Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The return of traditional Regency Romances

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One of the more interesting book news of 2007 is the return of Regencies. This time around, they are popping up on ebook sites. Have we come full circle? The past few years has seen the explosion of electronic book publishers who have hit it big with erotic romance. Ellora's Cave spun off a less erotic line a few years ago with Cerridwen Press. Now is the news that Cerridwen Press is releasing traditional Regency Romances. I asked TPTB at Cerridwen/Ellora's Cave what their plans are. Here is what Raelene Gorlinsky, Publisher at both sites, has to say:

Since the major New York publishers have declared Regencies dead by discontinuing their publication for the most part, what made Cerridwen decide to enter the market?

Ah, this is one of the most common questions I get asked. We feel we have a couple of advantages within the current market over the big NY publishers.

~ The dynamics and monetary parameters for e-publishers are very different from large print publishers. We don't need to sell nearly as many copies of a digital title in order to cover our costs. So we can capitalize on smaller niche markets, like tradRegency has become.

~ New but “old” cover art: I concur with people who feel that the old standard covers helped kill the genre. The old tradReg cover art style hadn't changed in decades. It did not appeal to younger readers or draw new fans into the genre. The covers were not very interesting and were almost interchangeable from book to book. However, the core tradReg readers have firm expectations for "their" book covers. When a NY publisher tried a new cover style, their Regencies looked like contemporary
women's fiction and did not succeed with readers. So we have tried to create an image that is different and new, but is clearly reflective of the historic period. Our covers are all based on actual Regency artwork (portraits in the public domain). They are therefore both historically accurate and lovely, and we think attractive and appealing.

Are these going to be the Traditional Regencies that feature no sex and revolve around the Ton?

Yes, think along the lines of Georgette Heyer and the classic Regencies. Historical accuracy is incredibly important to us, as is an entertaining reflection of the culture, customs and behaviors of the era.

Currently these are offered in ebook form only. Any plans to put them into print?

Yes indeed. We hope to have the first three or four in print by May or June. For readers, they will be available for order on our website, and bookstores can order them directly from us or through distributors Ingrams or Baker&Taylor.

Have the authors you have signed up for the new Cotillion line ever been published before or are any familiar to readers?

Several of our authors are previously published. We are happy to welcome experienced or new authors. What we want is writers who can produce an engrossing and interesting story that fits within the Cotillion guidelines.

What can readers look for in the near future from the Cotillion line?

For January through June, our ebook releases are:

01/04/07 Captain's Lady Sharon Milburn

01/04/07 Regal Reward Elaine Violette

02/01/07 A Certain Want of Reason Kate Dolan

03/01/07 The Golden Swan Phylis Warady

04/05/07 Compromising Situations Carolynn Carey

05/03/07 Smuggled Rose Amy Corwin

06/07/07 The Earl's Comeuppance Phylis Warady

Following that, although the release dates aren’t scheduled yet, are:

A Limited Engagement Saralee Etter

Bertie's Golden Treasure Hetty St. James

Scandal's Daughter Phylis Warady

Thank you, Raelene!

Be sure to head on over to Cerridwen and check out the Cotillion line!

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