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Meet super hot writer Alexis Fleming. She hails from Australia and is a hoot in person. She first caught my eye with A HANDYMAN'S BEST TOOL and Romance Reviews Today is delighted to have reviewed her latest release PROJECT:MAN. You can read the review here. Get to know this talented writer:

1. Tell us about yourself.

Hmm, well, I guess the most important this is I was born and bred in Australia and the majority of my contemporary stories have an Aussie flavor. I grew up a country girl and then transplanted myself to the city. I married a man with serious wander lust so I indulged my desire to see something other than Australia. After spending time in New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, as well as Outback Australia, home—for the moment!—is the southern coast of New South Wales, about three hours south of Sydney. When I’m not tied to my computer creating hot, sizzling stories full of love and laughter, and a few trials and tribulations thrown in to test my characters, I help my husband run a 34 room motel situated on the edge of a national marine park. I actually have dolphins cavorting in my front yard.
So that’s me in a nutshell. Motelier, wife, mother of two grown-up children, Nana to one delightful grandson, but I think what defines me is that I’m a writer first and foremost.

2. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?
Project: Man was released on November 7th at Samhain Publishing. It’s a contemporary romantic comedy with a Red Hot tag. What can I say? I just seem to have trouble keeping that bedroom door closed.
Project: Man is the story of Professor Emily Payne and the trouble she gets herself in when she discovers an ancient Egyptian papyrus inside a pot she’s been sent for her birthday. When she starts to translates the papyrus, she finds herself the centre of a Federal Government case, not to mention the unwitting target for a thief bent on stealing the papyrus. The government assigns her a bodyguard, federal agent Nicholas Farley.
If that isn’t bad enough, she finds herself seriously lusting after the bodyguard, a man she believes is gay, a man who seems to react as strongly to her as she does to him. There’s only one thing for a learned girl like Emily to do—start a new project, the aim to initiate Nicholas into the joys of loving a woman.

3. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?
Oh wow, hard question. There have been so many authors I’ve loved. If you asked my mother what led me to writing erotica, she’d probably tell you it’s the Angelique and the Sultan series by Sergeanne Golon that I swiped off her bookshelf to read when I was only 12 years old. Man, that was hot stuff for a kid.
Since then, it’s authors like Nora Roberts, Angela Knight, Kate Douglas — I adore Kate’s voice — and so many others I can’t name. My bookshelves are filled with books from just about every genre, both romance and non-romance. I think each in their own way have has some type of influence on me. And for comedy? Australia’s own Anne Gracie was a terrific influence. That woman has the most wicked sense of humor.
As for authors I’ve personally met, since I started traveling to America for the RWA conference each year I have met so many fantastic authors. It never ceases to amaze me how most authors are willing to lend a helping hand to a newbie trying to get a foot in the door. I can only hope I can return the favor some day.

4. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

The majority of my writing seems to have an element of humor, probably because I have this really quirky brain that sees humor everywhere. Often I’ll see something that tickles my fancy and get a full-blown story idea in my head. But more often than not, I dream my story ideas. Lol Now don’t laugh, it’s true. Sometimes it’s only the title and I’ll write it down and just wait and eventually the title will translate into a story for me. Sometimes it’s something small I see or hear. Stud Finders Incorporated came about because a friend has a stud finder (that little machine that finds the studs behind the wallboards of a house) sitting on her bench. A Handyman’s Best Tool came out of a leaking hole in my conversation and a funny conversation I had with a couple of friends about it. I guess you just have to be open to ideas around you in your everyday life.

5. What do you do for fun in your spare time?

Laughing here. Um, what spare time? Running a motel can be a 24/7 job, particularly during the high season. There isn’t a lot of time to spare. I tend to short-change myself on sleep to fit my writing in during that time.
When I do have a little time, you will often find me curled up in the lounge chair in my office with my head stuck in someone else’s book. I love to read and it relaxes me. When I really need to de-stress, I make jewelry or beaded book thongs for reader giveaways. Have to give all the jewelry I make away. I’m running out of ears to hang the earrings off. Lol Cleaning rooms and washing bulk quantities of sheets and towels is not exactly conducive to the wearing of jewelry.


Thank you, Alexis!!
You can learn more about Alexis by visiting her website at

And head on over to Samhain to pick up PROJECT:MAN.


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hot book
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Great interview, Alexis! Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself with us. ; )

Carla : )

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