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Promo and Book Giveaway: THE GREEK'S CHRISTMAS BRIDE by Lynne Graham

Christmas with a Tycoon
, Book 2Harlequin Presents
ISBN: 978-0-373-13488-5
December 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

England and Greece – Present Day

Billionaire Apollo Metraxis has no need for marriage or any woman in his life, but the terms of his late father’s will require him to marry and produce an heir within five years or he will get nothing. Apollo doesn’t want to see the fruits of his last several years of labor building his father’s company go down the drain, so he begins a search for the right woman, one who will give him an heir but not expect love. She also mustn’t be clingy or needy, which doesn’t fit any woman he knows right now. Then his best friend mentions Pixie Robinson, the best friend of his wife, and Apollo realizes that she may be the right woman. Add in that Pixie needs money and can be discreet, she is the perfect woman to marry and bear his heir.

Pixie has barely recovered from serious injuries incurred when she was pushed down the stairs by thugs who were after her brother. Now her brother is after more money for his gambling debts and announces that his girlfriend is pregnant. Apollo’s outrageous suggestion that they marry so that she can have his child to fulfil the terms of his father’s will leaves her speechless at first, but now it seems to be the best way to help her brother. What’s five years of a loveless marriage to a cold man, but come away with a child and money to support them? The wedding goes off without a hitch, but the marriage soon runs into trouble, especially when Pixie realizes she’s falling in love with Apollo.

A marriage without love is a disaster in the making in THE GREEK’S CHRISTMAS BRIDE by Lynne Graham. Apollo’s mother died in childbirth, and he watched his father marry—and eventually divorce—a parade of women throughout the years. An only child, Apollo doesn’t want his step siblings (as per the will’s contents if he doesn’t fulfil its terms, he’ll lose everything) to get the company that he’s worked hard to help build. Apollo has dated numerous women but sees them only as arm candy and none would likely want to get pregnant nor keep the terms of the marriage secret, so he must find the right woman. Pixie needs the money and she’s a friend of his best friend and appears to be perfect. What Apollo hadn’t expected is how he ends up finding her attractive and desirable.

If Pixie didn’t need the money for her brother, she would have spurned Apollo’s proposal because the guy is a big jerk who thinks he can push her around. But Pixie doesn’t let anyone force her into doing something she doesn’t want to do. However, needs do arise and she looks upon their marriage as a business proposition. One of the requirements she put into their prenuptial agreement is that Apollo not bed other women while they’re together. In THE GREEK’S CHRISTMAS BRIDE Pixie frets that he has broken that promise. There is distrust between them that needs to be worked out before they can finally see what others already know: Pixie and Apollo are in love.

A marriage made for business soon turns to love in THE GREEK’S CHRISTMAS BRIDE. The last thing Apollo and Pixie expected was that they’d discover love. Find out if it’s the happily-ever-after kind in THE GREEK’S CHRISTMAS BRIDE.

Patti Fischer

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