Friday, December 29, 2006

Out with the old...and in with the new

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As 2006 ends, it is time for reflection. What author or series did you discover in 2006? Did you find an author that others have raved about and you didn't read until 2006? What about new authors--did you discover a brand new author?

Tell us about your new discoveries of 2006!


Mimmi said...

Ah...I found some wonderful authors in 2006, many due to this very site!! Some of my favorites are Lisa Renee Jone, Sylvia Day~~got her from the review of Bad Boys Ahoy!~~Vivi Anna, and there are even more!! I'm very resistant to buying an e reader, so when I buy e books, I print them out. So it has to be HIGHLY recommended to me for me to do it. And these authors turned out to be fab, and quickly became auto buys!! And now they're mainstream, so that makes me even happier!!!

Liz said...

Some great ones Nalini Singh, Eileen Wilkes, JR Ward, Sierra DaFoe, Maya Banks, Annmarie McKenna, Lauren Dane are just a few