Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spotlight review on....Snap! by Shelley Munro

Note: When I first saw this review, I told myself that I need to get this! Read on:

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SNAP! - Shelley Munro
Triskelion Publishing
ISBN: 1-60186-075-7
January 2007
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: 4 Triskels

Radford, New Zealand – the Present

Alice Beasley is a twenty-five year old almost virgin who knows next to nothing about sex. Ironically, this prim and proper accountant inherits a condom company from her deceased aunt with the stipulation that she must manage the company for six months to receive $300,000. Alice’s first response is to turn down the offer, but her fiancĂ© Steven’s controlling behavior and her growing student loans make her accept the offer. Steven walks away from Alice without a backward glance and Alice begins her new life as the manager of Fancy Free, a condom and sex toy company.

Alice doesn’t have to worry about her lack of management skills because her aunt intended for her to run the company along with the current manager, James Bates. He is a good looking bad boy who Alice is determined to share her first sexual experience with. Now, all she has to do is figure out how to get him into bed. Her opportunity comes when they are forced to look for new condom testers. Somehow, their last project was leaked to a competitor who introduced an identical condom into the market two weeks before Fancy Free’s condom hit stores. Never one to pass on a great opportunity, Alice grabs the chance to jump James’s bones and volunteers to conduct the tests of the eight new condoms with him. Talk about mixing business with pleasure!

Alice is just as green as a new leaf and is ready to experience all that life has to offer. Her prudish boyfriend Steven was not interested in sex but she considered him safe. But a safe man and a safe life are no longer on her to do list. She wants a real man and sexy James fits the bill perfectly. James is not the sex machine he is purported to be and is hurt that Alice believes all of the rumors circulating about him. He is not accustomed to small town life in Radford and has plans to leave as soon as he can. When he sees Alice’s perfect body, he is amazed that she hides herself behind frumpy clothes and is determined to make her feel as beautiful as she looks.

SNAP! is a hoot of a tale that will have you laughing and becoming extremely aroused at the same time. The characters are robust and the small town life of Radford is charming and original. SNAP! has a bit of a mystery that will have you guessing who is behind the company sabotage. Each of the events leading to the end will keep you reading and clicking to the next page. I recommend SNAP! to anyone looking for a well written mildly erotic tale.

Ariel Summer

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