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Promo: The Nice List by Avery Scott

Title: The Nice List Author: Avery Scott Genre: Holiday Novella Release Date:  October 31, 2019 Cover Designer: S. Lewis Cole Weston’s biggest holiday wish is about to come true. The deal of a lifetime is within reach--and once he closes the sale of one small town elementary school, he’ll have a nice fat bonus check to take with him when he finally moves up to the real estate big leagues in New York. He’s not about to let anyone stand in his way--especially not the feisty and all-kinds-of-adorable teacher who does everything she can to convince the school board not to sell.  Francesca Bagnoli won’t let go of her beloved school without a fight. The historic building might not be in the best shape, but it’s the heart and soul of her town, and there’s no way she’ll let some greedy real estate mogul destroy it. Who cares that he’s the most attractive man she’s ever seen? She will not lose focus, and she most definitely will not fall prey to Cole’s charmi

Promo: Bedhead by Kayt Miller

Title: Bedhead Author: Kayt Miller Genre: Contemporary NA Romance Release Date:  October 26, 2019 Quinn Maxwell. Student. Dork. And a woman in love with a guy who doesn't know she exists. Cooke Thompson. British. Hottie. Rugby Star. Chick Magnet. And a guy trying to FaceChat with his old mate Maxwell Quinn.  Sure, it was a wrong number but sometimes, wrong ends up being so-so right. Red Hatter Book Blog - "Stop what you are doing and pick up Bedhead NOW! Seriously the most sweet and swoonworthy book ever." Goodreads - "The story is hilarious &sweet, with twists and turns, and so much more." a Rafflecopter giveaway I grew up in the midwest with a loving family including three brothers, one sister, and my parents who always fostered my creative side. I earned my bachelor's degree at Iowa State University, then I was off to the Sa

Promo: The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae by Stephanie Butland

About The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae by Stephanie Butland Description: For fans of Josie Silver's  One Day in December,   The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae  is a wholly original, charismatic, and uplifting novel that no reader will soon forget. Ailsa Rae is learning how to live.  She’s only a few months past the heart transplant that—just in time—saved her life. Now, finally, she can be a normal twenty-eight-year-old. She can climb a mountain. Dance. Wait in line all day for tickets to Wimbledon. But first, she has to put one foot in front of the other.  So far, things are as bloody complicated as ever. Her relationship with her mother is at a breaking point and she wants to find her father. Then there's Lennox, whom Ailsa loved and lost. Will she ever find love again? Her new heart is a bold heart. She just needs to learn to listen to it.  From the hospital to her childhood home, on social media and IRL, Ailsa will embark on a journey about what it means to be,

Interview & Promo: Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas by Soraya Lane

An interview with Soraya Lane on her latest release 1. Tell us about your latest release. Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas is the 3 rd book in my River Ranch series, although it can easily be read as a standalone novel. It’s about Cody Ford and his former high-school sweetheart, Lexi. One of the things I love about this story is that it’s set at Christmas time, which gives the story an extra little bit of magic! 2. Without giving away any spoilers, give us a hint about a favorite scene. Ohhh, this is tough! There’s probably two scenes – the first is when Cody comes home and realizes who Lexi is (because he hasn’t seen her in years and she looks very different) and the other scene is Christmas Eve, but I can’t say more without giving away spoilers. I also loved Christmas morning, for other reasons I can’t divulge either J 3. How much research goes into each book you write? To be honest, there’s not a lot of research for these books as they’re contemporar