see the cover art. Daq insists. He’s available anytime for…PAW-tographs.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

For the most part, everything starts with the ubiquitous “what if…?” But other than that, it could be words in a song, a line from a movie, something I overhear in conversation in a bar, a newspaper article…anything.

3. How do you stay motivated?

If I didn’t write, I’d explode. That would not only ruin my office décor but it’d be hell to clean up.

4. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

I’m a great fan of CJ Cherryh’s. I love her world building, her vast intergalactic landscapes, her characters, her aliens…well, I love her books. I also think Anne Perry—I love her Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery series—is the mistress of pacing.

I’ve been blessed to be befriended by a number of wonderful authors who’ve been supportive of my career: Susan Grant, Robin D Owens, Isabo Kelly, Stacey Klemstein, Monette Michaels, Mary Jo Putney, Dee Lloyd and of course, those in my local and on-line RWA chapters (SWFRW, FF&P and RWA-Online.) Since writing is such a solitary profession (well, other than the 500 or so people who live in my head), friendships like these are a treasure.

5. What’s coming up in the near future for you?

I’m just now finishing up THE DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES, which is a combo science fiction romance and police procedural (rather like MEN IN BLACK meets HILL STREET BLUES with romance). Then I jump into CHASIDAH’S CHOICE, the sequel to my RITA winning GABRIEL’S GHOST. After that I have a couple ideas that my agent and I are very excited about—but that’s all I can say the moment.

I also have a number of conferences and workshops scheduled all over the USA in 2007-2008. So check my website and please, come out to meet me! I’m disgustingly friendly and love to meet my readers!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thank you, Linnea! To learn more, check out her website by clicking here.