Monday, February 12, 2007

E-book publishers…here today, gone tomorrow?

It seems like there are e-book publishers cropping up all over the place. I’ve heard of many of those out there, but there are dozens more that I’ve never heard of. Some have been in business a long time, while others are more recent.
Some of the more popular sites are:

Ellora’s Cave
Wild Rose Press
Mardi Gras

Yes, I know there are others, but these sites came to the top of my head. Some of the lesser known sites include Freya’s Bower and Chippewa Publishing. And you can bet that in 2007, more will pop up.

The big question is which e-book publishers will still be around in five years.

Question for readers:

Do you read e-books?
If yes, in what format?
Do you have a favorite e-book publisher?
Any site easier to maneuver better than others?
Finally, tell me about others that I haven't listed.

Just curious what everyone thinks. I'm all ears. :)

Posted by Patti

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Imp said...

Do you read e-books? Yes. I write them, too.

If yes, in what format? PDF, preferably, or HTML.

Do you have a favorite e-book publisher? Phaze

Any site easier to maneuver better than others? The sites themselves are fairly consistent, it's the shopping carts they use that are usually troublesome.

Finally, tell me about others that I haven't listed. Phaze "popped up" 3 years ago. It's not new. It's the erotic imprint of Mundania Press, a thriving small press. It publishes all sub-genre of erotic romance.


Liz said...

Hi Patti
Yes I read ebooks and have a ebookreader.
I love it so I prefer HTML for the reader, otherwise PDF.

My favorites are Elloras Cave and Loose Id, I've been reading both of them for 3 years plus now and defineately believe they'll be around for the next 5 years.
Elloras Cave is especially easy to navigate along with Samhain and Cerridwan which are related to EC.
Triskelion is a nightmare for me to navigate thats probablly why I rarely order from them.

Another one with books I love is New Concepts Publishing they have some great books and authors. Amber Quill also has some nice books out. Also Phaze, Whiskey Creek Press, and Midnight Showcase

Patti said...

yes, I know of Phaze. RRTE reviews them. :)
I knew I missed some, which is why I asked for others.

Liz, I've never read Midnight Showcase. Who would you recommend?

Anonymous said...

We are not only an eBook publisher, we do both eBook and paper at Echelon Press and Erotique Press.

Echelon has been around for 6 years and Erotique for a little over a year. We are looking for new readers and writers for both in our eBook divisions.

Marci Baun said...

Freya's Bower is a subsidiary of Wild Child Publishing, which has been around as a magazine since 1999. We started up a year ago in March and plan to be around for many years to come. :)

Like Echelon, we are both an ebook and print publisher.