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Ask Five with....Susan Lyons! And a Chat!

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Susan Lyons is hot! And I'm not talking about her writing. Since she came on the scene with CHAMPAGNE RULES, she continues to shine in her writing. Her latest release is THE FIREFIGHTER, an anthology that also features stories by P.J. Mellor and Alyssa Brooks. Speaking of these authors, Romance Reviews Today will be chatting with them tomorrow night (Friday night) in the chat room at RRT beginning at 9:30PM Eastern Time (6:30PM for those in PST)
You can reach the chat room by either clicking here or going to the RRT site and clicking the Chat button. It will be in the RRT chat room (there are two other chat rooms)

In the Susan Lyons:

1. What is the title of your latest release and what's it about?

My February release is "Hot Down Under" in THE FIREFIGHTER (from Kensington Aphrodisia), which also has wonderful stories by P.J. Mellor and Alyssa Brooks. As you can probably guess, all three of our novellas feature sexy firefighter heroes.

My story's about a Vancouver lawyer, Tash McKendrick, who grudgingly agrees to babysit her grandmother on her trip to Australia. Little does she realize that Nana has romance on her mind - for both of them! When Nana almost burns the house down, firefighter Mick Donovan comes to the rescue. Sparks ignite and up-tight Tash suddenly discovers she has a passionate, spontaneous side.She wants to seize the day, and the firefighter. And Mick's more than willing to oblige.

I'd also like to mention another February release. I'm one of 19 writers who
contributed to DREAMS & DESIRES. It's a collection of romantic and erotic tales published by Freya's Bower. This is a charity project, with authors and editors donating their time and the proceeds going to a women's shelter. I'm very proud to be a part of it and I'm delighted to say we've been
getting great reviews.

2. Tell us about yourself.

I'm a child of the Pacific Northwest, though I think in another life I must
have been Greek because I love it there too. I'm by turns lazy and almost
obsessively disciplined and productive. I'm endlessly fascinated by people
and relationships, and the power we have inside ourselves to grow. I have
degrees in psychology and law. I love books, photography, nature, wine, dark
chocolate, cinnamon buns and long dinners with good friends. When I went to
Australia in the fall of 2005, partly on holiday and partly to do research
for "Hot Down Under," I fell in love with the place. It's fabulous!

3. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

I'm going to start with Harper Lee ("To Kill a Mockingbird" is my favorite
book) and Dick Francis. They write fabulous heroes. To me these guys are the
true alpha males -- i.e., leaders; the kind of men whose genes you want to
be replicated. They're not arrogant, not blustery, would never bully a
woman. They're understated and modest -- and yet when it's crunch time,
they're always the ones who come through and save the day.

Other than those two, I can't possibly name names of favorite writers or
most supportive friends, because there are so many. But I definitely
appreciate my local RWA Chapters. The members have been so generous in
sharing wisdom and providing support.

4. How do you stay motivated to write?

I look out the window in the morning and see everyone heading off at the
same time each day, in their office clothes, to go to work in a high rise
with tinted windows. I really hope they love what they're doing, but it's
not for me. It took me a long time to find the thing I love doing, and it's
writing. Yes, there are lots of times when it's a pain and really stressful,
but I try to focus on the positive. Whenever I feel discouraged, I pull out
a good review or an "I love your books" email from a fan, and that reminds
me why I'm doing this and gives me the motivation to carry on. And on the
good days, when the characters come alive and take control of the story,
it's too much fun for words!

5. What's coming up in the near future for you?

I'm going to both the Romantic Times Convention and the RWA National
Conference this summer, and look forward to mingling with other writers and
readers. I also hope to have some more short stories out with The Wild Rose
Press. In September, the third book in my 4-book Awesome Foursome series
(from Kensington Aphrodisia) comes out. Think "Sex and the City," but set in
Vancouver, BC, with girls in their 20s. They're best friends and meet each
week for food, drinks and frank discussions of their lives. Each girl is
trying to figure out who she is, and wants to be, as a woman. And each book
features one of the girls in a sexy romance. There's a chick lit light and
sassy tone but there are also some serious issues like interracial
relationships, conflict with parents, and how to balance career with
personal life. The first book, "Champagne Rules," was out in Feb 2006,
followed by "Hot in Here" last August. "Touch Me" matches up a
career-obsessed lawyer (Ann) with a laid-back Greek god massage therapist
(Adonis). It was great fun to write, and I hope it'll be as much fun to

You can learn more about Susan by visiting her site at

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