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CONSPIRACY GAME - Christine Feehan Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ghost Walker Series - Book 4
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 0-515-14216-6
November 2006
Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Rainforest in the Congo & Montana - Present Day

Ken Norton was captured during a heroic rescue and was brutally tortured. Jack, his twin brother, led a second team, determined to get Ken out. They did rescue a critically wounded Ken, and if he ever recovers from his torture, it will be a miracle. Jack was leading the second team and, being the one who had the job of covering with firepower during their escape, he took a hit and went down. Jack then took Ken's place as the victim of the inhumane torture by these cruel rebels who took their anger out on him. The worst is a mad man known as Major Biyoya who has just finished carving his name in Jack's chest, which fuels the rage Jack feels. As the rebels rub in salt and ashes to make Biyoya's name easy to read, Jack snaps, and though his hands are tied, he slices the neck of the soldier abusing him with a thin wire he had hidden in his camouflage pants, and all hell breaks loose in the camp, giving Jack just the distraction he needs to grab up some weapons and get out of there. He will take care of one detail before he escapes completely, and that is to be sure Major Biyoya is a dead man. It will not be an easy task for the critically wounded Jack to get out of this rainforest alive, but his Ghost Walker training and the scientific enhancements compliments of Dr. Whitney will serve him well -- that and his determination to survive and get to the town of Kinshasa where he can get help.

Briony Jenkins and her four brothers have been given a huge amount of money to bring their circus to the small town of Kinshasa in South America where a music festival is being held, and are preparing for their spectacular high-wire flying act. Briony flies through the air like a bird, but the toll it takes on her mind is terrible. She is not like other people; the noises and emotions of others, especially the dark ones of the ever-present soldiers, give her blinding headaches and she becomes physically sick. Her brothers are very protective and, after their performance, make sure she locks the doors as they head out to the nightlife in the area. Briony would never tell them she is going out by the Congo River to soothe herself and try to calm her headache, but that is her plan.

Briony is able to do unusual things, and when she hears rebel soldiers she blends into the forest, unseen by them. They are searching for something or someone and she wants to stay out of their way. She hides in a tree until they leave and then soaks her scarf in the water to cool off. As she does this, a hand comes out of the water and a low voice tells her not to scream. Jack had been watching her and thought her to be a Ghost Walker, but Briony has no idea what he's talking about; she doesn't know she has also been enhanced by Dr. Whitney, but Jack thinks she may be. He's been 'talking' to her telepathically and she's responded the same way.

From this point on, Christine Feehan spins her magic with words to bring us Jack Norton and Briony Jenkin's story. Like all of the Ghost Walker tales, we are taken on a great adventure that includes steamy sensuality, hair-raising, chilling suspense, and another puzzle solved. Jack Norton is not your average type of hero. He's an above average alpha male, a very dark trained killer who has led a hard life since he was a child. He and his twin Ken share a very close life as well as their thoughts and feelings...Hmmmm rather makes for some interesting moments. No one has been closely involved in their lives before Briony and she will encounter quite a few challenges before the story ends. Jack doesn't go easy. Regardless of his nature, I loved Jack Norton, and the light Briony brings to his darkness is exactly what he needs -- if he will just have enough sense to recognize it. Theirs is an explosive relationship in more ways than one.

Jack and Ken are a duo you just can't get enough of! DEADLY GAME is the next Ghost Walker tale, and it will be Ken Norton's story. I just wanted CONSPIRACY GAME to keep going to learn more about Ken, too. It will be hard to wait for the next release in this series. CONSPIRACY GAME promises to be another in Christine Feehan's long line of best selling novels as it is another exceptional story, and one I am privileged to give another Perfect 10. It comes highly recommended, and I believe you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Carol Carter

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Kate Douglas said...

I just finished reading this book for the second time. Once was not enough! I love Christine's stories, but this one is definitely right up there with her very best. I can't wait for Ken's story. I think it's due to release in April, but until then, I just may have to read Conspiracy Game again.