Friday, January 19, 2007

The winner of the three Silhouette Bombshells is...

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Please email Patti at with your name and address and I'll get the books out to you.


Ever wonder about our Nibbles? Here is a review of one of the short stories:

ISBN-10: 1-59596-439-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-59596-439-7
December 2006
Erotic Paranormal Romance
RRTE Rating: Multiple O's

Vanderbilt in the Appalachian Region of the United States - Present Day

When Jackson Macray's girlfriend, Cara Setley, gets a job offer that would be a great opportunity for her in Charleston, Jackson does his best to support her decision to move. Sure, that support takes a weird form; Jackson cheats on Cara and allows her to catch him doing it, just so she would move away feeling no guilt over leaving him behind. Jackson knows that Cara wanted him to go with her to the city, but what she doesn't know is that he has other obligations that won't let him leave Vanderbilt, namely the fact that he's a werewolf and his pack is based there. Fast forward three years, Cara's back in town, and Jackson's pack is in danger. With only one option left to protect his pack, Jackson has to convince Cara to allow him back into her life and participate in a magical ritual of protection, a sex ritual, in front of the whole pack.

Do you think this sounds interesting? You're right, it is. Steamy, sizzling, and a little bit wild, what else would you expect from a werewolf? Get your copy today and find out how Jackson woos Cara back into his life.

Lori Ann - 1/15/07

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Mimmi said...

YEAH, Cathie!! I hope you love the books!! WTG, girlie!!

Unknown said...

Congrats Cathie!!!!!

Cathie said...

Thanks Amy, and Mimmi and all at RRT can't wait to r ead them!