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What do you want to read in 2008?

As the year draws to a close and we usher in the new year....

First off, thank you to all of you, the readers of the Romance Reviews Today blog! You have helped to make this a success.

Now, the ultimate question is...what books are you looking forward to in 2008?

Post away. List them and you'll be entered in a drawing.

One winner will be chosen to get a book sent to you from Amazon, maximum value $15.00.

*One entry per household.*

Contest ends Sunday, January 6th and winner will be posted Sunday night.

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Your favorite reads of 2007....

Tonight, list your favorite contemporary romance of 2007....

And go ahead if you cannot list just one. :)

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Your favorite book of 2007....

For the next few days, I am going to list a genre or type of romance and I want you to tell me what your favorite book of 2007 was in that genre!

Today, it is paranormal/fantasy romance. What was your favorite book of 2007?

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Spill...what did you get for Christmas????


Happy Holidays from the staff of Romance Reviews Today!

We wish you the best Christmas ever!

Now that you've unwrapped your presents....

What did you get for Christmas????

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Gift Card winner is......


Congratulations!!!! Please email me at and tell me where you want your egiftcard to come from: Amazon, BN or Fictionwise.


Merry Christmas from Romance Reviews Today and RRT Erotic! May you get lots of
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Ask Five with....DONNA BIRDSELL!

What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

I have a novella in the Harlequin NEXT Anthology “Christmas Presence: Three Tales of Love.” My novella is “Christmas Presence,” and it’s about a young widow who wants to boycott the holidays because her husband died in a car accident the day after Christmas last year. Problem is, her husband’s ghost won’t let her. Before she knows it, she has a Christmas tree, she’s baking cookies, and she’s got a job at a wrapping booth in the mall, where she meets the man who may hold the key to her Christmas Future.

Do you like writing Christmas themed stories?

This is actually the first one I’ve written, and I absolutely loved it. It practically wrote itself. I think I outlined it in about three hours. But Christmas is my favorite time of year, so it made it easy.

How do you stay motivated?

Oh, those big checks I keep getting… snort! But seriously, it’s just the whole process of creating something (or someone) didn’t exist before you brought them to life. It’s a rush every time! That’s what brings me to my chair every day. And the threat of having to get a “real” job is what keeps me there.

Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Oh, so many. I’ve learned something from every book I’ve ever read, good or bad. Even if it’s to say, “I would have done that differently.” On a personal level, it was a thrill for me to meet Kathleen Woodiwiss a few years ago at the New Jersey conference, because hers were the first historical romances I ever read. I was so sad to hear of her death. And my critique partners, Joy Nash and Anita Nolan, are wonderful writers who inspire me on a daily basis. Also, Jim and Nikoo McGoldrick really helped me to navigate the whole writing world after I first sold. I’ll always be in their debt.

Finally...what is coming up next from you?

Sadly, the NEXT line is shutting down. January will be the last month for the NEXT books. I was to have two more titles come out in 2008, so I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing. I’m currently working on both a screenplay and a straight historical fiction, and I’m enjoying both. So, I guess it’s all wide open, which is both scary and exciting!

Thanks, Donna!
You can learn more about Donna and her books at her website at

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Don't forget the $25 gift card contest ends Sunday night.

I'll be chatting in the RRT chat room on Friday night as usual at 9:30pm est. Be sure to come join us! and then click on the chat button. (have you noticed how nice the site has been looking???)

Start thinking about your best books of 2007! What do you look forward to coming out in 2008?

We want to hear from you!

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Spotlight Review: SECRETS Volume 21

SECRETS Volume 21 - Cynthia Eden, Larissa Ione, Kate St. James, Mia Verano
Red Sage Publishing
ISBN: 1-60310-001-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-60310-001-4
December 2007
Erotic Anthology

Caged Wolf - Cynthia Eden
near Atlanta, Georgia - Present Day

For the second time, Alerac La Mort senses his mate, and this time he is determined that she will not get away. When he opens the door, he’s surprised; first, because he recognizes Officer Madison Langley, and secondly, because she’s aiming a gun at his chest. The next thing he’s aware of, Alerac is chained in a basement, and Madison - his mate - tells him that men will be arriving shortly to take him to a lab. For years, Madison has hated werewolves because they killed her parents, and finally she is doing something with that vengeance. But why does she feel such a pull to a creature she has always considered a monster?

Alerac and Madison are both in for a few surprises in CAGED WOLF. Though this is the third of Ms. Eden’s Wolf stories, the novella focuses on Alerac and Madison, with brief visits from the characters previously introduced. A suspense-filled erotic adventure, the passion between Alerac is strong, but it’s also more than the pull of a mate.

Wet Dreams - Larissa Ione
Off the coast of California - Present Day

Marina Summers is on her boat, indulging in a little self-satisfaction, when gunshots disrupt the night and she realizes that someone has boarded her boat. He claims that he’s a government agent being chased by some bad guys, but it isn’t until Marina sees men with guns boarding a neighboring yacht that she decides to believe the man who introduces himself as Brent Logan. They manage to escape thanks to a squall, but now they’ll have to wait until morning to do anything else. Since Brent looks just like the man she’d been imagining earlier, Marina decides that Brent might as well help her finish what she’d started before he interrupted her.

WET DREAMS is an entertaining blend of humor and danger. An undercover operation gone wrong gets Brent shot and hiding on a boat, yet he can’t help but think the night is going well. A dangerous situation throws Brent and Marina together, and dealing with it involves getting to know each other quickly and well. The attraction between them sizzles and the interaction between them is light-hearted and fun.

Good Vibrations - Kate St. James
Calgary, Alberta - Present Day

Once a month since taking over the management of her aunt’s adult toy store, Lexi O’Brien has looked forward to seeing her favorite customer. The sexy Gage Templeton is in town once a month and always stops by to replenish his supply of condoms. They’ve gotten to know each other thanks to occasional coffee breaks, but with Lexi’s time at the store about to end she decides to indulge herself with Gage while he’s in town.

Gage has bought more condoms and massage oil in the past few months than he’ll probably need in a lifetime, all so he can see Lexi. He’s thrilled when she accepts his dinner offer, if a little surprised by her offer of being dessert. Hoping to move back to Calgary, Gage begins to wonder if he’ll also be able to have the woman of his dreams when he does.

Two friends who are very interested in each other finally come together in GOOD VIBRATIONS. Lexi is about enter her MBA program and has decided she needs to devote herself completely to her schooling - so she’ll let herself get a little wild beforehand with Gage. She wasn’t looking for more than sex, but sometimes you find what you didn’t even know you wanted.

Virgin of the Amazon - Mia Verano
the Amazon Rainforest - Present Day

After walking in on her fiancé and sister, Anna Winter decided to do something completely out of character on her vacation. Which is how she finds herself in the rainforest, with both tour groups having left without her. When a group of men dressed in what she assumes are native costumes arrive, Anna figures the tour group’s rescue party has arrived. Only, the men aren’t dressed in costumes, the really are a natives, and they lead Anna back to the tribe’s camp. The only person she can communicate with is Coop, an Englishmen who the tribe believes is their king. He tells Anna that the shaman had a vision in which a pale-skinned, blond woman is to be his fourth bride, but Anna will be safe because the woman needs to be a virgin.

Except – Anna is a virgin.

In VIRGIN OF THE AMAZON, Anna’s conservative dress and job as head librarian at a university have done a good job of hiding her voluptuous body and sensuality. Stranded in the rainforest and at the mercy of a male-dominated tribe that hasn’t evolved into the twenty-first century yet, Anna comes to understand that it’s not just her body that’s been hidden, as Coop teaches her to blend in with the submissive women of the tribe. But what will happen when Anna learns that Coop has been stretching the truth, just a bit?

Four sizzling authors give us four steamy stories in SECRETS VOLUME 21. Whether you like the paranormal, stories of friends becoming lovers or seeing your heroines take a little walk on the wild side, this anthology has a little something for everyone. Pick up your copy of SECRETS VOLUME 21 today.

Jennifer Bishop

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RRT Erotic is back!!!!

RRTErotic - Issue 16, Volume 1 – December 16 2007

In this issue, we have 22 new reviews for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

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Romance Reviews Today

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A RED HOT NEW YEAR - Cynthia Eden, Diana Mercury, Virginia Reede, Denise Rossetti - Jennifer - Anthology Contemporary Romance
BOUND IN MOONLIGHT - Louisa Burton- France - Phillipa - Anthology – Erotica
SEASONS OF SEDUCTION Volume 3 - L. Alexander/ C. Fox, R. Luke/ C. Teglia/ N.J. Walters/ K. Willoughby - Ellora's Cavemen series - Lori - Anthology - Mixed Genre
SECRETS Volume 21 - C. Eden/ L. Ione/ K. St. James/ M. Verano - Jennifer - Anthology Contemporary Romance
SECRETS Volume 22 - E. Marvel/ R. Carrington/ c. Fox/ E. Adams - Anthology - Mixed Genre
SIN CLUB - Rachelle Chase - San Francisco, CA - Present Day - Holly - Anthology - Contemporary Romance

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ALONG FOR THE RIDE - Michelle M. Pillow - New York & Colorado - Sinclair - Contemporary Romance
FANTASY'S FEAR - Vonna Harper - Present Day - Ariel - Contemporary Romance
LOVE FOOL - Anna J. Evans - Austin, TX - Jennifer - Contemporary Romance
ROUGHRIDER - Shawna Moore - Mesa Junction - Present Day- Courtney - Contemporary Romance

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OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES - Carol Lynne - Men in Love, Book 3 - Lori - Gay Contemporary Romance

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BIJOU'S BONDS - Anh Leod - US - Present Day - Lori - Paranormal Romance
NIGHT FIRE - Vonna Harper - Present Day & Aztec Times - Phillipa - Paranormal Romance
SEXY DEVIL - Sasha White - Pearson, British Columbia - Present Day - Phillipa - Paranormal Romance

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ONE MORE TIME - Celia May Hart - 1807 - England - CeCe - Time Travel Romance

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PROMISES TO KEEP - Jonathan Wright - Horn, Book 3 - Indiana - Present Day - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance - Short
THE DRAGON'S DEMON - Marie Harte - Ethereal Foes, Book 1 - Philadelphia, PA - Present Day - Lori - Paranormal Romance - Short
THE KNIGHT'S CHALLENGE - Summer Devon - New England - Present Day- Lori - Paranormal Romance - Short

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Spotlight Review--AN AFFAIR BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Eloisa James

ISBN: 978-0-06-124554-1
November 2007
Historical Romance
Georgian England, April 1783

It began in Paris four years ago. Miss Perdita Selby, informally called Poppy, fell in love with the Duke of Fletcher, and Fletch with Poppy. This was fortunate, for Poppy's mother, Lady Flora, would not countenance a lesser rank as a son-in-law. Her whole life, it seems, has been devoted to shaping her daughter into a proper duchess. What is less fortunate is her indoctrination of her daughter concerning the evils of men and the marriage bed in particular. Poppy was so firmly conditioned that even today, she cannot respond to her husband's lovemaking no matter the care and attention he lavishes upon her inert body. It's driven him crazy. The devoted young man of their early days has changed. His outward beauty remains -- it's even enhanced -- but the sweetness is gone. Poppy and Fletch are now in despair; he through his frustration over her total lack of passion, and she because she doesn't know how she has driven him away. Poppy is thinking they need to separate for a while; Fletch thinks maybe he needs to take a mistress.

Poppy begins an extended visit with her friend from Paris, Jemma, Duchess of Beaumont. Poor Fletch! Lady Flora, whose husband had the good sense to die young, moves in to manage his house in Poppy's absence. The man does not deserve such torture. After a period of mourning over her broken marriage, Poppy begins to relish the freedom; her whole life has been spent trying to please, first her impossible mother, then her mystifying husband.

AN AFFAIR BEFORE CHRISTMAS takes place in the same world and among many of the same people as Ms. James's recent release, DESPERATE DUCHESSES. The Duchess of Beaumont is still engaged in a drawn out set of chess matches with the Duke of Villiers, and with her own husband, from whom she was estranged for many years. While Society delights in her antics, she's good for Poppy and the Fletcher marriage. Everything will come to a head on that account at a house party she will host at Christmas. The gathering will also bring together other featured characters in this complex storyworld. All their tales may not yet be ending, but we'll surely meet them again in pending episodes of Desperate Duchesses. AN AFFAIR BEFORE CHRISTMAS stands well on its own but I, for one, can't wait for the whole story to be told.

As Ms. James states on her interesting website (, the Georgian era was more free-wheeling than the later Regency and Victorian ages. The styles of dress and hair were certainly more outlandish. The novel includes interesting touches of the times, the oddest as seen through Poppy's inquiring eyes once her mind is set free. As always with an Eloisa James creation, AN AFFAIR BEFORE CHRISTMAS is highly literate, full of wit and gentle irony. The society is most strange, but the people are essentially good and likable...Lady Flora exempted, naturally.

Jane Bowers

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Ask Five with....GINA BLACK!!

Here is a newly published author that I've been waiting to see in print since her run in RT's American Title competition! Get to know....Gina Black:

1. Tell us a little about The Raven's Revenge.

THE RAVEN'S REVENGE is set during England's Restoration, right after the Puritans lost power and Charles II returned as King. The heroine, Katherine Anne Welles, has been raised as a Puritan. When her father arranges a marriage with their villainous neighbor, she flees in the arms of a wounded highwayman, even though she distrusts his offer of help.

Nicholas Montford, the exiled Earl of Ashton, has been masquerading as a highwayman since returning to England to reclaim his family lands. As the Raven, he takes revenge upon the Puritans who thrived while his family suffered. But when he kidnaps heiress Katherine Welles, thoughts of revenge take second place to kissing her soft lips and teasing the mistrust from her eyes. Can he find redemption in the arms of the woman he will eventually betray?

2. How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since I was a child. I have only seriously been pursuing publication for the past four years. THE RAVEN'S REVENGE was my first book. I've since written another which is sitting in the deep dark recesses of my hard drive, and I'm now working on a third.

3. What friends and/or writers have influenced you over the years?

As a child, Mark Twain was the author who made me want to be a writer. As an adult, I'd have to say Jane Austen, Barbara Samuel, Laura Kinsale, Mary Jo Putney are the authors I admire. I don't think I would have ever finished writing THE RAVEN'S REVENGE if it wasn't for my critique partner, Lisa Valdez, whose steadfast encouragement kept me going, especially when I balked at putting my characters through the dark moment.

4. What do you consider the hardest part of writing?

Email. Seriously. Not getting distracted is hard. Writing every day is the best way I know of staying focused and getting rid of those distractions but finding writing time every day is a real challenge.

5. What's up next for you?

I'm working on a Young Adult with light paranormal elements.


To learn more about Gina, vist her website at

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Chats, Contests and Fun Galore!!!

Are you looking for chats or contests this holiday season? Check these out:

Minx will be in the Romance Reviews Today chat room on Dec 15rh at 9pm est for her monthly trivia chat.


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Chat begins at 9pm est On Friday Dec 14th and will run for two hours.


December Happy Holidays Contest

Congratulations to Cathy MacDonald, our November winner!

December 2007 prizes!

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Restrictions: You MUST be 18 years or older to enter and US residents only.

December 2007 questions!

Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully/JB Skully
Question: In The Fortune Hunter Sneak Peek trailer, what does he “up the ante” to?

Leigh Wyndfield
Question: Who is the heroine in TWO FOR THE MONEY?

Dee S. Knight
Question: In Resolutions, which season was my character named for?

TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsay
Question: In View to a Kill (excerpt on Works in Progress), what is Sara’s dog’s name?

Rachelle Chase
Question: In SIN CLUB, what two things has Nick Ralston resolved to give up?

Information Courtesy of: Author Sound Relations

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A little something in your Stocking.... Giveaway!

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A little gift from the Romance Reviews Today blog..... ONE person will win a $25 egiftcard to your choice of either
Amazon, BN, or Fictionwise ....

Yes, a nice prize and you can buy LOTS of books for $25....

So, tell me, what books would you buy with a $25.00 giftcard? Post away and tell us...we want to know!

One entry per household. Contest winner will be announced the evening of December 23rd.

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Spotlight Review...DEAL WITH THIS by Lucy Monroe

DEAL WITH THIS – Lucy Monroe
The Goddard Project, Book 2
Kensington Brava
ISBN-10: 0-7582-1180-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-1180-4
December 2007
Contemporary Romance
Vancouver, British Columbia – Present Day

Special Agent Alan Hyatt is working undercover as a journalist while investigating suspected high tech espionage. As part of his disguise, he will live in actor Jillian Sinclair’s home as one of her boarders. Meeting Jillian for the first time, an instantaneous lust for her engulfs Alan, making him realize it’s going to be tough to maintain impartiality. Not that Jillian is the prime suspect, but you never can be too sure. Living in close quarters also makes it hard to keep their distance from each other, especially when the attraction is mutual.

Jillian loves her job and loves having people around her. Owning a house in Vancouver near the studio is convenient, while Jillian stringently lays down rules, which include no personal relationships among the boarders. But her new boarder, Alan, has her suddenly feeling the urge to break the rules, even though she’s not looking for a commitment. Will she just go for a hot affair and worry about why the thought of his leaving scares her?

DEAL WITH THIS brings together Jillian and Alan, who first appeared in THE REAL DEAL and SATISFACTION GUARANTEED respectively. Jillian has a bohemian reputation, but deep down is a woman who's afraid to let anyone get close to her emotionally. Enter Alan into her life, and suddenly she's inexplicability drawn to him. It doesn't take her long to figure out there's more to his story of doing a report on the Vancouver film industry. But that doesn't stop her from falling under Alan's spell. Alan knows he needs to be careful not to expose his true identity. At least one person has died during the investigation, and the last thing he wants is more bloodshed. A little side distraction by getting involved with Jillian could be murder to the investigation, but Alan decides to take the risk.

Who among the film industry is responsible for possible illegal activities and what will the end result be? Alan is totally hot and will have readers fanning themselves while swooning. The sex scenes are blistering, making DEAL WITH THIS an intense read.

Lucy Monroe delivers with DEAL WITH THIS, a must-have for readers looking for sizzle and suspense with their romance. Don’t miss out on some terrific reading; pick up DEAL WITH THIS.

Patti Fischer

SILKEN SHADOWS winner is....

The winner of Silken Shadows is Laurie!!!!!!!

Please email me at with you name and address and I'll forward the info to Terrie. Please put Silken Shadows winner in the subject header.


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Rita Thedford winner and a Spotlight review of Parallel Desire!

First off, the winner of the ebook from Rita Thedford is.... flichen1...

Please email Rita at to claim your copy of Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon! Be sure to put in subject header RRT blog winner.

PS, I will draw the Silken Shadows winner tomorrow night

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Romance Reviews Today is slowly getting back to normal. I don't know how Terrie finds the time to eat or sleep. Be sure to check out the site:

Romance Reviews Today

Here is a spotlight review for your enjoyment:

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Midnight Warriors - Book 4
Signet Eclipse
ISBN-10: 0-451-22244-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22244-3
December 2007
Paranormal Romance
Texas, Wyoming, Idaho - A Future and a Present

A Future…
Jakob Tierny killed Lieutenant Scott Dillon’s wife, Hope, and their unborn baby, Leisa. In his rage and grief, Scott allows the Antousian side of his nature to surface and kills Jakob by taking over his body, killing the soul that used to reside in it in the process. Now he just has to travel through time and prevent Jakob from killing Hope, if at all possible.

A Present…
Jake (Scott in Jakob’s body) is now stuck in a time where Hope is still alive and happily married to his younger self. Unable to let go of her, Jake is slowly losing his mind, the only thing he can do for Hope now is to find and kill the younger version of the man who killed her in his future, Jakob Tierny.

Refarian Medic Shelby Tyler has been sent by Commander Jared Bennett to retrieve Jake from Texas before he gets into more trouble than he can handle. Shelby helped Scott Dillon in the past and found him to be both charming and filled with tons of sex appeal; his alter-ego, though older and with vastly different looks, proves to be just as devastating to Shelby’s peace of mind and libido.

Jake’s a man in love with a woman he can’t have; Shelby’s a woman who was betrayed by the only man she ever loved. Together the pair could make a formidable team, but first they must decide how to deal with the intense attraction that flares up between them.

PARALLEL DESIRE brings together two of my favorite characters in the Midnight Warriors series. Shelby with her Texas twang, and Jake with his brilliant eyes that have seen too much. Hope is his past; Jake knows he has to let her go, allow her to enjoy her present and future with Scott, but despite the facts, he’s never going to stop loving her. So knowing that, he has trouble understanding the intense passion Shelby sparks in him, the way she seems to be able to insinuate herself into his psyche, if not his very soul. Shelby has felt deep love once before in her life, an ill-fated emotion that led to the deaths of many she cared about, and now comes Jake. He overwhelms Shelby, appeals to all of her senses but, most alarmingly, he speaks to her heart. How can she resist him, and, believing that he’ll always love Hope, what can she do but try? Can these two damaged souls carve out a future together, or will fate deal them one final, destructive, hand?

One of the many things I love about this series is the author’s incredible ability to weave together the lives of so many characters throughout each book and continue their stories right into the next edition. Of course, that makes it difficult to view any of the characters as secondary; having said that, here are the “secondary” characters that seemed to demand acknowledgement: Commander Jared Bennett (exiled king of Refaria and Jake/Scott’s best friend) and his mate, Kelsey, who are finally going to have a family (if all goes well of course); Thea (Jared’s cousin) and her mate, Marcos (Jared’s Madjin, bodyguard); Chris Harper, Hope’s twin brother -- in that other Future, he was once Jake’s brother in spirit. Then there are Patrick Wells (Kelsey’s father), Kryn Zoltners (an Antousian working for the Refarian’s enemy, Raedus) and Nahim Lalihim (an Antousian spy). Each of these people is significant in some way.

This book will make you pant, laugh, and cry tears of both joy and sorrow as you read frantically to the very end. If you haven’t read the other books in the Midnight Warriors series, I highly recommend it. The world in this series is complex and well worth the time you’ll invest in learning all about it. See the author’s website at for a listing of the books in their correct reading order. As all great books do, PARALLEL DESIRE will speak to your heart. Don’t miss it.

Lori Ann

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Ask Five with ....RITA THEDFORD...and a ebook giveaway!

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Today we have Rita Thedford, a new to me author that I know I'm going to love reading. The title of her latest book caught my eye. I'm sure it will yours!

PS...check down below about a giveaway!

Sit back and meet Rita:

1. What is the title of your latest release and what's it about?

My latest release is Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon with The Wild Rose Press. It's the first installment for their Wayback Texas Series with the Yellow Rose line of contemporary westerns. Blue Bug tells the story of sexy, sassy Gina Ballew who is just a tad intimidating to the fellas in this small Texas town. Yeah, she's been burned before, has sworn off men completely. That is until she meets Nash Logan. Nash, a bull rider and all around cowboy, is only in town for the weekly rodeo. Nope, he doesn't do one night stands but when luscious Gina saunters up to him at The Blue Bug Saloon, he knows he's a goner.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

Umm...good question. Really, they just kind of pop into my brain and whirl around for awhile. Sometimes I'll hear a line from a song or read something in a magazine or newspaper and, that could be a good story. If the idea doesn't go away, keeps lingering there in my head, I'll go with it. And my, oh, my, I'm such a pantser. Sometimes I'll just take than little germ of an idea, sit at the computer and see what happens. Oddly enough, sometimes I'm really surprised. That's what makes the whole process interesting and who wants to do it if it's not FUN???

3. What is the hardest part of writing?

Man, that's easy. Lonelliness. Writing is a very lonely deal and almost always, it's just me and the story. Yeah, I'm surrounded by people who love me bunches and I have a great support group of family and friends but they aren't a part of what I do in my office every day and I certainly don't want to bore them with my writing struggles. It's hard for most people to understand what it's like. Technically speaking, the hardest part of writing is dealing with the very MIDDLE of a book. When you first jump into the writing of a story, excitement is running high, dialogue is snappy, sexy, and sweet. Then that dratted middle looms and I'm left thinking...sigh...what now??? For me, beginnings and endings are the easy part. That dang middle though is tough.

4. What authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

I've always been draw to the writing styles of Julie Garwood and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Their characters are so loveable and sweet and you find yourself cheering for them. And their HUMOR is fabulous. Speaking of humor, I can't forget the falling down funny Sandra Hill. Oh my gosh!!! There are just so many writers I've loved over the years. I have to say though, my personal friendships with other writers have meant the world to me. Remember that loneliness factor??? The friends I've made through my writing career help with that pesky problem a great deal. They understand the sollitary nature of writing and are quick to help, praise or give me a virtual kick in the rear if need be. I count among my closest writing friends, authors Alisha Paige, Tessa Rae, Judith Rochelle and Cindy Spencer Pape. They are the coolest chicks I know and I can't imagine getting through a single day without talking with at least one of them.

5. What's coming out for you in the near future?

Ummm...glad you asked that! My next book is called One Dependable Man, a contemporary western I wrote for the Yellow Rose line of The Wild Rose Press. Like most of my books, this story is funny, sweet, and very hot. It releases in e-book on Jan. 4 and in print on July 4 of 2008.

To learn more, check out Rita's website at

You can purchase her ebook here.

Rita has generously donated to one lucky winner a copy of her ebook Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon. Post away and ask Rita a question. For everyone who asks a question, you are entered. I will announce the winner Sunday night!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Site Update

In case you didn't catch Terrie's letter:

A note to our readers.

When you visit Romance Reviews Today you will notice the new look, what you may also notice is that most of the content (previous reviews, interviews, spotlights) are missing.
If you weren’t aware of it, Romance Reviews Today was suspended when the host sever I have been with for seven years decided that RRTErotic violated their terms of service. Rather than just taking RRTErotic down they took down both of the sites without giving me an opportunity to take any corrective measures they might require, or even to ensure the integrity and viability of the sites.

When Romance Reviews Today was moved to a new server along with RRTErotic they neglected to tell me that they were the same server as my previous server with a different name. So, after uploading RRT, I uploaded RRTE. After accepting the transfer of the domain RRTErotic they decided the domain name alone violated their terms of service, and once again without warning – took both sites down. Because of the way both sites were terminated and my attempts to move them from one place to another RRT became unstable requiring a rebuild from the ground up. I have the foundation in place, as well as the December 1st reviews. It will take time to upload the rest of the 2007 and prior reviews, but I’m determined to get them all back up as quickly as possible.

I have found a new host and after a lengthy telephone conversation with them will be setting up RRTErotic on a different server. There will no longer be links on RRT to the RRTErotic site, at least until June when the current hosting expires and I move every thing to one location again. In the meantime, I’ll include the url to the RRTErotic site in my thrice monthly update emails once RRTErotic is back up and running.

Thanks for your support and patience.
Terrie Figueroa
Romance Reviews Today

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SILKEN SHADOWS book giveaway!

Romance Reviews Today site is back up but Terrie is still working on it from the ground up. But be sure to check out the latest reviews.

To start out December right, we are giving away a December release:

Jennifer St. Giles SILKEN SHADOWS

One entry per household.

Winner to be drawn Sunday evening (Dec 9th)

On your mark, get set....POST!

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Chat Tuesday night with Linnea Sinclair and Cara Carnes!!!

Chat with Linnea Sinclair and Cara Carnes in the Romance Reviews Today
Chat Room

Click here to enter

Begins at 9pm EST

*Prizes to be given away*

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Q&A with Cara Carnes and Tuesday Chat Announcement!

Cara Carnes, along with Linnea Sinclair, will be my guest in the Romance Reviews Today chat room this coming Tuesday at 9pm est. To get ready for this exciting chat, here is an interview with the lovely Cara Carnes! You can buy her story, Warrior's Paradise, at Loose Id by clicking here.

PS...yes, there will be prizes at the chat. Come to chat and find out what. ;-)

1. Tell us about Warrior's Paradise.

Shana Danson is concerned about her adopted sister's obsession over another world. To prove to herself and to her sister that it doesn't exist, Shana decides to test it by saying the chant that takes you to Paradise, a place where your wildest fantasies can come true.

She is surprised to find herself in Paradise, and at the mercy of Lucian, their fiercest warrior. All he wants is the one thing she doesn't want to give him - how she came to know of Paradise. Determined to protect the identity of her adopted sister, she must choose between loyalty and surrendering to her darkest desires.

Lucian is determined to obtain the answers he needs, and he will do anything to get them. She came to play in Paradise, and he fully intends to give her more than she could have possibly imagined. As the bonds of trust and passion ignite and surround Shana and Lucian, the hardest test of all will determine their destiny.

2. How long have you been writing?

I began writing seriously this past year, but have wanted to write since I was very young.

3. How many hours a day do you spend writing?

I try hard to write at least 3 hours a day during the week, and at least 10 hours on the weekends. It is hard sometimes; however, because I still have a "day job" that demands a lot of hours of my week.

4. Any advice for those not yet published?

Believe in yourself and your voice. Take what you can from the advice, critiques and feedback you get but never forget your own voice. It is what makes you unique. Get your name out there. If you are using a pen name, use it on the writing boards you belong to. Let people get used to seeing it and recognize it. Brand yourself.

Most importantly, be persistent and patient. It takes time, and a lot of hard work.

5. Who are some of your favorite authors?

There are so many, I'd be hard pressed to name just a few. I am a voracious reader, and love just about every romance genre out there. Some of the first books I read were Harlequins, but I quickly dove into historical romances.

My current favorites are mostly contemporary or paranormal, ranging in degrees of sensuality from mild to erotic.

6. Finally, where can readers find you on the world wide web? Website, Blog, MySpace?

My website is
My blog is

Friday, November 30, 2007

Update on sites....

The main Romance Reviews Today site is up but Terrie is working on the graphics and links to get them restored.

RRT Erotic is still down and most likely will not be back up until early next week.

Of course, the blog is still up and the chat room is always open. Tonight at 9:30pm est you'll find me there.

Finally, reviewers are working hard on their December reviews. Don't forget to check them out!

Click here to join RRTChatters
Click to join RRTChatters

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Ask Five with....LUCY MONROE!!!

Today we are thrilled to have the fabulous (and very nice!) Lucy Monroe. She'll pop in and answer your questions today, so...ask away!

1. Tell us about your latest releases.

[Lucy Monroe] The second book in my The Goddard Project series from Brava came out two days ago. DEAL WITH THIS is a very sexy The Geek Squad meets James Bond kind of story. Alan and Jillian were both introduced in earlier books and lots of readers asked for their stories - so I was really happy when I realized they were just right for each other. :)

The first book in my Sunshine Springs duo from Harlequin Presents is out in December. THE RANCHER'S RULES is a best friends to lover story with a couple of fun twists. Grant's got some pretty interesting rules and one of them is that his best friend is off limits. Zoe never has done very well living her life by other people's standards and she's not about to start now. She's got a few tricks up her sleeve that keep Grant hopping and maybe more than just a little turned on.

2. What is the hardest part of writing?

[Lucy Monroe] Not having enough time to write all the stories clamoring in my head for release.

3.How do you stay motivated?

[Lucy Monroe] I love my stories. I *want* to write them. I'm a pretty dedicated person too and making my deadlines is important for me. Chocolate doesn't hurt either. And really strong coffee every little bit. :)

4. Which authors or friends have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

[Lucy Monroe] Oh my, this is a long list - so I'm only going to share a very vew. My mom and my sisters are my best friends and incredibly important in my life. I look up to them and love them and know they love me. My husband and children are bricks and mortar of my life and I could do without my writing, but not without them, you know? As for authors...Debbie Macomber has been amazing friend and mentor to me and I really respect what she has done with her career, not to mention the quality of her writing. She's not only very talented, but also very generous. The same could be said of Lori Foster, who amazes me time and again with how constantly she gives and gives and gives. Dianne Castell is my hero...she is always there for me when I truly need a friend and she's given me great advice personally on my most important job - being a mom. Kate Davies is simply one of my best friends. Her son calls our get togethers "play dates" and maybe they're just as necessary for us as they are for children, you know? Lora Leigh is another super supportive friend and loving person. Not to mention an author I admire oodles and bunches. She gives so much to other authors and to her readers. Denyse Bridger supports me and my work in concrete ways that I'm so grateful for. I feel just so very blessed by God for each of these people. My life is richer for all of them.

5. What's coming up next for you?

[Lucy Monroe] I'm working on my next TGP book right now, but it won't be out for another year. I'll have seven original paperback releases in North America in 2008 and at least one mass market re-release of a Brava title. Please visit my Upcoming Releases page at for a complete list with book cover blurbs.

Thanks so much for having me! It's been great to be here. :)


Sites are down

If you are trying to get into the Romance Reviews Today or RRT Erotic sites, they are temporarily down due to server issues.

Terrie is working hard at resolving the problem and they should be back up soon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spotlight Review: The Courtesan's Daughter by Claudia Dain

Berkley Sensation Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-425-21720-7
October 2007
Historical Romance

London, 1808

It's not easy being the daughter of a courtesan, not even when one is the legitimate daughter of the Countess of Dalby and the late earl. Twenty years don't seem to be enough to wipe away memories of the most beautiful, most sought after courtesan of her day. Not when Sophia is still youthful and a presence among the ton. Even though many doors are closed to her, everyone is fascinated by her. Lady Caroline, Sophia's daughter, knows better than to expect to dance at Almack's; she rather doubts she'll ever receive a decent proposal, unless it be from a rich merchant or other. But Caro forgets her mother is a master at getting her way...or should we say mistress.

Sophia buys up the vowels of the Earl of Ashton and concludes a marriage contract between him and Caroline. But Caroline learns of the financial arrangement and refuses to marry a husband bought by her mother, before she even meets him. She declares she'd rather become a courtesan as her mother once was.

Now, Caroline always considered herself a logical person, but here she veers away from any logic but that of a lady smitten, now that she's met the ruggedly handsome Ashton. What she is is a naive, carefully brought up and protected young lady with much to learn about life and men. And her mother, as hinted above, is a consummate manipulator. Of Ashton, we are not privy to his true feelings for many chapters, though we are given several hints that he, too, has a parent with an agenda. His father and Caro's mother knew each other before she married Lord Dalby; not many know the reason for their current enmity.

Sophia attempts to teach Caroline how to play the game, as she calls dealing with men. There are games of seduction and games of revenge in play, with many other characters entering the lists. What follows is highly amusing to London's Society -- and undoubtedly also to readers of this engaging novel.

Claudia Dain writes in a light bantering style that becomes more and more entertaining as the players give and take, advance and retreat. (Caroline learns quickly.) Sophia's friends include young Anna Warren, widowed at eighteen, and another project of Sophia's, plus many other minor characters of note, with plenty of lusty lords among them. The later chapters contain even more surprises as the novel takes on a slightly farcical tone, and I mean the witty, laugh-provoking kind of farce.

THE COURTESAN'S DAUGHTER is the first of the Courtesan Series. Surely Sophia, Lady Dalby will be around to pull the strings while ensnaring another couple or two. If so, the fun is guaranteed. Now's the time to get in on the beginning.

Jane Bowers

Monday, November 26, 2007

Spotlight Review: FIRE AND RAIN by Lauren Dane

From RRT Erotic
FIRE AND RAIN - Lauren Dane
The Cherchez Clan, Book 2
Ellora’s Cave -
ISBN: 978-1-41991-220-7
September 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance - ménage Single Title
Rated: E-rotic

Seattle, Portland and the Cascades of Washington and Maui, Hawaii - Present day

Rain Foster has only one passion in life, her art. But when a handsome older man with fire in his eyes and a body that speaks to all of her senses walks into the café where she works as a waitress, Rain suddenly wonders if there’s room in her life for more than her art. Unfortunately, there’s a complication, as Rain is hiding a dark secret, one that keeps her in danger every day of her life and could threaten anyone she loves.

Laurent Cole is a werewolf, the Lieutenant of the Cherchez Clan and bodyguard to his Alpha, Andreas Phinney. Forty-four years old, Laurent had started to wonder if he’d ever find his mate, but as soon as he catches sight and scent of Rain, he knows his search is over. Her being human is a bit of a complication, but he’s determined to avoid the mistakes others in his Pack have made, he’ll woo her slowly and then after she trusts him, loves him as much as he loves her, he’ll tell her the truth about his existence and convert her.

Slow and steady may have been Laurent’s plan, but Rain’s past is about to catch up to her, will he lose his Mate before she’s even been claimed?

Rain’s family is in the Mob, she was raised to be the dressing on a man’s arm, a pawn to be traded to anyone her father needed to cement ties to or improve relations with. It didn’t take long for her father to arrange a marriage to Anthony Vargas, a meth user who beat Rain severely while they were engaged. Her father’s reaction? She should learn to please her man better. So you can imagine that an Alpha male who doesn’t hesitate to lie to her if he thinks “it’s for her own good” and quickly tries to take over her life, could be a bit threatening to her. Rain has lived this long by making the rational choice, but her heart is trying to make her understand that for once, the strength of a man isn’t being used against her, but for her.

Laurent loves Andreas, his mate Kari and their children, but once he meets Rain, he knows that it’s time he took something for himself. He’s amazed by her fire, her strength and determination, the beauty she quickly reveals is more than skin deep. Even though he knows he needs to move slowly, his wolf side just wants to claim his Mate, now, if not sooner. Rain brings out feelings of possession and passion, the need to nurture her and keep her safe from all harm. So you can imagine his reaction when he discovers the truth about her past; he’s ready to tear Anthony and her father apart limb by limb. Despite the age difference (Rain is twenty-six) and their disparate upbringing (although truthfully, there are some similarities between the Mob and the Pack, they’re both complicated social structures that depend on hierarchies) I can’t imagine any couple better suited to one another.

There are so many important secondary characters that it’s difficult to pick out just a few to tell you about (especially when you consider the size of the Pack and how involved they are in each other’s lives). Harrison Watts (a big brother type, this widower deserves to find happiness again) and Andrew Keller (the perfect gay best friend) are Rain’s roommates. Andreas and Kari, along with oldest daughter, Hellie, hold special places in Laurent’s heart and accept Rain into the fold with no hesitation. Paloma is an unmated female, used to thinking of Laurent as available, Rain will have to put her in her place. Then of course there are Rain’s parents, Pietro and Patrice, two people who definitely don’t view love and family in the same way. Anthony Vargas, Rain’s ex-fiancée is a bit of a wuss, but when he’s high, watch out.

FIRE AND RAIN is one of those books that manages to draw on all your emotions; you’ll laugh, cry and sigh with delight throughout this wonderful example of Lauren Dane’s work. A fine standalone read, I still advise you to pick up ASCENSION (June 2007) if you haven’t read it yet. It’s a fantastic read as well and will provide you with much more information about the Cherchez Clan. So what are you waiting for? Get on over to Ellora’s Cave and get FIRE AND RAIN today.

Lori Ann

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Winner is..........

...of HIDE AND SEEK is.... TAM #11

Please email me at with your name and mailing address!


Meanwhile, if you're looking for some good reading, check out these reviews:

Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 51, Volume 3, November 20, 2007

We are pleased to present 29 new reviews. (Quick List of new reviews)

Check out November’s Contest for your chance to win!

Uncial Press
COMET WINE - Lesley-Anne McLeod - 1811 - Cambridgeshire, England - Jane- Regency - Uncial Press – Nibble

ELIZABETH & LEICESTER , Power, Passion, Politics - Sarah Gristwood - A Perfect 10 - England - Before and during the reign of Elizabeth I - Jani - Non-Fiction - Biography

Anthology Reviews
ELEMENTAL MAGIC - S. Shinn, J. Johnson, C. Berg, R. York - Lisa - Anthology – Fantasy

Contemporary Romance
FORECAST - Jane Tara - New York City, NY - Present Day - Terrie w/paranormal elements
ONE CRAZY SUMMER - Jenyfer Matthews - Chicago, IL & Mexico - Present Day - Kathy
SWEET POISONED WINE - Edita A. Petrick - Houston, TX & Tucson, AZ - Marilyn
THRILL OF THE CHASE - Christina Crooks - Huntington Beach, CA - Patti

Contemporary Fiction
AMAZING GRACE - Danielle Steel - San Francisco, CA - Deborah
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS - Christine Pisera Naman - USA - Present Day - Diana
ONE TRICK PONY - Daniella Brodsky - Brooklyn, NY - Present Day - Jennifer - Young Adult

Fantasy/Futuristic Fiction
COYOTE SEASON - Michael Bergey - Seattle, WA - Present Day - Kate - Fantasy
HEART OF STONE - C.E. Murphy - New York City, NY - Present Day - Lisa - Fantasy

Futuristic/Science Fiction Romance (Includes Time Travel)
STAR SHADOWS - Colby Hodge - Oasis series, Book 3 - Planets Oasis, Senate & Bali Circe - Future - Lori - Futuristic Romance

Historical Romance
THE COURTESAN'S DAUGHTER - Claudia Dain - 1808 - London, England - Jane

A LINE IN THE SAND - Al & Joanna Lacy - The Kane Legacy, Book 1 - 1834 - Boston, MA & Texas Territory - Diana - Historical Fiction
ADOPTING ALYSSA - Denise Patrick - Salt Lake City, UT - Deborah - Contemporary Fiction
REDEEMING LOVE - Francine Rivers - Gold Rush Era - England & California - Deborah - Historical Fiction
WHAT LIVES WITHIN - Karen Ball - Portland, OR - Present Day - Deborah - Mystery

BIG BONED - Meg Cabot - A Heather Wells Mystery, Book 3 - New York City, NY - Present Day - Jennell
GOODBYE, SHE LIED - Russ Hall - An Esbeth Walters Mystery - Fearing, TX - Present Day - Jennell
KNEE HIGH BY FOURTH OF JULY - Jess Lourey - Battle Lake, MN - Present Day - Deborah
MURDER BY SERPENTS - Barbara Graham - The Mystery Quilt - Silersville, TN - Jane

Paranormal Romance
ETERNAL LOVE - Maggie Shayne - 1680s; 1511; 1998 & 1999 – England; Scotland; Massachusetts Colony & Maine - Jennifer - Double Book
THE ROAD TO HELL - Jackie Kessler - Hell on Earth, Book 2 - New York City, NY - Present Day - Carolyn

LADY EMELINE'S REMEDY - Cynthia Moore - 1820 - London, England - Kate

Romantic Mystery/Suspense
CALAMITY JAYNE HEADS WEST - Kathleen Bacus - A Tressa Jayne Turner Mystery, Book 5 - Idaho; Phoenix, AZ - Present Day - Sinclair - Romantic Mystery
KEEPING FAITH - R.E. Matheson - Toronto & Barrie, Canada - Marilyn - Romantic Suspense

Series Romance
A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS - Carrie Alexander - 9 Months Later series- Christmas, MI - Present Day - Patti - HSR #1455
THE GREEK TYCOON'S UNWILLING WIFE - Kate Walker - The Greek Tycoon's Miniseries – Greece – Present Day - Nickole - HP #2677

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***Book Giveaway Winner...and a December book giveaway!***

First off,the winner of Naughti Nights is......


Please email me at with your name and mailing address!

Note:If any of you are still waiting for books from the October giveway, they were sent out Wednesday.

Now, for a book giveaway that I'm sure to please more than a few of you, it is...

HIDE AND SEEK by Alyssa Brooks!!!

Click here to get a preview of the book and an excerpt

What do you want for Christmas? Post away and I'll pull one very lucky winner on Sunday night!!!


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-058247-0
ISBN: 10-0-06-058247-2
November 2007
Contemporary Romance

New York; Los Angeles, California; Arkansas - Present Day

Having escaped from small town life in Arkansas, Harriet P. Smith is now a successful artist living in New York City. Yet, for all her success, or maybe because of it, Harriet still feels like an outsider. Close to the holidays, Harriet and her fifteen-year-old son find themselves trekking to Arkansas, albeit reluctantly, to be with her dead husband’s mother as she recovers from knee surgery. But going back home stirs up a lot of memories for Harriet, namely a secret that she has been keeping -- who her son’s biological father really is.

Jake Porter always lived his life not looking back. This outlook has always helped him, considering that he grew up as a military brat, having to move often and rarely leaving roots behind. There is one place, though, that Jake does look back on -- or one person -- and that is Harriet Smith, an awkward, slightly overweight girl who was the first girl he was intimate with. It was soon after that night with Harriet that Jake’s career military father, the Colonel, yanked him out of yet another school to take him away, never giving Jake the chance to say goodbye to Harriet. When his father wants Jake to meet the woman he wants to marry and to spend the holidays with them, Jake is surprised to learn that the woman lives in Doolittle, the small town where he spent his last year of high school. Jake agrees to visit and wonders if he will run into Harriet while there?

NOT THE MARRYING KIND is about two people who, for all their successes as adults, are carrying a lot of baggage from their childhood. In Jake’s case, he handles it well, but Harriet does not. The story manages to capture the ambivalence a person can feel visiting family over the holidays and all that entails. Harriet, although described as complex, brilliant, and mysterious, comes across as something less than that. I was unsure if Harriet is supposed to be an edgy, flawed character or simply misunderstood by everyone around her, and as a result I found it hard to appreciate Harriet’s point of view. For example, Harriet has not visited her parents for three years, and then she admits that her childhood was not so bad. When readers are finally introduced to Harriet’s parents, we see them more clearly than Harriet does, and as a result, all Harriet’s thoughts about her parents come across as whiny, complaining, and a little selfish.

The relationship between Jake and Harriet hit some wrong notes emotionally. I question the reasonableness that Jake and Harriet, two sophisticated, cosmopolitan characters, have secretly been pining for each other all these years? When the identity of Harriet’s son’s father is revealed, it is anti-climactic. Also, Harriet's and Jake’s attitude and condescending manners when referring to the town of Doolittle and its inhabitants is a turn-off.

Secondary characters like the Colonel, Jake’s father; Martha, Jake’s father’s love interest and her sister, Abbie, or crabbie Abbie, as the townsfolk call her, did entertain and provide some bright spots in this tale. NOT THE MARRYING KIND is a book that introduces a lot, but not all of it successfully.

Nickole Yarbrough

Monday, November 19, 2007

Q&A with Kay Stockham!

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1. Tell us about A Christmas to Remember.

A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER is a redemption story with an amnesia element. I've always wanted to write an amnesia story but it's hard to take that time-aged theme and give it a fresh twist. ACTR is the third character-related story that began with MAN WITH A PAST (May 2006) and HIS PERFECT WOMAN (June 2007).

I don't know of a single person who hasn't made a mistake and had to live with the consequences. This story is about that---and a lot more. Christmas is the season of forgiveness and love and ACTR reflects that. Could you give the person who *ruined* your life a second chance? Could you forgive them? And what if after doing so, you find out it's all been a lie? My heroine has some tough decisions ahead of her.

For a peek inside A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER, please go to my website and view the book video. I also have a great Launch Party Scavenger Hunt through the pages of ACTR going on now. I hope all of you reading this will check it out.

2. How long were you writing before you sold?

I've written all my life. Short stories, poems. I didn't start submitting for publication until after the birth of my daughter. When I got 'The Call' I'd been actively writing for publication five and a half years--and racked up a lot of rejection letters. I could tell I was getting close though because my rejection letters were becoming longer and more detailed--always a good sign when the editors take the time to do that.

3. Who are the biggest influences in your writing career?

Oh, wow. So many people have helped me along this journey. Lori Foster for one. She's such a giving, ready to help kind of person and a great friend and writer. I'm a big fan of hers. Other authors who've influenced me by their career choices, writing methods and personal work ethic include Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Debbie Macomber and Nora Roberts. I think I was the only person on the face of the earth who wasn't a Nora follower until recently, but I'm slowly catching up on her backlist and loving what I'm reading.

4. What do you do for fun in your spare time?

LOL Does shopping count as stress therapy? ;) I love reading (of course!) and gardening, though you can't tell it by looking at my landscaping at the moment. It's been a busy year. LOL I love spending time with my family and am perfectly content curling up on the couch and watching a movie. Our movie nights are very special to me and always will be.

5. What's coming up in the near future for you?

March 2008 begins a brand new series with Superromance tagged as The Tulanes of Tennessee. It begins with Garret's story in ANOTHER MAN'S BABY, and Nick's story (book two) is titled HIS SON'S TEACHER.

I'm also thrilled to be part of THE POWER OF LOVE Anthology headed up by Lori Foster. Released by Berkley in June, 2008, HANNAH'S CHOICE is my contribution and tells the story of a woman overcoming her abusive past. It's going to be a busy year, but I can't wait!

Thanks, Kay!

Be sure to visit Kay at her website at
and don't forget to check out the trailer!

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The winner of....and a new giveaway!

The winner of A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS is...ChristyJan!

Please email me at with your full name and mailing address!

We have another book to give away and the winner will be drawn Wednesday night!


Cover and blurb can be found at Lora Leigh's website.

What does Santa say about you this year--have you been naughty or good?

Post away and I will pick the winner Wednesday night!

Spotlight Review on.... THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS by Barbara Dunlop

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Silhouette Desire #1836
ISBN 13: 978-0-373-76836-3
ISBN 10: 0-373-76836-2
November 2007
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada and Manchester, Vermont – Present Day

Billionaire Jack Osland has a plan to save the family fortune from another of his grandfather’s bimbo brides. He’ll charm the bimbo…er…lady himself and make her fall for him. When he meets the woman in question, just before she, he, and his cousin take off on a jet for California, Jack is curiously intrigued. Kristy Mahoney is blonde, beautiful and has a cute little dog in tow, reminiscent of Reese Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde. Jack’s plan works all too well: the plane has an “emergency” landing in Las Vegas where Jack and Kristy end up spending three days having fun and falling in love. Well, what’s a guy to do when in Vegas? Geting married comes to mind…

Kristy has no intentions of marrying Jack’s grandfather. Her intentions are to present her fashion design plans to the company board, hopefully kicking off her career. Jack is way too charming, but that doesn’t stop her from being attracted to him. When he proposes marriage, all seems right until the next day…when she learns the real reason he married her. She walks out of his life, hoping to never see Jack the jerk again, except in divorce court. Ah, but Grandfather Osland has a few tricks up his sleeve. Kristy is offered a chance she can’t refuse. She can prepare for a big fashion event at the family mansion in Vermont. The only problem is that Jack will be there. Poor Kristy, she’s caught between furthering her career or losing her chance, all because of Jack.

THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS is a truly fun story. The chemistry between Jack and Kristy sizzles to the point readers might need to wear gloves while reading. Jack has already made up his mind about Kristy before she even steps onto the plane. Of course, one look at her only validates what he thinks of her. But even as he gets to know her in the days following while they’re “stranded” in Vegas, it’s soon apparent that even he is falling under her spell. Readers will know from the beginning that Jack’s beliefs about Kristy are erroneous, so when Jack’s ulterior motives are revealed, it makes for one of the best parts of THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS.

Secondary characters of note include Jack’s cousin, Hunter, and Kristy’s sister, Sinclair. These two hit it off right from the first moment they meet. Well, Sinclair does want to smack Hunter, so I guess you’ll have figure out what “hit” means. There is also the grandfather, Cleveland Osland, and he’s a hoot who’ll have you chuckling a few times. The banter among all of the characters is deliciously written and had me wishing THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS was a tad bit longer.

Barbara Dunlop scores a hit with a winning tale of mistaken identity that turns into a delightful surprise for a couple. March yourself to the bookstore today and grab your copy of THE BILLIONAIRE WHO BOUGHT CHRISTMAS. You won’t be sorry.

Patti Fischer

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ask Five with....SUSAN STEPHENS!!!!!!

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What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

My November 2007 release, Expecting His Royal Baby, is book 5 in the fabulous Niroli series.

Set in the tiny Mediterranean kingdom of Niroli my hero Nico is torn between duty and love as the race to find the heir to the throne of Niroli gathers pace.

Nico is a self made man, but he is also a member of the richest royal family in the world - a family united by blood and passion, torn apart by deceit and desire.

My heroine, Carrie Evans is an unlikely heroine, who proves during the course of the book to have a big heart and enough courage to take on both Nico and the kingdom of Niroli, if that is what it takes to protect her unborn child.

How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

There are always ideas buzzing in my head- the other day I heard an old Motown classic I used to love, and from that song sprang a whole story fully formed. I can’t wait to write it down.

What is the hardest part of writing?

The discipline of writing is the hardest part. You may have a story fully formed in your head, but writing that story down in the best possible way takes a lot of writing and rewriting until you do the story justice- I think Nora Roberts refers to that discipline as using lots of ‘Bum Glue- I couldn’t put it better.’

Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

My mentor was Penny Jordan, so I count myself pretty fortunate. When my husband ‘bought’ a day with Penny for me at a charity auction I was terrified of meeting her- after all, by that time Penny Jordan had written around 200 books! I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised when I met one of the nicest people I know, and who I am now fortunate enough to call a close friend. I have found many such people in the writing community- both authors and readers alike.

What books are coming up in the near future for you?

In January 2008 I have a UK/Australia release entitled, Laying Down The Law. This is for the exciting new Modern Heat series. Featuring a young trainee lawyer, and her American Italian pupil master, this book is hot, hot, hot, and lots of fun. It will be a Presents Collection release in September 2008, entitled, Under The Italian’s Command

And do look out for my February 2008 Presents release, entitled, Bought: One Island, One Bride, I had to write this story after visiting Greece and spending time with a passionate environmentalist. My heroine Ellie Mendoras is the environmentalist, and Alexander Kosta is the ruthless billionaire intent on turning Ellis’s home into a resort island for the rich and famous.

I do hope this opens a door into my writing world, and I hope to meet as many of you as possible at San Francisco RWA. Please don’t be shy, I’m really looking forward to chatting with as many people as possible!

All my very best from the UK, from your friend and author,


Be sure to visit Susan's website or her blog!

And be sure to pick up Expecting His Royal Baby at your favorite bookstore!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chats and giveaways...

This coming Friday night, join me in the Romance Reviews Today chat room at 9:30pm eastern time as I'll give one lucky person a copy of A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS by Carrie Alexander.

You can enter the chat room by clicking here

I look forward to seeing you there!

On another note, RWA Online Chapter is having a chat at their chat room Thursday night beginning at 9pm eastern time. Guest authors inclue Lyn Cote and Darlene Marshall. Prizes will be awarded.

You can enter the RWA Online Chat room by clicking here

Happy Reading Everyone!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

RRT Erotic reviews posted 11/9

RRTErotic - Issue 14, Volume 1 – November 9, 2007

In this issue, we have 18 new reviews and 6 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Win a copy of A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS by Carrie Alexander!

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Do you enjoy reading Christmas themed stories? I know for me, it's almost a tradition to read a few. I guess it just gets me in the mood.

Carrie Alexander was kind enough to send me a copy of her latest, A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS, for a book giveaway.

Post away and you will be entered once for a chance at winning this book. You can read more about it at

I'll choose a winner Sunday night... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oh, and for a second chance of winning this, I'll give away a copy at this coming Friday night's chat in the Romance Reviews Today chat room.
It will begin at 9:30pm est and you can reach the chat room by going through and clicking on 'chat room'

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