Thursday, October 26, 2006

RRT Erotic Ratings

Romance Reviews Today has a spin off called RRT Erotic. It opened in early October and the reviewers have been keeping busy getting some nice reviews for Terrie to put up. (In case you didn't know this little tidbit, Terrie is RRT's sole webmistress and is responsible for the nice set up)

RRT Erotic has the following rating system:

Sleeper - I should have washed my hair!

Foreplay - Interesting but not enough

Missionary - Gets the job done

Multiple O's - Oh baby I'd go back for more

La Petite Mort - Can I have three please? (this would be the equivalent of La Grande Mort for the nibbles)

La Grande Mort - Truly to Die For - For Single Title and Short Stories (the equivalent of Romance Reviews Today's Perfect 10)

Everytime I use one of the ratings, I crack up. I think the choice of these erotic ratings are fun and original.

Go take a peek at RRT Erotic.

What do you think about them? And I know Terrie would love to hear what you think of both Romance Reviews Today and RRT Erotic.

Posted by Patti 10/26/06

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