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Harlequin DARE Launch Party!

Introducing DARE from Harlequin!

A new imprint from Harlequin featuring strong, independent women and sizzling hot heroes. DARE delivers riveting, irresistible romance stories featuring highly explicit sexual encounters, making it the publisher’s sexiest series ever. Look for four new titles each month.

Sexy. Passionate. Bold.

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Legal Lovers, Book 1
Harlequin Dare
ISBN: 978-0-263-93206-5
February 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Simon Kramer and his three partners (and best friends) are celebrating winning a huge case at their favorite bar, all the while wondering who’d tried to sabotage the case. There must be a mole at their law firm, so when Simon gets a security notification that someone has entered his office after hours, he heads over there. To his surprise, he discovers his personal assistant, Bette Monroe, bent over his desk. Even while he admires her sexy rear-end, he immediately suspects it is her who is the mole.

Bette had hoped to leave her letter of resignation on Simon’s desk without him seeing her, but she’s caught red-handed. After he learns that she’s quitting, he demands that she give two weeks’ notice and that they’ll be working hard during that time…including nights. Even before she leaves the office that night, Simon is seemingly intent on seducing her. Why his sudden interest in her?

Late nights at the office turn hot for Simon and Bette in LEGAL SEDUCTION. Bette isn’t the mole, but she does carry a secret as to why she’s leaving the firm and doesn’t tell Simon. Because he’s a sexy man who melts panties off most any woman, she has dressed primly as she doesn’t want to get involved with a man who is a player. But this doesn’t stop him from kissing her, and he’s soon stunned to learn she’s wearing sexy lingerie underneath her drab outfits.

Bette’s secrecy over why she’s leaving the firm, Street Legal, has Simon refusing her request to leave without further notice. He’s going to work at getting real close to her and maybe she’ll slip up. It turns out to be fairly easy to seduce her, and the nights working together soon turn into nights of lovemaking. But even as they make love, Bette still holds firm on not divulging the reason why she’s leaving. Simon is frustrated…and becoming more attracted to her.

A sexy office romance will thrill readers of sensual romance in LEGAL SEDUCTION. There’s plenty of sex, but each encounter between Bette and Simon only ties them even closer together emotionally. Her secret hangs over them and readers might wonder why she’s not telling him the truth, but it turns out to be her embarrassment over her next career move. Their sensual romp in LEGAL SEDUCTION will win over readers who hope they find their happily-ever-after. Good news for readers is that Simon has three more partners who are as sexy and hot as he and we’ll get to read their tales soon.

Patti Fischer

Title: Legal Seduction
Author: Lisa Childs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin DARE
Series: Legal Lovers
Digital ISBN: 9781488082375

“You are mine for the next two weeks.”

Resigning might be the sexiest thing she’s ever done…

Quitting her job puts executive assistant Bette Monroe in a very compromising position. She has ten days left, and powerhouse lawyer Simon Kramer is working her late into the night…and seducing her into oblivion! While he’s convinced she’s selling business secrets, the bombshell secret she’s keeping would shock him more. Does she bare all…or keep him guessing?

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Excerpt: Copyright © 2018 Legal Seduction by Lisa Childs

“So then more money will get you to stay,” he said dismissively, as if he’d closed a case. He tossed her crumpled-up resignation letter into the brass trash can sitting beside his desk.
Frustration—and not just with this conversation—overwhelmed her, overcoming her natural inclination to avoid confrontation, and she blurted out, “No!”
Working for him these past two years had increased her frustration because of all those damn fantasies he’d inspired.
“But you just said—”
“I took the job because I needed money,” she said. “I needed money then.”
His eyes narrowed more as he studied her face. “And you don’t need it now?”
“My reason for leaving has nothing to do with money,” she said. Had she not found another source of income, she would have been forced to stay, but he didn’t need to know that.
“So you do have a reason.”
He wasn’t the trial lawyer of their partnership, but he could have been. She felt like she was being cross-examined on the witness stand. And she didn’t enjoy it one bit. Quitting was not a crime.
“I don’t have to give you a reason.” At least she didn’t think she did.
Maybe she should have had a lawyer look at that employment contract before she’d written her resignation letter. But no matter how much she paid, no lawyer would be as good as Simon Kramer. He was the best.
And, according to his ex-lovers, not just at the law...
“Why don’t you want to tell me?” he asked, and he stepped closer now, so close that she could feel the heat of his body through his suit and her cardigan and skirt.
Heat flushed her body, making her skin tingle. She tried to step back but the desk stopped her, the hard wood pressing into the backs of her thighs as he nearly touched the front of her. Her breasts pushed against the front of the gray cardigan as she struggled for breath. She had never been this close to him before. It was more than unsettling. Her knees trembled and her already tripping pulse quickened even more.
“Because it’s personal,” she murmured. And they had never been anything but businesslike with each other, except in her dreams.
He leaned down, so close that his warm breath whispered across her lips as he asked, “Are you in love with me?”

Harlequin DARE Launch: RULED by ANNE MARSH

RULED – Anne Marsh
Hard Riders MC, Book 1
Harlequin Dare
ISBN: 978-0-263-93207-2
February 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

Eve Kent owns a “Princess” birthday party business and also tries to keep an eye on her brother, Rocker, who is part of a local motorcycle gang. She doesn’t approve of what he’s doing, but he’s a grown man, right? One day, Jaxon “Rev” Brady of a rival motorcycle club shows up at one of her parties looking for her brother. Rocker is trying to get involved with a group that runs illegal drugs and Rev wants to stop him because they don’t want these bad dudes infiltrating Vegas. Eve informs Rev that she hasn’t seen her baby brother for a few days, but that doesn’t deter Rev. He’ll just keep watching her since he knows Rocker will show eventually.

From the moment Rev set his eyes on Eve, he wants her. He’s commitment phobic and she’s the sister of a rival biker, but that doesn’t stop him from lusting after her. Eve is sassy, smart, and sexy—just the way Rev likes them. While he’s trying to keep her safe from a drug cartel, who is going to keep her safe from him?

Eve and Rev seem like they’re mismatched. She runs a respectable business for kids, while the former SEAL Rev is rough, tough, and rides a motorcycle. Yet the sparks fly between them in the sizzling hot RULED by Anne Marsh, the first book in her Hard Riders MC series. Rev belongs to the Hard Riders club and they want to keep Las Vegas free from a drug cartel. Unfortunately, Rocker of the rival club Black Dogs is flirting with assisting the drug cartel, and Rev is assigned to stop him, which means using Eve to get to her brother.

Once Rev meets Eve, he vows to keep her safe as she could prove to be an innocent casualty in Rocker’s quest to land the drug cartel’s business. Eve brushes off Rev, but he’s determined to follow her and keep her safe. As they interact, the sexual vibes burn hot between them, and she’s soon the recipient of his talented fingers strumming her body to life. One taste of each other isn’t enough. Will getting involved with Eve prove to be a fatal distraction for Rev? Can there be any future between a biker and a woman who is way out of his league?

While Rev and Eve bicker and banter in the first part of RULED, they’re soon burning up the sheets. There is an essence of danger because the drug cartel might decide to move in and use Eve as a pawn to get to her brother. With plenty of sex and a dash of suspense, RULED is a simmering hot read you won’t want to miss.

Patti Fischer

Title: Ruled
Author: Anne Marsh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin DARE
Series: Hard Riders MC
Digital ISBN: 9781488082382

The Rebel vs. The Princess

Complete opposites who share the same burning passion!

Jaxon Brady of the Hard Riders MC has sworn to protect Evie Kent from a rival gang. His hard muscles and black leather motorcycle boots are a sharp contrast to the girlie dresses Evie wears for her successful party-planning business. Their instant attraction is magnetic, and their lust keeps them glued to each other’s side…but is it a dangerous distraction?

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Excerpt: Copyright © 2018 Ruled by Anne Marsh

I have to be more cautious. From the rising volume of the squeals emanating from the backyard, cake consumption has concluded and the party will be wrapping up as the sugar highs hit, the early departers fleeing past my RV parked out front. Spotting the princess in an R-rated embrace with a biker would be bad for my business. You can’t be a dirty girl and host children’s birthday parties for a living. The moms will kill you. Fortunately, the moms aren’t mind readers. I’m only a party-perfect princess on the outside. Riding anywhere with Rev would be career suicide.
My bad voice promptly weighs in. But only if you get caught.
“I don’t do bikers.”
Something flashes across Rev’s face. “You don’t get hurt on my watch. I promise.”
“You’re not an ax murderer?”
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the wallet attached to his belt by a silver chain. Silently, he flips it open and holds it out so I can read his driver’s license. There’s a military ID underneath it, too, the kind of card that gets you into Nellis Air Force Base.
“Your name isn’t Rev.” According to the State of Nevada’s laminated plastic, he’s one Jaxon Brady.
“Road name,” he says tersely.
I examine the license again. He’s also turning thirty-three in four weeks. I bet he won’t be booking a celebratory princess party.
“Wow.” I hand back his wallet. “Former navy?”
He nods, as if it’s no big deal. “SEAL. You’d be safe with me.”
He’s not big on talking. Or negotiating, asking, or sweet-talking. I’ve always trusted my instincts, though, and right now they’re on board with Rev Brady. Completely, totally, 100 percent in favor of getting on this man’s bike and riding off with him. Somewhere. Wherever he wants to go. He’s big and strong and tempting. He’s fought for our country and kept everyone safe.
How bad can he be?
The little voice in my head pipes right up. How bad do you want him to be?
That voice needs a gag.
“Think about it,” he says and then he turns and saunters toward his bike. I stand there, watching his ass the whole way, and wondering why I don’t mind his attitude. He’s scary as shit. He’s not Mr. White Picket Fence and he’s not promising happily ever after, but the man has a fantastic butt and I’m lonely. That’s all it is. I need to get out more, need to make a point of seeing someone.
Someone else.
Anyone else. There are absolutely, positively no bikers anywhere in my future.


OFF LIMITS – Clare Connelly
Harlequin Dare
ISBN: 978-0-263-93205-8
February 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

London, England – Present Day

Attorney Gemma Picton has been billionaire Jack Grant’s counsel for the past two years and she’s seen a succession of women go in and out of his life. She doesn’t plan to be the next one, especially as she knows he still mourns his late wife. But one night, he turns his attention to her, and she is unable to resist him. It’s nothing but sex between them, but Gemma is feeling more. As she tries to keep Jack at arm’s length, the irresistible pull between them leads to even more sex. But Gemma doesn’t want to get involved with a man who isn’t over the death of his wife.

Jack uses sex to forget that he lost his wife, and while he thinks of Gemma as a friend that he can talk to about anything, he still is attracted to her. His motto is “bed a woman once or twice, then move on,” but with Gemma it’s…different. He should be happy she isn’t clinging to him, yet it only makes him want her more. Will Jack either break off their affair…or make Gemma a part of his future?

Gemma has always felt that Jack was OFF LIMITS because he’s not ready to move past his wife’s death. He’s unabashed when it comes to sex. Heck, he’s not afraid to drop his clothes around her and prance naked. They work well together and it’s Gemma who has to order the flowers for the latest girlfriend when he’s done with them. She figures soon she’ll be ordering hers…but to her surprise, he keeps seeking her out for more sex.

Told from Gemma’s point of view mostly, with a few scenes that show it from Jack’s, OFF LIMITS is a spicy tale that may not be for everyone because they have lots of sex…lots of it. OFF LIMITS is set in London using British euphemisms, which kind of reminds me of women’s fiction from a few years ago. I wasn’t even sure if Gemma and Jack would end up with a happily-ever-after. But the steamy sex scenes illustrate the emotional build up as Jack and Gemma are soon unable to exist without the other in their life.

OFF LIMITS is part of the Harlequin Dare launch and currently is free as an eBook. If you want to see what the stories are like and how hot they, then I strongly recommend grabbing a copy. Gemma and Jack’s story is compelling as readers wonder if the wall that prevents him from loving again will be broken down.

Patti Fischer

Title: Off Limits
Author: Clare Connelly
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin DARE
Digital ISBN: 9781488082368

“I want to taste you tonight.”

With chemistry this hot, it’s worth getting burned…

Billionaire Jack Grant is totally off-limits to Gemma Picton. He’s wild, deliciously dangerous…and her boss. When working late turns X-rated, it’s better than her wildest imaginings—and Gemma’s imagined a lot! But Jack has major emotional baggage, so when Gemma starts wanting to heal his heart as well as enjoy his body, she knows she’s in big trouble…!

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Excerpt: Copyright © 2018 Off Limits by Clare Connelly

I am holding my breath again. Is that how I’m going to get over this little hurdle? Suffocate myself? Is that even possible? I’m pretty sure we have some breathing trigger in our brains, but my brain is a bit pissy with me so maybe it would conveniently forget about the button.
I push air out consciously, quietly, and he takes his seat.
‘Anyway…’ I prompt impatiently.
His smile is a clicker. Is he laughing at me? Arrogant arsehole! That’s be just like him. See? That’s the problem! I know him. I’m not one of his other women. I know that is he as bastardy as he is sexy.
‘How did you sleep?’
I blink at him, my eyes wide. ‘You’ve already asked me that.’
‘You didn’t answer.’
I except a sign that speaks of anger. ‘Like I always do. Seriously, Jack. My desk is covered in paper. I have to get to work.’
I’m your work,’ he says with a shrug.
Insolent bastard.
He leans forward, and while his face is casual there is an urgency in the flecks of gold that fill his eyes. ‘Did you see him last night?’
I want to remind him of the salient fact I pointed out the night before. It’s not his damned business. But I’m not sure I can say that with such conviction now that I’ve tasted his mouth; now that I’ve been stunned by his desire.
Can I skirt around his question?
You’re my work? Okay, the thing is I have the New York guys waiting on contracts, you have a meeting in a week that I have to prepare for and Athens wants your input-which means my input- on a lease agreement. And I need to – ‘
God! Don’t hate me, but when he’s bossy I love it. And he’s almost always bossy.
I glare at him across his desk; it’s best if he doesn’t know that this is just about my favourite version of him.’


Harlequin Dare
ISBN: 978-0-263-93204-1
February 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

London, England – Present Day

Olivia “Libby” Noble came to London to speak at a business seminar and encounters billionaire businessman Alex Lancaster at the after party. Everyone has heard of Alex and meeting him in person has Libby understanding why he’s so powerful. She is drawn to his attractiveness and is stunned when he immediately latches onto her. Before the night is over, Alex is proposing they work together on a project and asking her out. Of course, Libby can’t refuse him, because he has this insane effect on her.

Libby will be in London for only a week, but why not enjoy the time and have a fling with the sexy and rich Alex? His smooth seduction of her leads them to the bedroom, where he proves to be a masterful lover. Alex is used to getting his way and is persuasive in getting Libby to change her original plan to tour London. Even as she enjoys their one-week fling, she is aware that she will soon leave. But leaving Alex may prove to be hard as Libby begins to fall in love with him.

The name of this book, A WEEK TO BE WILD, pretty much sums what is going on between Libby and Alex. She’s there to give a speech and do a little business and touristy things, but she ends up getting deliciously sidetracked by him. He is used to getting his way and knows how to use his charms. Libby hasn’t been involved with another man since her fiancĂ© was killed years ago, so she’s ripe for a little romance. Alex is insatiable, and Libby can match him as she makes up for lost time.

The chemistry between Alex and Libby in A WEEK TO BE WILD is like a slow burn that finally bursts into flames. She is stunned at her reaction to him when she spots him staring at her at the party. Because she hasn’t been in the dating pool for a while, she isn’t sure how to react. But Alex convinces her to meet with him…for a potential business deal, of course. In A WEEK TO BE WILD, not all their time is spent in bed as he takes her on adventures to see the country. He has a business to run, but he wants her by his side, in and out of bed.

Libby lets her hair down in the sizzling hot A WEEK TO BE WILD by JC Harroway. Will their fling lead to something more?

Patti Fischer 

Title: A Week to Be Wild
Author: JC Harroway
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin DARE
Digital ISBN: 9781488082351

A daring game of temptation

She’ll play his game—but only by her rules!

Alex Lancaster is an adrenaline junkie. He’s also a sexy British billionaire who should come with his own warning signs. When Libby insists she’s done with men who live on the edge, Alex coaxes her out of her comfort zone—professionally and very, very personally. Libby’s taking a high-stakes gamble, but the payoff could win her everything

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Excerpt: Copyright © 2018 A Week to Be Wild by JC Harroway

The man occupying her thoughts swept up beside her on a cloud of freshly showered deliciousness, his hand taking a proprietorial hold of the back of her barstool and his smoky, heavy-lidded smile stripping her naked.
‘Hi.’ Libby closed her slack-jawed mouth and swivelled to face him, turning her back on the stranger, never one to pass up a golden opportunity. She hated rudeness, but if Beer Breath was too stubborn or thick-skulled to take the hint...
Alex kept his stare on her, his smile genuine and warm enough to melt her underwear clean off, and then signalled the waiter with a flick of his wrist.
Libby sensed the moment when Beer Breath slinked away, and the hairs on the back of her neck settled—but only temporarily, because Alex hadn’t taken his eyes off her. In fact, he was looking at her as if he was seconds from devouring her whole.
She shivered, delicious tendrils snaking to all her erogenous zones. ‘What are you doing here?’ Libby took a slug of her previously untouched drink, the burn calming her enough to meet his bold stare with one of her own.
‘I came to invite you out for a late supper. I was on my way to Reception and then I spotted you here.’ His hand slid from the back of her stool, and he settled into the one next to her, passing his order to the waiter before returning his disconcerting focus to her.
She stared back, lost for words and missing the proximity of his hand on her chair. He was close enough that his warmth traversed the space between them, but far enough away that she battled her body’s urge to sway closer. And keep on swaying.
‘What?’ One corner of his mouth kicked up. ‘What kind of host would I be if I left you to fend for yourself on your first night in a strange city?’
She couldn’t help the snort that left her. ‘The non-stalker kind...?’
He took the jibe with a cocksure arch of one brow, sipping wine while his poised stare flicked over her face from feature to feature.
Libby flushed hot all over. The ‘stalker’ comment had been beneath her. He hadn’t once touched her, hadn’t bought her drink, hadn’t tried to grab her phone, hadn’t even chased away her unwanted admirer—he had simply given her the out she’d wanted. The rest was all her.
What was wrong with her? Rudeness to a generous host and influential employer? All because he’d awoken needs within her? Needs too long dormant. Needs she’d never had before. Needs threatening to overwhelm her in their intensity.
Hardly his fault.