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Spotlight on .... PREGNANT BY THE COWBOY CEO by Catherine Mann

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2385
ISBN: 978-0-373-73398-9
July 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Hidden Gem Hobby Ranch, Texas and various cities across the United States – Present Day

With her beloved grandmother dying from cancer, socialite and jewelry designer Amie McNair would do anything for her. Even if this means embarking on a nationwide tour highlighting the company’s gems alongside the new CEO, Preston Armstrong, a man she impulsively had sex with in a closet two months ago. Amie normally avoids Preston because the memories of that fling are strong, but the news that she’s now pregnant gives her an added incentive to go with him on this trip. She can see if he’ll make a good father, and then she’ll find the courage to tell him her news. But being thrown together stirs up the old feelings and she’s soon forgetting why she should keep things strictly business between them.

Preston and Amie didn’t realize who the other was when they first met two months ago, but now he tries to keep his distance because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his job—or fall in love when he vowed never to do so. Especially after losing his beloved daughter and deciding that he’s obviously poor husband and father material. Amie tempts him to forget his reasons for avoiding entanglements, even as she keeps him from knowing what’s really going on inside her head—or her heart. Will they rekindle the fling while on the trip? How will Preston react when he learns Amie has a huge secret to reveal?

Thrown together against their better judgment, Preston and Amie should be like water and oil, but instead they’re as combustible as gasoline and can barely keep their hands off each other. In PREGNANT BY THE COWBOY CEO, a pregnancy wasn’t planned, and Amie isn’t sure Preston will be the right father for her child. She’s certainly not looking for a husband, but once he finds out about the baby, will he try to force her to marry him? Amie wasn’t happy that Preston—an outsider—was named as company CEO when she wasn’t even considered for the job by her grandmother. Her brother and cousin have both stepped away from the company after finding love of their own. (See their stories in ONE GOOD COWBOY and PURSUED BY THE RICH RANCHER, both out now)

Preston and Amie’s battle is one of respect and control, as she wants her family to regard her as perfectly capable of handling a company, while he wants to get his life back in order after the death of his daughter and the grief that overwhelmed him. If Preston hadn’t been the one to get the CEO job, perhaps their fling would have turned into a full blown affair that night at the party, instead of the furious one-time coupling in the closet it became. There’s no doubt there is this zing of desire rippling between them, but both choose to ignore it, because to acknowledge it just might make them feel vulnerable. Meanwhile, Amie is watching her grandmother slowly fade away. Will her death be the blow that destroys her composure?

A sizzling and passionate encounter results in a baby in PREGNANT BY THE COWBOY CEO by Catherine Mann. In the final tale in the Diamonds in the Rough series, readers finally learn if Amie’s grandmother will live long enough to see her first grandchild. An emotional and sexy tale, I highly recommend. Put PREGNANT BY THE COWBOY CEO at the top of your to be read pile, because it’s just that good.

Patti Fischer

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