Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Holiday visit with author Susan Lyons

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Susan Lyons has had a fantastic year. She had two books that scored a Romance Reviews Today Perfect 10, Champagne Rules and Hot in Here. Now she has added to her publishing arsenal a couple of short stories over at Wild Rose Press. Here is a short interview about her latest books.

1. You have a couple of short stories out now from Wild Rose Press. What are the titles and what are the stories about?

I have two seasonal stories, "A Christmas Wish" and "Dawn of a New Year."

In "A Christmas Wish," everything's gone wrong for Carrie this Christmas
Eve, so it's no surprise the mall's Santa has already left when she and her
four-year-old daughter Tanya arrive. But Carrie's luck turns and the man in
the red suit returns. Will Santa - a.k.a. Nicholas - be the answer to
Tanya's Christmas wish for a new daddy?

In "Dawn of a New Year," newly divorced Ann has special plans for New
Year's: doing exactly what she wants, all on her own. Yet, when her sister,
a caterer, makes a last-minute plea for help, Ann can't say no. She's no fan
of big parties, and the last thing she expects is to meet a kindred spirit.
Can Will convince her that alone really isn't the best way to spend New

2. You now write for Kensington Aphrodisia and have several books coming out. What made you decide to submit to the short story market?

I've been writing short stories for years and have sold a number to "Woman's
World" (US), "The People's Friend" (Scotland), "Woman's Weekly" (England)
and "Woman's Day" (Australia). I love writing stories. The smaller scope
lets me examine moments in people's lives, points of transition, things that
are important but not meaty enough to form the backbone of a book. (By the
way, I also have a sweet romance, "The Only One For Him," in "The People's
Friend" this month.)

3.These stories are more "sweet." Does that mean you'll be writing less hot books in the future?

I like writing the whole range of women's fiction. All my stories (short
stories, novellas, novels) are about relationships, character growth and the
power of love. Sometimes the characters cry out for a very sexy romance and
sometimes they're a little more shy. For example, I have two February
releases, and they're both emotional stories but very different in terms of

One's a story in a charity anthology (benefiting a women's shelter)
published by Freya's Bower. The book is called "Dreams & Desires" and my
story, "Taking the Alleys," is a gentle romance about a country guy who's
fallen for a city gal, and he's driving out to see her in hopes she feels
the same way.

The other release is a steamy novella called "Hot Down Under" in an
Aphrodisia Anthology called "The Firefighter" (with other terrific
firefighter novellas by P.J. Mellor and Alyssa Brooks). "Hot Down Under," as
you might guess, is set in Australia, a wonderful country that I visited for
the first time last year. When Tash McKenzie grudgingly agrees to babysit
her grandmother on her move to Australia, little does she realize that
granny has romance on her mind - for both of them! Australian men are just
plain sexy. And firefighter Mick Donovan has to be the sexiest of them all.
Tash is far from home and ready to party in the Land Down Under. Sex on the
beach. Sex in the air. Mick knows just how to rock her world...all night

4. Do you have any short stories planned in the future? If so, can
you give us a hint what they're about?

There's nothing else on the schedule right now. Much as I love writing
stories, I've been concentrating more on books. But I do squeeze them in
every now and then. My website has a Stories page, and I update it whenever I have news.

I had the pleasure of reading the two short stories and they are fantastic. They aren't steamy as her Kensington Aphrodisia books, but they are well written. Head on over to Wild Rose Press and pick up Susan's stories today.


Mimmi said...

Patti~great interview, and these sound great!! I am going to have to get A Christmas Wish--I love holiday stories!!

Pam P. said...

Susan, I loved Hot In Here, now I have to backtrack and read the first book in that series, Champagne Rules.

I'll have to check out those shorter stories of yours. As much as I like the hotter books today, I still enjoy the good sweeter ones also. Nice to see an author who is interested in both with the focus being on heat today, lol.

Cathrina said...

liked the interview and the answer...

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Nice interview. Glad you're still doing short stories. I've enjoyed them.