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Review Request Guidelines:

• Request must be received 60 days in advance of publication.

• If a request is received later, it may be considered if there is room on the schedule. In no case will requests for review after publication be considered, except for strictly ebooks and those will be accepted as time and space allow.

• We do not review self-published books.

• When requesting a review please note that print galleys/arc’s are easier to assign. Some of the reviewers accept downloads for review but not all.

• If submitting a request for review for an eBook or for review from and electronic arc please include the pdf page count.

• All review requests must include publication date, publisher and a short blurb or link to a blurb on the web.

All requests for reviews must be made to the site owner, Terrie Figueroa, at

If you have questions or need clarification on what we will accept for review please contact : Terrie Figueroa at


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Patti is also the person to contact if you want to be interviewed.


If you want to advertise on the main Romance Reviews Today site, contact Terrie at:


Did you want to give away a copy of your book to a lucky reader? We can do a little promo here by posting the blurb and a link to your website. In exchange, you provide us with a copy of your book to a winner.
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Terrie also does giveaways on the RRT main review site. Contact her at

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