Friday, March 10, 2017

Promo: REGENCY EVER AFTER with spotlight on Ari Thatcher


Join us on a Regency adventure of love and romance with seven brand new stories by some of today’s most sought after historical romance authors in Regency Ever After: Timeless Tales and Fables 2 Stolen by My Knave by Dawn Brower Enticed by Lady Elianna by USA Today Bestseller Amanda Mariel The Ugly Duckling Debutante by USA Today Bestseller Meara Platt A Diamond for a Duke by Collette Cameron His Elusive Nightingale by USA Today Bestseller Ari Thatcher The Fairy Palace by Sue London Hunting for A Lady’s Heart by USA Today Bestseller Tammy Andresen

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USA Today Bestselling author Ari Thatcher is the naughty side of sweet romance author Aileen Fish. Ari has always loved sexy romance where love takes the leading role. Reviews have called her work "captivating" and "compelling", and her characters "intelligent, intriguing and realistic."


 Once upon a time seven historical romance authors created a fairy tale inspired Regency world with all the romance of Regency and timelessness of fairy tales. His Elusive Nightingale by Ari Thatcher When a pompous duke offers a large reward to anyone who'll bring his favorite opera singer to perform for him, an amateur sleuth and the singer's maid conspire to accomplish the challenge. Little does the sleuth know what intrigue lies ahead, and the damage a few passionate nights with a maid will do to his heart.



Something about the tall, incredibly handsome man walking away bothered Kitty. Bothered was an appropriate word in more ways than she cared to admit. His wavy brown hair wasn’t very different to every other man, but the way it fell over one eye made her want to push it back from his forehead, perhaps testing its silkiness by sliding it through her fingers as she did. It was his eyes…his eyes and his rugged jaw…and—No, it was only his eyes. Blue like the sky after the rain, much brighter than a typical London day. In their depths, she watched his frustration grow and felt some slight guilt for being the cause of it.

A very slight amount, however, because Jemina’s safety came first. Kitty’s former employer didn’t wish to perform any longer, so there was no reason for anyone to know her current location.

On the other hand, he might have something important to tell her. Maybe someone owed Jemina money; that would come in handy while she wasn’t working. She might have a family she never mentioned who’d left her a fortune. A true friend would make certain this man wanted something other than that before turning him away.

Kitty rushed after him. “Sir. Sir, wait!”

He finally heard her and halted. When she caught up, she noticed how thin his lips were as he waited for her to speak.

“I might be able to take a message to Miss Abreu-Cuevas.”

“As I told you, I must speak to her directly.”

“I can’t help you if you mean her harm.” She closed her eyes after she said it. Such a foolish statement. He wouldn’t admit to wanting to hurt Jemina.

Mr. Lennox’s features softened, making him even more handsome. He brushed her cheek with his thumb. “You had some dirt…”

She shivered and longed to turn her face into his warm touch. He was dangerous, much worse than someone who threatened her outright. He could sweet talk her into things she’d never do. She should walk away.

“I believe the news I bring will please her. I can’t know that until I speak to her, however. Shouldn’t you allow her to decide if she’ll see me?”

The noise of the market rang in her head, making clear thought impossible. She needed to go somewhere quiet—alone—to think this through. Her gut gave her an answer when her head wouldn’t. She wouldn’t take the risk with her friend’s safety. “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” She spun on her heel and pushed her way through the crowd.


She didn’t. She didn’t walk faster, though, since her curiosity was too great. If Mr. Lennox wanted to find Jemina badly enough, he’d tell Kitty what she needed to know. A moment later his hand clamped on her shoulder. She jerked away, her heart racing. Had she incensed him too far?

“I can pay you for your help,” he said.

“You’d pay me just to show you where she lives?”

“To show me where she is currently staying,” he clarified. Those Rs rolled gutturally.

“And what if she won’t see you?”

“I imagine I might be willing to increase your reward if you can persuade her to speak to me.”

The offer of money made her salivate. Since Jemina no longer needed her to clean, keep her gowns in perfect condition, and style her hair, Kitty had resorted to helping Mama with the washing she took in and selling posies in the market. She even sewed for a few ladies, although she had a difficult time keeping her blood off their fabric each time she pricked her finger.

The fact he offered her money made her more suspicious, however. She couldn’t bring herself to betray her friend’s privacy. “I cannot help you. Good day.”

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