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La Grande Mort--BLUE VELVET

BLUE VELVET recently received one of RRT Erotic's highest award, La Grande Mort.
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BLUE VELVET - Christy Poff
La Grande Mort
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid -
ISBN-10: 1-59374-702-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-59374-702-2
September 2006
Erotic Romantic Suspense
Rating: Erotic

California and Wyoming - Present Day

Two years ago, Ethan Kingsley's wife, Afton, killed herself because she couldn't deal with her condition. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Afton seemed to have taken it in stride and continued her musical career. Her death was a big blow to Ethan and ever since then he's been in a sort of stupor, surfing alot and letting his staff run Kingsley Designs. However, today that's about to change. First, because someone is trying to buy out his company and second, because he will meet a woman that he can't live without. When Ethan meets Veroniq "Roni" Carlin, it's all he can do not to take her right there in the restaurant. She brings him back to life and he's not about to let her get away. Inviting her to his Wyoming ranch for the weekend so they can ride horses seems like the perfect solution. Of course, he can't wait to make love to her so the two join the mile-high club on his private jet. Fireworks explode, feelings deeper than he ever had with Afton surface, and Ethan knows Roni is his.

Veroniq Carlin, owner of a successful shop named Roni's has a secret side. One that if her clients ever found out about, they'd never set foot in her shop again. Roni is into BDSM. Once long ago she was a submissive and loved every minute of it, but then her Master died and Roni became the dominant one. Known to the BDSM world as Blue Velvet, Roni enjoys her pleasures. When she meets with Ethan Kingsley, Roni nearly loses her composure. From the moment he walks into the restaurant, Roni has the strong desire to fall to the ground in the submissive stance and call him Master. What is it about this man that brings these emotions out in Roni? She doesn't know but she wants to see where this will lead. And where it leads is straight to Ethan's bed for the best sexual experience she's had in a while. From that moment on the two of them are together and planning a wedding. Think that's quick? Hmm...

But that’s not all. Remember someone is trying to buy out Ethan's company? Well, it doesn't stop there. This man wants to take everything away from Ethan...including his life. Kirk Lambert fancied himself in love with Ethan's wife, Afton. Since her death, Kirk has been plotting and planning to destroy Ethan. Will he succeed? Will Roni be caught in the middle?

Wow! BLUE VELVET is indescribable. From the minute I opened the book, I was hooked. Turning page after page I quickly became embroiled in Ethan's sorrow, his joy at finding Roni, and then the danger that stalked them. Ethan is a loving man who just about changed his whole life for Afton. All because he adored her. When Roni comes into his life, Ethan doesn't have to change a thing. Roni takes him for what he is...her Master. Roni is successful, sexual, and searching for the unknown. Ethan is epitome of what she wants and Roni grabs on with both hands. In doesn't matter that the two of them haven't known each other all that long, when it's's right. The sex scenes are graphically but beautifully written. You can sense the love both of them have for each other and feel every emotion that they feel.

The only other character that plays an important role in Roni and Ethan's life is Ethan's friend, Kent Martin. Kent is the one who uncovers the threat and, in the end, the one who helps neutralize it. And of course, we can't forget our villain, Kirk Lambert. Now that man is delusional and should be hospitalized. He lives in his own world and, unfortunately, it's not the real one.

Christy Poff writes an emotional, passionate and dangerous erotic romance with her latest release, BLUE VELVET. It's got everything a reader could want; a sexy hero, an even sexier heroine, a fast-paced plot, steamy sex, and a whole lot more. Because of this I have awarded BLUE VELVET RRT Erotic’s highest award, La Grande Mort.

Sinclair Reid

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