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So you want to know who we are? Well, if you've been around awhile you probably know most of us. Romance Reviews Today is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers who spend their free time reading and slaving away to provide top quality book reviews for you, our readers. RRT started with six of us in October 2000. It amazes me sometimes how absolutely incredible the reviewers at RRT are. They consistently offer high-quality reviews, even when they don't particularly care for a book.

Our goal here is to offer readers solid opinions about books in order to help them when making their reading selections. Often readers have told me that they have found their likes and dislikes parallel one or more of our reviewers and they feel confident in purchasing a book if one of their favorite reviewers recommends it.

We offer fair and balanced reviews, they are not always favorable reviews, but they are never sliced and dice reviews.

Our goal is to inform and entertain you, our readers.

Terrie Figueroa

Romance Reviews Today

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