Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Perfect 10:

A Perfect 10 
ISBN: 978-0-06-233750-4 
September 2015 
Historical Romance 

London – 1862 

Dalton MacIain has returned home from his venture in the United States where he fought in their Civil War. The former “Rake of London” is a changed man. Memories of the battlefield, loss of friends, his devastating injury at the hands of one of his men, and the fact that his older brother has died, leave Dalton lonely, blind, and unsure of his future. As the new Earl of Rathsmere, he must now rely on others to guide him in his new responsibilities, as well as in just crossing a room. He is certain that no woman will want to be saddled with a blind husband, earl or not. And then an unexpected event occurs that makes Dalton come to his senses. 

Minerva Todd, heiress and adventurer, hasn't heard from her brother since he sailed off with Dalton MacIain to fight in the American war. Despite sending numerous letters and messages to the new earl, Minerva has not received one reply, and visiting the earl's house was just as frustrating when his man wouldn't even let her in. So the intrepid Minerva decides that sneaking onto his property and confronting him is the only answer. When she does, she is stunned to discover that MacIain has been blinded, and she is furious when he reveals that it was her brother, Neville who shot him! Even worse, he has no idea where Neville is. 

Determined and single-minded, Minerva knows it's only by dealing with Dalton that she can hope to find her brother. And, despite his facial injuries, he is still a strikingly handsome man. It's just that he's also very stubborn about helping her. Dalton is unsure of his feelings for the feisty Minerva. Is she as lovely as she is resolute? He's never met such an independent or intelligent woman. Soon he realizes that she is one of the few people, besides his devoted housekeeper, whom he can trust. 

SCOTSMAN OF MY DREAMS is one of Karen Ranney's best novels. I loved it! And I adored the haunted Dalton and his need to trust and be loved. Minerva's devotion to her younger brother, whom she raised when their parents died, shows her loving nature, despite her often abrasive behavior towards Dalton. The exciting, and surprising conclusion is delightful, and helps make SCOTSMAN OF MY DREAMS a Perfect 10. 

Jani Brooks

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