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Spotlight Review....OVER THE MOON anthology

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OVER THE MOON - A. Knight, V. Kantra, MJ. Davidson, SunnyPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Berkley Sensation
ISBN-10: 0-425-21343-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-21343-8
January 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance Anthology

Get ready to howl at the moon when you open up OVER THE MOON. Four talented authors have come together and created some rip-roaring stories that readers of the paranormal are going to love.

Moon Dance - Angela Knight
Harrisville ~ Present Day

Five years ago, Sergeant Lucas Rollings almost died. Instead, his friend Ray Johnston offered him a chance to live. That night Lucas became one of the Direkind. Ray taught him the proper etiquette and that, as an enforcer, Lucas was charged with protecting those weaker. So when Lucas comes upon a man and woman fighting in the police parking lot, he immediately senses they are both Direkind. And that's not all. The female is in Burning Moon heat. Suddenly, she turns to him and tells him she is Elena Livingston and she seeks his protection. Lucas agrees, but that's not the only request the lady makes. She also wants him to get her pregnant.

Elena Livingston doesn't want to marry Stephen Bradford. He's rude, crude, and only wants her because, when her father dies, Elena's husband takes over as Alpha of the pack. Elena knows her only hope is to find Lucas Rollings and beg for his protection. When she finds him, Elena is struck by how sexy he is and surprised when he agrees to her request of protection and for a child. Will they succeed in getting good ol' Stephen out of the picture? What about Elena's father? How will he feel knowing his daughter is knocked up by a mongrel? This is going to be fun!

Angela Knight combines humor, danger, and sexual tension in her latest novella, Moon Dance. Lucas and Elena are rebels and fit perfectly together, in bed and out. A scrumptious treat that's better than chocolate, don't miss Ms. Knight's Moon Dance.

Between the Mountain and the Moon - Virginia Kantra
Springer Mountain, Georgia ~ Present Day

Cait MacLean is beginning to believe her parents were right about this hiking trip being dangerous. Not only does she have blisters, but her traveling buddy, Josh, has turned into a real macho jerk simply because she wouldn't have sex with him. The two of them reach a shelter and find three men. One of them is Rhys, and he takes her breath away. There's something about him that makes her want to get nekkid and ravage his body. Later, Cait is nearly attacked and ends up lost and alone. Then she sees a fire and finds Rhys. Is he a threat to her?

A Sidhe and the son of the queen, Rhys Danuson is chosen to bind Caitlyn MacLean to him forever. All because his mother is upset with her parents. But that's neither here nor there. Rhys has a short window to seduce Caitlyn and make her his. Only he never expected to feel something for her or that she would show him he did have a heart. Will Rhys follow through on the binding ritual, or will he let the woman whose love could free him get away?

Virginia Kantra's Between the Mountain and the Moon is a wonderful and beautifully written love story. Poor Rhys has known nothing but rejection from those around him, other than his lovers. Cait has lived with overprotective parents, and now she's asserting her independence. Rhys and Cait have a few obstacles to overcome if they hope to be together.

Driftwood - MaryJanice Davidson
Chapin Beach ~ Present Day

Burke Wolftauer is eating his clams and waiting for the full moon so he can change and run. He's a werewolf, you know. Anyway, as he's walking down the beach, he hears a soft voice cursing down in a pit. Being the gallant man that he is, Burke jumps in to lend the lady a hand. Which would have been a good idea if Burke weren't claustrophobic. After a few choice words from the damsel, Burke shifts and hightails it out of the grave, running just as fast as he can, accidentally covering her in sand. Oh my gosh! He's killed her. Time to get help.

Serena Crull can't believe she fell into this huge hole and has had to stay there until nightfall. What vampire wants to go out in the sun? Not this gal. She's doing fine on her own, waiting for the sun to go down and then she'll leave. Unfortunately Dudley Do Right, aka Burke Wolftauer, decides to leap in the pit without a rope, a ladder, or anything else that will help them escape. And if that's not enough, the jerk hyperventilates, shifts and scurries out of the hole, collapsing it on top of her. This is just not her day. However, what happens when Burke returns and the two of them are alone together? Fireworks, that's what. Can a vampire and a werewolf make it work? Hmm . . .

I laughed all through Ms. Davidson's Driftwood. She combines humor, hot sex, and sarcasm to perfection. Burke and Serena will have readers rolling on the floor in laughter. Don't miss out!

Mona Lisa Three - Sunny
Manhattan ~ Present Day

Queen Mona Lisa is packing up and moving to Louisiana per her mother, Queen Mona Sera's, request. Request, hah! More like a demand. See, Mona Lisa is Mixed Blood while her mother is Full Blood, and it irks her mother to no end that her lovers actually love Mona Lisa. Both Gryphon and Amber once belonged to her mother until Mona Lisa saved them both; one from silver poisoning the other from a slow death. Then there's Chami and the others who are her guards and household staff. Her life is anything but calm, especially since Halycon, demon dead, wants her for his own. Mona Lisa and her entourage are ice-skating when Mona Sera pays a visit. She wants Mona Lisa to heal one of her Beldar who has been bitten by a demon hound. Mona Lisa doesn't know if she can do it, or what will happen afterwards. See, Mona Lisa heals with sex. Will she have sex with Beldar? Can she save him?

With Mona Lisa Three, author Sunny writes an intriguing and highly sexual tale in her Children of the Moon series. Though I haven't read the first story, MONA LISA AWAKENING, I must say I'm intrigued enough to purchase the book and wait for the next one, too.

OVER THE MOON is four enticing, titillating, scintillating tales of danger, sex, lust, and love. From Angela Knight's Alpha wolf Lucas, who is way too sexy, to Sunny's Gryphon and Amber, hunks the both of them, these four ladies give readers what they want and keep them coming back for more. Head on over to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of OVER THE MOON today.

Sinclair Reid


Mimmi said...

Oh, this book was AWSOME!! I swear, Angela Knight gets better and better. And I loved Virginia Kantra's story~wonder if that's heading toward a series? I don't remember reading about it before, but it was written like it was maybe the second in a series?

Cathie said...

I love Angela Knight too, and there are a bunchof great authors in this too! I think its a mass market size right? I looking today after an appt and didn't see it with trade size so I wonder if it was with the MM books.

I believe Virgina Kantra had a single title out previously so maybe it is related? I shall check too. I like to read them in order.

Mimmi said...

Hey, Cathie~~glad you claimed your books!! And it is a regular sized paperback, I found it at the book store a couple of weeks ago. I loved it!! I read one of Virginia Kantra's books, but it was straight romantic suspense, no paranormal. It was awesome though!! She's a great author, wish she had more out there. Hey, I just realized the other day you know Deb. The bookstore she works at is my local bookstore, been shoping there forever and ever. LOL, we were chatting and realized we both know and chat with you alot!! Small world, huh?