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Come Chat with....Sierra Dafoe!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Sierra Dafoe is always a fun person to chat with and her chats always end up being interesting. Romance Reviews Today is proud to have Sierra chat with us on Friday, November 10th at 9:30PM Eastern Time (6:30pm Pacific Time) in the RRT Chatroom.*
Sierra plans on giving away a copy of her ebook.

Please join us, but first, get to know a little more about Sierra!

1. Tell us about yourself.

Hi Patti! Oh my, let's see... Well, I live in New Hampshire, in the White Mountains which are just stunningly beautiful. I lived in Maine for twenty years and I miss the ocean, but it's a fair trade, ocean for mountains.

I've been writing just about as long as I can remember -- in fact, I vaguely remember the first story I wrote that I was pleased with. It was called 'Tommy the Turtle', on those manila sheets with double-wide lines on them... I did illustrations across the top of each page. That was either first or second grade :)

I've written plays, poems, short stories, screenplays, songs, magazine articles, newspaper columns... LOL! This past spring, I was lucky enough to land at Changeling Press with my first erotic romance novella, Devarian Exile. Changeling's a fabulously supportive publisher, and allowed me the room to write the entire sci-fi trilogy I had originally envisioned. By then I was absolutely hooked, and went on to write BloodWolf, which introduces Baudouin Delacor, my thousand year old French werewolf... I can't wait to get back and finish his story!

2. What is the title of your latest release and what̢۪s it about?

My most recent book is The Dragon's Daughter, releasing Nov. 10th from Changeling ( It's completely escapist fantasy -- that's okay, right? :p

Lara Sutherland, a quiet young artist who makes her meager living drawing the dragons she's always fantasized about, finds her life invaded by two handsome, hunky, and very real shape-shifting dragons -- and they're insisting she's a dragon herself!

In fact, she's the Dragon Queen's daughter -- and Melgara Sotherlin, her mother, has sent Rand and Darrek (that's our two luscious dragons) to Earth to find and woo her. The one who wins her heart will become heir to the throne, while the other will be banished forever. Darrek is dark and dangerously attractive, while Rand is strong, stalwart, handsome -- and red-haired to boot. So naturally, this makes for a rather tough choice... LOL! It was really fun, playing with that good boy/bad boy dichotomy in dragon form.

3. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

I really don't know. Embarrassing, huh? But it's true. Sometimes it's a character, sometimes just a moment, a bit of interaction that's exciting somehow -- there's something going on there, even if I don't know what it is yet. And whatever that little spark is, I just kind of let it sit there, knock around in my head, and eventually another little bit comes along and joins it, and another, until finally I have the shape and scope of a story in my head. Then I start writing.

4. What is the hardest part of writing?

It changes from book to book. Often, it's being patient and letting the story really mature in my mind before I start writing. And I have a hard time letting a book go, sometimes -- I can tweak it and tweak it till the cows come home. I love polishing, really making every word shine -- but then there's all those other stories waiting impatiently to be written!

5. What's coming up in the near future for you?

In December the follow-up book to The Dragon's Daughter, Dragon's Heir, is coming out, and sometime after that will be the remaining chapters in Delacor's story, in which he finds the woman who can love him despite the horrible curse he's suffered under for centuries. They're much darker books than the Dragon's Heir series, and it was lovely to have that contrast -- to get to write something light-hearted and fun, and then go back to this complex, heart-wrenching story.

I'm also starting on a full-length paranormal romance, and hope to have that finished up by spring. Plus I'd really like to go back to the world of the Devarian trilogy at some point -- I don't think I'm quite done with that universe yet!

My website's called Darker Desires( and I also have a yahoogroup, the Sierra Club
-- those are probably the best ways to stay on top of what I'm up to!

Thanks so much for having me, and I'm really looking forward to chatting with you!

Thank you, Sierra!
-posted by Patti

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Robin49 said...

Great interview! Sierra your an awesome author. The Davarian trilogy is one of my all time favorites. You write with such wonderful detail and I can't wait to read The Dragon's Daughter.