Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ask Five with....DEVYN QUINN!!

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It's time to introduce you to Devyn Quinn. You may have read her Keepers of Eternity stories from Samhain, or you're anxiously awaiting her Aphrodisia debut in March. Either way, come meet the very interesting Devyn, who has a talent for writing goth-erotica!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

The Price of Eternity released in December 2006, through Samhain Publishing. Book 2 in the 'Keepers of Eternity" series, it continues the story of characters set up in the first title, The Keeper of Eternity (which just came out in print!)

The plotline concerns forbidden scrolls lost for eight millennia-- scrolls which could threaten the existence of the three worlds.

Remembered only as legend, these writings gathered by an obscure sect of wizards were hidden because of the diabolical forces they could unleash from the netherworld. Lost for eight millennia, the resting place of the scrolls is accidentally discovered by Xavier D'Shagre. Wounded and dying, the sorcerer seeks to possess the writings to restore his waning magic. Revenge fires his hatred, lit by Morgan Saint-Evanston, the assassin who murdered Xavier's beloved wife, Nisidia.

Xavier vows he will not rest until his enemy is dead.

The sorcerer's search for the scrolls is discovered by an unlikely source: Julienne Blackthorne. Believed dead, her body was tossed into a charnel room. Alive amongst the reek of the battle dead, she seeks to escape her hellish incarceration. Time is against her, for she carries the embryo of a vampiric daemon that will consume her if it is not fed human blood. Julienne must escape Xavier's dungeons and find Morgan, her last hope for survival in the realm of Sclyd.

A bit much, but that pretty much sums up the book, LOL

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

Not much to tell, I'm afraid. I live in the scenic Southwest, though I've lived in lots of other states. A couple of years ago, I gave up my high pressure job as a theater manager and began to seriously pursue my dream of publication. In 2005, Kensington Books offered me a chance to write for the Aphrodisia imprint. Flesh and the Devil will be released in late March, just after my birthday. I'm really excited and nervous about it, and can hardly believe I survived the process of my first New York book.

On the persona; side, I'm a huge fan of dark gothic literature, and read tons of books on history and biographies. I especially enjoy reading books on Hollywood before the 1960's. Now divorced (happily so), I live with my cats, my ferrets , and Shih Tzu.

3. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

I have to admit that most ideas come through conversations with people or lines of dialouge I hear on television, a movie or in the news. Sometimes a song will inspire me, some particular line that gets me to thinking. I have a pad I write ideas down in. Then they simmer along with ten or twelve others until something clicks in my head and I start writing.

I rarely plot more than a one or two paragraph synopsis. I am a famous panster, and making it up as I go along is usually routine for me. This may seem a haphazard style, but it seems to work. I usually know the ending before I know the beginning of a story, which gives me something to aim for as I write. How a story will change, what characters will pop in and what challenges they will face usually come along as the book comes together in my mind. Most readers will notice that my writing has a dark slant and my characters are usually damaged, either emotionally or physically--sometimes both. How they overcome these damages and go from ordinary to extraordinary is part of the journey I love discovering as a book heads toward its conclusion.

4. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

On the writing side, Stephen King is one of my definite favorites, and probably the author I imitated the most when I began to write my own stories. John Grisham is another favorite, as is Frank McCourt.

My fellow Aphrodisia author Kate Douglas is one I consider a mentor of sorts. Kate has the patience of a saint and is always willing to listen to me whine, and then give me that boot to the butt that gets me writing again when I'm ready to throw in the towel. Kate, in fact, was one of the biggest influences I had in learning to write erotica. I read her "Wolf Tales" series in earlier versions and knew she had the touch for erotic prose. In my opinion she's one of the best erotica authors on the market today. I'm also proud to call her a long-distance buddy, and if she makes a suggestion about my writing, I listen!
(Thanks, Kate!)

5. What’s coming up in the near future for you?

Well, there's Flesh and the Devil in March '07, followed by Sins of the Flesh in October '07. Also in the pipeline are Sins of the Night (Aphrodisia, TBA), and Embracing Midnight (Aphrodisia, TBA). All four of these titles feature vampires in various guises and vastly different origins! I hope readers will enjoy all of them.

Meanwhile, back to that pesky deadline...

For more on Devyn, visit her website at www.devynquinn.com


Lucinda Betts said...

Hey Devyn:

What a great interview! Can't wait to read your March release. My MOON SHADOW comes out in March, too. Glad to know I'm in such great company!


Lucinda Betts *~* www.LucindaBetts.com
PURE SEX, Kensington, Aphrodisia--out now!
NIGHT SPELL, Kensington, Aphrodisia--out now!
MOON SHADOW, Kensington, Aphrodisia--March 2007

Mimmi said...

Great interview, Devyn, and I look forward to reading Flesh and the Devil!! And I love Kate's Wolf Tales, too. HOT reading!!