What do you want for Christmas?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI think most readers cherish the gift of a book, or even a gift card from a favorite bookstore. I know for myself, I'd rather have a gift card from a bookstore than a department store, but I don't think my family listens to me or what I want. *g* Besides, I tend to go out and buy books when I want them, rather than put them on a list of books in hopes that someone will get them for me. Why do I think that the books will be gone if I don't get them now?

Today I placed an order at Amazon. I do a lot of online book buying because I hate to fight the crowds and because my local bookstores are not good about getting new books out. I'm impatient. :)
I bought:

UNDER THE WIRE by Cindy Gerard
BIT THE JACKPOT by Erin McCarthy

I really want them as they are all auto buy authors for me. I guess this is my Christmas present to myself.

How about you? Do you have auto buy authors? Are there some books coming out soon that you can't wait to get your hands on? Even brave :gasp: Walmart's horrendous crowds to get? Tell us...

posted by Patti

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Wolfy said…
I have some auto buy Authors, that I always buy.

A couple of the ones I am wanting to get my hands on at the moment are:

The Ultimate Romantic Challenge - Katherine Garbera
Let There Be Suspects - Emilie Richards
Beyond A Shadow - Alison Kent
kim h said…
so much
all the blaze books
erin mccarthy books
and christie ridgway books
Laurie D. said…
I much prefer getting bookstore gifts cards than books - I like to do my own choosing!

I have too many autobuy authors to name them all, more than a dozen. Guess I should ask for a bookstore gift card, huh?
lamclane said…
Susan Elizabeth Phillips is an autobuy for me :-) I haven't read a historical for a while so I think I might browse for a nice steamy one for this weekend when the weather is supposed to get cold again.
Mimmi said…
Oh, Patti~~Drop Dead Gorgeous is a riot!! I wanna grow up and be Blair!!
I love getting book store gift cards~~but I don't like anyone to buy me BOOKS either, because by the time Christmas gets here, I know I will have bought them. Sigh. I have NO will power~~I'm addicted. And of course I have TONS of autobuys~~and I am hunting the Cindy Gerard like crazy!! And the Ronda Thompson, and can't wait for Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dream Hunter. Julie Garwood's Shadow Dance~~finally, finally Noah's story. LOL, I could go on and on. I need a bookaholics hotline!! And that's not even getting into my series list, lol!!
Patti said…
You're all driving me mad with insane jealously! I want the Howard book. :)
Mimmi said…
I saw it at Wal Mart tonight, Patti~~so hopefully you're reading away!!
Patti said…
I got the new Linda Howard today from Amazon. I'm happy.... :)
Mimmi said…
Patti~ wasn't it a riot? I'm stressing now because I can't find the new Cindy Gerard. Hopefully today. Ooooh, and I read several new Sylvia Day's~~Wish List, and starting on The Stranger I Married. AWESOME!! HOT, Hot, hot!!

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