Holiday Traditons and Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Romance Reviews Today!
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Here we are, Christmas in on Monday. As we gather with family and friends to celebrate, it’s interesting to note that most everyone does it differently. Whether it’s opening presents Christmas Eve night or waiting until Christmas morning. Making cookies from scratch or buying them. Turkey, ham or prime rib. We all have our family traditions in one way or another.

In my family, it’s a tradition to have crab on Christmas Eve and then open part of our presents that night. We unwrap the rest in the morning. Dinner is usually a quiet affair, unlike the gut busting Thanksgiving dinner. In years past, we’ve had a brunch and other times a roast. I guess everyone is pretty tired after the holiday rush.

I asked some of the RRT staff their family traditions or memories, and this is what they had to say…

Jane says: We used to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve while listening to Lionel Barrymore read Dickens' Christmas Carol on the radio. There were eggnog and cookies to snack on & squabbles over the best to place for the most treasured ornaments -- the glass bells, trumpets, lambs, angels, stars. We always used tinsel. I would start out placing each strand one by one while my brothers threw them at the tree higgledy-piggledy. Somewhere in there we sang Jingle Bells & carols. In the morning, when all the gifts were under the tree, we were allowed to open one before church, usually something practical to wear. :(

My husband's family had a different tradition. His parents hid the tree until the kids were all in bed on Christmas Eve, then they would bring it in and decorate it and put presents under it. The whole thing was (supposed to be) a big surprise in the morning.

Jani has some fond Christmas memories to share…My favorite memory is when I was a kid growing up in the Bay Area and my grandfather, who worked at Stanford, didn't get off work until late at night. On Christmas Eve, he and my father would get on the roof of
our house and make all kinds of racket in the early hours of the morning and my mother would rush in to our room and tell us to be still because Santa was here! :) That worked for quite a few years on us! *g*

Amy tells us about trees and Santa:. John and I wait about a week before Christmas to put up the live tree, because it's always been tradition in my family to take it down after my birthday, or thereabouts. It depends on how fresh the tree is. Since my birthday is exactly two weeks after Christmas Day, it stays up for approx. 3 weeks.

The one holiday tradition I miss the most is Christmas cookies for Santa. We would really leave them out, plus a glass of milk, and my parents knocked themselves out each year to make us think that Santa had really nibbled on them. Crumbs were left on the plate, or a cookie with a bite taken out of it, etc. But the milk was always gone, and I think that's cuz my dad slugged it each time.

Jani then replied about what her Santa had to drink…Well, _our_ Santa got spiked egg nog left for him and it was _always_ gone in the morning! I wonder which 'elf' on the roof drank it? *g*

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As you see, we all have traditions on how we spend the holidays…

From our house to yours..MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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