Friday, February 24, 2017

Spotlight Review: FOREVER IN HER EYES by Karen Rose Smith

FOREVER IN HER EYES by Karen Rose Smith 
A Perfect 10 
Search For Love Series , Book 9 
Published by Karen Rose Smith 
Available online September 12, 2016 
EBook ISBN: 978-0-9974612-3-7 
Print ISBN: 978-0-9974612-4-4 
Contemporary Romance 

Los Angeles and Santa Rosa, California 

Melanie Carlotti lost her husband and daughter when their Christmas tree set their house on fire. A following explosion sent glass fragments into Melanie's eyes. It took many months to heal enough for cornea transplants and many more months for her to get her sight back. And here it is, almost the Christmas season again. Ever since the transplant, Melanie has been troubled by eerie dreams. In them, she sees a strange man and has odd feelings that the dreams might belong to someone else. 

Melanie is determined to learn the cornea donor's identity, and, with the help of a psychic and private investigator, she does. As it turns out, the donor's husband is a businessman who is redoing offices in a building in Santa Rosa . . . and Melanie is a successful interior decorator in L.A. She applies for the job, which will take months, and is hired. And, the man for whom she will work, turns out to be the man from her dreams! 

Zach Morgan owns several sporting goods stores. His wife perished in an accident over a year ago, and he can't forget the argument they had just before she drove off. Now he has his work and little Amy, eighteen months old and the light of his life. 

Somehow Melanie ends up staying—temporarily—in the penthouse with Zach, Amy, and Flo, the friendly housekeeper. As the temporary stay grows longer, Melanie, who misses her own daughter, can't help but fall in love with little Amy. 

The above oversimplifies a highly absorbing tale that moves right along with one heartwarming and suspenseful scene after another. The story never slows down; there are no lines you will be tempted to skip even as you can't wait to find out what happens next. I was mesmerized by it all and am awarding FOREVER IN HER EYES one of Romance Reviews Today's rare Perfect 10s. 

Jane Bowers

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