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La Grande Mort
Samhain Publishing -
ISBN: 1-59998-145-9
October 2006
Erotic Contemporary Romance - Ménage
Rated: Red Hot! Read

Colorado - Present Day

Adam found her lying unconscious in the snow. He had no idea how she got there, but he immediately knew that she was the one. He hurriedly carried her nearly frozen body into the cabin. When Holly regains consciousness, she thinks she’s died and gone to heaven. She glances appreciatively from green-eyed Adam to brown-eyed Ethan to blue-eyed Ryan. They introduce themselves as the Colter brothers and are undeniably the most handsome men she has ever seen. Although she wants to savor her newly found eye candy, she knows that she has to leave. She is on the run from an abusive husband who will stop at nothing to get her back. She saw him commit an atrocious crime and knows that she brings danger to anyone she encounters while running.

Well, the Colter men have plans of their own. They have been searching for the right woman for years …that’s right *woman*. Just as their parents and grandparents did, the three brothers intend to share their lives with the same woman and Holly fits the bill. There is undeniable chemistry among them and although she has a hard time believing it, the brothers vow to protect her and love her forever.

Oh, how satisfying it is to read a good book. The sex in this one is just completely off the charts. The Colter men are three of the sexiest studs I’ve read about in a long time. It’s hard enough for an author to create a convincing relationship between two lead characters and virtually impossible to establish meaningful relationships between three heroes and a single heroine but in COLTERS’ WOMAN Ms. Banks does it with ease.

Each of the Colter brothers has a different style and personality. Adam is the eldest and is accustomed to being in charge. He is built like a line backer and knows exactly what he wants…and just how to get it. Ethan, the comforter, and middle brother, is the type of man who easily gains your trust. He quickly becomes Holly’s friend and confidant. The youngest brother, Ryan, is a haunted soldier. He has frequent nightmares of his experiences in Iraq but has never opened up to his brothers about them. He makes you just want to grab him in your arms and soothe away all of the hurts. Each of the bothers is a sexy cowboy and they work well as a team – in and out of the sheets! Holly is a strong and lucky woman. Because of her past, she has a difficult time trusting the Colter brothers. She also has a hard time believing that each of them could really want her…and that she could actually want all three of them!

While reading COLTERS’ WOMAN, I couldn’t help insinuating myself into the story. I just wanted to take each of the boys on a ride down the Rockies. I just couldn’t get enough of them and I know that I will be fantasizing about them for many weeks to come. This one is definitely a La Grande Mort.

Ariel Summer

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