Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters

I see Sherrilyn Kenyon has another Dark Hunter book out in February. I have purchased every book in the series since it began. Fantasy Lover made me love Sherrilyn's writing and I wait anxiously for every book. I even bought the hardcover from last year. I had to have it!

Don't you just love the cover on the upcoming book? (paperback, thank goodness!) Btw, I guess he is a Dream-Hunter vs a Dark Hunter.
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I so love the man on that cover! Anyone know who the cover model is?

Any other Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter lovers out there?
Are you going to buy The Dream-Hunter?
Which book has been your favorite so far?


CrystalGB said...

I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter novels. Yes, I am going to buy The Dream Hunter. Dance With The Devil has been my favorite followed by Unleash The Night.

Mimmi said...

How'd I miss this? I LOVE Sherrilyn Kenyon, and The Dark Hunters are at the TOP of my auto buy. She has grown so much in her writing, and created a world that truly comes alive for the reader. I'm not on for sagas, but the way she writes them each grows on the one before, and I'm panting for the next tale, and to find out what is going to happen to Nick, and what Ash will be up to...and it's almost like watching TV, they're that good. Sorry to ramble, this is a favorite, and if there are some out there who haven't tried this series, you are SO missing out!!!
And Sherri is a gem of a person, too, and always has time for her fans. Check out her site at:

Anonymous said...

If its not late the model on the cover is Adam Mommsen .It is ofc photoshoped like mad but at least u have a name now:)